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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  March 19, 2019 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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now very typical very disappointing political circus of talking points finger pointing and grandstanding followed by the tragic event but one moment this weekend stood out amongst all the noise in the buzz words it was an unplanned unexpected and passionate exchange between new york university student and muslim rights activists leaned back and chelsea clinton of the clinton dynasty while both of them were attending a vigil in new york for the victims of the christ church massacre take a listen. you're all the time in all this for you that is. to say a lot of. you say you know you're going to say today to see if this is the face here is the result that's ok still i feel like you would think that still and i want you to know that i want you to feel deep inside twenty nine people died just a minute but. i don't think you did i'm sorry you
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feel that we. need to believe that. the actions and words of the white was referring to were clinton's tweets condemning us representative bill on omar for having the audacity the audacity crazy of her to publicly question a pack in the israeli government's political influence over u.s. politicians naturally the elite on both sides of the aisle came screaming to the defense of poor poor poor poor her chelsea clinton as they do when one of their own is actually confronted and held accountable by one of the by one of us of the unwashed masses who are supposed to just shut up do was we're told and never ever question authority or the next in line for the throne it's going to be an interesting and fun and controversial show today so let's start by watching the hawks. want to see the tree get the. real that this would be the last piece of the plot of city.
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like you that i got. with that we. welcome her on the watching the hawks i am sorry for her joining me today is watching all the social media producers evan springer thank you for coming on and talking about this particular interesting piece of news that was insanely viral over the weekend. the young activist a mourner in the video who confronted chelsea clinton she faced some very intense pushback in the video. you know after the video went viral what is she saying publicly about her motivations for confronting clinton in this manner of what is but her response to all this well i want to say you're right she's faced massive backlash and then op ed they actually the woman who filmed it and the woman who is
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speaking to call in their own op ed for buzz feed in the article they actually said they have gotten death threats sexual assault threats hate like hate messages i mean everything you can imagine they have a now sort of national campaign against them but what is to me honestly a bit exciting is that they've doubled down and they said they're not sorry for it in that same article as well as on twitter they said they were quote speaking truth to power right centrally that they had the moment to speak with someone who is normally a pretty elite and this close of person and they took that chance and took that moment i know as someone who before being a journalist was an activist i have had someone moments where i've spoken directly to people in places of power or from families of power and it's the same feeling you have to take that moment we don't necessarily have a political system that allows us to feeling gauge in politics and have these conversations on on on an official scale so if it happens in a mosque or a charge on the sidewalk you have to take those moments. plus this is
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a muslim woman who was mourning muslims the vigil and i think one point she even tweeted out of there was a tweet saying that there was almost more white christians speaking you know celebrity type you know political celebrity speaking at this than actual muslim people mourning the loss everybody from i mean you talk about a united are apparently attacking chelsea clinton is a united i mean everyone from kathy griffin to junior's come out defending chelsea and attacking the way for actions deb what are what are these kind of chelsea defender missing or ignoring about the context of the situation well i think there's a lot to be said and as you can see in the tweets that are out right now everyone i mean rosie o'donnell. people who are just using this as a platform really now for themselves at this point much like what chelsea was doing so you can two weeks prior be helping sort of ignite a hate campaign against a black muslim moment ohana omar and then now you want to be in solidarity with muslims right i think that's what people are missing and by focusing sort of
