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tv   News  RT  March 18, 2019 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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reports say. being killed and several others wounded in a shooting on a try. saying it will make changes to. its prime minister has also demanded that social media. widespread looting the french government admits it failed to sufficiently. also ahead on the program.
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turning into a puppet state of the british islamic republic of iran america's secretary of state for. coalition's bombing campaign in yemen a us senate vote to end it a move. to veto. a run the clock across the world this is your r.t. international from the team myself you know neal hello and welcome we begin with breaking news from one person is reported to have been killed and several others injured in a shooting on a tree in the city of around forty kilometers south of. say a suspected gunman is currently on. on the run dutch authorities have said they are
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investigating whether the incident is terror related emergency services are working at the scene and the wounded have been are lifted to hospital the dutch prime minister has announced something government will hold crisis talks in the coming hours for the first time in the country's history the netherlands has raised the terror threat level to five is the highest in the trekked province well let's say go live now to luke reveal independent journalist for his take on today's developments in the netherlands a look welcome based on the information that is coming through and it has been limited for the last number of hours since the attack how do you surmise what has occurred there. well clearly we don't know yet precisely one. of the injured in the tram and the tram way where the killer started shooting many shots heard. being and someone said i'm not
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a place in new to this. just their fruits of the like there are with. go back to miles we had a more solid connection fact let's just try and look a independent journalist can you hear me yes i can hear you i don't like sorry just a bit of a connection problem just call it what you're saying. ok so i said again. he said the center of the netherlands it's with the hague and i'm stood out what we know now quite limited only that there is one person killed the other injured that might have been incidence at a second place the royal might i shall say is he's very busy of course that special units to try to find them and it's the first time it happens in the netherlands such a thing that happened of course attacks before but it was individual attacks like
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in two thousand and two with the famous politician in forth on was killed by a person who was angry with this positions on islam and on immigration and then in two thousand and four there was this attack of follow the phone of the right to. go and that that's fifteen years ago isn't it about how. nothing deadly has happened in terms of norris since then. but we know that there have been attacks plotted and planned the netherlands must be given. you know some respect for stopping any attack happening on the on their lands. yes of course the prime minister mahathir has already said but take it very seriously and to that he's a large muslim population in that the last just like him in every country in the streets and belgium in germany so they are scared that they might be something linked to what happened in new zealand the sort of revenge attack that's some of the things that people start speculating on now that we won't know before the
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killer but the person responsible is. yes do you think that in the wake of the new zealand attack and that is why we're seeing the highest level. of terror threat in new trek province netherlands as a country has never seen level five before would you assume that that is why this is now happening and they are seeing this as a terror attack. i'm sure it was linked in the sense that a job for the last few days since your document zealand every government in europe has been very careful has reinforced the police presence in their own areas of mosques and churches and thinks all the out afraid of such attacks as are reprisal or a copycat whatever you never know so rarely in western europe now is the situation is is worrying probably but nothing has happened before this now. thanks so
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much for coming on the program short notice as well giving us your thoughts independent journalist speaking up by the on going developments in the central city of track where one person is reported dead and multiple injuries following a shooting on a trial. ok moving on now to more world news new zealand's government is promising to make changes to the country's gun laws in the wake of friday's terror attack on two mosques in christ church which left fifty people dead its prime minister just into our turn those also had some harsh words for social media i play it saying they need to do far more to tackle extremists contant the atrocity was live streamed on facebook and instagram and circulated in the aftermath of the hawkins joins me to talk more about this stunning a high we understand officials in new zealand have. been critical to say the least
