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ten days and counting till the deadline theresa may hit another hurdle as the common speak of. the prime minister's. plan unless she makes big changes. to wrest the chief suspect on the tram in which three people died in a track terrorism is not being also had. widespread looting and violence forces the hand of the french government. protests in the areas worst hit by violence if there's a radical element to the demonstrations.
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there is one am on tuesday here in moscow one is calling on this. international just ten days until britain the shuttle to leave the e.u. and the prime minister's been dealt yet another blow this time the house of commons speaker has ruled out a third vote on to resume is divorce plan unless significant changes are made to his reporting from westminster his police. if you got an f. for your homework would you bring it back on change to the teacher and say oh well you've got to really give me a good grade because the exams are coming up soon most people wouldn't but that's pretty much what to resume a was planning on doing with her beleaguered bragg's it with drawls deal it's been rejected by politicians in parliament twice already after the first catastrophic vote she went back to brussels she tweaked the deal but she still failed to get it
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approved last week one politician referred to it as a polished turd of a deal and yet we had been her hearing these rumors that the government was planning to take this unchanged deal back to the politicians for a third vote this week the only difference would be that the risk of a no deal bragg zat or no brags it via a lengthy delay might make politicians choose may's deal as the least of all the evils however the speaker of the house of commons john bercow has just thrown a clients to chew tional curve ball into to resume a's court take a listen to what he had to say today has been strongly rumored. though i have not received confirmation of this that. and even possibly four meetings will vote. will be attempted what the government can more legitimately
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do is to resubmit to the house the same proposition or substantially the same proposition as last of last week which was rejected by one hundred fourteen. so very he is told paedo in the idea of another vote unless to reason may substantially improves her homework or changes. a deal that politicians are meant to be voting on now he's based on this legal precedent called skin may and you might be hearing a lot about it in the weeks to fall back is sixteen zero four but it's meant to stop government blew through legislation that's how this is being seen as politicians what does all this mean for greg's it that's what you asked me well if it was possible in any way to reason made job has just got even harder she's set
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to attend the e.u. council summit on thursday but now she needs to come back from that with a substantially changed deal when the e.u. has said repeatedly that there is absolutely no way they are making any more concessions for the u.k. . but police say they've arrested a suspect in connection with the shooting on a tram in the city of new tracks on monday morning three people were killed and five injured in the attack the suspect the police have been searching for thirty seven year old turkish born man who was named as gottman tarnished and he's been on the dr authorities radar for some time following a string of past offenses the motive for the shootings is not yet know with more details he is a local crime reporter. well we still don't know if there's any cherished threat anymore or maybe we have to look for other reasons why it is shooting at your place oh there's not much going on now it's a moment needed. seems to be quiet police actions
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moved to other locations since and we know what been rates in several homes as of right now we know that one research got one suspects it's. a man thirty seven year old from he's been living in holland in the neighborhood where the shooting took place or out for quite a while earlier i talked to terrorism expert dr david lo about how countries across europe are dealing with the threat of such attacks we have been learning lessons from it and how how to deal with an instant quickly so what one advantage is because they do talk to each other it isn't just isolated isn't just the french police deal with an instance of the german police the u.k. we have to share this information. you know regardless of whether the u.k. remains in the or not with the latest. debate going on you know you're opposed played a very important role in this as the policing agencies intelligence based in scene
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one two and hunts policing throughout throughout the continent but we've got a sort of world in or out all of the states we actually do talk to each other and i think that's the benefit. the french prime minister says the yellow vests processed will be banned in areas that have suffered the most damage as a result of the demonstrations if they contain a radical element or turn violent. only many just yet invest in instructions in the neighborhoods to be most affected as soon as we become aware of the presence of extremist elements in their intention to vandalize. yes i'm thinking obviously sillies in paris plus pavan on the boat and plastic up italian to loosen. the measure follows a nineteenth weekend of fancy government rallies again they were marred by violence with fires being set luxury shops looted and clashes with police but in a culture of a report from the shelves on the say. one of the world's most glamorous avenues
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looks very different this monday a burnt out kiosks shattered windows and graffiti on luxury stores that's the face of the iconic some selling say after the protest on saturday the french government has already admitted that not enough was done to prevent extreme rioting from taking place analysis of events shows that the measures taken proved to be insufficient in containing the violence and preventing the actions of the writer's protesters who are throwing rocks right into the windows of the shops they used molotov cocktails flares and pieces of piece meant to damaged buildings police say ten thousand people gathered here on saturday and among them fifteen hundred extremists were identified two hundred forty people were arrested and over eighty shops including some luxury boutiques were vandalize.