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outrage on this video of her getting first off she wasn't shouted at she wasn't braided they raise their voice a little bit and spoke sternly with her and that's about it anyone can see in the video so i think it's just people are missing that the woman herself who is speaking to her was muslim and said this is how i feel in this out others in this very building feel in the cameras being held by an israeli woman as well as you know so it's kind of what has been made the victim as well as the white girl by the white gregg's redwood who's married to a goldman sachs executive but now suddenly the victim you know what message do you think is being truly lost whether you know by accident or on purpose and kind of all of this grandstanding around this well i think that in their op ed for a buzz feed the two women actually addressed this directly they said quote unfortunately people have cynically seized on this confrontation to divert attention from the conversation we need to be having about. bigotry and white
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supremacy they continue to say that they face death threats as i said earlier and they say in their haste to defend chelsea clinton people continue to vilify a muscle moment for speaking her so they're doing the exact same thing they're allegedly outraged with and it's a lot of celebrities who seem to just want to be building a platform off of this moment and it's really sad at the end of the day them because realistically this is again the moment where people need to be talking they need to be coming together in the fact that we can't i mean if we've gotten to this point now where we just we our political system is so destroyed that the only confrontation the only way we can reach those in power is in public places like you were mentioning earlier i mean you see the videos of people being confronted with restaurants politicians about things like that you know now it's look at chelsea's there are purple and was bombed a lot of a lot of muslim people over the course of years she has to be held accountable to that to sort of said even if she wasn't pulling the trigger that's her family's legacy right i mean when public officials and politicians and people who have been elected and make decisions that impact you know the lives of the masses of the
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public right and we feel that we don't have a protest of her says about somebody democracy that we can voice that in right well what else do we have exactly if your decisions impact others in the words you say in fact that's word comes into that it was either cut you off you never got to got to get to the next piece but always a pleasure having you on thank you so much for coming on and bringing us this in great stuff great stuff. the political fallout over the christchurch shooting is far from over and the politics of hate and fear mongering are once again thankfully being forced to confront their rhetoric which is why in the days of and weeks powering a tragedy like this we must stay as informed as possible else we too may fall for the politics of hate and fear and here to bring us the best information available to us today including new info on yet another shooting this time in the netherlands is r t america's actually breaks. dutch police have arrested with a fifth back to be responsible for a shooting at. tram in the city of utrecht leaving at least three dead and multiple
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people endured now the ones prime minister has told us is very worrying as police to raise the terror alert to the maximum level while searching for the suspect around eleven forty am local time authorities the world learned of a shooting at a tram and a residential neighborhood trauma helicopters an armored police were then dispatched to the scene authorities describe the suspect as a thirty seven year old turkish national german police have increased surveillance on the country's border with another lens while they were searching for the gunmen both the dutch and german authorities were surveilling major highways minor crossing and railways the country's counterterror coordinator senate tweet the crisis team would meet to discuss the situation now as shooting comes yes and days after a gunman opened fire into mosque in new zealand killing fifty people that sense that and mark the country's worst mass shooting in modern history and a state of shock it still felt across the country as things like this don't happen in new zealand philip turner new zealand's ambassador to south korea says attacks
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like of this should never take place. if the prime minister has said these last few days have been among the darkest days in new zealand history this is you know president a senseless act of violence against innocent people which we condemn. this is not who we are as a people in new zealand museum does not as a peaceful society that is welcome in the church is diversity kindness compassion this kind of violence has no place in that society. a christ church a gun shop is now acknowledging it sold guns on line to the twenty eight year old white supremacists responsible for these deaths the gunman identified as brenton harrison talent in australia national was sold for guns and ammunition through police a verified online mail order process but country's prime minister says we attack it's exposed a range of weaknesses and these ilands gun laws adding gun law reform will be
