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i think. the. only. right through the. resignation of the president. so the program this. priority was facebook. spread of. shooting. church but to swift. political. theory. if i put certain stories about certain political issues i am shadow and so. that's what my concern is when they continue to ban these kinds of things can ban this kind of stuff that's only going to perpetuate shadow. government.
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occupation of its offices in the us. for control of. new york. around the clock across the world this is your international from the team and myself you know neal hello welcome top story the republic of first only leader. president of the country after almost three decades i'm joined in the studio by. shock knees i think it's safe to say eighteen million digesting this news right now . but first of all i have to say this is not. just
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a random presidential resignation resignation they say is the end of an era and just a couple of facts to support this idea. has announced his resignation after twenty nine years in power while serving his fifth term as president he has been the first and the only president of kazakhstan since its independence from the soviet union of course in one thousand nine hundred ninety so. in a special televised address to the nation earlier on tuesday simply saying i have made the decision to end my duties as president no one can say for sure what he was driven by while taking this decision but this is the matter of fact already according to the country's constitution. the country's senate speak her the head of the parliament's upper temper will act as the interim president until a new president is elected and. i want to remind you that not all the time that arrives last term was expected to and april twenty twenty. would have been
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just over a year left in his term right now is he leaving the political spotlight is he going is one way retirement i guess he's in this. or is he going to stay with his price for more i'm pretty sure that we're going to hear about this man first of all according to the country's legislation again he will keep the post of the country's security council and this is a very important and powerful body responsible for a variety of decisions including military decisions so i'm pretty sure that that's all done that a buyer who is a very prominent politician in a key political figure for his country for cuz i stand will will continue to play a important role in the country's political life. big decision you know when you look at power in terms of oil two million barrels of oil per almost per day as well big news thank you very much for being. right up to date on the breaking news this
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hour. moving all nuts a busy tuesday facebook is facing sharp criticism for failing to prevent the live streaming of friday's mosque shootings in new zealand and the subsequent circulation of the footage the country's prime minister just sent to our journey said that social media sites need to do far more to tackle the spread of extremist content. i would call on our social media platforms of all variety to demonstrate the kind of responsibility that both lead to these have been and that includes stars who pitched the messages in the aftermath there's a lot of work that needs to be done. for our own seventeen minutes the gunman live stream the massacre which left fifty people dead on facebook shortly after the video appeared on other social media sites the platforms did try to block the content but reportedly it could still easily be found hours after the atrocity. in
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the first twenty four hour was removed one point five million views of the attack globally of which over one point two million were blocked and upload we continue to work around the clock to remove violating contemned using a combination of technology and people lose no we are working vigilantly to remove any violent footage. well facebook was only notified about what had happened twelve minutes after the live stream and did police in new zealand as you can see here of warn people about spreading the footage is punishable by imprisonment we are also turning jennifer braden media analyst lionel how social media giant should be addressing the challenges posed by their technologies. i respectfully submit that when you show violence against human be it's a form of pornography we have to as a society say no facebook you can do much better for kids for
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people who would see this not necessarily because it would inspire the next shooting which is very well good because these losers need some form of acclimation out of just human decency without bringing in the government and laws and penalties and we're hearing from officials government officials from the prime minister in new zealand talking about preventing future attacks like this and then going on to censoring when this attack happens how in the world does that prevent this attack we're spending so much time talking about we can have videos like this with as or so or i think it might lead to more rather than answering questions that need to be asked i mean one of the main problems i'm seeing here is that we continue to put band-aids on gunshot wounds and we need to stop that we need to stop putting band-aids on we need to stop saying let's just stop everybody from that you guys until we can get rid of x. rated movies should it come down immediately yes should this be kept from the public yes take it down i want facebook and others abroad to have us active you
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know whatever and out of the our world and all they have we're talking to you now and you're telling me about t.v. do you know they're talking about arguing people will hardly blinded from these sightings will follow a line dead but you're not talking about how will this prevent it nobody's talked about prevented the question is should be banned them say yes and what i want facebook to do is if i put certain stories about certain political issues i am shadow bad. so no fast and i want them to use that technology in their genius to figure out wait a minute we're having somebody right now people are being killed this is going to come down from our platform what my concern is when we continue to ban these kinds of things can ban this kind of stuff that's only going to perpetuate shadel ban and that's something i agree should never happen but we're given subject and our and authority to social media platforms to tent that that is allowed so when to hurt us later we don't know who they're going to not like it's all subjective no matter
