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true some may blames parliament for braggs and chaos as the e.u. exit deadline looms the opposition accuses her of pushing the country to the brink of disaster. and these have been unable to agree as a result we will now not be on time with a deal this government has led the country. into crisis chaos division facebook apologizes after banning the account of donald trump's a social media chief. and scrapping it treaties and weaponize ing space moscow warns against a spiraling into a new arms race in the twenty first century.
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of broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our team international and john thomas from the glad having. been on the u.k. prime minister has admitted for the first time that the country will not have a bragg's a deal approved by the march twenty ninth deadline a couple of hours ago theresa may raise the stakes for a no deal departure from the e.u. and she blamed parliament. two years on and these have been unable to agree on a way to implement the u.k.'s withdrawal. as a result we will now not leave on time with a deal on the twenty ninth of march this delay is a matter of great personal regret for me earlier theresa may wrote to the e.u. to request a three month extension to the withdrawal process which she staunchly defended in parliament. i have this morning ritual to present to us the president of the
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european council informing informing him that the u.k. seeks an extension to the article fifty period until the thirtieth of june as prime minister. i am not prepared to delay breck's it any further than that. here we are with the british prime minister requesting officially an extension to article fifty requesting that the deadline be pushed back she calls it a short one three months long until june thirtieth and of course she had to make her case not just with brussels by sending a letter officially requesting this to the european council but also here in westminster where she is still battling on trying to convince her m.p.'s to support her but according to teresa mayes critics nothing about what's been going on has been reasonable or sensible all she's doing is running down the clock after
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a second heavy duty today was just marks one thousand days since the referendum and this government is led the country and themselves into crisis chaos and division well just to be clear for any such extension to actually be able to take place we need to see european member states to all come together and approve such an extension and we have seen in response to official to the official plea from theresa me to have an extension a statement made by the european council president. believe the show to extension would people should be. about to have the condition of all the positive votes on there was a moment in the house of well where this leaves to resubmit a really remains uncertain at this particular moment of course if you remember the . this is the deal that has been rejected twice at the house of commons so here he
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is saying that we want you to approve this deal and then you can have the extension while this is a deal that you know is not getting approval here in westminster. facebook has apologized for banning donald trump's a social media director believing him to be a bot artie's kill moppin has more. we have an apology from facebook for banning the account of dan scavenge the white house social media director they are confirming that it is indeed outrageous to claim that he was a bot that the account was definitely not a bot account it was a legit account and that he should not have been blocked in order to stop automated bots we count the amount of identical repetitive activity coming from one account in a short period of time such as mentioning people these limits can have the unintended consequence of temporarily preventing real people like bans could be no from
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engaging in such activity but lift in an hour or two which is what happened in this case we've been in touch with him and have apologized for the inconvenience trump was quick to speak up on social media saying that it was a political move not motivated by alleged bot activity trump spoke up saying facebook google and twitter not to mention the corrupt media are so on the side of the radical left democrats but fear not we will win anyway just like we did before he also attacked the media as he often does when speaking to reporters during his meeting with balsa naro used the word collusion very loosely all the time and i will tell you there is collusion with respect to that because something has to be going on and when you get the back scene back office statements made by executives of the various companies and you see the level of. in many cases hatred they have for a certain group of people that happened to be in power. that happened to have won
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the election you say that's really unfair conservative lawmaker devon newman is his at this point suing twitter saying that it discriminates against conservatives that it hides the message of conservatives and highlights libel and slander against conservatives at this point there is widespread criticism of social media outlets for the fact that they seem to have a huge amount of influence in crafting public opinion not only in the united states but around the world and many of the conservatives who are now criticizing social media money. they essentially argue that they're abusing that power. censorship of concerns are also being debated in australia on tuesday the country's largest telecoms company blocked access to a number of websites that are continuing to display footage of friday's mosque attacks in new zealand telstra gave a statement explaining the move. we have moved to temporarily block a number of websites that continue to host
