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and he is going to make the decision of rising to shoot somebody and then next they get over have while what we are so all three the of of saying look this may not be perfect we're going to it's a lot of things are going to slip through but here's a very simple rule hey social media if somebody goes real time live on our murder with a go pro attached to our god shut it down we'll talk about this other stuff later that's all it's going to still get out we understand that and then maybe we'll have a thing where we'll maybe shame each other into liking that maybe that might be something later on but the initial issue that we were discussing today is should they do something and don't tell me that facebook or i or whoever doesn't have a way to figure out that live a mass murder is going on in real time under poor form when they can read my mind and listen to me all day don't tell me that that somehow they can figure everything
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out but there's that's. ok all right both thanks very much for your thoughts along though and really appreciate your time and i'll take. aside from the usual thomas is here in just under half an hour with your next outing both news update on to sophia on the strains and solutions in u.s. iranian relations. you know i can say that i own for example all the brooklyn bridge and i when i sell a bond against the brooklyn bridge i saw a billion dollar multibillion dollar bond against the brooklyn bridge club actually somebody's going to come and i say ok we'll deliver them the brooklyn bridge and i say why calluses that goldman sachs package says collateralized markets obligations and then sold into the financial markets and the wholesale derivatives market so they didn't have the deed they were just making something fun but there's nothing
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fair. on. a shadow to get up arms over that it. was honestly had left it out of the. cause of it was a version of. the bush. years and it doesn't say i was never a second how new names have risen and how much that you have committed to the passage says it was never never was not imposed by now. is trumps america first agenda isolating the united states on the global stage sure
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looks like it and it is the e.u. telling its citizens what to think again sure looks like it. what holds his hands to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to be. the two going to proceed with what the four three in the morning can't be good for. i'm interested always in the waters of my college. course should.
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i welcome to says he says the. tensions between iran and the u.s. spyro was washington pushing its european allies to abandon the nuclear deal and tehran unwilling to compromise can they still pull out of the nosedive while i ask . iranian presidential hopeful and president of the american iranian council. to trump why tell us is tightening its noose around iran trying to isolate it in the middle east and pushing for europe to stop trading with the sanction to the country but with iran's involvement in the region a crucial to the balance of power in the americans go in putting pressure on the road before it backfire us with iran's new european friends to defy the will of washington and what will the leaders in teheran do in the face of yet another round of this standoff with america. doctor who is shanghai myanmar the president of the american iranian council welcome to the show great to have you with us. thank you
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very much for having me speaking about the sanctions against iran foreign minister zarif recently said that europeans will have to get wet if they want to swim against the tide of the u.s. you know lateral anti iran route will european countries in your opinion actually go on and risk anything for sake of keeping trade ties with iran alive. i don't believe i never believed that without america europeans would be any effective helpful to iran in fact europeans have been playing a very. very unfair game dave want to keep iran in the j. c.p.u.'s. and therefore promises that they can deliver the purpose of european promises empty promises it's just to keep it on
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in the. iran so far has also been willing to listen to those empty promises because iran also want to have a legitimate reason to a stay in the j.c. . iran doesn't want to leave is afraid of to leave and therefore it is also looking for a pretext to a stick and i believe you know pens are also playing that game giving iran that pretext to a state in the j.c.b. us otherwise there is no help or hope from europe for iran so european companies like french oil giant or dennis shipping have to wait maersk and many others have already withdrawn from iran over fears of u.s. sanctions does this mean that trying to save the deal is really a losing battle for the europeans. it is certainly is and i don't believe europeans
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believe that they can save the deal but the problem is this the one that wants to save did this is iran that's the problem the iran doesn't want to get out of the deal europeans are giving iran that the pretext iran needs the bottom line they want that wants to a stay in the deal is iran because iran is afraid of exiting dead dead dead d. l. and making a medica even more. aggravated and i dressed so in fact iran also is trying to stay they did open our giving them by the way we all know that europeans do not mean it open governments do not control that private sector so the promise that it is that the european governments are
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giving are the promises that the governments are giving not the private sector and the private sector is not listening to their governments and that's why de have left or leaving iran in large numbers and in the meantime the u. european have come up with this scheme called instead basically a trade mechanism that supposedly will help. today to continue and particularly trade in so-called legitimate to come other that is commodities that are not under the u.s. sanctions like medicine and wealth food items exactly the only and here's my next question because it seems like turkey is planning to set up a similar framework to the european one but two. turkey and iran are not exactly
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close of countries their relations somewhat strained over syria and other issues so how far can this cooperation go is this just. a shaky marriage of convenience for both countries again these askins are really i did bottom up that are sort of oil by oil for food or oil for medicine or other commodities for food and medicine similar to what existed for iraq bought back in two thousand to the you know that is before the u.s. in base iraq on the unfortunate that you that iran will have to come after the j.c.b. to such a situation and i think no country i believe no country. wants to really jeopardize its relationship i mean economic relationship with the
