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tv   News  RT  March 18, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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with just two days to go until the u.k. is supposed to leave the european union the prime minister is dealt a new setback as the. police arrest the chief suspect in a street car shooting. in which three people died also. french government. widespread vandalism and looting. a minister of new zealand promises tougher gun laws after friday's mosque shootings .
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are broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is our international. glad you're with us. there are just ten days to go until britain is scheduled to leave the e.u. and the prime minister has been dealt yet another blow the house of commons speaker has ruled out a third vote on teresa mayes divorce plan unless significant changes are made to it are reports. if you got an f. for your homework would you bring it back on change to the teacher and say oh well you've got to really give me a good grade because the exams are coming up soon most people wouldn't but that's pretty much what to resume a was planning on doing with her beleaguered brags that withdrawal deal it's been rejected by politicians in parliament twice already after the first catastrophic vote she went back to brussels she tweaked the deal but she still failed to get it
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approved last week one politician referred to it as a polished turd of a deal and yet we had been her hearing these rumors that the government was planning to take this unchanged deal back to the politicians for a third vote this week the only difference would be that the risk of a no deal brag zat or no brags it via a lengthy delay might make politicians choose may's deal as the least of all the evils however the speaker of the house of commons john bercow has just thrown a constitutional curveball into to reason may's court take a listen to what he had to say today has been strongly. though i have not received confirmation of this that stood before meaningful vote. will be attempted what the government can more legitimately
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do is to resubmit to the house the say even proposition or substantially the same proposition as last of last week which was rejected by one hundred forty nine. so very hears torpedoing the idea of another vote unless to reason may substantially improved her homework or changes. a deal that politicians are meant to be voting on now he's based on this legal precedent called skin may and you might be hearing a lot about it in the weeks to come essentially it's a parliamentary mechanism terribly old used as far back as sixteen zero four but it's meant to stop government's bullying through legislation that's how this is being seen as politicians what does all this mean for greg's it that's what you asked me well if it was possible in any way to reason major job has just got even
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harder she's set to attend the e.u. council summit on thursday but now she needs to come back from that with a substantially changed deal when the e.u. has said repeatedly that there is absolutely no way they are making any more concessions for the u.k. . dutch police say they have arrested a suspect after a shooting on a street car in the city of on monday morning three people were killed and five more injured the suspect is a thirty seven year old turkish born man he had been on the dutch authorities radar for some time following several past offenses the motive for the shooting is not yet known with more details here is a local crime reporter rix or single. well we still don't know if there's any terrorist threat anymore or maybe we have to look for other reasons why it is
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shooting at your place oh this not much going on no it's a moment needed tram seems to be quiet. police actions moved to other locations since and we know what been rates in several homes as of right now we know that one piece of gum one suspects it's. a man thirty seven year old from he's been living in holland and in a group where the shooting took place or out for quite a while he spoke to terrorism expert david lowe about how countries across europe are dealing with of the threat of such attacks we have been learning lessons from it and how how to deal with an instant quickly so what one advantage is because they do talk to each other it isn't just isolated isn't just the french police deal with an instance of the german police the u.k. we have this information. you know regardless of whether the u.k. remains in the or not with the latest. debate going on you know you're
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opposed played a very important role in this as the policing agencies intelligence based in scene one two and hans policing throughout throughout the continent but we've got a sort of the web in or out or the states we actually do talk to each of them i think that's the benefit. french prime minister says yellow vast protests will be banned in areas that have not that have suffered the most damage as a result of the demonstrations if they contain any radical element or turn violent . it was only when you first us or we will ban yellow vest adminstrations in the neighborhoods that have been most affected as soon as we become aware of the presence of extremist elements and their intention to vandalize. i'm thinking obviously of the paris plus pave along the border and plus the capital into. the measure follows an eighteenth weekend of anti-government rallies again they were marred by violence with fires being set luxury shops alluded and clashes with
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police artie's medina question of the reports now from charlotte there was a. one of the world's most glamorous avenues looks very different this monday a burnt out kiosks shattered windows and graffiti on luxury stores that's the face of the iconic show selling say after the protest on saturday the french government has already admitted that not enough was done to prevent extreme rioting from taking place in containing the violence and preventing the actions of the writer's protesters who are throwing rocks right into the windows of the shops they used molotov cocktails flares and pieces of pavement to damaged buildings police say ten thousand people gathered here on saturday and among them fifteen hundred extremists were identified two hundred forty people were arrested and over eighty shops including some luxury boutiques were vandalized.
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was. the french president was forced to cut short his skiing trip for an emergency meeting he said that what happened was no longer a demonstration it has become a national security threat. we didn't need to fix it let me play meet you now it's made this afternoon by the prime minister republic would a response to the reality we face. and not a protest by free citizens we are giving ourselves the authority to apply by an uncertain switch so next saturday the seans elisei as well as other places that have been worst hit by the crisis will be closed to public gatherings and yellow vests protest for the eighteenth we can't so far it is unclear what may ease the tension and put an end to this violence i do not question r.t.