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a friday's terrorist attack in christ church when the stand this may cause inconvenience for some legitimate uses of these sites but these are extraordinary circumstances and they're required an extraordinary response we appreciate that it is necessary to ensure free speech is carefully balanced against protecting the community but with these sites continuing to host disturbing content we feel it is the right thing to do to block them. tech companies and social media platforms are being asked to explain why they allowed videos of the massacre to be shown the authorities in australia are also investigating whether a number of national t.v. stations used the footage appropriately and in new zealand itself the three largest internet providers have temporarily suspended access to sites hosting images of the atrocity for about seventeen minutes the gunman live streamed the massacre on facebook of though the company says it worked to remove the footage it could still reportedly be found with relative ease hours after the shooting privacy activist
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and technology expert bill muse says that effectively policing content is an unwinnable battle. obviously we have to to have rules in terms of taste and decency and what is or is not offensive but what some people would argue is offensive other people can argue speech and it's very difficult for regulations to define this for all circumstances and therefore very difficult for some of the hosting providers actually to moderate accurately especially given the volume of content and the difficulty of this moment in time for any form of a our way to differentiate in terms of what appears in the video it's very very difficult then of course there's a lot of talk now about encryption and if more and more content especially the messaging platform starts to become encrypted you didn't even going to be able to see what any form of moderated position is going to be impossible.
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russia's foreign minister is warning against the emergence of a new arms race on an even greater scale than the cold war speaking at a conference in geneva sergey lavrov said he regrets america's willingness to undermine some key treaties on weapons stockpiles in turn washington question moscow's intentions in preventing an arms race artie's my financial reports. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov i have to say has been very critical and has in fact accused america of destabilizing world security lover of has expressed his dippers concerns frustration and fear is over the current situation in the field of nonproliferation of weapons and global arms control emphasizing that africa is designed to destroy global basic agreements that proved to be doing their job well in guaranteeing world security and protecting international peace are
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rising and this is a very dangerous tendency a lover of has particularly referred to america's recent withdrawal from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty known as the i and after treaty signed between moscow and washington back in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven warning that the recent developments may turn threats of nuclear warhead into a groom reality. which we are now hearing is talk of the possibility of unleashing a limited nuclear war for russia and i hope all the other countries represented here such a prospect is unacceptable however such a scenario could become a reality if we together fail to find a sensible alternative to recent tendencies aimed at undermining the very edifice of arms control treaties should there be a new arms race a lot of countries will rely on their nuclear and missile arsenals as the only guarantee of their national security russia has responded by saying that it will also suspend its obligations under the agreement but speaking of the conference in
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geneva earlier on wednesday minister labrada has stressed that it wasn't russia's decision it wasn't russia's initiative russia has simply responded and russia remains open for the dialogue and is not interested in any way in arms race with a washington but as most co can see right now washington is not ready for these dollars and this is what minister lavrov has read to rated. one more time and he has brought among other things america's recent steps in developing space missile defense program alarm and steps as buildings. in the u.s. funds have been earmarked for the establishment of a space missile defense system as well as putting strike capabilities into orbit this is opening pandora's box as minister lavrov has said russia hopes and believes that its western partners colleagues are responsible for global security and at the end of the day the future of the mankind will hear russia's voice and follow the