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was. the french president was forced to cut short his skiing trip for an emergency meeting he said that what happened was no longer a demonstration it has become a national security threats. you didn't listen to defense at the meet complete nonsense made this afternoon by the prime minister republic would a response to the reality we face all of hooligans and not a protest by free citizens we are giving ourselves the authority to. so next. as well as other places that have been worst hit by the crisis will be closed to public. yellow vests for the. so far it is unclear what. reporting from paris the french political commentator thinks that the band won't
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get to the crux of the problem. doesn't going to change entered into the depth of the problem the depth of the problem is that we have had forty years of social integration cutting social services deemed a sleazy ation and so people are fed up with respect to police mccoy is not responsible but my point is to hold in never mention anything about all the people who didn't really need less. the only concern in the world you know it is. being damaged. people even more so it's easier sponsibility also going to the scheme when he knows that his is going to be in trouble everybody has announced that that is the question also why didn't the police prevent that because it was in the newspaper knew everybody knew that the right. in the wake of friday's terror attack on two mosques in christchurch new zealand is looking a ways of preventing similar atrocities in future the prime minister's promising to
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tighten the country's gun laws and to sharply criticized social media platforms which he says need to do far more to tackle extremist content artie's daniel hawkins discussed the story earlier with you know neal. questions are being raised as to what exactly happened in the lead up on the aftermath of this terrible act of barbarity among some of those questions social media the role it played this act of terror the shooting of fifty people was actually live streamed on facebook for around fifteen minutes before it was taken down specifically at the request of police in new zealand it was then shared subsequently all other social media platforms as well as the police in new zealand have reminded that were to follow certainly that distributing objects at all publications quoting here could mean a prison sentence if deemed too public good one arrest already confirmed in new zealand over the sharing of these images very much and present a legal framework here the prime minister of new zealand has also confirmed the sheer challenge they face dealing with this and how we. exactly they could stand
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this out in the future i would call on our social media platforms of all variety to demonstrate the kind of responsibility that both lead to these have been and that includes stars who perpetuate their messages in the aftermath there is a lot of work that needs to be down done this attack was only live stream for a full fifteen minutes it was also assured multiple times are kind to our kind people were saying they had no problem finding about leads to a lot of questions as you were saying with the social media platforms how they responded to criticism of the big three giants facebook twitter and you tube do face questions over whether they really did handle that sort of area that situation with these pictures being channeled across the whole world in the first twenty four hour we removed one point five million views of the attack globally of which over one point two million were blocked and upload we continue to work around the clock
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to remove violating contemned using a combination of technology and people clues nil we are working vigilantly to remove any violent footage of course i don't think anybody is under the illusion is here that simply removing these streams any quicker would have of course save the lives of these innocent people but there are questions raised as to in an age where these sorts of horrific videos can be streamed online is the threat being taken seriously enough are these preventative methods work in the moderators the algorithm that how exactly this can be stopped from happening again. or let's get more on this now we're talking to media and legal analyst lionel and also counterterrorism expert jennifer braden both welcome to the program a considerable amount of legal now between you both so i can forward to hearing what you got to say on this there are two things here are there one is seventeen minutes is a long time for something to be broadcast live should facebook have acted swifter and what realistically could it have done lionel.
