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intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. u.s. president hosts his brazilian counterparts in washington d.c. to reiterate his support for venezuela's opposition leader. and woman a. german court must be held accountable for drone attacks conducted by the us from an army base in the european country right through from soviet times . resignation its president. varying priorities was facebook too slow to stop the spread of the footage of friday's shooting in christ church but too swift to secretly silence accounts for political views it seems as. if i put certain stories about certain political
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issues in shadow bag so. what my concern is when they continue to ban these kinds of things can ban this kind of stuff that's only going to perpetuate shadows. wide this is international newsroom with your update this hour first for you on the program the brazilian president. has met with donald trump in washington earlier this tuesday part of the talks focused on whether brazil would be willing to participate in a military operation against nicolas maduro the government in venezuela once again called on the venezuelan military to end its support for the embattled president saying that he's not acting in the interests of his country we call on members of the venezuelan military to end their support for. who is really nothing more
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than a cuban puppet and finally set their people free. all right let's talk now to gregory well put his co-founder of the web site venezuela analysis dot com welcome to r.t. donald trump is not ruling out military intervention in venezuela he also said earlier that he was sounding out president also naro about any brazilian involvement in venezuela's crisis i just want to play you something from a news conference about an hour ago and get your thoughts on it larry options on the table with respect to venezuela he would like to think this involved. so i mean we haven't even discussed it we're going to discuss it today so gregory there state how likely is a u.s. military in that intervention and what what kind of support would brazil provide well it's kind of difficult to say exactly how likely it is because there are those for one thing i mean certainly the trumpet moves duration of the consists of many individuals who are very eager for a military intervention and there's been
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a lot of talk that they might do something like. panama style and intervention in venezuela but at the moment the problem is that the neighboring countries are not at all in favor of this and so the u.s. would have to go a little long and so they're having to weigh that ass against each other so i'm thinking they're hoping for that interracial of the situation in britain and then depending on how things go on there might push for an actual military which i think . throughout all this perhaps unsurprisingly the polls suggest nicolas maduro has ratings as slipping some suggesting that among the poorest faith let's have be honest it's an extremely impoverished country but among the poorest fifth his ratings at eighteen percent can necklace manure oh survive without that base of supporters. well he doesn't have politically needs a base of supporters and it continues to have it i don't think it's going to i mean
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certainly the economic situation could get worse and that more people could abandon ours their support for the government but to our historically speaking i think between twenty and twenty five percent is kind of the the hard core. pro-government a section of the population which tends to come from the poor neighborhoods and that's unlikely to wrote especially in circumstances where people are feeling that they're being assaulted from the united states and that the government needs to defend itself that's more likely going to actually serve as a rallying cry and a rallying point for people to stick to do it or actually washington is consistently accusing russia of exacerbating the problems in venezuela the secretary of state accusing russia and cuba for that matter of being bad actors and starving venezuela as somebody who watches what's happening in venezuela closely how do you see it yes there are certainly you know are. there is. the problem a certain
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a certainly are trying to i'm sorry i missed the main point of your question that russia and cuba are being accused by the united states of starving venezuela is that how you say it. yes absolutely there and they're definitely trying to starve and try to get the per population to turn against the government but that is like i said it's going to serve more as a rallying point and then i under my in the government unless the situation gets significantly worse economically speaking which is of course a very distinct possibility now that our oil exports the united states are going to stop and the u.s. government is trying to sanction russian banks is trying to sanction indian banks in order to prevent exports from from going to other countries and some oil proceeds going being transferred through other banks they're trying to basically cut off all financial flows of venezuela which still depends to
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a significant amount for its domestic consumption on imports and if it doesn't get that foreign currency it cannot import and that would literally start people and so on if that happens then of course not because there are certain provoke a major crisis our i mean it's already a crisis situation but much first more serious crisis and of course fresh sanctions again on tuesday from the united states how does that make you fail given that at the same time the united states spends a lot of time in order to try to highlight venezuela's humanitarian crisis while on the same hand striking its economy. yes i mean it's very hypocritical that's for sure on the one hand holding the tens of billions of dollars in export earnings that dennis miller could have and at the same time offering maybe twenty million dollars and in other words a teeny tiny fraction of that you know. so-called humanitarian aid and it's clear
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that the humanitarian what they're calling humanitarian aid is actually designed specifically to further undermine the government because it would go directly to support for the parallel government of one door and you know obviously is meant to shore up your support and to to are and it's a very highly politicized aid that of course of the aid agencies of all rejected but it's a very conscious strategy to to undermine the middle government and to support the parallel government by doing ok gregory well from venezuela analysis dot com thanks for sharing your insight on. earlier on monday the united states and brazil also signed an agreement allowing washington to launch rockets and satellites from brazil it said that would allow the united states to reduce fuel consumption by thirty percent for its launch is also on the agenda was an apparent trip to the cia for the whose son has been active about the spy agency on twitter but back home the
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brazilian media is primary focus isn't on the u.s. visit but on reports the presidential families alleged ties to violent gangs kalam open house. bolsa naro who is meeting with u.s. president donald trump holding a press conference apparently he's facing a pretty big scandal back in brazil a scandal related to his family and their ties to right wing militia groups that have engaged in both murder and extortion now we saw that earlier this month the arrest of two former police officers who have been charged with the killing of councilwoman marielle franco she was assassinated they're charged with the killing now these individuals actually live on the same street that molson our lives in in rio where his rio home is located and when the house was raided they discovered one hundred seventeen automatic rifles in the home as well as computers containing a whole lot large amount of intelligence and surveillance of left wing activists
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left wing journalist as well as left wing political leaders now right wing militias and the terrorist activities they've engaged in have long been a scourge on brazil let's review some of what the country has faced.