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that spoken on twitter and for allowing this content be live stream that's correct yes indeed and of course as the police investigation proceeds there's been one of questions raised about exactly what happened in the build up on the off the miles of this horrific attack among some of those questions of course the role of social media what if anything could have been done differently was there any possibility that this horrific act could have been. prevented and how exactly to deal with this in future the possibility that such horrific content is live streamed to millions of viewers around the world the prime minister of new zealand as we mentioned earlier has acknowledged the sheer scale of this problem and that new challenges had emerged in exactly how to stamp out this sort of content let's take a listen to a statement from earlier i would call on our social media platforms of all variety to demonstrate the kind of responsibility that lead to these have been and that includes stars who perpetuate their messages in the aftermath there's
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a lot of work that needs to be down. and she mentioned the aftermath of course some of the most important questions concerning the hours before the attack namely a seventy four page manifesto which was actually sent out to multiple recipients including the office of the prime minister herself personally but her office which was subsequently sent to security services now this my first there was also posted to twitter the morning before the attack the profile twitter profile was linked in terms of name and picture to the facebook profile from which those horrific images of the shooting were laid to share now the prime minister also commented on that saying although i had been received before the attack took place it was too little too late and not enough to actually prevent these innocent people being killed this is what she had to say. i was one of more than fish the recipients of a meena manifesto that was mild to out nine minutes before the attack took place
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it did not include a location it did not include specific dates house this manifesto you said seventy four pages i imagine a lot of bartering a lot of pro whites whatever it was and what what war was it was it just name checking you know of our history what was there anything more direct with it what was a very long rambling document as you can imagine criticizing immigration policy being very critical of multiculturalism containing a lot of references to as you mentioned fascism and white nationalism painting in a popular pocalypse a picture of western civilization falling apart of action wasn't taken most importantly and most chilling though it did contain the attackers most intentions to carry out the shooting it went so far as detailing the weapons he would use did also detail some names of attack sites he had planned so there was some details in
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that manifesto which clearly showed his intentions will show you some parts of that are just the warning to viewers though there are substantial is in this video. was. i. this is the monument splashing money and in all my road oh my god it's going to happen to me now to work. with them to pay the difference with the bare walls just
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to see it in terms. that in the aftermath of this happening there live streams we know that people have been alive trying to have been either arrested or are being charged with doing so what are the social media platforms themselves saying a byte this video being alive to spread on the site there are certainly lot of legal implications potentially from what happened but of course twitter you tube facebook have come in from some criticism to help with affected were they really handled this how they dealt with the post before and during this attack are the rights that being taken is the current system of moderation of algorithms that check these sorts of videos working effectively and is the threat being taken seriously enough at all this is what the social media giants commented on. in the
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first twenty four hours that removed one point five million views of the attack globally of which over one point two million were blocked and upload we continue to work around the clock to remove violating content using a combination of technology and people clues no we are working vigilantly to remove any violent footage. i mean in a sense these questions are sort of being addressed backwards because of course it's unlikely that removing these live streams any quicker at the time would have saved any of those poor innocent people's lives that were lost in this horrific act of terror the wider discussion perhaps here is in an age where clues about such violent intentions such violent acts can be gleaned from social media reaction exactly before that happens giving the security services just perhaps a few extra minutes to prevent missed to issue a warning to send the response unit. is enough being done in an age where instant streaming of these horrific acts can reach audiences of millions hundreds of millions around the world again is this is the work you mentioned there the legal
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aftermath the police in new zealand have reminded people that not only spreading such images but also having them in your possession can lead to serious penalties up to ten years in jail they specify here the videos which depict violence the volatility of publication of which is likely to be injurious to public good questions again here raise this perhaps posting these images saying how terrible they are and how unacceptable they are without also lead to these sorts of punishments this really leads to a discussion on the wider implications of social media all the legalities surrounding it are of how to prevent this in the future once again a lot of issues are to study hawkins bring us right up to date on all i think you. french president among your crown has called an emergency meeting over the damage inflicted by the latest round of yellow best protests the street weekend the anti government rallies were once again marred by violence with fires being