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absolutely let me change the scenario just a moment instead of a shooting let's assume that this was a sexual assault involving women and children and god forbid somebody had recorded this we won't even be arguing for even discussing this about whether they would be our airing sexual attack i respectfully submit that when you show violence against human beings it's a form of pornography it's the same thing but yet because it's violence maybe because we're more used to it we look at it differently if we're to this already occurred so it didn't cause anything number three you don't nothing causes this behavior let's let's don't throw out expression and report taj because we're afraid something will cause it but without invoking legislation and the law and our version of the first amendment oh it's different on the world we have to as a society say no facebook you can do much better for kids for people who would see this not necessarily because it would inspire the next
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shooting which you very well could because these losers need some form of acclimation and and and focus on them but out of his human decency without bringing in the government and laws and penalties as a society we should just say enough is enough and jennifer with the best will in the world the amount of videos that were being shed online and this isn't just a case of finding the video and taking it offline people were putting water marks they were editing it they were cutting it up it was an impossible game of cat and mouse for these social media giants is it for time to face unpublishable truths the law and regulation need to come in to protect public decency. i think it's hard to say this because we're coming here from a legal perspective we're coming here as two people with the legal knowledge but at the same time i mean i became an attorney not to go and create more laws to put
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band-aids over problems that are gaping wounds i became an attorney to look at what laws are in place and how we can prevent these atrocities i mean we're hearing from officials government officials from the prime minister in new zealand talking about preventing future attacks like this and then going on to censoring when this attack happens how in the world is that prevent this attack what's happening is that we're now spending all of our time we're spending all of our resources our money going into legislative affairs going into new regulations talking about how these things that happen we need to shut this down we can't we can't look at this everybody needs to remain willfully blind because these things are atrocious yes nobody is arguing that they're not rather than spending time talking about mental health what the failures are the gaps in mental health or investigative powers or why our law enforcement hasn't caught things or why this man who perpetrated a horrific attack against two mosque during friday prayers traveled to turkey two times in two thousand and sixteen if he hates muslims so much as we saw in this how did he go to turkey a country with
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a ninety nine percent and more muslim population and carry out absolutely nothing we're spending so much time talking about we can have videos like this with as or so or think it might lead to more rather than answering questions that need to be asked i mean one of the main problems i'm seeing here is that we continue to put band-aids on gunshot wounds and we need to stop that we need to stop putting band-aids on we need to stop saying let's just stop everybody from the guys and you know we can get rid of x. rated movies video games are rated movies news and other kinds of things then talking about not publicizing things are publicizing videos or publicizing obscene content or violent content is not going to be ok and you know we can talk about different acts yes let's let's not put it as a gun violence and we're not ever going to debate whether this was an atrocious whether this was a horrific or whether publication of things like like sexual acts does not mean that's a whole different conversation that's a whole whole different can of worms. the
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issue is should this be banned yes should it come down immediately yes should this be kept from the public yes take it down i want facebook and others abroad to have exactly you whatever attitude while your world or not they have we're talking to you now and you're doing about t.v. do you know that talking about arguing people will hardly blinded from these sightings will fellow lying dead but you're not talking about how will this prevent it nobody's talked about prevent you the question is should be banned i'm saying yes and what i want facebook to do is if i put certain stories about certain political issues i am shadow bad so no fast and i want them to use that technology in their genius to figure out wait a minute we're having somebody right now people are being killed this is going to come down from our platform now whether it seeps out that's a different story say's book all social media platforms have to do this show the
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same amount of vigilance to political ideas you don't like of mine and apply it to prevent people from seeing this in real time that's the issue none of the aforementioned that's the usual what i want and then person a grad like here who has ended at a shadow batting by social media organizations outlets i have seen that not only in myself and colleagues i agree with that what my concern is when we continue to ban these kinds of things can ban this kind of stuff that's only going to perpetuate shadow banning that's something i agree should never happen but we're given subject and our and authority to social media platforms to tent that that is allowed so when to hurt us later we don't know who they're going to not like it's all subjective no matter what kind of computer algorithm at the end of the day it will be subjective. lying alone you're asking for people who want to turn off the law no if who is going to be the arbiter of this are you suggesting that big private
