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tv   Going Underground  RT  March 18, 2019 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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the humanitarian suffering tourism a bomb syria while negotiating the brics it should use just suspense of sarin gas for the case for war as the o.p.c. w. contradicts we go to aleppo and new york to investigate all the some more coming up in today's going underground but first after more air strikes back where you carry arms of the world's largest open air prison guards a new allegations of the past few days against british soldiers not bloody sunday but for involvement in alleged war crimes in the world's worst humanitarian crisis it's a u.k. war covered again and again on this channel you might find the upcoming pictures disturbing according to the latest information from the red cross twenty nine children were killed all under the age of fifteen forty eight more were injured two including thirty children the strike hit the north of the country which is under rebel control yemeni n.g.o.s what are their investigative twenty seven apparently unlawful airstrikes launched in yemen and chairperson to walk all gave testimony at the u.s. congress in the past few days was released since about their incidence that killed
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and injured civilians in yemen it's very preventable many of the cases what we have documented there is not even a military target people themselves were asking why we were targeted. it is even a strange it's just it's not that's why it's not a matter of training it's a matter of accountability they don't care but dres i'm a does care not hear about the eighty percent of the twenty four million requiring humanitarian assistance or the fourteen point three million right now in acute need but about the country she is selling the weapons to what matters is that we have the relationship in gauge what this enables us to do that but we will also be talking about the very important relationship that u.k. has with saudi arabia an important relationship yes in terms of trade but also in terms of security security the jeremy corbyn who backs international calls for an arms embargo and saudi arabia says he's actually threatened by u.k. and. in the world's worst humanitarian crisis the government is of course still
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suppressing a report into the funding of extremism which allegedly found evidence of saudi funding going to terrorist groups here in the u.k. thus threatening our security well while the u.k. backed government of saudi arabia bombs yemen it has been italy's deputy prime minister mahathir venier has come out urging that the world famous let's call opera house in milan does not accept saudi funds this is italy like twenty six other nations hold a veto over british to months to extend the article fifty bricks of process a veto asked by those like nigel farage to implement to ensure a new deal breaker joining me now is former director general of the italian treasury professor enzo could only thank you so wetlands are coming back on do you think british people watching now i know you'll see l.s.e. students in london they vote more heavily for brics given the way the e.u. is treating britain. but not really because i think at the end of the day the
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treated fairly and the u.k. what i was surprised that the u. countries stand united behind but me and the commission on this deal on this negotiation but at the end of the day i think there has been flexibility there has been a second proposal i mean let's face it i mean there's not much else that you know not many of the things that the can offer i mean there was a bit of difference between two is going. on on twitter i don't know whether that is bluesy like that you're just saying about the unity is that because they threaten member states over you subsidies to get in line over allowing britain to extend the brakes a process quite a quite a feat but listen it's i understand that my feel a little bit you know a kind of overstretch to get all the countries in line to allow the u.k. for an extension of flow but at the end of the day i think. the u.s.
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has already you know shown that can be flexible whenever there is a need for that so i mean angling to be a commissioner now some would say denmark ireland fronts voted against. whenever any european country votes to get out there never allowed to but let's was way when you are in a negotiation you try to to be tough ok and you have to you know set your red lines and so forth but once you're in if the u.k. demands an extension i seriously doubt that there would be any objection so i think the you would easily allow the u.k. to have an extension the issue is how long and there what conditions to do what because that's that's it didn't even seem to have that in the british bed so that's a really sure and this is something they need to be sorted out by the u.k. parliament not not to you yeah they don't even seem sort of in britain but i mean what do you make of nigel for saying. and specifically erin banks is levy you
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claiming if you case politicians betray bricks it salvini can defend the seventeen point four million beach owing fifty x. you know this is noise i think they said about four hours before the break said referendum yeah but let's persuade there is a consistent policy by the italian government to kind of support the u.k. in this process and try to be called parity so i see it was the that there would be any such move by the time government i know you've been writing about the popularity of selvi the actually and the lega is in contrast arguably to five star water italians thinking about the european union given that it slipped into recession at the end of. yeah i think at the italians definitely becoming more euro skeptic ok you can see that in the euro but omit the data ok so it's not it's not you know an impression is just that and also some of the evidence. i seriously
