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theresa may blames the parliament for briggs it chaos as you exit deadline looms the opposition accuses her of pushing the country to the brink of disaster. and these have been unable to agree as a result we will now not leave on time with a deal this government has led the country. into crisis. and division. facebook apologizes after banning the account of donald trump's social media treat . and scrapping treaties and weaponize in space moscow warns against spiraling into a new arms race in the twenty first century. the u.k. prime minister has admitted that the country will not be able to leave the e.u.
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with a deal in place by the march twenty ninth deadline. international could have you with us a statement outside ten downing street theresa may blame to parliament for the chaos party's words picks up the story for us. dismay has now addressed the nation and she's confirmed that the new brics it day in her opinion should be june thirtieth she said that her deal was still the best option on the table it's still one that can be negotiated tax m.p.'s for failing to make a decision it was high time that they made up their minds and she was pointing fingers of blame on m. pace for their inability to push on a way to implement the u.k.'s withdrawal. as a result we will now not leave on time with a deal on the twenty ninth of march. this delay is a matter of great personal regret for me so let's take a step back to where this brecht at saka began this week now it follows
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a letter sent by curious in may to donald tusk requesting and asking for an official breck extension therefore extending article fifteen now the letter clearly shows that with just nine days to go to west supposedly leaving the european union that deadline would be nigh on impossible to ratify a deal constructively so now june the thirtieth is what the prime minister really wants and she has made it clear that she doesn't want to be part of anything that would extend further than june the thirtieth now responding to that request donald suggested the request would probably get backing for the rest of the e.u. twenty seven leaders on one condition now that condition is absolutely crucial that being that carries a maze twice rejected deal finally gets backing from across the house in parliament believe the show to extend would be possible. to have the. votes on there was a drop. in the house of commons so if those conditions are not met well grex in
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that case is still just nine days away now back here in westminster though theresa may has received a new way of backlash for her decision to request a delay to article fifty in particular for it could norrin the will of the people and ignoring the will of parliament now the opposition leader jeremy corp and he's been quite vocal in his condemnation and has described the prime minister's actions and the state of british politics as a national crisis and the government's actions are in chaos all she's doing is running around the clock after a second street today was just marks one month since the referendum on this government is low the country. into crisis. chaos and division so now all eyes are on the e.u. and britain in the summit on thursday and friday off this week to try and break the deadlock that has defined the last one thousand days hare in britain of course all
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that time ago we saw the breck that referendum went by britain chose to leave the european union but all this time later bringing it back into the context of today with thing no progress raping made nobody really anticipated we'd still be in a deadlock still across the house and the public division is really the word that encapsulates the sentiments across the house international history professor alan scad thinks treason may is taking a huge gamble by effectively threatening parliament. i think super leaves that if you write to the last minute and duke says if the only alternative is no deal then our opponents will collapse but of course many of our opponents in the country don't want to deal there will no deal so the because they're happy for the deal to fail the fact remains that suited to the dreadful deal most people don't like it
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most people think it's not to do if you didn't trust the public against it once against it except her because this deal is all in brussels and does nothing for the united kingdom if there is a safe the speaker loads the deal to come back if it does come back i think it will sail again then to boost the short trips to. that stage the european union mark to say it will goodbye no deal. facebook has apologized for banning donald trump's and social media director believing him to be a bot and he's killed and has more. we have an apology from facebook for banning the account of dan scavenger the white house social media director they are confirming that it is indeed outrageous to claim that he was a bot that the account was definitely not a bot account it was a legit account and that he should not have been blocked in order to stop automated bots we count the amount of identical repetitive activity coming from one account
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in a short period of time such as mentioning people these limits can have the unintended consequence of temporarily preventing real people like bans convene a from engaging in such activity but lift in an hour or two which is what happened in this case we've been in touch with him and have apologized for the inconvenience trump was quick to speak up on social media saying that it was a political move not motivated by alleged bot activity trump spoke up saying facebook google and twitter not to mention the corrupt media are so on the side of the radical left democrats but fear not we will win anyway just like we did before he also attacked the media as he often does when speaking to reporters during his meeting with both the naro use the word collusion very loosely all the time and i will tell you there is collusion with respect to that because something has to be going on and when you get the back scene back office statements made by executives
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of the various companies and you see the level of. in many cases hatred they have for a certain group of people that happened to be in power that happened to have won the election you say that's really unfair conservative lawmaker devon noone is his at this point suing twitter saying that it discriminates against conservatives that it hides the message of conservatives and highlights libel and slander against conservatives at this point there is widespread criticism of social media outlets for the fact that they seem to have a huge amount of influence in crafting public opinion not only in the united states but around the world and many of the conservatives who are now criticizing social media money. they essentially argue that they're abusing that power. censorship concerns are also being debated in australia on tuesday the country's largest telecoms company blocked access to a number of websites that are continuing to display footage of friday's mosque
