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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  March 16, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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exist no matter who's in the white house let's move on to climate change right there there can't possibly be racial disparity there hurricanes don't exactly only hit black people well unless you ask cnn's wolf blitzer there are so tragically so many of these people almost all of them are that we see are so poor and they're so black this is going to raise lots of questions. and that. is why wolf blitzer is the longest serving host in the history of bearded television. anyway those ridiculous comments aside the racism impacts communities of color after the floods have subsided to a new investigation found is that white communities nationwide have disproportionately received more federal buyouts after a disaster than communities of color you see one of the things fema does is they damage properties after emergency what federal disaster aid is not necessarily
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doled out to those who need it most but rather to those whose property is worth more and to those who own property in the first place we have a system designed to help the rich the most after a disaster when the poor need it the most because it's been proven by by scientists that rich people have more feelings than poor people right i mean that you never notice that they like me and stuff right so. the poor people don't even know when their house is washing away they only. desire a man that's my son flown by. i wish i felt pain and. yes some of the systemic racism does not originate in race but instead in the way the rich have crafted our laws and our systems to favor the rich so it's a class right it's a it's a class. it's a clear. issue rather than
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a race issue unfortunately other factors of systemic racism such as hiring practices and who gets promoted the most make it so that white people are more likely to be wealthy therefore our country has a huge racial wealth gap data from two thousand and fourteen shows that black health holds hold less than seven cents on the dollar compared to white households the white house all living near the poverty line typically has about eight hundred thousand dollars while black households in similar economic straits typically have a median wealth near zero that wealth gap that impacts where people live and that brings us to our third new studies which found a racial gap between who causes air pollution and who breathes it come on i know why people can. never seen a angry white guy with petrochemicals should not as says. they were what are we talking about here well they're saying that while we tend to think of factories as the source of pollution those polluters wouldn't exist without consumer demand for
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the products air pollution is disproportionately caused by white americans consumption of goods and services but disproportionately inhaled by black and hispanic americans ok fine but why are black and hispanic americans breathing so i mean come on slow it down a little paper skip every other brats just like just like people do when they're around rush limbaugh. called will power. so because of the wealth gap as well as the population differences white people create the majority of the pollution in the country and then minorities and breathing it in or drinking it in their water because they more often live in the corporate sacrifice zones the areas where the property value is lower and again that comes back to the wealth gap now not really surprised though the white people create the most pollution by.
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using and buying the most i have family members who own polish for the shoe tree that holds the shoes that their pet rabbit wears. so it's things to take care of things that go on things that are attached and on the right stuff i think are high standards. and making those things created pollution and the nonwhite nonwhite person is breathing in rabbit shoes you know micro particles abut dazzled cell phone cases nonwhite people drank last year it's messed up all right that was done just air and water pollution either white people also create the majority of the noise pollution in this country you could say that the me just never shot of her charged. and everybody is just well of that craft the point is a lot of this comes down to class and wealth not just race but race class and
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wealth are deeply links and therefore i'm sorry systemic racism is the thing and it's in the schools it's in the air it's in the water it's in your television it impact impacts every a reel of our lives and much like climate change we need to start fixing it rather than acting like it doesn't exist come to you or what i say. a thank a welcome i'm late can you tell us take the news from behind everyone as you know our hives are being ruined by the hardcore leftists radical famine nazis and the temp. all right who claim to be servants of the lower but are clearly
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working for say ten. first they came for your gas powered cars and in fact many are saying we have to switch to green energy vehicles within the next eleven years since scientists say that's the point of no return for climate change but that's a bit extreme i mean we're going to change nearly every vehicle just to avoid extinction. i'll tell you what i'll be chav way twenty two years and only half of us go extinct. the pinkos also want to take away your hamburgers grocery stores will soon be carrying the impossible burger which you'll recall restaurants can say customers have raved about because it tastes darling lee like the real thing and the burger even bleeds like a real one but many hardcore b. fans have pointed out that the impossible burger is not as enjoyable as a real one because it doesn't have years of carefully crafted animal cruelty
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baked into with. what you can just hear just because i think. that's where the biggest lie. in that that's the secret ingredient protein. and i mean i think i speak for most human beings when i say the best part of a burger is knowing that you've got the upper hand on one of those but i got a holier than thou cows all right. specially in india where they are literally holier than thou. but inside sources have revealed the makers of the impossible burger plan to remedy this problem by punching the cow in the face for every burger so. thank you thank you impossible point is this is just one more elastic thing the west economy bastards want to take away from us if we let them they will undermine everything great about our society until they don't have to the concrete that holds up the buildings well now they're going after the concrete to hold up the building. actually the guardian had
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a recent exposé concrete the most destructive material on earth it turns out concrete is killing us don't let your children near it don't let it in your house what's up it is the house now. concrete this is serious i'm not sure we can comprehend just how much of the earth we have already paid dover by the water of concrete is the most use substance on the planet well third if you count astroglide but. just don't confuse your concrete with your astroglide. bring new meaning to committed relationship but. yes we use a crazy amount of concrete in the time it takes you to read this sentence the global building industry will have poured more than nineteen thousand bathtubs of concrete so let that be a lesson to you viewers read that sentence. we are.