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doubt that the italians are becoming so you're a skeptic to really ask for exiting the euro ok so if you i think i think if you ask people do you really want to exit the euro people would overwhelmingly say no ok but i think they are happy to have the government have a mark much more confrontational stance towards europe that's a point that's why they voted the euro parties such as the northern league or the league because now it's called the league or the five star movement don't forget that even the fighter movement in two thousand and fourteen had a nation campaign with hash tag out of the euro so they are both anti you would have parties ok but again people voted for the spot is not to exit the euro but to have a much more confrontation on a strong position versus the rest of the movie shit which my big place by the way but not when you were at the bank i'm not sure the. just explode these kinds of
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things but the. bloomberg organization saying that you know per capita italy gets less than spain inches of e. structural funds and germany gets more for its farmers than italian farmers which people might not immediately there is some spect yeah there is some truth in that i mean you know that these you know structural funds have the result of a kind of story. you know different layers of decisions by the fleetly doesn't spend much of the strong ones italy able to italy is not very good in spending these funds ok because usually when you when you get these funds so you have to finance the projects and italy hasn't been particularly good in designing and proposing good projects and co financing these projects so there is certainly some fault on the side of italy and probably do some fault on the side of the u.s. well but again this is the situation in the do you think that's played its part in political changes and as you said the league is doing doing better i mean people of
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course are commenting about the fact that france initially had a diplomatic spat where ambassadors were withdrawn not since the one hundred forty two had fascism then the largest communist party in europe then near liberalism and now we've got the is is there are genuine move to the extreme right of the kind of fascism we saw in the war. i don't think so all but certainly we need to be you know alerted in the risks that these could imply but. i think more generally i think you know there is a kind of protest. movement the auntie anthea stablish many people want to keep in mind that first of all i think. sabina played very well the kind of immigration so the economy and the most move against immigration which is closely linked to the policy is because as you know i think i don't think there is resentment because. of the structural funds but there was certainly resentment towards europe for the
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immigration policy and so he played that card very well for use of advantage and secondly for the refugees officially now it's not certain if you secondly i think. there is a general sense of you know after twenty years of on the performance in economic terms people just want change they want to protest they want to go for you know new faces and so that was the idea behind the support of the feist a movement in the league might well backfire i think this government is leading the country to crashing into a wall so but that's that's that's would be the story or is really supporters which really say france for instance supported the war in libya along with david cameron of course it destroyed libya which produced all the refugees which it is proportionally going to yeah. yeah and so well you know. the other ten they would be you know keep in mind that the grassroots of the league
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particularly not in the northern part of the country is not so his theme is his moderate is problematic it has been in government for a long why many months his policies many regions saw i think over time this part of the of the party of the league my pervade or my push not be any towards different policies just finally then. the thing that seems to have a long lots of people particularly donald trump is that really says he's open to considering signing a bill to the road initiative agreement with the chinese communist party which of course could really really help the italian economy i don't think it's going to have a mccain but this is a kind of a long term project. i don't think this is a strategic move there's no changes to the t.g. alliance is something little dayton's and they didn't endorse it under the resume now but i think i mean first of all. i don't think there's anything wrong with it
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ok because you know they did the project goes into europe and italy's the end point to this you know route and so i think it makes ancient silk road. so but it makes sense for me to try to profit economically from from this endeavor the problem is that you need to do this in a proper way so not you know of an upset thing alliances with the u.s. or upset the the european partners because that would be counterproductive ok so you need to do in a way that these positive for all of. you know people not all just break free the former ambassador to china retaliated as alberta but he said europe is not an asset for italy but a big ability whether it is a bit too much i think it is and i said you were up about that there is a way to combine maybe some business with china and be compliant with the european policy presidents a good idea thank you for the break as the donald trump administration announces
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five million dollars for the controversial white helmets did nato nations illegally bomb syria on false information we investigated b u k u.s. funded white helmets staged a chemical attack in dubai. going on the ground. seemed
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wrong when all told just told. me the world is yet to shape our disdain to come out to it and engagement because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground may. welcome back to raise i'm a supporter by blair right and he called it m.p.'s in the british parliament voted to bomb syria on the pretext of an alleged chemical attack by president assad's government last year but now that the un's official o.p.c. w organization has reported no nerve gas was actually used by the assad government