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reporting from paris french a political commentator. thinks of the ban will not get the route to the real problem. doesn't change anything to the depth of the problem the depth of the problem is that we have had forty years of social. cuts in social services. and so people are fed up with. mccoy's not responsible to our government in never mention anything about older people who indeed lost eyes etc the only concern of. damage and people even more so it's. also going to the ski when he knows that his is going to be in trouble everybody has announced it that's his is the question also why didn't the police prevent that because it was in the newspaper everybody knew that the writer. in the wake of
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friday's terror attacks on two mosques in christchurch new zealand is looking at ways of preventing similar atrocities in the future prime minister is promising to change the country's gun laws and has sharply criticized social media platforms which she says need to do far more to tackle extremist content earlier my colleague you know neil discussed the story with daniel hawkins. questions are being raised as to what exactly happened in the lead up on the aftermath of this terrible act of barbarity among some of those questions social media the role it played this act of terror the shooting of fifty people was actually live streamed on facebook for around fifteen minutes before it was taken down specifically at the request of police in new zealand it was then a shared subsequently on other social media platforms as well as the police in new zealand have reminded their twitter followers certainly that distributing objects at all publications quoting here could mean a prison sentence if deemed injurious to public good one arrest already confirmed
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in new zealand over the sharing of these images very much and present a legal framework here the how exactly they could stand this out in the future i would call on our social media platforms of all variety to demonstrate the kind of responsibility that both lead to these have been and that includes stars who perpetuate their messages in the aftermath there is a lot of work that needs to be down done this attack was not only live stream for a full fifteen minutes it was also assured multiple times a kind to a kind people were saying they had no problem finding about leads to a lot of questions as you were saying with the social media platforms how they responded to criticism of the big three giants facebook twitter and you tube do face questions over whether they really did handle that sort of that situation with these pictures being shuttled across the whole world in the first twenty four hours that removed one point five million views of the attack globally which over one
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point two million were blocked at a plume of technology and people lose no we're working vigilantly to remove any violent footage of course i don't think anybody is under the illusion is here that simply removing these streams any quicker would have of course saved the lives of these innocent people but there are questions raised as to him age where these sorts of horrific videos calculate the moderators the algorithms that how exactly this can be stopped from happening again. in football match in athens between the cities a rival teams was marred by clashes between fans and police on sunday. i. i . i. i i i the game was interrupted just six minutes in when
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dozens of masked fans attempted to invade the pitch the referee eventually abandoned the fixture in the second half as police used tear gas to disperse angry supporters a match official said the stadium was not safe as toxic gas forced fans to move closer to the pitch no serious injuries or arrests were reported. battle lines are being drawn in washington over america's role in yemen that story much more in just a few moments you are watching our international. you know i can say that i own for example all the brooklyn bridge and i when i sell a bond against the brooklyn bridge i sell a billion dollar multibillion dollar bond against the brooklyn bridge while they actually sell it is that a company say ok well deliver them the brooklyn bridge and i say why can't i have the deed just like in the two thousand
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a subprime crisis there were no deeds for the houses that goldman sachs package says collateralized brokers obligations and then sold into the pension market and the wholesale derivatives market so they didn't have the deed they were just making stuff up pulling rabbits out of their hat selling that as a yielding security to pension funds but there's nothing better.
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to back his ears or to international celebrations have been taking place across crimea marking five years since the peninsula was reunified with russia r.t.c. goes on off as commentary. well the celebrations have gone into the night really and there was something of a nature's gift here the weather was absolutely beautiful a warm sunny day nothing really stopping people from coming out here and marking the days out in the open in the streets in the square and really that's what they did sounds of people have turned up and really five years is a bit of a long time so i took we took to some of the crime ins and ask them how their life's changed in this half a decade yet that interested seeing as a resident of the city al say that it happened for the better. and over the past five years trusted changes have occurred in everything even in the general impression of the peninsula there were problems have always existed so who enjoyed
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life and then there's those against it i have friends here who are unhappy about it but very few over time they'll be satisfied because they saw the chaos before when you could do whatever you wanted now we have the rule of law now patriotic songs on the stage behind me were briefly interrupted by the address of the russian president vladimir putin has visited the region and he spoke about the including so of the decision he had made five years ago if it really speaking of the problems faced by the region hopefully at least one of them has been fixed once and for all and that is elect electrical supply see crimea as being very dependent on ukraine on its vote previous owner so to speak we've had very well we've had very basic infrastructure very basic old infrastructure so we drew most of its electricity most of its electrical supply from ukraine and often key of would be either. incapable of or simply ignored willing to provide enough energy so people's homes
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would go dark repeatedly the whole of the peninsula would go dark today vladimir putin launched to power plants into the full capacity to. in fact this is so powerful that not only crimea is self-sufficient now but also it could export some of that power to other regions and so really the celebrations going on so this is this is a big day for crimea and for russia and for all the people who fled to the streets to celebrate. the u.s. secretary of state has defended washington's backing of the saudi led coalition's bombing campaign in yemen that follows a senate vote last week to withdraw all support my pompei all says its conduct continuation is the way to ensure just peace and to alleviate suffering in the war torn country the senators who voted i say they want to end the bombing in yemen and support human rights. but we really need to think about who schumann writes. if you