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companies should take of the legal standpoint in banning these things otherwise whose law do you follow is it russians alone or is it the united states law as it pursues law that's almost impossible to make a real simple you get somebody at facebook let's just pick them i don't want to pick on facebook by whatever and you hire somebody to say by the way if you hear that somebody is live streaming murder stop it that's the end of the discussion no special laws i started off with an analogy my analogy was why are we so apprehensive why are we so worried because this deals with shooting that maybe somehow by banning this by banning and shutting down the depiction the actual depiction of humans being slaughtered if this were child pornography as an example nobody would be applying these heavy issues of whether this would somehow impinge upon would this be prior restraint no so what i was saying was we have to look at
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this as a very simple example of a violent pornography if that helps people this the fact that we're even debating this the fact that we're saying should face again facebook or whoever have or are allow for our now no second once it is made aware of it put on notice whether it should allow or shut this down because the other problem is not only are we allowing kids and people to be traumatized by this but we're also allowing that next sick mad dog the ability of the world mom moment that i've been waiting maybe i'll get the recognition too that's a subsidiary issue but the fact that we're even debating this goes to show you have we not not you and my colleague here but have read the society last. are mine and if it were debated whether you should shut down people being slaughtered in the words real time i am i hear debating this jennifer as you acknowledged burning will
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just force this stuff into darker corners of the web but still equally easily accessible corners of the web for this kind of ghoulish material so just looking at the numbers isn't just the case that the social media giants are so big they could never actually stop this maybe they should be broken up. big perhaps they could be broken up this is another conversation you were talking about the dark web and how it's always going to be accessible there's always going to be video cameras into a band video cameras we're not going to be able to ban all of this are going to find it somewhere they're going to find even things like child pornography they're going to find this somewhere they going to find dark webs now what we're talking about here and my colleague mentioned hiring somebody facebook and yes we don't have to pick on facebook facebook twitter instagram any of these live streaming platforms hiring somebody say hey if you see a live stream in murder this is what my colleague talked about here is my fear is that everything has become subjective political and societal and so what's going to happen is they're going to hire john smith or mary smith who's going to say well i
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know i'm supposed to look at murders here are supposed to look at this but what this person said about another group is something that i disagree with politically and they might as well have murder their spirit what i'm saying is subjectively if we give somebody the power to take these things out we are willfully blind in the public and at that point that's why narratives that's why mainstream media narratives are able to perpetuate into our homes and hearts because people are being willfully blind and we're taking out content removing that yes it is evil yes it is obscene yes it is horrifying but we need to be able to to understand and ask ourselves the important questions of how can we prevent this and how can we have access to to enough knowledge to make sure that we can stop this because yes there is going to be evil out there we cannot erase that and then the question is how do we stop that how do we stop that perpetuation not give all the power into the hands of one person one hire one company to stop what we think needs to be stopped but we're not talking about companies that have just sprung up overnight these are companies that have been around for over a decade and even new tubes chief content officer said this is
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a tragedy that was almost designed for the purpose of going viral i mean anybody who's been working in a social media company for more than a few months surely would know this was going to be a risk this was going to happen one day. do you realize that little horse they know that we're going to have been in this is one way or that i agree with one over here i agree with that that we're looking at this shadow banding of different people we're looking at a political shadow and this is happening on many platforms they're catching people in the act of doing this and so we do need to take a step back we do need to look at the you guys at home and i distrust city social media platforms and i would have making people with mental instability come to the fore front lawn. ok then this past week and i love this there was a story about ansari facebook talking about whether they're able to figure out mind control and we member lionel's law if you read the story is five years old they've
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already done this so facebook get this is worry about mind control and telepathic control to read your my but we're sitting here saying now listen dr berg do me a favor if you see somebody shooting and killing people shut it down or talk about it later don't have a debate do you think that maybe we're giving one person die die die die die die the right to automatic and who's to say whether this could one day be that people being shot dead whether this might include war coverage or rep or how many people are surprised meanwhile as we're debating this there's some kid somewhere which we never talk about watching this seeing real time slaughter or the families of these people or whatever of this is violent pornography so what we do is in the meantime simple number one shelve it ban it number two we'll save it in case it's
