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one to be. enjoying the benefits of the developed western companies but at the same. date don't want. variation in the west lifestyle i am i asking you what do you about ok there i know what i know and that's. ok don't look over list of targets don't know i'm ok dead we should be in europe do you really want to take out the regime. change of anybody can come and go on we eat their way of life but on the other hand we should respect demo meant but when we denounce the shame of party jumped down to show us the some of our people and so on presence is a thank you and that's it for the show will be back on monday when we investigate the alleged chemical attack on duma in the illegal nato bombing the fall of the syrian member upon the dr ahmed qurei until then even that's why social media still monday.
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breaks it down tonality. what politicians do something anything. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injured. or somehow want to be preached. to to go right to the press this is what the three of the boys can't be that. interested always in the waters and. there shouldn't. be in front of the cameras coca-cola c.e.o.
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promises us a world without waste that's our objective. but behind the scenes the american company is doing everything in its power to eschew any alternatives to plastic like the return of a bottle i think obviously. after months of negotiations with the american multinational we have a meeting at the headquarters of coca-cola france for an interview. it's a message of their love so well. when i did receive. a polite and welcome. and affection with. this group good luck and good food but it seems we have not yet won that trust. question a good news a short little clip of the mood every thought well wait a minute back up and say i should close i'll drop. the vice president of the company michael goldsman has travelled from the united states to answer all questions will he has worked for coca-cola for twenty one is he's in charge of
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global policy and environmental sustainability and he's a french speaker. and they'll see us in the role was that when you're done tax cuts on a week very b. twenty odd off that occurs off by really so our interview is done in french book i could have a little sample dobbs. some of this told its. own. i think gets me. because they perceive that the south. korean economy secular don't. know. the move. the l u u t's. who.
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take. their kid a. may. day. affair on a. pair from. a. song.
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it. don't plan to be. on the a do be discreet. we. fight back fight back. promising. increased recycling and collection targets. is objective.
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strategy a nova. is a. good restaurant is objective to. dissolve. their.
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call. says. so but. the collect. politico's. we. don't aim.
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for a deposit system. just the new book. the moral. says. get to the top value more no pretty. good the year of a. good. fair. if you look good.
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they do. there. before judging the actions let's take a little try. and for good to be turned in need. we travel to tanzania a country in east africa known for its incredible landscapes unspoiled beaches and the best so far is in africa. however what this promotional film does not specify is that tanzania is also the incredible land of coca-cola.
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here everyone waits for red and white buses who works alongside reginald white wolf and in the playgrounds children play around red and white the logo is everywhere so off there awhile you would stop noticing it. the good news is that in this country you can still find coke bottles made out of reusable glass but this will all soon be over. what the american company is doing in tanzania what it did in the united states fifty years ago replacing the glass bottles with plastic ones. and guts what is going on behind these walls inside one of the four coca-cola factories and zinnia.
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our guide is james muller about the manager of the new production line a production line which only makes plastic bottles today they're producing bottles of found one of the numerous by. runs inside the coca-cola group. everything is automated and the equipment is brand new the bottles of filth behind this window. and this dock up by. the third.
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is just to get under the boat the boat boat which is in the lawn well i've been out of the. eighty six thousand three hundred and forty bottles in two and a half hours that a lot of plastic we did the calculations that ten bottles a second and that's in the oh mom production line in one of the factories in the country. five years ago this factory only fabricated glass bottles but on the day of our visit the production line for glass bottles is almost at a complete standstill. because they want to go the extra week apart from plastic allowed to be you while you are doing it but the trick apart from those who are defending the roof in terms of prosthetics that
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don't stop us it's good to look good for. the aesthetic perhaps but the choice of plastic is essentially unless you glass bottles they are strictly open very time of the book. but for me i don't care about the guitar. only cares if course. what our guide is trying to say. is that plastic doesn't seem to be a problem for the environment in tanzania so it's come back in business to see everyone now i think as a business perspective so he clicked both of us to a difference in the cycle. now that our factory visit is finished we can finally show you the wonders of the unforgettable tanzania. unforgettable tanzania. here are the real results of coca cola's famous recycling business and just by
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looking at the waste collectors we were told about it's clear that the recycling business is first and foremost a potty economy. in a world of big part of the new lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. join me every thursday on the alex simon show
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and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport business i'm showbusiness i'll see if that. is fifty years old and has three children that she is raising by. the self esteem. to feed her family she connects plastic on the beach. but not the best to have a car going to clamber over the coals for software that's akin to play when you're on a. school ball or too lazy to notice a good enough or the bit like them about an accident you know your mil i don't know . evidentially sunny is also leaving its mark in tanzania.
