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president trump says he's ready to recognize israel for the occupied golan heights a disputed area in syria. it's again settles its allies by indicating a. road initiative which is why you see the west as a vehicle for chinese power projects. those men in the us are now less concerned about sexual harassment in the workplace than they were the height of the me to camp a change. the rules have changed and we're not playing that game anymore and that's what's happening men are getting caught and they want to go back to how things used to be real except send out with categorising are cast. as one whole massive
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violent group. there's midnight in moscow where it's now friday the twenty second of. the world and use this hour for the past few hours president trump swayed into a fifty two year dispute between israel and syria saying the united states is ready to recognize the occupied golan heights as part of israel to condemn the announcement accusing the u.s. of supporting israel's so-called occupation policy and i'm often asked the details donald trump support for israel has taken some new heights and that would be the golan heights this is a territory in syria that has been occupied by israel for the past fifty years and it now seems that despite the u.n. and syria and others recognizing the territory as belonging to syria donald trump wants it to be recognized as part of israel let's take
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a listen to what he tweeted out. after fifty two years it's time for the united states to fully recognize israel so over and see over the golan heights which is of critical strategic and security importance the state of israel and regional stability now this announcement on twitter came as mike pompei o the top diplomat of the united states secretary of state was meeting with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he expressed a huge amount of gratitude for this gift of recognizing golan heights and its time when the run cease to syria as a platform to destroy israel trump boldly recognize israel is sovereignty in the golan heights thank you president trump now in its annual human rights report the u.s.a. described palestinian territories not as israeli occupied but rather as israeli control and we recently saw mike pump a zero take the unprecedented move as u.s. secretary of state and actually visit the western wall in jerusalem now at this
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point the world is well aware that benjamin netanyahu is facing an election that will determine whether or not he remains the prime minister of israel and some have interpreted donald trump's moves as essential trying to help netanyahu showing u.s. support for netanyahu taking unprecedented steps in pro israeli stances by the united states as a whole and people wonder if this could lead to an escalation in the region. ok let's bring in rick sterling he's an investigative journalist and also a member of the syria solidarity movement welcome back to. recognizing the golan heights is israeli territory defiance for fifty two years of international no. well absolutely it's not good don't trump card the united states to to determine whether it's really sovereignty that has been decided at the u.n. and it's clear that israel is occupying that territory for fifty two years in violation of clear international law so the movie is establishing the united states
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is increasingly the rubric team thinks it can undermine international law it will not only country say they're going to continue fully supporting syria's claim to the ground and i guess what kind of actions are steps to expect them to take well i don't think they'll take any any yes steps beyond that verbiage frankly. what this decision in this move from the trumpet ministration is going to do is instead of increasing regional stability it's going to undermine it it's going to prolong the conflict in syria it's going to d. stabilize the region rather than. then helping it what about with turkey i mentioned earlier the techies condemned trumps announcement in washington anchor already have plenty of on going to speech to tackle could this be the final straw. well that's doubtful they are after all nato allies and
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turkey. definitely wants to continue its relationship with washington but it it's a measure of the complexity of the region of course turkey is occupying part of northern syria it's opened up by all it's not a lot of international law so the problem here is that the united states is once again don't trumpet it's kind of comical that he's accused of being any agent of russia because he's the evidence points to him possibly being a legion of billick could in the israeli government and basically he seems to do take moves that are in line with what benjamin netanyahu wants and in the casino mogul sheldon adelson want so this is just a continuation where they move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem where they have as the u.s. to stop funding of the united nations relief works agency where the united states
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with through unilaterally from the iran agreement and this is continuing a very dangerous trend under not undermining international law and and agreements that you mention benjamin netanyahu that i don't trump would know and what kind of a hornet's nest i'm going to be doing this do you think that prime minister benjamin netanyahu is election chances next month is to do with trying to bolster him there because he's a under a lot of pressure at home at the moment. exactly this will benjamin netanyahu. ok thanks very much for joining us investigative journalist member of the syria solidarity movement appreciate your time. the. concern is growing in western capitals over these apparent intention to sign up to china's belton road initiative a bold one trillion dollar infrastructure project and twenty first century re-imagining of the silk road president xi jinping is in italy right now to discuss the details of
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a possible deal his artes medina cotton of the bad boy or the godfather of euro skepticism it's really it's once again a tough thing relations with the e.u. with rome now pushing to join trying this road and ballot initiative that's reportedly setting off alarm bells and brussels and getting back up in washington to. italy's a major global economy in great investment destination no need for italian government to lend legitimacy to china's infrastructure vanity project endorsing both road initiative lends legitimacy to china's predatory approach to investments a moving no benefits the italian people it's really could become the first member of the so-called group of seven the most powerful nations to join china some bush's plan to boost connectivity between asia europe and africa.
