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tv   News  RT  March 18, 2019 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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if you truly care about your many lives huge support the saudi led effort to prevent yemen from turning into a puppet state of the corrupt british islamic republic of iran the us secretary of state. support for the saudi led coalition's bombing campaign in yemen despite a us senate vote to end it donald trump has threatened to veto. the morning third time lucky to reserve bank the british prime minister is expected to put a plan to vote once again this week as she pleads for support much in line. and the united states deploys nuclear capable strategic bombers for war games right on russia's border as the pentagon sounds off about the first strike nuclear policy
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. hi there good morning start a new week nonny on this monday the eighteenth of march in moscow a life without international meet kevin now in thirty minutes of world news to come starting with this the u.s. secretary of state's defended washington's backing of the saudi led coalition's bombing campaign in yemen he comes off for a senate vote last week to withdraw support my pump post says its continuation is the way to ensure just peace and to leave suffering from that war torn country. senators who voted i say they want to end the bombing in yemen and support human rights. but we really think about rights. if you truly care about your many lives you'd support the saudi led effort to prevent yemen from turning into a puppet state of the corrupt british islamic republic of iran the way. way to
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alleviate the many people's suffering isn't to prolong the conflict by handicapping our partners in the fight but by giving the study led coalition the support needed to defeat arabian back rebels and ensure just peace donald trump's arms deals with saudi arabia are expected to total around three hundred fifty billion dollars over a decade and apart from arms supplies and military equipment washington provides riyadh with logistics and intelligence there's this morning our senior correspondent looks deeper into the u.s. secretary of state's comments now. the united states makes no secret of what it stands for freedom justice democracy and saudi arabia the white house stands firm on that even if the senate is having second thoughts voting to end u.s. support for riyadh's endless war in yemen saudi arabia's bloody war in yemen world's worst humanitarian disaster the horrific war in yemen saudi led quagmire we
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are helping saudi arabia drop bombs on churches and weddings we all want this conflict to end if you truly care about your many lives you'd support the saudi led effort to prevent yemen from turning into a puppet state of the corrupt british islamic republic of iran as opposed to becoming a puppet of the free and fair saudi arabia but what do we know the saudis have waged a four year war against who the rebels who they call terrorists that has turned yemen into a humanitarian catastrophe worse even than syria four and five yemeni civilians twenty four out of twenty eight million need aid to survive three in five or twenty million either on the brink or already starving that is the pompei zero has
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a solution the united states has given more than two billion dollars to help the many people since the start of the conflict. and saudi arabia has given over five hundred million dollars in two thousand and eighteen alone and as pledged an additional five hundred million dollars this year which works out to about two dollars per hungry civilian per month from washington but as for the cameras you know where the real money is guns oh yes guns very very you know five hundred thirty three million dollars five hundred twenty five million dollars the spinach for you. peanuts he says twelve point five billion dollars in that the u.s. is selling saudi arabia is peanuts what does that make the aid then but mr pompei zero is adamant if a little bit rabid in his support for saudi arabia and gun sales if we truly care
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about saudi lives you'd want to stop or run back to these from launching missiles into riyadh amazing how you can twist and turn reality on its head rather than protecting you many civilians from saudi arabia he's protecting saudi arabia from starving many civilians brilliant speaking of protecting saudi lives there is a tease to one life that washington didn't seem so concerned about mr howe shoji was the victim of a brutal and premeditated killing planned and perpetrated by officials of the state of saudi arabia riyadh has brushed off ickes ations that the rule family had anything to do with it saying it was rude to operation and that seems washington was all too happy to support this explanation here we. are. really really dollars profit u.s.
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oil company. the bank the military corporation the trump government and usually not the trunk government but the administrations in washington democrat and republican serve the interest so big banks and corporations and so many net relationship all that it means for profit and how our empire just a part that is the priority not the lives of people that young men are the people of saudi arabia venezuela or for that matter states. another week more talk of breaks it could be an eventful one though for breaks in the u.k. parliament expected to vote for a third time on teresa mayes divorce deal the british prime minister's been trying to rally support from a conservative party and he killed a sham pot is one of the any rejection of could still break today definitely. if parliament can find a way to back to brag to deal before a european council the u.k.
