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tv   Going Underground  RT  March 17, 2019 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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violent clashes plumes of tear gas and fires marking the eighteenth weekend of the other best protests in france our reporter was right in the middle of the un read. this is the eighteenth consecutive week. case here. is really really due to. the death toll in the terror attack in new zealand has risen to fifty people but the man accused of shooting people in two mosques now charged with murder a manifesto that surfaced online just before the assault stated that nonwhite invaders are threatening big systems of all european. and hundreds
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protest in italy after two men are cleared of rape with a part of the female judges giving the alleged victim's unattractiveness as one of the reasons. next hour we'll take a look back at the most important news of the week but right now an r.t. international has a wide ranging conversation with the last of us live voices on going underground in the u.k. and ireland sputnik talks to an award winning philanthropist about his work. on afghanistan so you know what you're going on the ground sixteen years to the days really defense forces were involved in the killing of american activist rachel corrie coming up in the show. the exclusive an uncensored interview with one of the world's most popular living philosophers.
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dissecting the major issues facing the planet today level remain durable why do republican or democrat coke or pepsi but first because all the data of the daily mail and your peers is here to keep us abreast of a chaotic week in the british breaks at crisis thanks for coming on you've been on british t.v. norm stop it seems at all hours of the day i think the issues are getting lost in this process of parliamentary chaos i think i've got lost with the issues to what is the issue now is the incompetence and chaos in ten downing street never before have i seen a prime minister humiliated by not one but four cabinet ministers who refused to support or normal circumstances they will be taken out and shot none of the five because she has a little tricky not literally no but you would expect a prime minister to have hemorrhage that much support to had a visit from the men in gray suits that we wanted to women of course in the age of equality to say here's the poll handed revolver prime minister time to go but does
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that work anymore because of the i want to get to war going to present a self but of course in tatters time it was different that only twenty two could be all of those things are off the table there aren't any pool handed revolvers there are actually because the low the tories have used up their one shot at the back benches had one chance to get rid of her you have one vote a year they did that in december and one hundred seventy without their support what can happen is cabinet ministers can withhold their support threatened to resign or mask and i have to tell you during this extraordinary week i have never known a week like it and i've been working at the house of horrors on and off since one nine hundred eighty eight i couldn't find one m.p. who thinks to reason may has a long term survival rate in downing street the lady is on the way out even away from college green opposite parliament there's a whole section of a kind of leftish bent who say we should be reforming the european union from the inside would you. this whole process is toward us about if we had tried to reform
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brussels of the european union from the inside instead of bricks it the some people were arguing that at the time that we should have tried to reform brussels from within look we've had successive prime ministers have been down that route namely thatcher john major people remember him it's beyond reform he has five unelected presidents joke it spending is out of control it's accounts and never written off they are never going to divest power back to mother parliament it is a rotten organization in the any piece half of their expenses they don't have to account for a single penny of it. in my view and the way they have bullied britain shows we joined a club with the most vicious people running it well for all the alleged corruption there remarkably unified of the twenty seven members against and support for ireland they're united for one reason they're terrified of the country going to follow britain and lead the european union we are one of the biggest contributors and they're trying to say to the rest of your it's not easy to leave us with the
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rules of this cover pretty tough the five presidents all men notice going to do everything in their power and they still are to try to keep britain in that's the game for them they want to drag a friend in britain and that would result in a different outcome i'm telling you it would not all of this process in parliament seems to be going the way of jeremy corbin's policy curiously reluctant to measure the second round of referendum which you just said is all the gods really do you think the overriding concern here is being not letting jeremy corbin in well most labor backbenchers against the tories against the. i mean some people think if this whole thing collapses that there will be a direct general election there's a lot of labor m.p.'s trust me who don't want to enter election because there is terrified as i am that jeremy corbin will win the general election they don't trust him they think they'll be a flight of capital out of great britain they're right it's already started. it's
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informing a lot of the decisions but the old thing is always already in control i don't think he is i don't think he's in control the big humiliating defeat for the prime minister this week was laid down by a back bencher called yvette cooper who resigned from corbin's front bench never before have you seen how a step the labor leadership is with its own backbenchers you don't see these as the sinister triangulations of corbin's team chambers will the that your newspapers be operating i let me tell you very well never jeremy corbin's team don't talk to most of the m.p.'s on their own benches because they're in a bunker and they're a cult and a small sect and that's why we've seen some m.p.'s defecting to this new independent group and i think more will because this problem about the second referendum is a huge problem for a lot of labor m.p.'s remember when he became labor leader comrade corbin he said that the party conference will be the platform where policy is made we won't have policies made on the on the downing street sofa which is the way tony blair did it