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announced in just a matter of days and investigation walls will be conducted into intelligence and security services that fail to detect errant was up to something he didn't appear on any government security watch list nor did he have a criminal record in new zealand many voiced their concerns saying the intelligence agencies were to focus on the muslim community and preventing security risk there as opposed to looking at also billions despite their race or religion karen who has made it clear he does not want legal representation is due to appear in court on april fifth the prime minister says turin is expected to face additional charges reporting in washington national banks are to be. as we go to break my heart watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered over facebook you tube and twitter and see your full shows on r t v dot com coming up investigative journalist bums one joins us to discuss the latest twists in terms of the national security agency's latest claims of finally ending
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a major spying program but you know you have to say things are never as they appear to be my friend stay to watch the whole. drew on friday oh. dear it's really. been a real good shots to begin murders controls all life. becomes i'm sorry the last communities young people are deciding this they want to be not like their parents not like them liberals. the blacks are
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always drug school again you always have problems but your level of focus and law is the most ubiquitous known out there most police departments use it almost every sisters in the school felt that they could get their hands on a gun was in twenty four hours. through it teach nice kids both racism both police brutality taking cried at them to all these kids all of a hard call history. shows seemed wrong when old rules just don't hold. any new world to me yet to shape our disdain becomes agitated and in detroit because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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during the great depression which are old enough to remember that it was most of the family were working. there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objectively day but there was an expectation of the things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america where shade by the ten principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attacks. engineer elections manufacture consent and other principle holds according to. one set of rules for the rich. that's what happens when you put her into the. sector will switch with
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is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. but before we get to the cloak and dagger of the n.s.a. let's talk about the united states cloak and dagger operations that no one admits exists and we move on now to the latest an ongoing political fight for the leadership in venezuela. this week it's reported that the elected president of venezuela nicolas maduro has asked his entire cabinet for their resignations for more on this we're joined from miami with the latest on this interesting twist as r.t. america's john how did john thank you so much for coming on and you know bring us up to date on what's he got to venezuela why is nicolas maduro now asking his
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cabinet to reside and it hasn't happened yet what's the time why a timeframe of this yeah it's a good question time. it's good to be with you by the way we haven't heard if the entire cabinet has resigned news of this just to kind of set the scene for the news of this came from venezuelan vice president bill c. rodriguez who tweeted out yesterday that it had asked his entire executive cabinet to be relieved from their dirty duties in order to restructure the government she says in this tweet adding that the reorganization is aimed at protecting the as she says fatherland and goes on to say from any threat now this of course comes tyrrel as you and your viewers know is venezuela still really from you know the widespread blackouts that have really thrown the country into you know overall darkness really further exacerbating the ongoing political situation there and one that suggested could be the result of a high tech cyber warfare attack by the united states and or electromagnetic
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attacks he says by infiltrators attacking the power grid from within the electrical you know company and within the electrical system what is likely also along with the accusations and ongoing speculation and to near say that the massive power failure is also the result of years of under-investment in the country's power grid and power plants and overall lack of maintenance but you know having said all that over the weekend there were doing rallies in venezuela both for and against the madeira government thousands of supporters marched through caracas on saturday while there was a counter-rally opposition rally with one that was held in the city of aleppo which is outside of caracas and why don't maintains tyrrel that the opposition is not going to stop until the madeira government is replaced however that happens and blame the ongoing power problems not on infiltration or sabotage but poor maintenance and lack thereof it's interesting because you have two of the biggest players outside of as well as the u.s.