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attacks in new zealand telstra gave a statement explaining the move. we have moved to temporarily block a number of websites that continue to host a friday's terrorist attack in christ church when the stand this may cause inconvenience for some legitimate uses of these sites but these are extraordinary circumstances and they're required an extraordinary response we appreciate that it is necessary to ensure free speech is carefully balanced against protecting the community but with these sites continuing to host disturbing content we feel it is the right thing to do to block them our tech companies and social media platforms are being asked to explain why they allowed videos of the massacre to be shown the authorities in australia are also investigating whether a number of national t.v. stations used the footage appropriately and in new zealand itself the three largest internet providers have temporarily suspended access to sites hosting images of the atrocity. right for around seventeen minutes the gunman live streamed the massacre
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on facebook although the company says it worked to remove the footage it could still report of the lead be found with relative ease hours after the shootings. or we can lie to filmmaker stuart bender who is in australia. tell us. welcome first of all but there is blocking access to certain online content to potentially set a dangerous precedent. i guess that depends on how they want to approach it i think we want to be very careful to rush into trying to get algorithms to control what we can see what we have access to but i think over them is going to be able to identify this kind of material anytime soon so i think it's important for the discussion to happen and i think it's important for people to discuss their own personal responsibility in
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relation to viewing these kinds of events sharing videos of these kinds of events and creating an environment in which there is this spectacle of violence spectacle of terrorist spectacle of atrocity that people are interested in watching sharing and obviously unfortunately creating. all right and again for our audience there is a little bit of a delay which sometimes happens with television so if you kind of see sense that there's a delay there's nothing wrong other than the fact that it's a satellite live television just want to explain that a bit. back to the question i have this is not the first time that this is happened though where there's been censorship of sorts back in two thousand and sixteen the murder of five police officers in dallas was live streamed. how of tech companies you talked about personal responsibility a second ago how of tech companies not found a way of preventing such situations. i
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think is really great question but in order for an algorithm developed by a company to do something to stop access to this video there would need to feed it multiple examples of these sorts of events that the machine learning would need to use in order to detect it. again i think that's many many years away if. i guess if the public wants the tech companies to do that and if the tech companies are motivated to do it but you did write it's not the first time these kinds of things have happened this is patapsco the most. perhaps the event that's been shared the most widely but it is you know the latest in a long string of these sorts of attacks where the perpetrator has created a video specifically in order to share the event. creating as a horrible violent spectacle and we've seen it increasingly particularly since
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twenty fifteen. well the u.k. has called for legal action against tech companies home secretary it's a job that said companies who don't clean up their platforms should be prepared for to fail. the force of the law. could that fundamentally change the way we see tech companies operating platforms like twitter and facebook and the like. i'm not sure exactly how it will impact the the way the tech companies operate their business but the fact is that so much of social media particularly live sharing your videos or sharing of any sorts of material for that matter is really predicated on this concept of spectacle particularly concepts of transgressive acts
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or acts which. might be violent mean spirited aggressive polarizing these sorts of things tend to get a lot of traction on social media and as a result social media companies have quite a large investment in. allowing these sorts of things to be produced and shared on their platform i'm not saying that they have a stake in violent material being shared specifically but it is the sort of mean spirited videos and maims and images and i guess post even that. do tend to gain a lot of attention and i think it'll be really interesting to see how the tech companies respond to this top down pressure but at the end of the day i think the everyday consumer is to influence this and what's amazing about this event and the aftermath and the public reaction to this event is that con for the first time we're really seeing the everyday citizen the everyday person on the street starting
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to talk about these issues starting to want something done and it's actually possible for everyday people to do something about this you can watch watch out for what it is that you are sharing on facebook what are you giving your likes your attention etc to what are you doing with social media. this is something that everyday people can think about and it's a way that they can have a voice in this situation and we hope that that's a conversation that continues past this event and hopefully people will take that personal responsibility filmmaker's to it better very interesting to hear your thoughts thanks for being with us here in our two international. alright russia's foreign minister is warning against the emergence of a new arms race on an even greater scale than the cold war speaking at a conference in geneva sergey lavrov said he regrets america's willingness to undermine some key treaties on weapons stockpiles in turn washington questioned moscow's intentions in preventing an arms race artie's my financial house more.