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the party conference labor last year said no early general election you want to second referendum he's ignoring he's well he said if a general election really started happening where it's not coming do you just say there while a money on ok well let's go to donald trump he's been tweeting my administration looks forward to negotiating a large scale trade deal with the u.k. the potential is unlimited that was before the article fifty debate in parliament in countries lining up already i'm sure there are we are this economy is booming there was a statement a financial statement this week which is almost overlooked by the chancellor philip hammond where he showed trade is growth is slipping a bit but jobs crip being created at record numbers the economy the economic fundamentals are good and strong and we've got a good story to worry or even preliminary deals with japan turkey india career these of the countries jungle is the ferret linage i don't mean there is a very wide as you go share of this very important ok what about the. should have
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done better we should have done better but i know for a fact liam fox the international to the sec has been flying all around the world with these t. it's trying to drum up support and i think some of these trade deals will be fall into place much quicker than people think trump loves great britain just finally what what stories could be buried during all this wall to wall coverage of the brics a debate because for the power of the chancellor said again the welfare was going to be frozen roundtree trussing five hundred sixty pounds a year worse off for poor families and also a knife grave seemed to be saying it's nothing to do with the more complex issues it's just the police are one hundred billion for the police yeah one hundred million for the police ridiculous when we could fourteen billion pounds every year to international aid for don't you african despots to spend all their private jets in their palaces i support giving money for internationally but not such a huge amounts of money to some of the dodgy i would control what the money spent on i would have i would want to wear my money's going and the hundred million
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pounds that they've announced to the police isn't even threats to offices it's for overtime overtime you say these hard pressed police officers already working flat out have to work even harder to make up the fact twenty two thousand police officers numbers were cut by a certain home secretary to mention her name it was treason may again do chris thank you well while u.k. media focuses almost exclusively on the backs of prices u.s. authorities are building their attack on judy the sons of drug to detention in britain is determined by the u.n. refusing to cooperate in the grand jury against the wiki leaks founder as collateral murder army whistleblower chelsea manning already having been tortured she's now known for outspoken views on freedom the rise of authoritarianism and his encroaching in every aspect of life whether it's government our corporate or. technological jealousy manning was jailed this week with an indefinite sentence until as the virginia judge said she purges about the circumstances of a. revealing to the world the extent of nature nation war crimes case arguably
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encompasses philosophical concepts of the nato military industrial complex ranging from freedom to neo colonialism to the illusion of consumer choice i'm joined now by skype from bianna by one of the world's most popular living philosophers. someone i welcome to going underground before we get on the philosophical concepts and the rest of the news your thoughts about chelsea manning the former intelligence operative who was of course tortured we had p.j. crowley over the state department will give out that she's been jailed again what do you think. i don't think it's especially not on an event on i think it's more of a kid here sign of the day but out of the industry of the american establishment to get good young astonished. that plastic you better look at it it's doing because what they are putting pressure on her to give her mark dot dot about how she was
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contacted we expand it here at that point he made bob meet the dot dot he or she call it that and so on and so on so i see did this by of be on going getting stronger and stronger campaign against weekly and i think when people talk about liberal freedoms and so on and so on. yes almost make your make many mistakes but he's great in mark even the contribution needs to make us aware of the extend the week we drove manipulate it and so on and so on and for me the best face of so many in the west coast is google is just a private got out of it as well and they say now people that criticize us don't wish for not ducking or are some are but i mean to be very cynical here and nobody like my own sarah but i didn't i said you have been trying not to step in a sense that you don't believe in western style you don't leave it out that it's in
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bottom to show how you want to condone you know magic because they believe that fully in debt of thirty dollars they think they are funny and don't matter if you think you are sleep well can be modestly but instead of the income that we have and so on the mark i'd leave your control that's the miracle of all of this digitized arms of comparatively don't even appear as an experiment as far as that is controlling you that by association would be crashed and decimate the establishment mobilized on its far since i don't people know if you go. even by big public media which are considered more on the left like in united in going back out they are mostly less lately in their i mean mostly against so much you had to do in the signs under arbitrary detention here of course in london and his work on google but this week the british government says that these powerful tech companies it's more a question of consumer choice whenever people are saying it freedom of choice i