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now in addition to that there was a scandal in january when five members of a rightwing gang were arrested and it turned out that the mother and wife of the leader of that gang was employed by the president's son flavio in addition to that of the president and his son were seen posing at a birthday party with members of the gang and flavio awarded a medal of honor a brazilian medal of honor on to one of the gang's leaders and now in two thousand and eleven a judge was brutally murdered and prior to the murder which many suspected was the work of these kind of right wing militia operations many says noted that both flavio the son of also an r. and b. also naro made statements basically saying that this judge had humiliated police
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officers and could have anime and and it was it was quite harsh are referring to evil outcomes in the hunt for security agents now a photograph has surfaced of bolsa naro posing for a picture with. one of these suspects arrested for the murder of mariel franco the councilwoman now it's also been revealed that their homes are rather close to each other they are essentially neighbors however when confronted about it both in our own denied having any ties to this individual who is now being charged for the murder of an elected official media that has always criticize me they want to do simplistically a connection but i never saw the gentleman in my gated community i don't read is going to have much time to you know you can gauge and social life with them it's important to note that this is actually both soros first international trip since he was elected president of brazil he is meeting today with u.s. president donald trump however earlier he met with the u.s. central intelligence agency the cia at a closed doors meeting with paulson r.-o.
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and in addition to that he spoke to the u.s. chamber of commerce and when he spoke to the u.s. chamber of commerce also naro remarked nowadays you have a president who is a friend of the united states and admires this beautiful country speaking glowingly of donald trump so people have their eyes on the white house where the two leaders the leader of brazil and leader of the united states are having their historic meeting. republic of kazakhstan first and only president nursultan nazarbayev has resigned off the almost three decades in power rif an ocean and told us more about the unexpected announcement. and there are still tons above has announced his resignation after twenty nine year is in power a while serving his feet term as the country's president he had been in fact the first and only president of kazakstan seen since independence from the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred this is something really for eighteen million people
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who sure enough the time of the five has announced his resignation in a special televised address to the nation earlier in tears to simply saying i have made the decision to end my duties as president so no one can say for sure what this so. twenty eight year old prominent politician a key political figure for his country and around the world actually in the region definitely was driven by but it's done on the start of. my status is the first president and leader of this nation i will remain the chairman of the security council which is vested with serious powers to determine the country's domestic and foreign policy i will continue as the chairman of the democratic people's party and as a member of the constitutional council as such i remain with you as a citizen of this country as a person who loves my people and my country. that code into the country's constitution speaker of the country's senate of the upper chamber of the country's
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parliament will act as the interim president until a new president is elected and as far as we know this man is coming from the same party has not done as a bio of an expert say that most likely he will continue the policy of leaving the paste of president of cancer stand it is a special day for eighteen million population of cars i starve chorus but i'm pretty sure that he will continue to play an important role in the country's political life and kazakhstan will continue plain important for as a regional player after the collapse of communism kazakhstan was set up for the first time college town became a sovereign state for the first time in one nine hundred ninety and that period there were large twenty five years ago that's a generation ago and we can no look forward to a greater participation the younger educated generation a greater participation in politics and the way that because it turned good so therefore the new president would be confronted with that but of course at the back if you like at the back of the room will be. giving advice and so on and he will be
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saying we don't want any shocks we don't want any rapid changes let's have gradual change but let's control change. facebook is facing sharp criticism for failing to prevent the live streaming of friday's mosque shootings in new zealand and the subsequent circulation of that footage the prime minister says social media sites need to do far more to tackle the spread of extremist content. i would call on our social media platforms of all variety to demonstrate the kind of responsibility that both lead to these have been and that includes stars who perpetuate their messages in the aftermath there is a lot of work that needs to be done for around seventeen minutes the gunman live stream the massacre which left fifty people dead on facebook shortly after the video appeared on other social media sites as well the platforms did try to block the content but reportedly it could still easily be found hours after the atrocity
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in the first twenty four hours that removed one point five million views of the attack globally of which over one point two million were blocked and upload we continue to work around the clock to remove violating contemned using a combination of technology and people lose nil we are working vigilantly to remove any violent footage. facebook says it was only notified about what had happened twelve minutes after the live stream ended and police in new zealand to warn people that spreading the video is punishable by imprisonment we put two lawyers head to head to ask how social media giant should address the challenges posed by their technologies. i respectfully submit that when you show violence a good human being it's a form of pornography we have to as a society say no facebook you can do much better for kids for people who would see this not necessarily because it would inspire the next shooting which you very well good because these losers need some form of