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by working eight hours a day much i can collect up to twenty kilos of bottles at two hundred fifty shillings a keynote that's ten cents she earns less than two million rows and that's on a good day. limit so money is only going to hear you after money when i will buy the reason i asked to get to she did this couple of acumen a month to the young and that was going to affect him this year because yep i'm on the twelve and i need to sell it as a decision but it would seem they are going to be there because the money and i need to be on the ships are going to come up. why the price is down to the national average of us in the country and. too much plastic and too many people like mata who collect empty bottles just to scrape by.
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to bear witness to the most unsustainable side of this savage recycling. kaname we head to the largest tape in the land dollars the economic capital of the country. every time a truck arrives to unload waste it's the same friends they. are going to get you know about. bad enough to fill gonna get some ice and it was a white guy he's going to. lose stuff unions who are his name pinned.
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down you ought to know that ben does his job but with gordon i was a tough. you know joe. you know. and so they resort to using their batons to dig through other people's waste you genuine but tell me what you got an actual. we did to one of us and when i didn't get on and you know i'm biased in my news i am a lawyer zero to us here. at h. the model moon has already spent two years rifling through waste in search of plastic that's more than enough to know that there is only one move to the recycling business here only the strongest to make it. can all go where it resides . so much joke i'm by no means out for no mouth i'd rather that romney were more attractive than him about knowing how to drive i don't go.
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it's time to clean the windscreen and head elsewhere. we go to need to. people who dictate the war on the new market for recycled plastic . we find them in the suburbs of dar es salaam. these are the companies who buy plastic bottles this one is the largest in the country. before coming here we never would have been madge and filming anything quite like
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this. a mountain of empty plastic bottles that you have to climb with seventy kilograms on your head. at first we're almost fascinated by this blue mountain and the incessant coming and going of climbers all smaller than their loads. but then we talk to the workers. yeah but actually it was our. enemy to me. ask you know. anything. about it in the sound. of your cortex look. at the foot of the
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mountain these workers begin their final sorting session they put the colored bottles and plastic bags to one side. they put the clear bottles into large bags these bottles then go through these machines to be reduced to small . pieces before they can be recycled. and. until very recently the company exported this plastic to china the largest buyer of recycled plastic in the world this is the side manager is about to explain to us. yesterday when i was working and asking for correctors ten years it's only surprise when a few months ago the way down the wise saying that be my tool by this one always told. me to save him back in the east i don't think we'll be ready to explode
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because does not know if you know my kid so what did you do when you couldn't export to china oh i keep on buying we buy and we buy you but you see the money thing this is because you couldn't sell to time oh yeah so i can really it's. in twenty seventeen china announced that it no longer wanted to be the world's largest rubbish bin and that they would stop importing used plastic from january twenty eighth. this decision add to the collapse of the recycled plastic market our precarious business and an economy that rests entirely on the backs of the most vulnerable. and back at the coca-cola headquarters we speak to michael goldsman the vice president of the company again. so that it will pick up because it messed up the year. it says.
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so that. there's no doubt that the way. we have a fake of this live event. says the measure. is used to morrow is on point i care. you know as you would expect. they could. misa. list. yeah. yeah yeah.
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see. they do those he was at the. city north to. see. them going called fail meant a nose will be. deceived. only on trundle affair. sticks all told. us. that the economy circular economy. business. good. business.
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easy. i don't see. this. if. there.
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good ease on this one depressed if you know small poor korean system a. good skiing day. tease a. small school and not even play. it. is only more time you do the plastic maze. say no source.
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no to put a value. in drive there appraiser v. v. and. do sort of plastic it all may own class or jewelry can system for you a problem. do you. suppose you may own. on a. multiple dead and eat. it too soon maybe for a for of in your dog's own no. class for the terror.
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doesn't. that home class the members all of the system in using. your own. clique you put are you teasing. you. two plastic. packs. mate. if a fast to. them point is you i collect them all with coca-cola you can still taste the feeling in plastic bottles zero waste does not mean zero plastic and the promise of a circular economy is very far away to conclude our investigation
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a single statistic. during the length of this film nearly thirteen million bottles of plastic being sold by the coca-cola group throughout the world. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development the only move really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very. time to sit
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down and talk. to. new zealand the mormons the fifty people killed in a terror attack. made of white supremacists has been charged with murder in connection with the shootings. bloodiest to the monument much more neat and simple my lord oh my god it's going to happen to know it was only people and everybody. with a bad cause just to save themselves. after weeks of political stalemate over the u.k. parliament votes to try and delay it. and let everything end of yellow vest rallies descends into.


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