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what kind of computer algorithm at the end of the day it will be subjective now listen dr burke do me a favor if you see somebody shooting and killing people shut it down or talk about it later don't have a debate do you think that maybe we're giving one person die die die die die die the right to automatically and who's to say whether this could one day be done today people being shot dead whether this might include war coverage how many mean it while as we're debating this there's some kids where would you ever talk about watching this seeing real time slaughter or the families of these people or whatever of this is violent pornography yes this is horrible that i never want to see this i never want my children to see this i don't want any person to be subject to this kind of violence to this horrible obscene material these publications but this is what i have seen governments cannot stop this these companies cannot stop
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this people who post something positive about donald trump are being taken off of social media because of social media heads and managers and so we want them to ban other things instead of us and that is my main thing is that they can't they will not. or facebook is facing public scrutiny not just the rich handling of hate content but also it treats personal data it's been a year since the scandal broke concerning political consulting firm cambridge analytic it reportedly bought personal data from facebook which it then sold on to third parties who used it to leverage political advantage all quarter looks at whether facebook's privacy policies have changed since. one might say facebook's had a productive year in its fight against fake news perhaps you've seen their war room . read the headlines.
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and heard the assurances we've deployed new ai tools that do a better job of identifying fake accounts that may be trying to interfere in elections or spread misinformation mark zuckerberg has gone after both sides of the political spectrum from alex jones to the russia friendly left it's also been a year since it broke that the social media giant had sold off the data of eighty million users to a political advertising firm transferred facebook data to cambridge analytic or personal data mined from nearly eighty seven million facebook users the largest security breach in the company's history this is this is a challenge for our cloud companies so what is facebook actually done aside from zuckerberg saying sorry that is not it was a big mistake and that was a mistake and it was my mistake and i'm really sorry that this happened i'm sorry and i'm sorry for it spoiler alert and not a lot facebook promised
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a forensic audit of cambridge analytic but never delivered then they said they'd look into apps with suspicious activity and punish those who broke privacy rules the last we heard of that was august twenty eighth and then there was the promise of a new option to clear personal information from the platform if the user wants facebook said that the changes would only take a few months back in may last year and we're still left empty handed but will facebook come out unscathed the researcher behind the cambridge analytical app is suing facebook for defamation alex did not lie alex was not to for all its alex did not deceive them this was not a scam facebook knew exactly will this app was doing was should have known facebook desperately needed to scapegoat and alex was the scapegoat at the same time a british newspaper is reporting that some facebook shareholders may have been complicit in the data harvesting and the buck doesn't stop there either the federal government is now investigating how zuckerberg treats client privacy. to see deeks
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very seriously recent reports raises substantial concerns to both the privacy broke to sophie's book it's been a year since the biggest privacy scandal in social media but at least facebook's gotten around to censoring alternative media donald quarter r.t. . and moving on no front armed forces minister has attacked the trumpet ministration for putting pressure on washington's nato allies to buy u.s. made weapons she say's the integrity of the alone should not be undermined by america's financial interest. the alliance should be unconditional. otherwise it's not in the lines. and they. close it's called article five not article if thirty five while in the statement that you just heard the french defense minister was
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referring to us cohen but aircraft which is after thirty five an hour the minister was expressing concern over u.s. president donald trump quite as she said conditional approach towards nido and european allies she was speaking at the atlantic council where she stressed that anna stein that europe move away from full dependency on u.s. weapons supplies and she also spoke on long term u.s. commitment to nato this is how the french minister slammed trump's idea of a needle solidarity. europe has a single most open markets. and i'm personally more concerned at the notion that the strengths of nato. might be made conditional on allies buying this or that equipment the french minister's
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words are highlighted by the recent spat between the u.s. and turkey and the us a blast at turkey's refusal to abandon its deal with russia to buy russia's as four hundred air defense systems now it cooled to one of the major stumbling blocks in the relations between the two countries but were concerned about their purchase of the russian air defense system called b s four hundred the big problem you know it goes against our policy to have a nato allies such as turkey use an ass four hundred system part of the problem with that is that it is not in iraq robel with other nato systems we've also made it clear to turkey that we have very serious. concerns with its stated plans to proceed with the acquisition of the russian s four hundred missile defense system calling for you were to become more and more independent from u.s. weapons supplies is not something new just last year the french presence in