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acclimation out of just human decency without bringing in the government as laws and penalties and we're hearing from officials government officials from the prime minister in new zealand talking about preventing future attacks like this and then going on to censoring when this attack happens how in the world does that prevent this attack we're spending so much time talking about we can have videos like this with as or so or think it might lead to more rather than answering questions that need to be asked i mean one of the main problems on the scene here is that we continue to put band-aids on gunshot wounds and we need to stop that we need to stop putting band-aids on we need to stop saying let's just stop everybody from there that he doesn't you know we can get rid of x. rated movies should it come down immediately yes should this be kept from the public yes take it down i want facebook and others abroad to have exactly when you have whatever attitude allowing your world or not they have we're talking to you now and you're telling me about t.v. do you know they're talking about arguing people will hardly blinded from these sightings will fellow lying dead but you're not talking about how will this prevent
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it nobody's talking about provide to the question or should be banned i'm saying yes what i want facebook to do is if i put certain stories about certain political issues i am shadow bad show fast and i want them to use that technology in their genius to figure out wait a minute we're having somebody right now people are being killed this is going to come down from our platform what my concern is when we continue to ban these kinds of things can ban this kind of stuff that's only going to perpetuate shadel ban and that's something i agree should never happen but we're giving sub. and our and authority to social media platforms to tent that that is allowed so when to hurt us later we don't know who they're going to not like it's all subjective no matter what kind of computer algorithm at the end of the day it will be subjective now listen dr burke do me a favor if you see somebody shooting and killing people shut it down or talk about
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it later don't have a debate do you think that maybe we're giving one person die die die die die die the right to two automatically and who's to say whether this could one day be done today people being shot dead whether this might include war coverage or rep or how many people would support meanwhile as we're debating this there's some kid somewhere which you ever talk about watching this seeing real time slaughter or the families of these people or whatever of this is violent pornography yes this is horrible that i never want to see this i never want my children to see this i don't want any person to be subject to this kind of violence in this horrible obscene material these publications but this is what i have seen governments cannot stop this these companies cannot stop this people who post something positive about donald trump are being taken off of social media because of social media heads and managers and so we want them to ban other things instead of us and that is my main thing is that they can't they will not. germany could be forced to shoulder legal
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blame for the us drone strikes launched from its territory after a court ruled the must ensure international law is upheld the case was brought forward by a group of yemenis who accused germany of being complicit in deadly strikes altered by washington from a base in southwest germany let's go live to berlin now our correspondent daniel hold kids is that this case for around twenty fifteen what can you tell us about today's victory for the yemenis. yes it's certainly been a case that taken a few years to come through the courts and indeed it's a landmark decision in german courts with the administrative court ruling that the german government as you mentioned does bear at least partial responsibility for ensuring that the use of its air base in southern germany in the city of ramstein by the united states air force complies with international law this case dates all the back to twenty twelve to an incident when the three yemenis lost relatives in a u.s. drone strike in yemen. five sell been lost his brother in law bin ali jobber
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who was a new mom alongside his brother walid who was a local police officer in a u.s. drone strike which was later described by the yemeni government as a mistake. gave a sermon he addressed the killings conduct of al qaeda and challenge them to present a religious authority that is willing to debate with him so he can demonstrate to the people that this behavior of al-qaeda is wrong he was taken out by the american strike unfortunately he was not killed by al qaeda he was killed by an american missile now as i mentioned the yemeni government later admitted that this was a case of collateral damage they met with the relatives even allegedly offering compensation to them on behalf of the united states which never publicly admitted that this case was a mistake this obviously wasn't enough for the bin job or family they took the case to court they sued the german government to make sure they bore their brunt of
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responsibility for the deaths of their relatives now at the time in twenty fifteen court in cologne dismissed the case they said the german government had fulfilled its obligations and had every right to balance foreign and defense policy interests indeed at the time representatives from the german defense ministry said they didn't even know effectively what was going on at the base whether it was being used to facilitate drone strikes in yemen the yemeni plaintiffs though viewed things very differently they said the german government did bear responsibility. it became apparent to us that the germans through. on german soil were involved in these strikes and what had happened to my family and it is possible that my family would not have been the target of such strikes drenched an air base not provided such information. five years on this court and once the house rule that the air base and this german government did play in fact a central role in facilitating the relay of flight data facilitating u.s.