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will leave this spring without having to take part in the european elections and we can get on with building our future relationship we if it cannot will not leave the e.u. for many months if ever last week she lost her voice lost the vote to british m.p.'s rejecting treason made proposals in a series of votes last week where they also voted against the no deal brokered outcome however parliament did plans to extend the u.k.'s withdraw period from the you know this push on to reason may's left with a much smaller pool of options now to try and see her plan through if m.p.'s reject it she will ask brussels for a long deadline extension potentially lasting for years depending on the reaction back home that could trigger a general election or maybe a second referendum on leaving the e.u. but if m.p.'s do pass may's deal she's going to ask brussels for a short extension maybe till about june the thirtieth if that's not granted or no deal agreed the u.k.
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could simply crush out of the bloc empty handed after all this time little commentator john white has his prediction on how this week's ballot could go down. very unlikely that she will manage to get her was droll deal passed in parliament. at the time of asking because the majority that voted against the. last thing she tried the second time was one hundred forty nine so she has to convince one hundred forty nine. who voted against just just one week ago to change their minds within a week to the seventies clearly determined to be the prime minister who caused delivering breaks it but she's only delivering more toward. division in the country usually when a prime minister loses parliament a parliamentary resigning issue because she's lost or he has lost the authority of the house of commons and the third kind of prime minister late but she's managed to hang on because we are in an extraordinary times.
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and it is not the parliament is divided over briggs recent polls in the u.k. so just forty six percent would vote remain in a second referendum and only thirty six percent would choose to leave now under the current terms as a footnote we'll keep you posted the. united states has made its largest deployment of strategic bombers to the u.k. in more than a decade the b. fifty two strategic bombers which capable of carrying nuclear weapons are set to take part in nato drills in ga ga rico's post very close to russia's southern border it touched just days after the pentagon spoke of the possibility of a nuclear strike against russia the latest for you on this one. no limits on american military power even when it comes to new that seems to be the prevailing sentiment among certain forces earlier this year two u.s. senators put forward a new law to prohibit the first strike use of nuclear weapons by the united states they made it pretty simple the entire text of the law was one sentence it is the
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policy of the united states not to use nuclear weapons first now that's also the policy of the russian president but top u.s. military brass say that it's an. acceptable and i wouldn't recommend any change to simplify and have a serious decision making calculus and also can envision several circumstances where we would not want to remove that option from the president there are some circumstances apparently where nuking somebody who hasn't already knew you first might be a good idea we decided to talk to new yorkers and see what circumstances they think it might be can you think of any situation where we would nuke somebody who had nuke us first. i. know that's a like. i don't think that's right i don't know what the circumstances would be i mean like syria i mean that makes sense to me that he knew spotlight with syria what was going on hopefully lands over there not here so in some circumstances nuking somebody first might be a valid decision but what exactly constitutes aggression take it from the acting
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secretary of defense or competitors of not being complacent china's defense spending china's organized approach to steal foreign technology russia for its part continues to compete asymmetrically with the united states now he made that statement while explaining why the us military budget despite being higher than every other country in the world by billions of dollars was actually going up so russia is doing it and we have to keep up but let's look at what russia is actually doing total combined military budget for nato countries in the year of twenty nineteen is roughly one thousand three hundred ninety five billion euros meanwhile russia is spending thirty nine billion euros so how exactly is the usa catching up china and russia in particular the capabilities developed over the last few years to limit our ability to operate freely in space cyberspace land sea and air in the capabilities that we have identified in this year's budget are really designed to allow us to project power when we're necessary to ensure interest in the context
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that emerging threat for china and russia so at this point us military policy has two major premises number one first strikes with nuclear weapons are they ok. and number two russia and china two major nuclear powers are bad and must be opposed anyone think of a greater recipe for disaster. r.t. new york the president is not the only one talking tough so as you say that's a big. tough boss sometimes yes i am tough i push people and it's true. i would trade you for a bottle of water. she was known to throw off as objects in frustration greeting binders bullies were asked to perform duties they described as the. dishes for the. negative reports
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of how you've treated some of your staff in the past what part of when you're out there on the world stage and dealing with people like. yeah you want someone to stop. house for the news this morning for thousands of anti-government demonstrators massed outside the police station h.q. in the serbian capital belgrade yesterday they were demanding the release of those arrested during the storming of the country state t.v. channel protest as earlier drove a truck at a police cordon the presidential palace in the center of the capital number of officers were injured. oh ok.