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mean the i stand you know left leaning stand allegedly about three don't yes three don't but three don't four home don't walk. they just yesterday dr joyce brothers freedom of course who truly what what are asked while trying my metaphor here is that most of the choices that media present week our choices in the style of their own bad go or a diabetic here these are choices we didn't start occlude labor because you managed lead and we move out of there what politico even in. much more of. a cause you also been writing about the fact that those who perhaps sympathize with that they've kind of failed i mean you mentioned series of course in greece the cradle of western democracy the us continuing war in venezuela we've had anti semitism so he has here against every call been left leaning congress woman accused
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of these things yet you say that actually. there's new needs to be pessimistic yes i agree with what you're sad and i think this is so very sad lesson for those who still want to be left there it's all too easy to invest all energy inc ok despising don't you all are going to die but i'm being united states and so on and so on but we should never forget that in new nationalist bob east the result of the faith here. of peat leave it out of the look out the better or even less and i think the establishment is becoming aware of these we could buy it moment more moving to go east at least minimally authentic less who questioned most of the liberal establishment look at the us lately in the united states only go even as they meet docs on but only send us who was so he's. a little
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bit o. both there's a mobile phone establishment and a louse and that's my own crazy as it may sound there are no bad date is not we opened the lid but i don't think i'll try to least what they had better first was new york actually still i know the true god it will be a united state because they're starting to try to maybe the fate of the county east what goes on in the democratic might favor same kamala's a dog there is great desire that i don't doubt have and so does he do a chemise excellent this might. just be great oh but there is no knowing cause and she was instructed to do ace and we shouldn't get as the better just go into it any oh my god let's all unite against fight use that i wish for dana. and see are the opportunities how we can use the situation where keep something in the
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direction of the market i because next time i'm going to stop them more from professors lunches and offer this break. i think jason has become at the top has become at forty eight on this day in the case of us gives it not to think that one day is to be leaving j.c. for us yes even more dangerous for you don because it gives me back to the audience to even the force.
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of. welcome back i'm still with philosopher. and as we said one response to people who talk about progress say the problem is actually fake news you've used the phrase uncontrollable plurality don't you think that first what you. they can use they have nothing you know let me turn to be out of the code or we can't speak not i did he was going to leave but i'm not at peace so he is going to not be both in the stands in some sense one baek fake us scotty so i think what
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those in the establishment when when they do people are fake news is not lice it's stock it's some other bit it's no longer one then put out a lie that they can't control you know fact all race bought all this sort of india logic or that not the starving they stop nothing post-modern in the east so here i would crack jokes when people are faking it the most effective and dangerous lives our lives which operate waged by shows you're correct sound doctrine which are undoubtedly true if you organize them into and i deem we pleased in itself and i show you no beliefs no easy way out here like oh we really don't you're just just the truth and so on and so on but the trump thinks the news is so important in the media you think that say in the case of venezuela fake news from liberal media
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wouldn't be enough to overthrow the bill of aryan revolution he does will require military law so i mad men i quote that against palin who are not. against me rushing twenty nine i think and i drink or let this be a different you said both are websites i think both sides out west and oppression here to asian in venezuela but you know what's so dangerous about guide dog of course of course united united states but you know you i'm good my dear i got into it again the enemy of truth in meat that our food problems in venezuela going to. probably out of going to i'll probably ends meet the police operation and so on and so on this work mate he relatively effective it is still a bit mediocre steadman this to a lot and so on and so on so again i repeat my point is the most dangerous fake
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news in the us and so far as you know logical politically motivated propaganda in. many relate to the truth with us and them and of truth ok will you blame i mean the inherently blame maduro that partly then they do think that you didn't just actually yesterday it's obvious you have a point that's my stand that i think the basic problem that i see meet my poor and they're going to be childish no but i don't beat. corruption or what they're about it's a very sad mad message that even a childish already and especially by two or are they didn't believe in. the stock being finding often include the people who don't buy the benefit of the free market they make on a possible experimentally show shooting broke out of the coffin of use and so on and so on so it's not just morally he does he think it's a bad he said less true about the base more because they don't really care but.