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that is why i'm doing my part by only being semi literate literate literate literate. white light right what. is the most severe but least understood impact of concrete is that it destroys natural infrastructure without replacing the ecological functions that humanity depends on preferred is asian pollination flood control oxygen production and water purification well done pollinate bees can't just pollinate with concrete. i guess my dead birds and bees talk was for. me. but in a large recent studies scientists in the journal biological conservation are warning that unless humanity drastically and urgently changes its behavior the world insects could be extinct within a century insects are also at the heart of every food web they pollinate the large majority of play. species keep the soil healthy recycle nutrients control past and
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we humans cannot survive without insects so i guess insects are crucial i mean and they do even control pests without insects scientists estimate there would be upwards of three hundred tucker carlson's out there. for about four feet. below too hard on the talks. as a top rated show on fox news i'm sure he's it upstanding wonderful guy with a rocket. launcher you know i mean literate libertarian keep. your zero sympathy for them or their culture a culture where people who don't use toilet paper or. those who are different times bag. was.
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one blatant racism in calling for the obliteration of an entire people was that no more i mean we look how far we've come now you can only say that type of stuff if you're the president. of the big stuff. even mine tucker carlson is welcomed with open arms by the biggest cable news channels he was on c.n.n. for years now he's been on fox news for years thank goodness our mainstream media errors stuff like that but purges all the anti-war an anti greed voices were raised as a more genocide that stuff is perfect for television just as long as you don't hurt the feelings of a pharmaceutical company or a weapons contract you know this is long as you don't call out israel for war crimes which by the way even the united nations did this month saying israel killed one hundred eighty nine palestinians almost all of them targeted live ammunition and all. most all of them completely unarmed that story for the most
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part blacked out from your mainstream media imagine if the venezuelan military killed one hundred eighty nine unarmed people at their border i mean if venezuela farts in the wrong direction the us says we have to invade and bring down their government. but israel can massacre people not a problem meanwhile the european union is urging the world to abandon a militarized intervention in venezuela calling for dialogue to develop a peaceful political and democratic solution after the us backed regime change efforts and the us led stand at the border a few weeks ago clearly the problem in venezuela is real and even in the us the problem is borders are right they make people crazy and think i'm crazy. like a. i said let's get rid of them let's get rid of them i mean we we know from experience americans have no problem saying goodbye to borders. did you even
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crazier i asked didn't even phase us so let's replace all national borders stay with me here with a wal-mart greeter ok. rather than so much anger and strive people approaching the border would be upbeat because they get a warm hello from an octogenarian. old grandpa saying hi. and we know there are wal-mart greeters available because of walmart is getting rid of all the greeters right now well i think the greeters themselves are wonderful hardworking people i've often said the greeter at a wal-mart is like the come in were open sign on the front of a slaughterhouse so. so now wal-mart is just getting rid of the cover up and i assume this is because they didn't want to give customers the false impression that wal-mart gives them.