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sent electric shops looted and clashes with police as well the french government has admitted it failed to sufficiently contain the unrest. analysis of events shows that the measures taken proved to be insufficient in containing the violence and preventing the actions of the rioters. i eat. out. to eat. what was was according to the police there were fifteen hundred ultra violent protesters there only with the intent to cause trouble some eighty shops
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and restaurants were vandalized a looted two hundred forty people in all arrested on saturday as well as the damage forced the french president to cut short his ski trip for a crisis meeting some politicians and the public alike were critical of mccrone for taking a break while parlous was set ablaze mccrimmon cell phone is not a strong response against the ongoing protest movement and said that the participants have gone beyond mere demonstrations. what happened. is no longer called a demonstration these are people who want to destroy the republic at the risk of killing everyone who was there was complicit in this. let's go live now to a political commentator. for his take sean good to see you again so there we have new measures against the yellow vests still to be annoying it is thought the french government is considering a ban on this is one of the elements a ban on demonstrations on the seans elisei is not going to really get to the crux
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of the problem to solve it from the government's point of view. well first of all of the market as you good in my course saying that all the people who were out there were complicit in the destruction using these goods against every conceivable principle of democratic law because people are responsible for their actions not for the actions of others and if you demonstrate most of the non straight hours there were peaceful i mean there was a minority of violent demonstrators with can't hold everybody in responsible for that then of course they are probably going to ban demonstrations as it is. that's not going to change anything to the depth of the problem the depth of the problem is that we have had forty years of social integration cuts in social services industries asian and so people are fed up with respect to policy for which michael is not responsible but my policy is still outgunned you never mention anything
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about all the people who've been wounded lost eyes etc the only concern about the knowledge is. the best ones and so on. being damaged in this interim his people even more so it's easier sponsible for he's in the also going to ski when he knows that his is going to be in trouble everybody is announcing that is the question also why didn't the police prevent that because it was in the newspaper. that is where they simply overwhelmed by by the amount of what was going on the scenes or some of the worst we've seen over the past month there. i found it hard to believe but because i think it could be mean they have a law that allows preventive office now of people who go to demonstrations so they could prevent legally these black blocks these black book from has not been known to the police by now and it's mostly the black block doing the damage not the being not the user needs to focus on do you think. is he going to because it's easy.
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you know destruction nice to someone that's now because he can in the end tell you another so easy going to maybe win the european elections thanks to that so i don't know why he would i mean i respected the black bloc to be at least by the police there'd been a handful soon in the us you could easily be in she treated they could be you know . islamist and sound they could be there could be a whole court of them etc there was also a thousand policemen protecting the uneasy and these people could have been used to stop the blood the blood on the stones a disease of. a file the very suspicious this business of the black bloc i'm not saying that all along police but but they're certainly allowed in the ways which i don't understand and the you're using everything on station to describe the did in association with the wealth creation of the restaurants at home john thanks very much for your time this hour political commentator sean pretty
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small and live on the program. thank you very much more of the day's top stories coming up in a moment stay with art interest. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next. different clubs on one hand it is logical to go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising. what not to give you. i'm going to talk about football not for you or else you can think i was going to go. by the way
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ways of the. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you than . twenty minutes into the program welcome back the u.s. secretary of state has defended washington's backing all of the saudi led coalition's bombing campaign in yemen that follows a senate vote last week to withdraw support mike pump a o. ses its continuation is the way to ensure just peace to alleviate suffering in the war torn country. the senators who voted say they want to end the bombing in yemen
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and support human rights. but we're really to think about who schumann writes. if you truly care about your many lives you'd support the saudi led effort to prevent yemen from turning into a puppet state of the corrupt british islamic republic of iran the way to alleviate the many people's suffering isn't to prolong the conflict by handicapping our partners in the fight but by giving the saudi led coalition the support needed to defeat arabian back rebels that ensured just peace. to this to take into consideration dollar terms arms deals with saudi arabia are expected to reach three hundred fifty billion dollars over a decade and apart from arms supplies military equipment washington provides riyadh but logistics and intelligence our senior correspondent as the if has been delving deeper into the u.s. secretary of state's comments. the united states makes no secret of what it stands