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i really i thought you actually praised chavez role as different attempts but i'm going to ask you really. isn't a damned but already equal speed i follow i'm going to thomas the situation closely it's clear that she was just a lucky guy by a lucky i mean carrying enough money from oil and they wanted to want to buy and then a lot of stock think and you know. so she has a spare production which can be organized differently from garbage that he didn't keep paid and i think now i mean they do another get it frank thing i think that ken's and the big lesson of economic new york along with a great natural resource east can be carps a great course i'm not going to claim that maybe if all of a sudden most of an issue ls oil the immense reserves going to disappear maybe more
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do what it will lose interest in fairness to a lot and maybe at some other modest lad out there with compound and you're right but what if i can just go to the european union obviously i mean what do you if you are an advisor to the british government would you be trying to overturn the result of the referendum and keep britain in the european union or do you see that thousands drowning tens of thousands drowning in the mediterranean let alone the imprisonment of cattle and politicians mean no country could ever be part of this institution no i fear may be our positions are a little bit different i'm well aware of all the limitations of the battles bureaucracy and so on and so on but they still think that why then do east european don't you know i'm so universally pay day but i see as a threat i think that nonetheless in spite all of these. options and so on and
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so on that are out of inefficiencies bank or worse and so on and so on i think don't wait out it's not back but actually it has dangerous. illusion. debt debate the way to liberate ourselves from the control room that was not copied out until well into you ought to return to us the whole going to nation . i think. but i think far more the second think many british people even fancher of mine claim we won't do that it is to part us off but we want to got lewis from brussels to meet with us and the banking or financial regulations we want to build a stronger west our state and so on and so on weight and meaning i remember blatter government got in conflict wheat bassus blair that rejected it and
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made us to protect the environment and the imposition of a much you know i would just rather trust or some be allowed to better during the week and so on and so one so but my point about it why then if you are bothering anybody bob i think that the idea all your life if you are wrong if you did something to look in the present far about you just to be change of course it's well i think far it's that i'm just not sure that it is your scheme and isn't we try school regularly didn't invest and so of course i think that we we really need these mark and legs so how far would you how far would you go with this reformist so the voyage is a reformist agenda then obviously thousands and thousands of dead or injured on the streets of paris over the village on the said thirty pounds others i saw you know you at least would be good to fake us are you serious in saying that well there are
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three thousand injured at least ten deaths linked with the protests before today's g. they joined yet again the things that are much more ambiguous here for me it's easy to say what you are saying well. i'll go and meet him at a profit off gallo west do they also know that at the they will stink they're wasting their time then being felt well again however you are too many for me to think that left in peace they would be able to propose. that program no that's wrong at least i claim don't dally in close event because the future of ache well pleased movement in good condition the only way i would be added to the bar yellow west but the way they are moving canal then they'd just move gradually in the direction of. some type of. oil cost and that the state money in the
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bank bought at least national least. i am no longer have that that many less scared. him to go he spoke of are going to be put in the financial well are going to be for that. we should listen to eat we can learn something from eat walk last practice in a nice way week in spain like go to beat forget about your shit go if you use the least and do a lot of the many people good to have to know you know then book that way and that at the state we drew peterson just to see how they are oh so you can but he doesn't include their own you will be and not get. less than a mask of wrong doing by listening but one of the many people is going to stop even criticised by ordinary people for your saying a call for the left to embrace its radical western roots as well as what he said about refugees there are tens of thousands drowned in the mediterranean thanks to
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the cameron sarkozy war in libya not just europe the weather troops doc don't of the problem what mate if you're new york or are you just exploitation off i think i'm counting what happened in kiryat in iraq who cooked up the guys you spat and so on and so on if you're just open up it's bar dust then it could be a catastrophe because at a certain point let's be ocular pickier here we can't know going from a very difficult choice into. any guns are coming in allowed to flow in but in disgrace we have to abolish democracy because the majority of the people he's clearly against and so on and so on so we have to and i got to change the approach here no can really meet our standards again germany got me on my guard but if you dish out there let's step back again and ask our stance how we are completely in order to plan anything to do
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a clean sweep make standpoint none of this i just don't think that many people would be a lot like europe did not embellish at least germany received quite many but if you teach just look at the numbers just how many if you place in founds not to mention generally not done this in spite of the horrors of the ongoing. what about other companies you need to dump it and if it were me the other folks sending in if you didn't. and if you please read only the counties and so on saudi arabia well why baccarat in and out gotta how many refugees did they accept the sheep not what is going beyond death and the same companies i don't proclaim euro forty two were sent very close up and so on and so book it really doesn't tell how many refugees would like to be in those countries arguably but i'm going to finally i gotta finish though with the title i don't get think now because
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this sounds nice and human but i think. it's pretty thin country and do you know give if you get there if you're dreaming that right truth dead date well then you too much of a crazy community even for me don't use being dead the basic human right to bait each that you're going to move though any company of your choice and the amount of their company don't take care of you i think the means. explosion means. a dog in debt got three issues not simply option so you think that the refugees basically what their cake and eat is and they want the welfare state and i don't think they want to be clear many of them not all want to be integrated into change of enjoying the benefits of the developed western companies but at the same. dead date don't want to integration into the west lifestyle i am asking you what
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do you about ok there i know i know and that's. ok don't look over list of bar the us do you know i took eight dead we should be in europe do you really want to take out of the race there into a chance of anybody can come and go on the eat eat their way of life but on the other hand we should respect demo meant but when we do mount the shame of for example i am going to show us some of our people and so on presence is a thank you and that's it for the show will be back on monday when we investigate the alleged chemical attack on duma in the illegal nato bombing the fall of the syrian member of parliament dr ahmed qurei until then even that's why social media still monday.


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