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truly care about your many lives you'd support the saudi led effort to prevent yemen from turning into a puppet state of the corrupt british islamic republic of iran the way to alleviate the many people suffering isn't to prolong the conflict by handicapping our partners in the fight but by giving the saudi led coalition the support needed to defeat arabian backed rebels and ensure just peace donald trump's arms deals with saudi arabia are expected to total three hundred fifty billion dollars and apart from military equipment washington provides riyadh with logistics and intelligence our correspondent steeper into the u.s. secretary of state's comments. the united states makes no secret of what it stands for freedom justice democracy and saudi arabia the white house stands firm on that even if the senate is having second thoughts voting to end u.s. support for riyadh's endless war in yemen saudi arabia's bloody war in yemen
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world's worst humanitarian disaster the horrific wall in yemen saudi led quagmire we are helping saudi arabia drop bombs on churches and weddings we all want this conflict to end if you truly care about your many lives you'd support the saudi led effort to prevent yemen from turning into a puppet state of the corrupt british islamic republic of iran as opposed to becoming a puppet of the free and fair saudi arabia but what do we know the saudis have waged a four year war against who the rebels who they call terrorists that has turned yemen into a humanitarian catastrophe worse even than syria four and five yemeni civilians twenty four out of twenty eight million need aid to survive
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three in five or twenty million i the on the brink already starving that is the pump a zero has a solution the united states has given more than two billion dollars to help the many people since the start of the conflict and saudi arabia has given over five hundred million dollars in two thousand and eighteen alone and is pledged an additional five hundred million dollars this year we work sowed to about two dollars per hungry civilian per month from washington but adds for the cameras you know where the real money is guns oh yes guns very very. high. five hundred thirty three million dollars five hundred twenty five million dollars the spinach view of. peanuts he says twelve point five billion dollars in that the u.s. is selling saudi arabia is peanuts what does that make the aid then but mr
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pompei zero is adamant if a little bit rabid in his support for saudi arabia and gun sales which really care about saudi lives you'd want to stop or run back through these from launching missiles into riyadh amazing how you can twist and turn reality on its head rather than protecting you many civilians from saudi arabia he's protecting saudi arabia from starving many civilians really and speaking of protecting saudi lives there is a tiste one life that washington didn't seem so concerned about mr howe shoji was the victim of a brutal and premium riyad brushed off ickes ations that the rule family washington was all too happy to support this explanation your way this relationship which. really really dollars profit us
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oil companies the banks the military or the trump government and usually not the administrations of democrat and republican serve the interests of big corporations and so many no relationship all that it means or how or why are you just now the priority not the lives of young men and other peoples r.a.b as well or without merit. for those of you know i will be back in let's say thirty seven minutes with another extremists.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they've mastered the u.s. with over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime families each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be old rich eight point six percent little market rose thirty percent some with four hundred to five hundred three first circuit first second and fifth when rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember in one one business show you know bored to miss the one and only boom box. mug shot i took it up myself.
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it was a little. touch of usha version of. the bush. years and then say i was going to second guess how you sound like for a minute and how much that you don't get me to the classics comes out there was nothing and never was a national post and. i don't know oh oh dear oh. we've been a real good shops to begin murders controls all life. becomes the middle class community young people deciding if they want to pull not allow clear paths not like the liberals are going back out of. the blue it's always
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drug school again you always have problems but you're going to focus a lot is the most ubiquitous thrown out there most police departments use it almost over stores in the school they could get their hands on them twenty four hours. we were chinese kids. about police brutality taking pride in them they are these kids are a part of history. officer . told them to get up off the ground to serve began to pay him down to. hurt them freaks on the sounds of men and maybe a grown man with misleading essentially. john. twisted away from the officer. of his group. the i'm sorry did they kind of lunge
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for the web in one smith's and then when it happened on trace one as i'm suspicious didn't hit him i never saw any contact with. any kind went back to where they were so the answers back here they're try again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun even turned three. when lawmakers manufacture consents and instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the finance merry go round of the one percent. thinking all middle of the road sit. around anymore you only prove.
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what politicians do or something. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so if you want to be president. or some want to wrestle. that's a way to proceed it's like the former three in the morning can't be good for i'm interested always in the wires in that hour. or so. there is one organized force which traditionally twenty floors but with all its
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flaws it's been in the forefront of the. efforts to improve the lives of the general population that's organized labor it's also a barrier to corporate tyranny so it's the one barrier to this vicious cycle going on which does lead to corporate tyranny. girl. or. a major reason for the concentrated. honest fanatic attack on unions our guys labor is they are a democratizing force. to provide a barrier that defends workers' rights but also popular rights generally. and that it interferes with the prerogatives now heard for those who own and manage this saturday. i should say said andy union sentiment in the
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united states among elites is so strong. that the fundamental couper of labor rights the basic principle in the international labor organization is the rate of free association which would mean the right to form unions and us has never ratified. but i think the us may be alone among major societies in that respect. it's considered so for. them or that the us has a lawn very violent labor history as. society. but the labor movement had been very strong by the one nine hundred twenty s. . period not unlike today it was virtually crushed robert reich.
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