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one main issues are the protesters denouncing what they say is present on legs on the verge of slides and autocratic rule the president himself was thought to be inside the building at the time having just given a news conference in a televised address future to bring all rights is to justice and something the night protesters tried to storm on the country's mangled cars and pusey of not giving enough time to the protests. i was i. was. among the protesters for several opposition leaders including the head of the nationalist very party the rallies a part of a bigger movement denouncing the sitting government to see to tackle civil liberties including freedom of speech. it's coming up to nine fifty in the morning moscow time this is all it's international in the stories ahead when we come back
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offices in munich some of them suspended as more evidence of right wing extremism in germany's police images will tell you about that and more after the break. breaks it down. they take it as big. as big. as stay in the case of you it gives it not think that one day is to be leaving j.s if you are good yes but more figures for you don because if we . thought there would be even.
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you know world a big part of the new law and conspiracy industry media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. i get rid of only for me kevin of the rest of the team it out international this morning so nasa has expressed concerns over advancing five g. wireless technology they say could potentially interfere with vital weather data set to forecast accuracy but fifty is the court has got the story for you remember the devastation left in the wake of america's worst hurricanes.
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think what if those affected had one less day to brace for disaster it might seem hard to imagine but nasa warns that this could be the future of weather forecasts and it's all because of the new five g. network everyone's ranting and raving about. a new boston that way has the potential to transform the internet the promise is to connect nearly every aspect of our lives over an incredibly fast reliable wireless network driving cars smart cities fully connected homes and robots this is the future and it will be powered by she. sure five g. might provide better cell phone coverage but to set it up the federal communications commission wants to auction off the bandwidth used by meteorologists
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to predict the weather and that nasa warns could knock forecasting accuracy all the way back to nine hundred seventy the current federal communications commission proposal would have a significant negative impact on the transmission of critical science data the problem has to do with a special radio frequency sensors that detect weather patterns operate on the same wavelength that five g. is set to use now these sensors are vital for quickly informing the public of natural disasters without them it would have been impossible to predict hurricane sandy's trajectory in two thousand and twelve and meteorologists are worried because a new five g. network could drown out that information in the this is a very difficult thing because a lot of the radio frequencies that are used to sense the atmosphere to get of starvation is about the weather are very close to areas where five g.
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will occur and in fact we do know that many of the weather sure asians that we collect from space. do meaningfully impact estimates of the track and intensity of developing storms over the ocean this is not only in issue or the united states it is an issue for the entire world the f.c.c. wipe their hands clean of scientists concerns they said a quick rubber stamp from the state department was good enough for them it's no wonder though the federal communications commission will move forward as planned. in the race to five g. and the american people can quickly enjoy the benefits of the next generation of ones connectivity donald trump already said american companies need to compete or get left in the dust and a full speed ahead charge into a five g. world is a. the only way to do it as for the everyday american well they'll have to bear the consequences i'm definitely five g.