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right path. united states is being accused of possible war crimes in somalia and a damning new report the rights group amnesty international says it has unearthed compelling evidence that fourteen civilians have been killed in just five of america's airstrikes since two thousand and fourteen the civilian death toll we've uncovered in just a handful of strikes suggests the shroud of secrecy surrounding the u.s. role in somalia as war is actually smokescreen for impunity. and misty says the u.s. military has carried out more than one hundred air strikes in somalia since two thousand and seventeen and that the number of civilian deaths may be far higher than. the fourteen washington dramatically stepped up its anti terror operations in the impoverished east african country two years ago and request despite that the u.s. africa command maintains it has not killed or even wounded
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a single civilian in somalia the u.s. says all its efforts are concentrated on eliminating the al qaeda linked militant group al-shabaab the editor of the pan african newswire told us the u.s. has failed to justify its military role in somalia. while africa has to justify the . bombing of the horn of africa nation of somalia this is escalated since the trumpet ministration has been off in office for the last two years there's absolutely no results saying this other than turning more people in somalia against u.s. policy and of course we've heard for decades now that these bombs are percentage of god it was that they did not harm civilians that we know that that is not the case these a methodology. to test out these new weapons they can just label people
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as being al qaeda or isis and then therefore people should not question how many people have died on the ground but these problems in somalia have been developing for decades and they should be dealt with diplomatically is no military solution to the question of who is going to control somalia or. the bitter fight over immigration between the e.u. and hungary has now led to the suspension of far right prime minister viktor orban party from the european parliament's largest political grouping. feeder's will be suspended with immediate effect until further notice following today's vote of the p.p. members this is pension entails no attendance at any party meeting no voting rights no right to propose candidates for posts the final straw in that had decision was an anti immigration poster campaign launched by or ban on his party billboards hinted at a sinister link between e.u. chief john klobuchar and billionaire philanthropist george soros it was captioned
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that you have the right to know what brussels is preparing for you after a large majority vote to sideline or bans party from the center right group hungary and leader agreed to a voluntary suspension we heard from hungary based political analyst who believes the party's suspension could complicate the upcoming european parliamentary elections. he can't see any good decision this just ensure is because he does cannot by the in any meetings or e.p. be. dead. and doesn't refer. to do activities in the e.p. the parliamentary group there are probably about fetus couldn't be sort of. decision and off duty. debt or blame was only postponed that means that during the suspension conflicts or sure
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there are factions can happen in the future. a school bus was hijacked in italy although none of the children on board were injured that story and much more when we come back stay with us. you know world a big part of the movie a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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what politicians do something that. they put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president or injury. or some want to. have to go right to the press this is what the three of them all can't be good. interested always in the waters in the. city. international now a school bus in italy was hijacked and set on fire by its driver on wednesday all of the fifty one children on board managed to escape or were rescued incident happened in the suburbs of milan the driver and italian citizen of senegalese
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origin doused the vehicle in gasoline and set it alight it was all. says the suspect was angry about italy's migrant policy he reportedly shouted stop the death in the mediterranean and nobody gets off here alive he has been charged with kidnapping and arson. president of brazil jaya was in washington this week on his first official foreign visit and donald trump was keen to get their relationship off to a solid start i also know that we're going to have a fantastic working relationship. we have many views that are similar and we certainly feel very very true to each other on trade i think brazil's relationship with the united states because of our friendship is probably better than it's ever been by far the most. respect would have of the ballots tell us on
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twenty twenty but i do believe donald trump is going to be reelected foully. all the meeting began on a cheery note with the two leaders exchanging football shirts displaying their names but twitter was quick to pick up on which president got the real deal when it came to the sure it's wild. this is the u.s. national team and so that's an honor to give that to you thank you very much but are. trying to give both summarily jury c. with paper taped on tate i'm howling. out as poster nora give trump a legit jersey and trump gives him. this is humiliating.