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mainland mccraw in the voice decades old idea to create a real european army which would be independent from its a partner on the other side of the atlantic but the us president donald trump harshly criticized that he even called it insulting so it's really saying is that what's happening now is that some needle countries are willing to move away from being fully dependent on u.s. weapons supplies while washington is doing everything in its power to stop that from taking place. ok let's go through some of the el specs of this story i'm happy to say we can cross the partisan to corvus a former advisor to the french defense and interior ministries you are welcome sir to what extent are the trumpet ministrations auction eroding europe's faith in nato . of. or french minister of defense and i would ask the
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question are the european countries realizing i policed that u.s. no more or allies that's a good thing and i think her collaboration. on the five from the nato charter is not off the. thirty five which is. a joke which is. very good. clarification of the. you know. president trump is. very much. attacked in europe and the all the european countries on this specially in france and he was attacked during year's campaign already. because they didn't want him. i would say i am rather happy that trump has been elected because now oh he says.
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more abruptly more. brutal and vulgar our way the real policy of the us regarding europe and regarding france particularly my country then i think was right to say that and that's a fundamental very important point that. unless we leave that's my position that's not the position of everybody but that's my position unless we leave nato we cannot built we cannot go further in the construction of european independence and european defiance of that's. the main point and i think. is
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helping us in realizing this fact which is a pure fact and if i can add some seeing well let me just add a void is an issue not a point because you're talking about the future how likely is it that europe will take further steps towards establishing its own military with this news. yeah i replied just not here but the knock on effect what happens now mr corvet do you think that europe will take further steps towards establishing its own military . wow. that's a dream that that. idea of some european people and especially. from the french people. european defense is impossible unless you have the same
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object the less you have the same people you have the same interest in the world and we are completely not completely but largely different interests in the world than for example the countries are all italian are or spain portugal and also us then we you need first of all to come on the basement of your interest if we have common interests we can construct something together for example. us. odds are big realisations of europe are not. ok time is just mr corvet as alan carville is former adviser to the french defense and interior ministries thank you for your time this hour. on the news continues right after this.
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what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president and should. want.
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to go right to be crooks that's what the full story of the book can't be the. interest is always in the logs it. should. be. a law can be venezuelan government tells the nine swats it's called the seizure of its diplomatic buildings in the united states after opposition representatives began taking control of them caracas has labeled it illegal and forceful occupation after washington recognized the third interim president along hawaii to venice well it broke off diplomatic relations with the u.s. withdrew gets done calling us the latest. this choir. it's street is the latest
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battleground for venezuela a country thousands of miles away and opposition leader why does representatives are planning to seize control of this building the military attache carlos vicki it was one guy goes so-called ambassador to the united states before entering the military attaché is building he took control of another nearby building owned by the venezuelan government he was able to do so simply by calling a locksmith and perhaps more importantly receiving the blessing of the u.s. state department and they destroying everything so that's what they have done here that basically they destroyed this house and again this is an ass and does belong to the venezuelan sun day instead of preserving preserving the assets that just just i mean you saw what they did and so imagine the they do these here in the u.s. you can imagine what they are doing in venezuela. outside the military attaché is
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building vecchio raise the venezuelan flag pounding out code being protesters chanting hands off venezuela inside the building vecchio replaced a portrait of elected president nicolas maduro with one of white though it's not the first time the u.s. has recognized alternative figures in place of an existing government in two thousand and eleven washington did the same in syria and seven years later but is still in power i don't have any doubt that their benefits are ready for a change the change will call and he hasn't come because we haven't they don't cheat in this way that we have on the table that he's willing to kill the people he's got into privilege but that would be the end meanwhile vecchio is setting his sights on the venezuelan embassy and may seize that building as early as wednesday in washington dan cohen r t. america's earline regulator is facing increased scrutiny over its certification of posture planes report suggests