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you know they don't might show you off but they will give you what i know that they said oh you will say made in america on it even though it was made in bangladesh and only assembled in america you know if there's one thing we americans excel at it's assembling porn to defraud the average customer is. pretty good at that. really going to well. leave to wal-mart stores don't use much concrete that would be really bad we have to go to quick break but you can watch the first ten minutes of my standup comedy special for free for me only you can cause you can not come without free to watch the first ten minutes later on. it's up to the government to step in and be a player in the economy not just an enabler for monopoly you know the government
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should be competing for health care and drug prices they should be competing in transportation and education and they should offer an alternative people should be able to get a public utility bank for example account and get out of the matrix of the big wall street banks they don't have that option they should have that option and therefore you would restore some competition in the economy. this is a stick for water bottles thrown in the stomach of fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litterbugs are trying this way industry should be blamed for all this waste to company has promised to reuse the plastic. to maintain. their plastic. my and i need the new phones at
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a special projects funded he tells it. on i knew that that is the end of it for the team but fun now the mountains of waste only grow higher. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is often spearing dramatic development only i'm going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very chaotic at a time time to sit down and talk. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed. there wasn't it was bed much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the
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turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo down engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no i'm jones to one set of rules for the rich opposite. that's what happens when you put her into the. narrow sector of wilf which will is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. right about the us states of course. voting on harsher penalties for those who
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protest on property owned by oil or gas companies the bills raise fines to up to one million dollars in north dakota the bill is called. the protesters having an impact on oil companies you may not be able to destroy it with impunity any more h.p. turn. to report is someone who has stock in a well company they only go by many. thanks for joining us environmentalists are a danger to the environment. and i'm not just quoting a bright bar article the oil company enbridge said the same about protesters who showed off their oil pipes in minnesota take a look and bridges speaking out tonight about the incident spokespeople saying it put people in the environment at risk the environment and risk they're the ones i would never heard of not throwing stones from a glass house leave a bulldoze that house years ago to make way for some hundred fracking but i get
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your point last year the dakota access pipeline how did leak before it was fully operational so ricin earth lovers step aside because sabotaging the environment is the oil industry's job. only you know your that's exactly why people are involved in this kind of direct action to protect water to help people live and die in these opinions of yours are going to get very expensive ok these heroes in these bills you have a fine of one thousand dollars simply for protesting on oil company own land and one really in dollars for any organization affiliated with protests so greenpeace should give up canvassing and start mugging people in the street. they could say hey do you have a moment for the environment because if you don't sonny the bodybuilding bodybuilding the good will make you rich. one million dollars is crazy these laws
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will silence dissent in the name of protecting corporate property this is anti-american to lead from the gulf stream waters of mississippi to ohio it costs one million dollars to oppose pipelines this is part of a wave of anti protests bills written by alec and the koch brothers and sponsored by the petroleum industry what makes this bill unique is that it's hard it's conspirators who have vicarious liability for damage done in a protest conspirators with the whole does that mean yeah well the oil companies tried calling the activists terrorists and never really caught on so. apparently too soon for those who remember nine eleven i don't know so we did something just as they also sinister conspiracy are people housing activists handing them blankets when it's cold and worst of all this can lead to the pipeline protesters having
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high moral compass a very dangerous more dangerous than the water protector per diem george soros is giving them. i hear they even have better stock options than i do come on there's no money you protest and people lose money well because the they have to devote their time their lives their energy to this conspirator bill is based on false premises it completely it's called the critical infrastructure act what's critical infrastructure even mean that's. critical infrastructure is the bedrock of our economic system which could mean it can be anyplace with a fence or a sign so pipelines nuclear chemical or electric plants train tracks train stations radio stations television station parking lots gravel pits a dog a run come on you you put it on knowingly be sitting on a critical infrastructure as you watch this show and that's probably just enough to prosecute you. just to be safe everyone should change the channel no no.