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why only apparent corporate media silence joining me now via skype from the syrian capital damascus is the m.p. for jobless dr ahmed ahmed thanks so much for coming on going underground the european think tank from germany global public policy allied to the atlantic council says that syria's government is responsible for ninety eight percent of all chemical weapons attacks what do you say to that is eight years thank you for this question first of all syria syria state in two thousand and two thousand and thirteen has become a part of the chemical weapons convention and the syrian state went to the united nations to to become part of this convention to say i'm not i don't use i don't use this chemical weapons against our. people but if you want to talk about the last attack in duma there is not evidence that. syria names that or are
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to be used chemical weapons in business on the contrary that was big and just the plate to accuse the syrian army what helmets i think has failed in syria and there and discipline is the clean it's a clear for the syrian people or all only. people so i think there is a may in the future will not continue to pay this white elements because are you seeing it from the beginning of this war against syria all the players again. syria made false or met or wrong decisions when they attack syria and when i think that i mean british state and i mean friendly states and united states why are these all these states cannot continue attacking syria. in this
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way because syria now is fighting the terrorism. when when the british when the british state supported the nato countries like we are being union countries or the united states deny they support isis and al-qaeda you say yes the sanctions mean their fact of lee support isis and al qaida i think we need to see the british state and the european states and general more independent not. following then following the united states because there is no interest to support this terrorist and to support them by weapons by money by anything and by sanctions against the syrian state when the european states put sanctions on the syrian state i think in direct way they support the terrorist groups because this. will make syria will make syrian state weak
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towards terrorist groups so i think all the european states that shared this war against syria i should say thirty first of all and i think to facilitate the rebuilding syria and to push the political process towards not to stop the political process because there is there not between syrian people and i think the european states have to push this dialogue between syria and their people so there is no problem in syria between between the syrians. and the city of people well president assad as on the war but what about the north east of syria some say that the united states has a kind of country in the north east of syria will the syrian government recapture that land for sure the syrian army will go to the zones and when i say that
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i'm talking about my town about my city goblets and not of any people member all this is on saw the syria the syrian people there are waiting waiting the syrian army because the syrian army and the syrian state has made the stable for this people the syrian people so that al qaida i say is not up front the syrian a free army everything so. many player in this in this zones on this. yes it is that the syrian army under syrian state so if. not today tomorrow after two more of the syrian army will go to the zone to recapture all these on and i confirm that the syrian people are waiting the syrian army but today the u.s. army there how can the syrian army fight the u.s. army in the north east of syria ok this to the nitty gritty and i think.
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you as the troops will not fight the syrian army for the for for only reason because this is this not american syria american bottle i mean it is. this is a heli bottle and as you know. america big ally to is right there visor to president assad but then the shotgun says that donald trump soldiers fire at syrian army positions that's true because they united states is there. supporting is about eighty and its allies and when we talk about that america not all we we have to see is that iran in syria then now days that are easily lost syria and it didn't anything during this war so i think
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this corporation between america and is that aid we will know we will stay and we will we will see more schoolish in in syria by easy and we are preparing ourselves to fight them or to defend ourselves so i think america will estate will state stand against us with is that in and we will stay against apposite them. then one one of us. has made. the last victory dr ahmed very thank you well syrian politicians like ahmed are clear then countries like britain and the usa bombed a sovereign nation on false information joining me now via skype from new york in the usa is the chair of the syrian american council bassam refined he called on donald trump to bomb syria after the april twenty eight hundred tack on duma just outside damascus assam welcome to going underground we just heard from a syrian m.p.
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is n.p.r. says the duma attack was faked by rebel groups like the white helmets they staged scenes and there was no sarin gas used when you make of that he's referring to the o.p.c. w. report that came out and have that report by its own admission is saying that they weren't able to. examine any of the dead bodies were harmed in that attack they say that there was a reasonable our attack through chlorine as well in that in that same attack which by the chemical weapons convention is still a chemical weapon. when chlorine is weaponized it's still a crime of war crime you're saying that and you're right the report is full of witnesses said and so on and even the casualty figures so it's not as well because they found no evidence of sarin whatsoever but you're saying chlorine was there but sarin could have been but wasn't when the o.p.c. w.