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local businesses will likely view the project as a positive with major ports being referred to an investment into the millions of dollars it's got the italian press already speculating over a once forgotten port becoming trying as gateway to europe the ports are tree estas returning to the logistical world for europe that had for the old austria-hungary an empire business opportunity as the site of the italian prime minister will be forced to explain his decision. of the belton road memorandum between italy and china is primarily economic and commercial it does not put into question our european and atlantic position it does not put our national interests at risk and it is on the same page as european strategy his cabinet alcoves those words saying that the deal would be non-binding and would just represents the initial framework
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everything to come their european partners who have labeled as beijing a systemic rival especially allies on the other side of the atlantic it's called one bill one road it's global and if you look at the spots where there are who are there there are engaging in you see some geo political and military aspects we will not allow china to develop its so-called one belt one road strategy even china's cutesy promise haven't helped change americans' minds. when making history and. after it's the the chinese leader is planning his next stop in paris but here the expectations of talks going wow are not as promising italian historian paolo bennett dany told us he believes rome should be free to pursue its interests and bolster toys with china. while i
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think peter is going to achieve a lot i mean when you go. back to a large part of me i mean are we. stronger import export relation with china a lot all the major states and you. think. you know news. in the relations. we are starting or in our own well now or the nature of the. chinese immediately and i think it's a positive thing. you know the united states. that. made you can't win the war and mass. things with. thinking to. walk to. the center. of the city. american men are apparently less convinced now that sexual harassment
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in the workplace is such a big issue as compared to twenty seventeen when the me too movement started a survey by gallup found that fifty three percent of men see the workplace heris meant as a problem that's down from sixty six percent when the me too movement exploded after a series of sexual assault allegations against powerful men however it does appear that people today are more aware of the issue suggested that the way the story's been covered in the media may have altered men's attitudes. during that time a torrent of sexual misconduct allegations have been leveled against well known men and widely covered in the media this preponderance of news coverage may have put men on the defensive we discussed it here on our team from division over whether me too is proving helpful or has been politically hijacked. what they said in their in their study was simply that there is a discrepancy between men who are democratic as well as men who are republican and it seems as though that drop is more heavy leaning towards the republican man maybe
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it has something to do with the hearing on brett kavanaugh i think that a lot of men right now are a little concerned that this situation could happen to them and it's got them women deep in the cavanagh hearings brought to light how false accusations going back years and years that have zero evidence can actually be used against someone later in their career and i think we've seen so many false accusations that many americans especially constitution loving americans fear rightly so perhaps that due process could be undermined if it's a if it's a she said it and we have to believe it scenario dating back to when women first entered the workplace the forty two fifty s. and sixty's the seventy's there have been women who have not said a word why because the culture and the temperature in the climate was never an
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acceptable place and time for them to present their issues and so the old boys club or old boys network was allowed to function in this in this way were four million were able to do what they wanted to do and women weren't respected in the workplace and they were able to take advantage of women the rules have changed and we're not playing that game anymore and that's what's happening men are getting caught and they want to go back to hell things used to be and so they don't want to acknowledge the fact that. sexual harassment is still a very pervasive issue and since twenty seventeen. the gross platitudes that your guest is using i take i take real exception with categorizing our cast. dating men as a one whole massive violent group while casting women as some sort of one whole massive group of victims that is just not true there is a gradient you're going out you're not at all where i did we're having
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a rational earthiness placement if we're going to have if we're going to have a rational conversation you haven't read me we're having a congress i'm good or bad and yes some women have made false out of it and yes and because you were going on a yes some women have made false accusations it is an absolute provable fact and so until you're ready to have a conversation like that we're going to be caught up in all the same hypocrisy that many on this side of the me too movement that has become so radicalized that they think all men are evil and all women are victims my life experience has taught me that when you speak in black and white like that you make a big mistake and it's been it's bigotry frankly to talk that way about men or about women. after weeks of intense fighting us back to kurdish forces say they've taken control of islamic states final sliver of territory in syria scouring the area for fleeing eisel fighters expected that though officially announce victory in the coming hours. the syrian democratic forces encircled the