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russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov i have to say has been very critical and has in fact accused america of destabilizing world security lover of has expressed his dippers concerns frustration and theories over the current situation in the field of nonproliferation of weapons and global arms control emphasizing that efforts designed to destroy global basic agreements that prove to be doing their job well in guaranteeing world security and protecting international peace are rising and this is a very dangerous tendency a lover of has particularly referred to america's recent drawl from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty known as the i and after treaty signed between moscow and washington back in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven warning that the recent developments may turn threats of nuclear war haim to groom reality. which we are now hearing is talk of the possibility of unleashing
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a limited nuclear war for russia and i hope all the other countries represented here such a prospect is unacceptable however such a scenario could become a reality if we together fail to find a sensible alternative to recent tendencies aimed at undermining the. edifice of arms control treaties should there be a new arms race a lot of countries will rely on their nuclear and missile arsenals as the only guarantee of their national security russia has responded by saying it will also suspend its obligations under the agreement but speaking of the conference in geneva earlier on wednesday minister lavrov has stressed that it wasn't russia's decision it wasn't russia's initiative russia has simply responded and russia remains open for the dialogue and is not interested in any way in arms race with their washington but as mosco can see right now washington is not ready for these dollars and this is what minister lavrov has rated rated one more time and he has
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brought among other things america's recent steps in developing space missile defense program alarm and steps as a lover of beliefs. in the u.s. france have been earmarked for the establishment of a space missile defense system as well as putting strike capabilities into orbit this is opening pandora's box as minister lavrov has said russia hopes and believes that its western partners colleagues are responsible for global security and at the end of the day the future of the mankind will hear russia's voice and follow the right path a school bus was hijacked in italy on wednesday although none of the children on board were injured that story much more when we come back this is r t international .
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the wealthy in america decided we're up playing anymore we're going to just grab as much as we can of the cash out there in the system and put it off shore and that's why there's not twenty two trillion offshore and so there you battle of credit in the system the central bank instead of punishing the banks just flooded the system with more of the fia money and then those who are the paranoid yachts versus the have nots decided you know we're going to put more offshore so they just keep printing and shipping it off shore and it's completely bypassing the economy and so
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the economy is getting more starved for credit and the people are getting more rest . the united states is being accused of possible war crimes in somalia the rights group amnesty international has released a damning report on civilian deaths in u.s. airstrikes the civilian death toll we've uncovered in just a handful of strikes suggests the shroud of secrecy surrounding the u.s. role in the war is actually smokescreen for impunity. and misty says the u.s. military has carried out more than one hundred air strikes in somalia since two thousand and seventeen and that fourteen civilians were killed in five of those strikes washington stepped up its anti terror operations in the country two years ago but u.s. africa command has rejected reports of civilian taliban the u.s.
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says all its efforts are concentrated on eliminating the terrorist group. the editor of the pan african newswire told us the u.s. has failed to justify its military role in somalia. while africa has to justify the . bombing of the horn of africa nation of somalia this is escalated since the trumpet ministration has been off in office for the last two years there's absolutely no results saying this other than turning more people in somalia against u.s. policy and of course we've heard for decades now that these bombs are percentage of god it was that they did not harm civilians but we know that that is not the case these a methodology. to test out these new weapons they can just label people as being al qaida or isis and then therefore people should not question how many
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people have died on the ground but these problems in somalia have been developing for decades and they should be dealt with diplomatically is no military solution to the question of who is going to control somalia. the better route over immigration between the e.u. and hungary has now led to the suspension of far right prime minister viktor or bonds party from the european parliament's largest political group. feeder's will be suspended with immediate effect and until further notice following today's vote of the members this is pension entails no attendance at any party meeting no voting rights no right to propose candidates for posts final straw in that decision was an anti immigration poster campaign launched by or ban and his party billboards hinted at a sinister link between each chief younger and billionaire philanthropist george soros it was captioned you have the right to know what brussels is preparing for you
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after a large majority voted to sideline or bans party from the e.u. center right group leader agreed to a voluntary suspension we heard from hungary based political analyst who believes that the party suspension could complicate the upcoming european parliamentary elections. we can see in a good decision this just ensure is because he does cannot buy in any meetings or e.p. b. . and doesn't really fear. to do it and these in the e.p. the parliamentary group probably vote fetus couldn't be sort of. decision and off duty. debt or blame it was all in the last ball and that means that during their suspension cornflakes or sure