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and russia right mel those officials officials from both those countries are meeting in rome is there any word what may come out of those. discussions between u.s. and russian officials. yeah tyrrell this is important because these are two of the main players as you were just talking about the u.s. a special representative to venezuela elliott abrams is meeting with russian deputy foreign minister sergey lavrov because of as he said they're going to be scheduled for meetings tomorrow because said the positions of moscow and washington and these are his words are diametrically opposed on the question of how to encourage negotiations between the venezuelan government and the opposition but that there is no reason he says the u.s. and russia shouldn't address the question and talk about it and i think there are people on both sides that agree with that radical of also said that. that they will do everything to protect the cooperation with caracas that russia's government will do everything to protect beyond go in cooperation and added that russia will warn
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the u.s. against using force and other forms of unlawful pressure on the legitimate legitimate government in caracas you know remember abrams said and you guys have reported on this on your show that all options remain on the table with venezuela and it's something off repeated by members of the trump administration including national security advisor john bolton and secretary of state mike pompei o but there's really agreement that military intervention would really be the worse case scenario and unadvisable there are also new questions i should mention here about how to handle venezuelan immigrants seeking asylum in the u.s. president trump and elliott abrams have both advocated for granting emergency asylum for more than seventy thousand venezuelans here in the u.s. they don't have to return to venezuela against their will but there's this wrangling going on between the white house national security council and the trump administration over how to provide such immigration relief with the trumpet mr
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ations own ongoing immigration crackdown on refugees and asylum seekers so those that like. sodomy going on right now in the administration tyrrell you know this is this is a fascinating and frightening picture all at the same time in the in a great job in laying that out for us and kind of looking at all the sides of play the last thing that's interesting is we're talking about the would scary of the of the potential for u.s. invasion into bed as whaler or some kind of problem happening there militarily american airlines has canceled flights to venezuela that's something you don't see very often have they resumed what's the future with this. well and this is really intriguing no they have not resumed they american airlines shut down a direct flights to caracas on friday instead the airlines basically using partner affiliates for trips to venezuela you know flying out of miami to say panama city panama and then on words this was an issue for one group the u.s. peace council whose leader buckman assad was on with your t.v.
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earlier today suggested that american is using the cancellations to put pressure on madeira government here's what he said it's interesting listen. though we had no explanation from american airlines but many about delegates who were flying out of miami to caracas were told the flights were cancelled because airport is without their electricity but we will be in touch with the venezuelan authorities and we knew that the airport was not. without electricity so other airlines were flying in and out of court but american airlines just just stopped our. passengers in miami a few about delegates were stuck in miami for and they had to change their tickets to another airline to be able to go to caracas. so whether american is using the cancellations as a political tactic remains to be seen but what did happen was that american airlines and again this is an intriguing point listen to this suspended flights to
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venezuela amid pressure from its pilots union based on the u.s. state department level for travel advisory warning about the country other countries with a level four advisory include syria libya somalia and afghanistan so there's some debate whether or not venezuela really should be on that list that's another story that said most major airlines have pulled trips to venezuela because of that state department advisory american was the last major u.s. operator to fly to venezuela so you know there are still flights but it's just more expensive logistically time consuming and a lot of questions about that's going on this is going to go on that's incredible where we're putting venezuela now in terms of company of other nations thank you very much for that in-depth reporting on how to be proud of miami thank you so much . my pleasure thanks. like a bolt from the blue we thought the gods of transparency and accountability had some to say gift down from the heavens back in early march when the new york times
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headline read disputed n.s.a. phone program is shut down yes the long controversial system that collects and logs u.s. citizens domestic calls and text the george w. started in edward snowden blew the whistle on the phone records surveillance program that one was finally being shut down or so we thought you did you see despite snowden and glenn greenwald's tweets many experts are now saying that while yes indeed the program may be over but not for the good reasons of transparency and accountability journalists now fees for insurge intelligence writes that quote according to two former top n.s.a. officials interviewed by insurge there is no credible reason to believe that n.s.a. phone surveillance has truly been shut down to help us sort through all of this shut down no shutdown maybe have shut down and all the he said intelligence official said going on here we welcome investigative journalist and founder of truth and media mr bunce one ben thank you for joining us they tyrrell yeah not all