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villages but who is in eastern syria earlier in the year and in recent weeks launched a final push to drive out the arsenal fighters around thirty seven thousand civilians have reportedly fled the area since early january. the fall of eisel self declared caliphate marks a small step towards progress for syria despite that though for many the trauma inflicted by the group will last a lifetime is the story of one year's eve the woman who spent three years as an eyesore slave. lipstick and. there was a good look up as i got the. vision god it's no use couldn't demand. good
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from this. distance. despite i saw as a parent a feat as a military force it's terrorists still putting up a fight sporadic clashes have been reported with some of the group's members said to be in hiding along the euphrates river the american president has already declared victory and not just the once over as my guest they have explained it was only a matter of thailand for ice this is lost on klav stronghold was destroyed liberated and it is happened isis has been cleansed from the village of but it's lost castle in syria has crumbled say some others say that that isn't true and that they're still fighting but what the heck trump says he was. so what happens
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is this is all isis now on the bottom that's as of today this is i says there's none the caliphate is gone as of tonight. only. boiled what can you say mission accomplished again the strangest thing they keep beating isis destroying its last stronghold again and again and again the coalition to defeat isis has liberated very close to one hundred percent of the territory we're doing a great job with those as we have just absolutely decimated isis we have won against isis we've beaten them and we've beaten him badly the isis caliphate has been decimated in another short period of time like hours you'll be hearing hours and days you'll be hearing about the caliphate it was one hundred percent defeated so is this it or are we going to see another epic final battle between the
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forces of good and isis no one seems to know my gut feeling having been in iraq in syria for so long seen what i've seen of isis is no not even close out in the desert there and holds hiding underground there in baghdad in damascus leaking their wounds but that's just my opinion and a whole lot of other reporters and experts for now though if we believe that the forces of good have finally won what is next in question that america's allies such as france really want a non-citizen. mrs polly france's defense minister went to the u.s. to get answers to various questions if by chance the american military presence would be maintained what would be the contours of its presence what would the
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mission be we do not have these answers yet it is on the basis of information that we don't have yet that president macron will determine the possibility of a french contribution on top of everything else in the murderers and maniacs that made up isis even if the organization is dead those individuals are not they've apparently gone back to their roots back where they began in mosul which the u.s. led coalition for all intents and purposes carpet bombed tens of thousands of civilians dead in the crossfire the isis zealots have apparently gone back to basics extortionists assassins thugs and guns for hire. isis is using the same preety fourteen style and most threatening people to pay by sending a message by envelope pay or die they threaten businessmen doctors etc congratulations
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donald you've won you've beaten i say this again and bet now on how long do you think it'll be before trump declares his next last victory over isis again he always wants to be in advance he doesn't have. a very good relation with the troof are you not he likes to extend the tool for our in the lies of the thought and he wants he always wants to compare himself with barack obama and think that he was the one that if he did this in a very short time but it still hasn't finished and. this is not finished is the finish line in the land of syria in iraq also but this period off is this continues i think in other places such as afghanistan. is there are lifting about his relation. european parliament looks set to meet the british prime minister halfway
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home an extension to the brics it deadline made in brussels right now in the hope of pushing back the u.k.'s exit from the e.u. to the end of june but it looks like shall have to settle for the day before the european parliament elections on may the twenty third but it's no free passes and not quite what the british pm was hoping for and she really has got to work us out he hasn't. you know she does indeed she was in that room for ninety minutes with her fellow e.u. leaders trying to convince them why the u.k. deserves that period of extra time that extension to approve hope plan and ratify that plan of leaving the e.u. she is now out the leaders are discussing just how to go about doing this information we're getting is changing every hour several times an hour in some cases that emotional draft document from the european council said that cutoff date would be the twenty second of may not quite the thirtieth of june extension to resume i was hoping for nevertheless something that would give us some breathing space we understand that then was moved forward to the seventh of may before going