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were there as regards tried to get evidence sure so they obviously w was barred for worst part accessed by russia for two weeks from from the site of the attack and we know that that site was scrubbed clean if you look at the symptoms of. of civilians who were harmed in that attack. you know it clearly shows that there was chemical weapons that was used but they didn't find any any evidence of that simply because they didn't have access to the site for two weeks now which by that point any any evidence was removed we're we're relying on on assad and russia to say that that that the area wasn't touched for those two weeks when they're the ones who carried out the attack moscow and damascus perth's said the it was for their own safety right but so you're saying that they they must have cleared the
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sarin gas but they left the chlorine there the chlorine is for one harder to to remove and oh b.t.w. is citing and at the same time the o.p.c. w even corroborated white helmet report of of the chlorine attack is as well as why it's easier to remove sarin than it is to remove chlorine well simple really because the evidence from the medical centers was reporting that the smell of chlorine was very strong so that by that same of the c.w. report they're saying that. they're saying that the medical center is. in duma were reporting that the ship won the smells of chlorine was very strong on the victims and that the symptoms of the victims were consistent with a chlorine attack and at that same time the c.w. was. also corroborating the reports from the white house minutes in saying that
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there was a chlorine attack and in this same o.p.c. w report they're saying that it's reasonable that there was a chlorine attack that was carried out and like i said earlier it's a chlorine occurring attack is still a chemical attack so uh but of course some people say that the chlorine could have been in canisters or cylinders to do with water purification other things if they had the sarin you're saying it's just too difficult to hide chlorine but because the evidence of the chlorine was much stronger also chlorine is is a weapon that they've been using over and over and over again they're testing the boundaries of the end of the international world but a line that wasn't crossed according to the o.p.c. government. our sara. no again by its own admission they weren't allowed access to that area for two weeks and i mean if you wanted to hide the fact you're using chemical weapons and as you say chlorine is one surely you would disguise all of that we've had two weeks to disguise it well they're finding that chlorine is more
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acceptable and they're also trying to claim they're trying to disguise this as what they'd like to call force flag attack which is clearly not the weapons were were deployed through air you obviously didn't want all trying to bomb syria. we you don't frighten when you appeared saying that that it would benefit al qaeda and i says dash i said is is the problem in syria i said is the one who is really there. the prop to hold up are isis and dosh and and most ryan i've heard is appropriate for al qaeda or at isis that i thought this would have to be he's actually i wouldn't say that they're sworn enemies that you can clearly see that that. fighting between i said and isis is. calculated and you can clearly see that there is maybe some sort of collaboration frankly between the two they will now obviously thousands of people are returning back to syria across the
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jordanian border even the european union says we're recognizing that don't trump any way said the syria war u.s. involvement was wrong what now for president us of do you think reconstruction of syria and what the syrian american council has been saying for these past years of civil war it's now about reconciliation but for one i haven't heard our in any regard whatsoever that president trump said that. our involvement in syria was wrong he said at the primaries against hillary clinton who of course backed bombing of syria but as a president trump i've never heard. that. you know before he was informed more appropriately. i've never heard anything since then secondly when we're talking about reconstruction i don't believe that any reconstruction should go to and i said to banks that any reconstruction should go to russian companies or
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iranian companies that share it but we actually we spoke to the syrian government they said the contracts obviously involving syrian companies but presumably china russia all those countries most of the world in fact that continue to defect to support the assad government they will get the contracts for the rebuilding which i understand is already underway in damascus here and how is that appropriate to award contracts to the same the same countries that have caused destruction on the syrian people there i don't find out appropriate i don't see how that could. realistically and fairly. represent all of syrians in in syria so therefore i don't think that reconstruction at this point is is the appropriate measure what is the appropriate measure bombing syria again now the peace is broken out it's not that that i want to see bombing of syria it's that i want to see i said real reasonably and realistically come to negotiation table he really hasn't
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far even and even in two thousand and thirteen to go shake about he's won the war isn't i wouldn't say that he's won the war i think that's an unfair and unreasonable characteristic of of where the war currently is i think the war has moved into a different phase i wouldn't say that he's won the war i think that most syrians you will find do not support said and in fact even amongst loyalist population you'll see that there's that there's large dissent even right now occurring because they're finding that economically i said is not supporting the syrian people i said he's used any finances to support his is war. he has not supported the syrian people. thank you and that's it for the show we'll be back to wednesday when the un discusses they to be stabilized in this way i am and until then keep in touch by social media on wednesday.
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after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the multiple different clubs on one hand it is logical to go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to surprising. or not if you think. i'm going to talk about football nazi or else you can think i was going to go. by the way ways and such like here. is trumps america first agenda isolating the united states on the global stage sure looks like it and is the e.u. telling its citizens what to think again sure looks like it.
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three people are killed on five injured in a shooting on a truck in the dutch city of tranqs police are hunting for a thirty seven year old turkish born man in connection with the. coming up. widespread looting violence there french cover. page. the authorities in new zealand moved to toughen gun laws while saying social media needs to do more in its fight it comes after video of them all.


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