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united states of america a group of u.s. senators actually recently published an open act in the washington post and they're suggesting that they trumpet ministration has been trying to establish a strong link between iran and al qaeda based on no hard evidence and maybe using this speculation as a pretext to strike iran just like what happened with iraq in two thousand and three desert around take this kind of speculation seriously or is it just internal american politics at play. yeah that's a very good question my own view of this is that iran misread france misunderstood trom and messed up its relationship with the us center arms significantly to deployment of. but inking that relationship into some kind of a danger or is it termed is a businessman trump is not a politician tehran is not
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a diplomat. from the day von trump wanted this nuclear deal be negotiated remember around vater for almost a year before he leaves j.c. he did not leave j.c. pos immediately he became president he gave iran as a long time to think about and he tried his best and. not really in post sanctions for almost a year even after it really imposed sanctions it actually gave eight countries. you know have a out for exporting iran's oil and they continue to exist to two bodyguards or so i think trump is cannot be responsible for everything that has happened between iran and the us i believe i believe
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iran has to take at least a big part of this responsibility and i particularly i particularly fault iran's foreign minister necessary for. president rouhani because both of them were saw in love video of the day scipio they could not see that that particular did it go she ate it what you're saying is that iran is interesting to stay in the deal but back in july iran's supreme leader salman a has ordered the country's atomic energy agency to prepare for an upgrade of iran steer a name in richmond capacity is there any leadership law saying or is it serious about restarting the country's nuclear program. first even the bit in the j.c. . iran has rights to do certain things what messed.
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many orders. it was not outside the j. c.p.u.'s it is part of the j.c. pos for death for iran by by doing that mr how many by ordering that particular action was not violating the j. c.p.u.'s iran has not violated the j.c. even at a millimeter absolutely zero and therefore that is that has been no violation of the j.c. from the it are inside the international and the energy atomic agency as very fide that many many times and iran continues to stay salat. within the j. c.p.u.'s and therefore above whatever that has happened to j.c. . as far as the j.c.t. us goes is the the us side that is responsible for it on doesn't day to live
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and i go outside the gate c.p.u.'s they disappear has become at rap has become a trap for iran as staying in the j.c. gives it not ng is a von vegas city it living. here yes even more dangers for iran because it gives pretext. bloggers even the voters we're going to have to take a short break right now we're back we'll continue talking with dr hooshang amirahmadi president of the american iranian council talking about the tensions between tehran and washington stay with us. officer. told to get up off the ground or begin to down.
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democrats on the sounds of. the grown man the christening essentially. twisted away from the office or. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the web in one smiths and then when it happened on trace one as i didn't i never saw any contact with. any kind of went back to where they were so the answers back here there again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and he did it on three. public will. reject.
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it we're back with dr who are signed i mean i'm of the president of the american iranian council and three time iranian presidential hopeful talking about the risk it's her and the u.s. surrounding tensions are taking so can president rouhani has recently said that u.s. had any intentions are at a maximum hostile rhetoric has indeed been mounting from both sides and pulled
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us out of the nuclear deal however like with north korea it could just tromps a way of establishing a negotiation is process and president has said he wanted to meet it on's leader what mr rouhani agreed to at that that day with him. well this is not a the problem is mr rouhani is nobody he just can't make that decision i think it is the supremes leader. who will make that decision and fortunately mr rouhani are misses that if they messed up the nuclear deal they had given the mess of how many are kinds of promises and i dand of the day they could not deliver any missile how many therefore has become a violently against the us and against any new deal because he does not believe that either this people are able to deliver anything or the us is willing to up to
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our boy a wide by any new rule so therefore it is mr how many who is k.p. is keeping the gate closed between us and iran secretary of state might compel has previously invited iranians to look at u.s. diplomacy to north korea as an example of washington's negotiation powers however nothing really came out yes of the flash diplomacy and american pressure so our negotiations between washington and peel now is really a good example for tehran to watch. not really i think iran has to find its on more moderate i mean first i think. mr trump. that vase when it comes to iran an opportunity that turned to become a trap but i have to also say that trump administration is the first administration
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in the last forty years after it as a rule that has offered iran a comprehensive negotiation toward the north of mali ization of the nation a ship they really offered a comprehensive. the deal toward normalization of relationship meaning the u.s. will get into the dayton economy alp the economy and the rest of it i think iran missed a major opportunity and it has to find its own model north korea is not their model that it that iran should for iran is a huge country is a very important country and india as the u.s. really needs iran in that part of the board to create the ditch that is the ability regional peace and north korea is an isolated estate it is really not in good