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back to the original plan before changing yet again because leaders now have no faith and that's a reason make an even get a plan passed in the u.k. parliament that was of course one of the conditions touted originally to give that extension in fact there is a clear lack of unity among european leaders in that negotiating room as to how exactly to go about it the meeting has gone on it looks like it's going to be a long light the discussions over china are now off the agenda as the brics the baits continue now the merkel are taking time to agree effectively the several options here whether to give to resume a more time to give to a deal through and then event that she can't to give for a further extension there is by no means any unity in the room leaders such as mark warner have been playing hardball stating that if the u.k. does not get its act together they are willing to put the option of
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a no deal bricks it back in with your agreement for two years it cannot be renegotiated secondly in the event of another new vote in britain we will be heading towards a new deal everyone is in conciliatory tone urging leaders to tread carefully that a no deal breaks it would be. damaging politically and economically not only to the u.k. but to the european union as well urging them to find some sort of compromise here and perhaps bend some of those political red lines that have been firmly put in place over the past several weeks. i believe everyone must be and is aware that this is an event of historic significance and so we must proceed carefully and above all do everything in our power until the very last hour to ensure that britain can leave the european union in an orderly manner this means that we take their respective interests into account on the one hand but also those
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of the british side. as those e.u. leaders continue those discussions over dinner the reason why is of course. fate is being decided without her in that room and whatever breathing space she gets whether it's the seventh of may the twenty second the twenty second the reason further of course she's still stuck between a rock and a hard place she still has to go home and face a parliament that's increasingly frustrated angry and hostile towards even members of her own party and come of the twenty eighth of march which is still officially the date the u.k. is due to leave the european by law or at least until things change over the course of the next few hours or days if she fails to get that deal through as is likely the e.u. will have to meet for another emergency summit to try decide what to do next so it's anyone's guess really what could happen over the next few hours we're going to wait for that press conference from dawdle to confer
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a what cutoff date will be given to the u.k. for that extension and b. what conditions will be attached and they're all likely to be those indeed we'll update you as soon as we get more information so there we are that's taking back control she said twenty seven e.u. leaders decide britain's fate we are i don't hold and in berlin thanks for that. so daniel said as things stand the u.k. still legally on course to leave the european union just over a week from now but as the saying goes that week is a very long time in politics when it comes to bret's it and i was feels like a lifetime there are still also plenty of roadblocks ahead.
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watch this space your next r.t. world news is enough an hour after we've learned the surprising way that all female households in afghanistan manage in such a male dominated society. join me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure and i'll be speaking to get off of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. as the tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in
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venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implemented for inside venezuela things move different we're going to announce sanctions against petroleum to venezuela associate. in the school of a son of the moment who flew down to some political battle to stay on the moon at the present. moment the focus of the who story isn't new makes him cold in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated in latin america an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make the chilean economy scream so wants and making the economy of venezuela screed. after nine eleven the wealthy in america decided we're up playing anymore we're going to just
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grab as much as we can of the cash out there in the system and put it you know offshore and that's why there is not twenty two trillion offshore and so there you battle of credit in the system strong central bank instead of punishing the banks just flooded the system with more of the fia money and then those who are the paranoid have yachts versus the have nots decided you know we're going to put more offshore so they just keep trying to and shipping it off shore it is completely bypassing the economy and so the economy is getting more starved for credit and the people are getting more restless. sadly.
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