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conversation between two of trump's aides they gave us a brazil jersey for our president but we didn't prepare anything for him what should we do no i know just get me a white short a printer some paper and glue and. the a.p. news agency has fact checked some claims made by us democrats on the issue of climate change or to give his own very unique take commentary on the story. even back when t.v.s. looked like that kids cartoons would portray those saving us from pollution as superheroes i am. today you just can't be a successful democrat and presidential hopeful without being a bit of captain planet democrats be like how do i sound quare and make republicans
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look bad at the same time. thank god there is climate change the scientists are absolutely unanimous on this that we have no more than twelve years to take incredibly bold action on this crisis what the intergovernmental panel on climate change say is that we have twelve years twelve years and where like the world is going to end in twelve years if we don't address climate change why this scary deadline of twelve years a few months ago u.n. environmental experts put together yet another alarming report showing the earth is continuing to heat up it's bad for the planet and everyone who lives on it some interpret it the following way experts say that we have until twenty thirty to avoid catastrophe the world has little more than a decade time is running out to prevent global warming and he says the time's up andrea that the world has to do something we're reaching the cliff edge
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a little faster quite a bit faster and so it snowballed into a big trendy protest children have the impression their generation could be doomed signs. that we have twelve years to turn this around but suddenly there's that hoops moment the associated press checks what those who want to run for the white house after say for facts what was it that mr o'rourke said again the scientists are absolutely unanimous on this that we have no more than twelve years so a.p. actually got in touch with the scientists the panel did not say we have twelve years left to save the world this has been a persistent source of confusion the report never said we only have twelve years left well have a look at what they wrote on some liberal websites after the a.p. piece came out that's right on climate and the a.p. fact check is wrong it's the a.p.
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this is incorrect about climate change. not by rule oh sure how can a democrat candidate get something wrong especially when his party essentially chose to rely on the so-called green new deal ahead of the election it's a set of proposals to address climate change it just can't lead down your next generation of voters it is a matter of faith and belief by guys like bedo and others who will walk out and say the world is going to end in twelve years and not receive any pushback and there's no laughter there's no one going well you've got to be kidding me there's no one standing up to them and say you've clearly lost your mind but you have a bunch of coreligionists of the room nodding and going yes it's terrible with must do something elections and in this country anyway or are not about convincing middle they're about turning out your base and keeping the other guy's votes home and if you want to turn out your base and you're a leftist candidate preaching about climate change and how the other side is
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determined to see us all die horribly that's going to do get the job done for you. it has been twenty years since the harry potter books took the world by storm and now the best selling author is putting a new slant on some the characters. i can't you can. i can see. their relationship was incredibly intense it was passionate and it was enough relationship i'm less interested in the sexual side though i believe there is a section to mention to this relationship. wow in another great tribulation from j.k. rowling. j.k. rowling to from some cuts it took
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a everywhere except in the book so the movies there were scenes in the movie that look cut for time and how they remained it would clearly shown temple the scale i just received an hour from here should not be. allowed to don't tell me voldemort has returned her don't phone demote jerry mike. white skin was never specified volume knobs not mine. mine is my fleece for sticking out from behind a tree. you remember yeah i was a guy i agree yeah he's a transgender. and i was in a wheelchair i had down syndrome what's going to church is actually i don't know all of them. she pokes notes about gay relationships that simply
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a fact but obviously what she does do is after a few years you know where the ticket sales are down and what they sells the books with out there what she does is she just comes up. with a few little things to get out into the media and there's a saying look good luck to us you know this is show business and she has the rights to do that but i don't think that most people look at the reports of coke and think one of the great works of gay liberation that has ever existed in the well i'm not least because it's intended for children i don't think that it's appropriate to explore very adult fables when you're dealing with children and how does a from we'll be back with more news at the end of the hour.
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breaks and. most of us are tom and believe we live in a society based on merit and equal justice the varsity blues college admissions scandal inform us that both are true the rich and privileged can buy access for their kids at the expense of families who are hard working and don't is the idea of marriage yet. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. i've been saying the numbers mean something they've matter us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime tamping. eighty five percent of
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global wealth you long to be old rich with six percent world market rose thirty percent some with four hundred five hundred three first second per second and this one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one business show you know for them it's the one and only boom box.
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to get up on soldier good. luck with another good ones and. not. just some would not. just make sure there are some motionless on his out by the foot of the foot that it . was a little more so. hot that it was. just. kind of. looked on the left on. his neck it down so every second how. was mcnamara.
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