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the federal aviation. administration loading the money train company behind the boeing seven three seven months to assess its own safety the jet model has been involved in two deadly crashes and another emergency landing since october trying to show that the tubes. the wall street journal is reporting that the u.s. department of transportation has opened an investigation into the f.a.a. is approval of boeing's seven thirty seven max eight planes the report comes after the seven thirty seven max the planes were all globally grounded last week in the wake of the two deadly accidents involving the aircraft model now according to the report the investigation will be focused on an automatic safety system implicated in the october crash involving lyon air in indonesia it is unknown if the ethiopian airlines flight that crashed a week ago will play any role in this investigation or not now the report also says that a subpoena has also been issued by a grand jury in washington seeking documents including quote correspondence e-mails
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and other messages from at least one person involved in the development of the seven thirty seven max planes however this has not been independently verified now both crashes which occurred only five months apart are being investigated by the indonesian and ethiopian governments with the help of the u.s. and boeing now officials are saying there are clear similarities between the two crashes meanwhile the development of the aircraft also coming under fire many saying that for decades the f.a.a. has relied on employees of airplane manufacturers to do airplane inspections as planes are designed or assembled but according to the associated press critics of the system dubbed the design e program as too cozy as company employees do work for an agency charged with keeping the skies safe while being paid by an industry that the f.a.a. is regulating the f.a.a. does acknowledge that it doesn't have the resources to keep up with the growing aviation industry and experts say that it lacks the personnel to inspect every component especially those made in other countries but the agency says that is. the
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programmers old speak for themselves the u.s. has the safest skies in the world up until last april u.s. passenger airlines did not have a fatality since two thousand and nine while carrying several million passengers now boeing has announced it's working with the f.a.a. to finalize a software update to make planes safer reporting in new york trinity charges are to be. over some insight into the business side of the boeing case we cross live today is a marketing branding expert welcome in terms of safety leslie own reputation as well is this on precedent in. a reportedly the book essentially on safety sure to figure. well i think what's going on not an expert in the aviation industry my background is branding i'm a consumer psychologist so i can imagine a very good reasons why people pass a book. on the kits that spend that people have specially with but it's your money
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after everybody stays the important thing i think is what happens to the brand in the long term. you know if there are dangers inherent in that the product that the ground supports it will have a major impact on the ground however i think it's fair to say that boeing and other manufacturers about mines in this position before maybe not quite this. continuously in terms of accidents but certainly. it's not an industry with a completely and let me record and in the past it would seem that brands have survived and indeed prospered in the long term so i think it's fair to say that the the brunt damage although it's going to be considerable for the moment and i think i've seen one report that suggests about eight billion pounds been wiped off the brand equity in the us that's not including the loss and about you simply brand
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equity thing that drives. it to what extent people will prefer to buy this brand and high caliber restore its reputation then you know two fatal seven three seven like crashes in five months an ongoing investigation much in they've got their work. a greedy day they have any brand in this situation is going to have to work very hard and i think it's important also to think about this in terms of the actual custom and so people who fly. passengers by and large don't make any major discriminations to the aircraft that they fly on and they need it in most cases they're not terribly aware of it and the people that do make that choice tend to be. new customers business customers and that's not against them as if they heard the airlines in droves because of this that will have a knock on effect on those outlines however the reputation of the airlines which is
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also a ground of course will let me get it not just the next and. the longer term issue and indeed i want to. see at the moment is the contracts that people have to buy this round buys them three separate and taking quite a hit and that's where the real value is going to be lost i think in the short term people who spits you know business contacts very very risk averse because of course that impacts on their business and it opens them up to. chris thanks so much for eg giving us your take on all that leslie helen marketing and branding expert life on the program and that is our lot for not seeing them thirty more preppers right ahead.
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with this manufactured sentenced to a public will. when the ruling close is protect them so. when the final clear your own lives only the will. to ignore middle roots to. the real news is. you know if i can say that i own for example all the brooklyn bridge and i and i sell a bond against the brooklyn bridge and i sell a billion dollar multibillion dollar bond against the brooklyn bridge while the show somebody's going to come when i say ok i will deliver the brooklyn bridge and i say why can't i have a deep just like in the two thousand a subprime crisis there were no deeds for the houses that goldman sachs.


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