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drone strikes in yemen the judges in the court have now ordered the government to conduct an investigation to look into whether any sorts of international law laws norms or standards were broken here and also question the government's narrative that that strike in two thousand and twelve didn't breach any international laws and look into the plaintiff's complaints now the german government of course was one country that stopped arms shipments to saudi arabia in the wake of the yemen conflict with saudi arabia of course being a key u.s. ally yet it has continued to allow the use of its base to facilitate in some way or rather the use of drone strikes in yemen and this is coming from its fair share of criticism from human rights advocates. think it is definitely a constant a contradiction that the german government is seeing there the arms sales to the saudis for the were in yemen have to be stopped in at the same time. do not
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intervene to stop the drone strikes on yemen via ramstein air base now this certainly has created a legal precedent the german government has said it will study the ruling and even though the court ruling didn't go far enough least in the view of the yemeni relatives here they were advocating for a complete ban on the facilitation of drone strikes from this space they do view this as an important first step really into studying the legality framework the legal implications of the use of german soil and german air bases for potentially u.s. drone strikes in the country of yemen. it doesn't sound like it's going to be something that's going to be over particular quickly ok for now daniel hawkins in berlin thanks for that. russia's defense minister has held talks on post conflict syria with president assad in damascus so should those meeting look at ways to ensure long term safety in the region and also continuing russia and syria's joint fight
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against terrorism should also said moscow is doing all it can to establish conditions for the return of syrian migrants to their homeland something he criticized the u.s. led coalition of trying to prevent and let's get more all this now from william mallinson who's a former british diplomat and professor of political ideas and institutions william welcome back to r.t. how significant is this meeting on reestablishing some sort of normality in syria. highly significant because it comes just as the us supported could this insurance group. clearing out i.r.s. front from bogles let's not forget that it was to a certain extent with u.s. help that i.r.s. even managed to exist in the first place remember what happened a few years ago in baghdad when they got a lot of american equipment also its formal complicated than meets the eye it is we have the israeli interest and we have the iranian interest and of course the turkish interest so the kurdish question is still there i think that the the u.s.
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objective at the moment which which realizes the one reason why he's come to to do shows support. for syria is simply to keep a finger in the pile with israel in syria because once syria becomes completely peaceful again which i don't think the us wants then of course you have the problem of the golan heights and quite recently i think that certain people in the us of sort of suggesting along with israeli extremely grave fanatics right wing fanatics in this case suggesting that the golan heights would become part of israel so this is all connected in a very confusing game so i think it's very good that show who has shown that the war is coming to an end and the next thing will be of course for assad to establish his own. syrian state will soroti over these groups that are killing
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off. our i.d.'s so that's my first comment on your question because say that complexity that you've outlined there all those players involved and have been over these torture affairs of conflict in syria the russian defense minister said that the positive moves in syria are being hijacked that complexity that you've outlined there who would have anything to gain from holding syria to conflict. i hate to say. israel mainly and i'm part of the u.s. establishment which is a large part of the trump part unfortunately would support israel's a rather expansionist aims and the reason for that of course is iran is behind this whole seventy sharad lies the question of iran now it's well known that you are right to invite iranians in to help and they have helped enormously and i think that's behind the whole thing and i think that's what we should keep keep our
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eyes certainly focused on and i think that is what we want and russia is keeping its eyes for me focused on because of course iran is essentially now an ally of russia and possibly a stronger ally in the future as is syria and i think simply israel and the u.s. are snobs and are very worried about that turkey is a more complex question because the main obsession perhaps understandable of the turks he's because there's another paradox here because in the u.s. of course considers one part of the p.k. k. is a terrorist organization and it supports the sister organization white be the y.p. ji in with its special troops as a few hundred troops that are there in attacking i guess which it once used to support with its went on it makes sense simplicity out of complexity i know it is he doing a great job of it with all those. competing interests in that part of the world
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what that has to happen to try and stop the common enemy i sell which is all about being routed from that area what has to happen to stop i saw resurging. a stable syria in control of all its territory which will listen fortunately israel does not want because of the strength all of the iran and i don't mean iran's nuclear strike i mean its strength in conventional forces by the way which is what one is the israelis more than any nuclear possibilities. yeah that's a fact that's how the system of it it felt like slow progress but any progress has to be welcomed in that part of the world at this stage professor melanson really appreciate your time and r.t. thanks for joining us very. sure humans come to show the truth and get a hearty app for your mobile or browser had never miss i need to let you next update from a and off the news team follows watching the hawks.
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readings and salutation. the week begins hawk watchers with many around the world across the entire web still mourning.


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