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for freedom justice democracy and saudi arabia the white house stands firm on that even if the senate is having second thoughts voting to end u.s. support for riyadh's endless war in yemen saudi arabia's bloody war in yemen world's worst humanitarian disaster the horrific wall in yemen saudi led quagmire we are helping saudi arabia drop bombs on churches and weddings we all want this conflict to end if you truly care about your many lives you'd support the saudi led effort to prevent yemen from turning into a puppet state of the corrupt british islamic republic of iran as opposed to becoming a puppet of the free and fair saudi arabia but what do we know the saudis have waged a four year war against who with the rebels who they call terrorists that has turned
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yemen into a humanitarian catastrophe worse even than syria four and five yemeni civilians twenty four out of twenty eight million need aid to survive three in five or twenty million either on the brink or already starving that is the bombero has a solution the united states has given more than two billion dollars to help the many people since the start of the conflict. and saudi arabia has given over five hundred million dollars in two thousand and eighteen alone and as pledged an additional five hundred million dollars this year which works out to about two dollars per hungry civilian per month from washington but as for the cameras you know where the real money is guns oh yes guns very very you know five hundred thirty three million dollars five hundred twenty five million dollars
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the spinach for you. peanuts he says twelve point five billion dollars in that the u.s. is selling saudi arabia is peanuts what does that make the aid them but mr pompei zero is adamant if a little bit rabid in his support for saudi arabia and gun sales which really care about saudi lives you'd want to stop or run back to these from launching missiles into riyadh amazing how you can twist and turn reality on its head rather than protecting you many civilians from saudi arabia he's protecting saudi arabia from starving many civilians really and speaking of protecting saudi lives there is at least one life that washington didn't seem so concerned about mr hersh shoji was the victim of
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a brutal and premeditated killing planned and perpetrated by officials of the state of saudi arabia riyadh has brushed off ickes ations that the rule family had anything to do with it saying it was rude to operation and that seems washington was all too happy to support this explanation you know we really. really really dollars profit u.s. oil company. the banks the military. the trunk government and usually not the administrations of democrat and republican serving interest though. and so many no relationship all that that means or how or why or part that is the priority not the lives of young men or the people of saudi arabia . or for that matter. before we go
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this are an update on our breaking news story one person is reported to have been killed and several others injured in a shooting on a trauma in that dutch city of tract a run forty kilometers or so scythe. police say a suspected gunman remains on the loose authorities in the netherlands say they are investigating a possible terrorist motive emergency services are still working at the scene with the wounded being airlifted to hospital one update just coming in police have just tweeted a picture let's go if we've got some live pictures in fact of what is occurring right now because we had been seeing police surrounding a building for the past number of hours this apartment block area this is where they believe one of the or maybe multiple attackers had fled to one of the latest lines coming out not police tweeting a picture of the person they want to speak to about the shooting
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a thirty seven year old man of turkish origin in connection with the incident it is unknown whether or not that person is in this building but this is very much a developing story here in our national became close on the right throughout the day this is our national life for most. oh. i do. know. we've been a real good shot to begin murders. but sometimes our in the last community young people are deciding if they want to not
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like their parents not like the new liberals. the blacks are always struggling schools again you always have problems but you are going to focus a lot it's the most ubiquitous going out there most police departments use it almost every stores in the school tell that they could get their hands on tunnels in twenty four hours. written teaching these kids about racism about police brutality taking pride in them they are these kids are a part of all history. you know world of big partisan route law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the path and
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shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely for watching the hawks.
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there is one organized force which traditionally plenty of flaws but with all its flaws it's been in the forefront of the. efforts to improve the lives of the general population that's organized labor it's also a barrier to corporate tyranny so as the one barrier to this vicious cycle going on which does lead to corporate tyranny. a major reason for the concentrated. fanatic attack on unions our guys labor is they are democratizing for. the brought to bear.

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