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of us believe like a thunderbolt out of the sky that it was going to happen but some some hope for it one that's you know right off the bat i've got to ask is this phone records collection and spying system you know as i mentioned snowden blew the whistle on greenwald reported on the whole world was watching it is it actually finally no more of the original one that they were talking about is that no longer being used so is it couple things number one the n.s.a. is never said officially that it wasn't it was kind of leaked out that they hadn't really used it in the last two years so think about what that says they did not say at any point that they did not believe that this was a good program or useful program even though it hasn't been because it's not netted one single terrorist but what they did say is that well we haven't really used that in two years it doesn't mean they got rid of it it just means that the existing technology. is antiquated and so they now they have advance what they're doing using new technology wow so was there any indication by the you know the reporting
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of these two former n.s.a. whistle blowers it was tim drake. thomas. rust. as to as to what the kind of what what what might be happening here and what kind of technology are we talking about moving forward yes so a couple things on that so tice specifically says that he says if anything the n.s.a. no longer needs the particular meditator program that they were using keep in mind when snowden revealed this program in going off for a few years and when he revealed it was twenty thirteen it's been six years i mean how much has as messaging phone data all that advanced in the last six years so it's been tremendous he says they no longer need the particular program to parse the card catalog mehta data and they can mine the content data directly with enhanced algorithms and processing and strappy and so essentially what tyson is saying is look the program they had in the past they didn't stop using it because it was ineffective even though it was they've stopped using it because the
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technology is as advance to the point where they don't have to collect all this metadata anymore and algorithms are actually performing the same function for them it's also important to note that they're all the reporting of this you know the fantastic isn't this great news that it's over the n.s.a. has never even once said that the program should go away. well that they shouldn't be using even though they've acknowledged in one of the congress again that not one single terrorist not one terrorist operation was ever netted through that program while you know it's interesting because after that after snowden blew the whistle we you know ben had the quote unquote reform of the two thousand and fifteen usa freedom act that was supposed to kind of rain all this in but really authorize it for another few years that's now coming to an end in twenty nineteen this upcoming december but we've barely heard a whisper about this on capitol hill no one's really talking about is the surveillance state really willing to let this authorization expire or do they need
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it anymore. i'm not i'm not sure they necessarily needed and that's i think some of what what journalists who are looking at this are really considering is there's been so little talk about it is it really to the point where that the n.s.a. in the cia they don't really need anything that's been in existence of the past the technology has advanced fast enough and far enough that a lot of what they're doing doesn't require the you know an extension of laws that were created in the past because remember the law in the freedom act was based upon technology if you base the law upon technology it is going to constantly become antiquated and costly need to be revised based upon technology but the law did not do with actually stand up for freedom and actually gave up our freedom that's why it was ironic that it was called the freedom act it was afraid that that was the loss of freedom act and so until we get back to laws that protect civil liberties and not deal with direct technology it's always going to become
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a most definitely but i'm swan thank you so much for coming on and talking with us with us about this important issue always a pleasure several things. good for those of us who grew up with a drastic park childhood we've been waiting for cloned beast from the past crammed into amusement park zoo for quite some time now enter the brilliant scientists who using female mouse eggs were able to kickstart twenty eight thousand year old wooly mammoth cells yes the mammoth cells awaken for a short period of time falling short of cell division though due to the incredibly damaged nuclei from this ancient ancient engine cell and while we are still far away from resurrecting these ancient beasts of the ice age let's let's not forget that we also have to work to save the great beasts of our present before some day in the future our children's children's children's children's and rhinos and the bears that we're losing today. ladies and gentlemen that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we are not told the real of the tell you all i love you i am tyrone van. keep on watching those hawks and have
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a great day and night everybody. want a shot i took it up on soldier that a. possible solution i said left and i thought it was a little i. was usha version of. the bush. years now and then say i just got a second how you and the settlers no matter how much that you don't get me to just say that they were partisan and never was a national post by now. i've
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been saying the numbers mean something they've mastered the us with over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime families each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be old rich the food six percent and little market close to thirty percent some with one hundred five hundred three first circuit her second and fifth one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember in one one business showed you know bored to miss the one and only boom bust.
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varying priorities. to slow to stop the spread of footage of friday's mob shootings in new zealand but to switch to secretly silence political news it's the discipline safe. if i put certain stories about certain political issues i can shout all bad so that's what my concern is when they continue to ban these kinds of things can ban this kind of stuff that only going to perpetuate shadows. the venezuelan government announces the so-called occupation of its offices in the us. for the opposition for control of the consulate.


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