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don't change the channel leave this episode reeling or my stocks now we're. going to walk out more protesters then ever before to the quest to stop locking up more people than ever before for that let's go to redacted correspondent natalie mcgill. you really when you're number one it's something you want to let the whole world know your achievement. except some of the stuff america is really good at would look really weird on a phone number one hand. but thanks to grassroots activism it looks like we're finally getting real about not being number one in at least one thing being the world's number one prison state especially since last week j.p.
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morgan sided to cut financial ties because private prisons the big banks finally relented when activist groups who were part of the corporate backers of hate campaign sent a merry achi band and protesters with break up with prison signs to the town house of j.p. morgan chase c.e.o. jamie diamond creating it. whenever i want someone to stop doing something i don't like all i got to do is play music. i'm in leeds themselves made their mark in the fight for reform to win last summer prisoners nationwide when. one strike for three weeks to protest modern day slavery
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which is perfect for private companies trying to save money like those whose customer call centers use prison labor instead of outsourcing their call centers overseas even the bureau of prisons federal prison industries called the use of inmate labor the best kept secret in contact centers well the one thing we can agree on is it's best if this was kept a secret. but now i know and i can't see it so i guess who ever thought revealing this was a good idea also spends time explaining magic tricks and ruining cookouts by revealing what hot dogs are made out of. in arkansas where prisoners still work for free state lawmakers took notice and sought a constitutional amendment last month to ban forced inmate labor states like florida south carolina arizona and nevada have either proposed or passed laws that addressed prisoners' rights of course that doesn't mean they were met with scrutiny
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like in new mexico where the new mexico district attorney's association disagrees with the current state legislature proposal to reduce our drug possession charges from felonies to miss the meters they believe it incentivizes addicts to steal your . and an association release said it's the alcoholic who is going to steal it it is the heroin addict sick needing a quick fix to make himself feel better who drives away in your ford focus or stole that necklace that your grandma left you i doubt my grandmothers who've collectively birthed fifteen children have any material wealth and i haven't seen a ford focus on the road since their ad which touted escaping from the trunk in a tight parking space as a selling point. and the federal first steps act which is aimed at prisoner rehabilitation and reducing harsh sentencing isn't without scrutiny to specifically
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a part of the law that would create a risk assessment tool to determine who's at risk for going back to prison or eligible for early release and activists are rightfully concerned given that risk assessment tools have been found to disproportionately inflate risk levels for people of color activists in and outside prison and state lawmakers must continue to make sure change happens everywhere in every level. and it also means you're going to hear a lot more mereology music. that's q. cookies instead of one. get that. the court in from one of america's prisons that they will kill your back if tonight. that's our show but for a limited time like the first ten minutes my standup comedy special it's free it's only lincoln county does not combo there right now could leave. her.
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it's up to the government to step in and be a player in the economy not just an enabler for monopolies you know the government should be competing for health care and drug prices they should be competing in transportation and education and they should offer an alternative people should be able to get a public utility bank for example account and get out of the matrix the big wall street banks they don't have that option they should have that option and therefore you would restore some competition in the economy. seventy four design submissions. seven thousand pilings. to join judges. eight hundred sixty days of. a
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russian w.b. a jump ahead. and a russian. show you how. the crimean bridge was built. with the construction moving you need to transport doughtery that will help the crimea. plus to most of those you know while google more familiar quite a bit but. think. someone they. thought they know what they cost. for you. if. you come up for a fair and i don't think i want to. justify. something awful because
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a couple of you show me you just got some heat. focused case on. what you know full well for you if they think you know how to use a whole session to go to school for fun you both get on faith no nothing. oh my god like in a way out of your fucking head what if i don't want to kill it with the united b.c. . i'm glad. i.
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wasn't clashes plumes of tear gas on fire as mock the eighteenth weekend of the yellow vests protests in front of our pows it was right in the middle of the young breast. this is the eighteenth come sickish if week. this fear of the tear gas is really really due to. the death toll in the terror attack in new zealand has risen to fifty people with the man accused of shooting people into mosques now charged with murder a manifesto that surfaced online just before the assault state of bed nonwhite invaders are threatening the existence of all european.


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