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really important or one then number three will have the debate will bring and people i will talk about style ours and then what do you think but in the meantime there's always going to be some sick mot out there who's who's who's taking this and loving it and i understand that that's that ghoulish rubbernecking but as far as the issue today is simply this you have what facebook can do they read my mind they're listening to me they are they have they i'm telling you some guy that they is connected to me and for me to ask the question do you think that maybe you guys can figure a way through some algorithm somebody somewhere you could say wait a minute there's live there's a murder scene going on this is happening right now the. you are actually telling me no no remember the young man who was tortured for days he was kidnapped and people sat around but meanwhile if i write in something pro donald trump or at the
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hillary clinton admin it's gone but they have no way to figure out how do we stop torture and mass murder for b. you were reported with this slip by said silicon valley we can do everything else every kind of mind interaction there was but we have no editing the ace there is that i did say jennifer. should sit down sample with kind of the first full taste of this in nine eleven when there were more camera phones around the a camera pointed everywhere and that's when we first got to see something truly atrocious unfold before our eyes we've had since two thousand and one to do something about this happen when the explosion of the internet surely somebody needs to grasp the nettle here and take charge the companies can't be relied on governments can't agree on what to do. from my opinion yes this is horrible that i never want to see this i never want my children to see this i don't want any person
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to be subject to this kind of violence it is horrible obscene material these publications but this is what i have seen governments cannot stop this these companies cannot stop this people who post something positive about donald trump are being taken off of social media because of social media heads and managers and so we want them to ban other things instead of us and that is my main thing is that they can't they will not we've seen that they can't we've seen they will not in my opinion we should at least let them keep their hands off it and let us let we the people be able to create either new companies split them up or be able to have platforms that we can at least have truth going out more of that more questions more prevention more things that really can be brought to the forefront so that we're not banned and we're not giving banning power in the hands of somebody the hope they'd be on the things that we like and not the things that we don't like and that's just what's going to happen we're always going to be putting our faith and trust in reliance on these companies on these guys in silicon valley on the government to divan certain consular jennifer spite how horrible and obscene that
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content is you're asking the people to be able to do this with these are the same people that showed one hundred million videos in twenty four hour winds. they did and because of that i mean this is still horrific this is still obscene i'm not arguing that this is not had seen that this is not horrific but at the same level there are a lot of several muslim countries i've seen that a lot of cell phones a lot of video footage is not brought to friday prayers and so we don't know whether that helps and not that i'm saying that this is ok or i'm condoning this type of publication or the content of this what i'm stating is that this is always going to happen and we cannot stop it what is the difference of getting a tiny clip of die hard three where people are shooting each other and nobody's seen the movie and letting that go viral then something like this which is real life and yes the difference is real life yes the difference is that it was fake but if somebody hasn't seen this how do they know the material the content is still out there just our list of the formats and somebody is going to find it somewhere and so just quickly going from one who's going to send someone going to find it somewhere the genie's overbought. down on facebook will be something else further
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down the line it's an impossible game of come. nobody's clamping down on facebook the question is simply this look i understand that there's always going to be murder and rape and may have been robbery and we're not going to say well what are you going to do why why have police out there you're going to give some guy a gun and he is going to make the decision of rising to shoot somebody and the next day he had no going to war while what we are so all three of of saying look this may not be perfect we're going to it's a lot of things are going to slip through but here's a very simple rule hey social media if somebody goes real time live murder with a go pro attached to our god shut it down we'll talk about this other stuff later that's all it's going to still get out we understand that and then maybe we'll have a thing where we'll maybe shame each other into liking that maybe that might be
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something later on but the initial issue that we were discussing today is should they do and don't tell me that facebook or or whoever doesn't have a way to figure out that live a mass murder is going on in real time under poor form when they can read my mind and listen to me all day don't tell me that that somehow.

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