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because we've been through hurricanes here you're not going to slow down technology and the applications that we can use five g. four are very exciting i'm not sure the risks have been defining i'm not sure that we know what the risks are i do know that lowly a faster intellect is. worth the risk over three thousand puerto ricans died as a result of hurricane maria and twenty seventeen without the warnings twenty first century technology brings there is no telling how much devastation the next disaster may bring donald quarter r.t. . in germany police in munich have suspended five officers for sharing neo nazi content over a dozen offices are under investigation for spreading anti semitic videos and images of swastikas it was found but chance in offices phone during a separate sexual offense investigation well no senior rabbi in germany we spoke to says anti-semitism in the force the police the shouldn't be tolerated. the
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police force of law and order so of course in the police here are people that have negative views and as many views that's something that can be accepted if we want people not to be worried we want about trust in society people have to know that lord for us men is there are actually how other people are not the other way around and if there's anybody going to a good police force of course germany that have this abuse intolerance you have to be immediately removed. the president of the police is coming in on the scandal saying the force will never totally this type of behavior. again he says the whole country has to speak out against all forms of discrimination. it is there are over two hundred thousand people in germany people want to stay here and have a trust in the government not a trust in society and this is not personal there's a jury has to have zero courage to stand up this is somebody is wrong because
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nobody is unaffected a anybody is addison if you lose it's also and they're not perceived enemy and semitic that only against the jews it's a jews tomorrow it's all people that respect their crags he definitely hope that law enforcement even starting from a federal law will do all they can not just to try to prove this but to actually be successful and for us as a jewish community and it's rather brillant it's a portal to receive results this is what will guarantee trust of the people in society and government. russia said commission to new power plants in crimea to ensure energy supply the potentially the plant's a part of a larger infrastructure project to develop the region in southern russia. a new airport schools kindergartens hospitals a state of the art one of a kind of bridge from the peninsula to the mainland.
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russia has been steadfast on its promise to propel its new all region into prosperity yet still crimea has been plagued by one particular type of hardship and that has electricity supply it may seem like a third world problem and really well it is but still of the peninsula would plunge into darkness repeatedly and abruptly that would be for all sorts of reasons really starting from crumbling infrastructure and sometimes that would be due to accidents and well at times crimea would be simply held hostage by its x. key of either incapable of or not willing to keep the lights on in people's homes see crimea draws most of its power from ukraine so it's doomed to dependency on a country chose not to be a part of that's how it is for now yet not for long because russia is launching
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into full capacity several brand new power plants to tackle this problem once and for all. but of course this is just the backdrop to world the main event and that is the celebrations because the launch coincides with the five year milestone since crimea voted to join russia and peep. all in all major cities of the peninsula said to mark this date in the streets and i will be bringing you all the latest from the chair and we done of reporting from sin for awful in crimea see. thanks so much for
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this morning's just in twenty five minutes past my must go time all our stories as they. get a little bit strange mobile device from a kevin or in the rest of the team have a great day. join me every thursday i'm show business i'll see you then. oh good it's. been a real good shots to begin murders. but sometimes our last community young people are deciding if they want to not like
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their parents not like the liberals. always struggle school again you always have problems but. folks it's the most ubiquitous going out there most police departments use it almost over stores in the school tell that they could get their hands on communism twenty four hours. we were teaching these kids about racism about police brutality taking cried of them being all these kids are all part of history. dream agreed to prison which mr remember there was and most of my family were. working class there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was
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a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solid doubt engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no on chomsky one set of rules for the rich opposite. that's what happens when you put her into the hands of a narrow sector of wilf which will is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. seem wrong. but all just don't. get to say
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proud just because that's ok and it gains from an equal trail. when something find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. well welcome to. tensions between iran and the u.s. was washington pushing its european allies to abandon the nuclear deal and tehran unwilling to compromise can they still pull out of the nosedive while i ask. iranian presidential hopeful and president of the iranian council. to trump
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white house is tightening its noose around iran trying to isolate it in the middle east and pushing for europe to stop trading with the sanction to the country but with iran's involvement in the region a crucial to the balance of power in the americans go in putting pressure on the road before it backfires with iran's new european friends to defy the will of washington and what will the leaders in to do in the face of yet another round of this standoff with america. doctor who is shanghai myanmar the president of the american iranian council welcome to the show great to have you with us. and thank you very much for having me speaking about the sanctions against iran foreign minister zarif recently said that europeans will have to get wet if they want to swim against the tide of the us your lateral anti iran route will european countries in your opinion actually go on and risk anything for sake of keeping
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trade ties with iran alive. i don't believe i never believed that without america europeans would be any effective helpful to iran in fact europeans have been playing a very. very unfair game dave want to keep iran in the j. c.p.u.'s. and therefore they keep giving iran empty promises promises that they can deliver the purpose of european.


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