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nobody so i think i will say iran is way too important for mr trump to consider that as north korea or any other state in those in those terms it has to see iran as iran a country of three thousand years of civilization eighty two million people a geography you ok but all of it iran is largely seen as will doing more influence in iraq than the americans especially person isis iran is a share power though and iraq has loss of restive sunni's rates rise again can increased iranian influence in the country trigger a new onset of six hereon violence. yes well again i don't believe the problem in the region between iran and the rest of the community out there that countries is just she has so many the shia sunni divide is one issue but it has been dead for
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centuries for fourteen hundred years so that the issue will is not really a strategic bad and they should not make it i cheat death by the law and the dividing line is still is this country's national interest but am when about it it comes to the national interest for example at rocky's and the other side iran is analysis on one side although it at rock is a shia country largely but that's the only country in the middle east that had that eight year war with iran a lot of shias on both sides each other over a hundred million she has on both sides killed each other so i don't think that it is justice sonia she eats you is the national interest of this country is and i think all of them have to come together on that basis the fact is that today's
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world is not the war that one country maximize is interest against the interest of others every nation must be in a fit from any d. and individual the biggest i think mistake that they jason get j c p o m eight was that it did not include. israel saudi arabia or any of it as neighbors so with the nuclear dale and jeopardy and their positions of anti dale iranian conservatives and reinforced inside the country could they distill it a from the west pushed it on into a more hardline political regime. well iran is going to question about that the demand but that nicker public's problems are only two hundred percent sanctions eighty percent of iran's problems is domestic and it has to do
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but mismanagement of its economy the country's economy is going down not just because of the sanctions that many kevin pose it because it is being mismanaged the information has over one hundred percent unemployment over forty percent income is declining particularly for the middle classes so you don is in very serious problem and i think the country is moving in that their action a critical situation toward the end of the summit a lot can happen so i think if i was here on i will make a huge domestic change it on didn't is to change is domestic it has to yes to rock that regime zick never can't really. get people back to his side but into right people to manage that country should not put all of its eggs
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on the side of the trying to help the head to get help from europe is another's on on sanctions or anything close to that so it is time if you're public and not just blame trump or all this is the problem is that they dish him itself says that a percent of its problems are domestic and they are management issues. that are just that ok but only way to do it is to restructure iran is also accused of being absolved in yemen while the saudis are going for a full on intervention will iran ever get involved directly on the side of the his face. so the problem is this. young man is and i have country rock is it out of countries and i have board it on is needed and i have nor is it
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belongs to an i have board so when saudi's internal we manned or it is a city on the other it is legitimate so-called but when iran does it is illegitimate because in the un has moved beyond its territory is unfortunate this is double standard of course but it is also understandable because it is and i have warned they say what the hell with iran to it to intervene in doubt of board quoting code although we don't really have an outboard there are so much problems with and apps themselves but nonetheless it and i believe should stay away from that abort it should go back to its own borders ok i'm create a whole new that asia ship the senate just passed a resolution that calls for ending your support vetoed by trump is this a sign of what's to come if democrats win in two thousand and twenty can sound is
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afford to continue with their rivalry with iran if they fall out of washington's favor well first. the young man and the saudis intervention in yemen started under president obama they did not to start with mr trump that's a mistake in fact in fact you know no president. of the united states sort as much we're ten to the middle east then mr obama mr obama has a record of selling military machine eighty to middle eastern countries including saudi arabia ok but david a very it was very quiet and a nice dip the question after all that is no not much of a big difference when it comes to republicans or democrats when it comes to foreign policy did it come together the other day have certain. policy.
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differences but at the end of the day they really come together in fact in fact i believe and if it is true mr trump it's not that regime change or if it is not an interventionist it has always said that i don't want to get into it if one had to get out of syria i can promise you that he did it without how dare a person intervene in syria militarily it will never have given up when i sat. but dropped a ball i think there's a lot of misunderstanding what the op is doing or would trump is a medic i don't know is only i'm fortunate that missy information is going very well the only it is in that's the case is because most of the hooshang amirahmadi street time iranian presidential hopeful and president of the american iranian council discussing the team's relations between the two nations in the context of
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the wider middle east that's it for this edition of sophie and call see you next time. thank you very much for having me. join me every so straight on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and
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a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising. one on t.v. . i'm going to talk about football not for you or else you can think i was going to go. by the way what is it that flying here. with just two days to go until the u.k. is supposed to leave the european union the prime minister is dealt a new setback as the. police arresting the chief suspect in a street car shooting. in which three people died also
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a. french government banned rallies in certain areas widespread vandalism and looting. the prime minister of new zealand promises tougher gun laws after friday's mosque shootings and criticizes.


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