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there are factions. into if your child. is school bus and italy was hijacked and set on fire by its driver on wednesday all of the fifty one children on board managed to escape or were rescued there's good news there the incident happened in the suburbs of milan the driver in a tie and citizen of senegalese origin doused the vehicle in gasoline and set it alight a teacher who was on the bus the suspect was angry about italy's migrant policy. he reportedly shouted stop the deaths in the mediterranean and nobody gets off here alive he has been charged with kidnapping and arson. a forty year war crime sentence given to a former bosnian serb leader has been extended by a un court radovan has now been sentenced to life behind bars for his role in the civil wars that gripped the former republic of yugoslavia in the one nine hundred ninety s. five judges upheld the verdict given back in two thousand and sixteen for the mass
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killing of civilians argued that there was no evidence of him committing those crimes now seventy three years old has been on the run for twelve years before he was finally arrested in two thousand and eight he was found guilty on ten counts including overseeing the siege of sarajevo the appeals court has now confirmed his guilt in what has been described as the worst massacre since world war two including. massacre which of thousands dead in one thousand nine hundred five. was the bloodiest conflicts in european history since the second world war. tensions between a complex mix of nationalities forming the state's yugoslavia erupted into a civil war originate yugoslavia included six republics with different nationalities religious groups.
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the communist revolutionary statesman who established the federal republic gove yugoslavia managed to suppress nationalism after his death in the one nine hundred eighty s. relations among the republics quickly deteriorated with each of them seeking their own independence is soon turned ugly old signs. the nine hundred ninety five. my genocide in tripoli needs a is one of the bloodiest pages in yugoslav history the massacre of more than eight thousand muslim both the acts perpetrated by units of the bosnian serb army resulted in their commander ratko being jailed for life by the un special court in november twenty seventh. patrol cities happened on all sites in one thousand nine hundred three sixty nine so been civilians were killed by bosnia and herzegovina army forces in the massacre with an orthodox church in
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a cemetery burned to the ground overall despite much evidence of war crimes conducted similar tenuously by different forces the cia eventually declared militants were responsible for ninety percent of all crimes including genocide. they took goes into action against yugoslavia it is indeed tragic that diplomacy has failed and nato is now intervening in a war in a sovereign country. and eventually nato air campaign conducted a number of operations to undermine the military capability of the boss. to this day the un special court is still investigating war crime cases from the conflict. we discussed what is increased sentence could mean for the balkan region with historian stefan gusher. i think that he hopes he'll. stay simply
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for historical reasons so that there is a trace of him feeling and i think that he's still acting as a politician as the first president of a sort of scot the hague tribunal was a political court that was set out to. convict serbs even if you look at the basic statistics more than seventy percent of people who are indicate that were from the search site and sort of more all the certain political leaders were trials and convicted while the other sides were not there it was those from a vax more news of the top the hour stay with us. breaks
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it count down. join me everything on the alec simon chill and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics school business i'm show business i'll see you then. greetings and salutations we begin today with the latest intriguing headlines coming out of the caribbean island country of haiti yes hawk watchers there has been a new development of a story we've been following of the seven mercenaries who were arrested by haitian authorities on gun charges and then just as quickly released and handed back over to the united states and disappeared into the interims. according to matthew cole and kim i was at the intercept the latest twist in this ongoing tale of mysterious
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mercenaries and international intrigue is that the group was actually down there working security for an eighty million dollars cash grab by the embattled haitian president obama moyse in a poorly executed but serious effort by moyes to consolidate his political power with american muscle the mercenaries were apparently told that by simply escorting presidential aide for its own louis during the transfer of the eighty million from a government oil fund into an account controlled by the embattled haitian president they'd be preserving democracy in haiti and you know personally pocketing about thirty thousand each to preserving democracy and thirty grand now actually the already beleaguered and very motivated for political change haitian people are not going to take this news well but fear not my us empire loving friends haiti will not be throwing off the yoke of u.s. control any time soon because thankfully one of the best and brightest u.s. politicians and political orders of our time working day one marco rubio the
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republican senator on a quarter traveled to haiti on wednesday in order to spend the day urging dialogue between the country's embattled president and opposition parties calling for his resignation because if there is anybody who knows how to put dialogue over rhetoric it's our little buddy marco i mean look at the bang up job is doing right now representing peace and dialogue in venezuela now let's start watching the hawks. you. want. to see. what it's like that.


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