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i'll visit the mom and goes quite a lot of trouble after the foreigners had left he and his large family had to move to his brother's house to get away from the neighbors questions. doesn't want anyone to know why the journalist had come to film but appalled residents health. you know six of them. to give us the medicine and one must. go as a. jew and eternal life in
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a dream second moment of generosity but within a month. mohamed will never let on the behind is the back his neighbors call him a polished one who has only don't. introduce afghan society it's hard to find the most shameful nickname to give a man having seven daughters and no sons in a patriarchal society is quite a social stigma. ten year old amino was given no choice but the father made a become about your polish. look of food so it took us. to so many of them you know collusion the last behold the nose of the hutch and of all of us if you go of it and you know it will really visual over this you're only
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going to call me going to undergo a column of today to go on with such a foolish. little bundle up over the ball all. over the i. don't like the whole me hold up. show how good. to us that. kind of commerce every. county. is you know i think there's.
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some. but not. that i can find. every afghan woman must have a man besides if not a husband a son will do whatever. i've . asked for a bowl for the first day he'll soon turn nine and football is his favorite game was . tim lee joe hong kong to folks thirty. s with this is to. remove my. breasts and. yes yeah i love this break everything you see make your bets.
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you know most of. our bosses honeymoon else are the home within the family had a most physio their mother dresses the youngest sister as a boy to. six. times almost wished and so each party there and no one got the champagne to hash this and not actually share buyback actions who cares there as a back you did your knee on them but i don't ever see the rest get everything any is as mechanical at number ten. aircraft and you know my back i want to visit but i'm happy you know i only used to get so news if i may be you know my doc at a young crowd i have you shot out i don't reckon folks are so hard to find that kind of time we're just that happy to have them and because have no are you going to the nonsense. and said i'm yes this out said.
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the. doctor this is the noise but she is so sweet you got to push this. month which way do you want to see. her soon old girl. they really really love. you know look at the time. they had ever. thought it was on. a bus into a grandfather of the only members of the family who convention freely outside the backyard. this time the
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mother has sent a daughter to the local head dress up because the family's been invited to a neighbor's wedding. in a small most minute officer says. he didn't show horses the love of an army because he knew the office in that america only got them. some. new clothes and up to them but a little somewhere among may come to america. in devolved us to the middle to get it was hard to make out on the now money i know jimmy kind of cherish a label that says i should go mad if i got it. thanks thank you.
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thank you. i. just. i think. i got. my. but. it's. fun to something to turn farai i said young percent right that's made out and from his house it does that's we've got some avoid the dumpy cheating but you're portrayed on t.v. show but you're going to purchase me from daphne protect because it got me a mother that i love her that i'm going to have to get from the show my does that in a band but to me for it burn your second memory from us about going to turn back that's
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i mean it's about going to it doesn't imo we're done by those who registered it to me i'm sure don know how far. they are. all of them want to. let girls like sierra cool bad boys she's a troubled teenager in the girls' school in trouble both teachers and fellow students complain about how she behaves like a boy and only has to come out ahead like all the other girls when she's in class. who. was so close and. so gung ho my god does. i don't know what you. don't have loads of fun to talk about gosh. what do you need me i'm on is it you never forget how did everything.
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go from a russian jag. can i got to go very fast there. is a bad time about your push it was her own decision to dress like a boy she has a brother so the family isn't lighting on their. bikes to freedom but boys club. freedom that have female friends come to enjoy. a sort of was on the what was i want to move on a. gentleman. by the michelle us on the watch yes but i don't go out just of course the other man so love me going to miss you. a lot of things love. you have the will of the whole there's no office it was a. must but it was in another. i mean.
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a lot of them. are you an honest. going and i was not what any of them was in the way i was just going i was not going to because of that i was that the one i was. going to fall under that even a felon was officially begun when i'm in climbing and i. was just the admission of the whole no. by the you could have a mother my father wasn't and i was only a. leg up as a teacher of the new pushy. a little closer than my beloved. held up almost on. the coast. of the us on the surface of the the flat us what's. left of us coming on is that a lot of. fun is that washing up over the last one was nothing but i want to ask
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for that with a. little smile this. should . be a. good chance. to him. to. plead guilty. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed or. otherwise and it was bed much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy
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attack so low down engineer elections manufacture consent and other principle holds according to no on. one set of rules for the rich opposite. that's what happens when you put her into the. sector of wealth which will is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. america's policy in iraq has never been a smashing success but apparently there's still room to make it worse the secretary of state's recent visit to the region was full of bold proclamations and quiet reversals what is trumps policy in iraq.
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what politicians do. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. someone wanted. to go right to the press it's like them before three of them or can't be but. i'm interested always in the waters and how. there are calls for in the electoral college lower the voting age to sixteen allowed to non-citizens to vote and to pack the supreme court with more and partisan judges what is happening here well it would seem if you can't win on the merit of ideas but all you need to do is to radically change the system.
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was. others to push into the. bone were. the buffalo.
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with the figure it's a roof over. and over so was she and then it was just in the movie the solution there go go fear is. part of. the i must try. to get others to know this is the question only if i'm very. good don't you see is the father money if you. buy the. first still they have them over about the fifth when he was little she. was. twenty year old not she works as a secretary at
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a firm selling out to cellulite products out of respect for her boss and colleagues she covers her head in the office. just after the daily call to prep she finishes how workday changes into her usual clothes which passers by find shocking and hurries to the other end of kabul to a place where everyone knows her as coach told fun fight. afghanistan's only taekwondo school for girls is covertly hidden away in a basement and doesn't ever advertise itself. ya. know. i love. the hope that it could but the. bullet. says it will be the last of the both of them. i will. see that i
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was. going to miss a little. too much what if the focal. when the training session ends close to sunset commas ahead again and goes to night school zero. zero zero. zero seven. you know oh. you go you know you probably had never done anything that was. something that was even. like that so if you don't mind telling you that now and again dressing as boys is an afghan tradition it's concealed but not but when a bunch of polish girls come of age they go back to dressing as girls and their parents
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try to marry them off usually to a relative to fun is a rare exception who refuses to start a family and have children she wants freedom and in afghanistan only the men have that. this is hope that. we arrange to meet not sure. home the next morning but as we reached her doorstep she called to say she didn't want to be filmed any more the foreigners visiting her workplace had alerted the firm's owner from him not like keeps a second name and double life a secret the brave taekwondo fighter was afraid. only
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went to school for a year before the family ran out of money now the budget can only attend a madrassa a religious school. by fire a. five. five. five five. five. after school will be a party is turning nine. both days she received
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a long awaited ball the neighbor's children boys and girls are all invited. that i can i have missed the kind of the possible that. you hear now from the medical center but that's what i'm to do that's not enough on a question i am just estimates that i don't understand that. the other's eyes are no less.
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secure. when i'm. on. him. dressed in a boy's show welcome news i mean it goes to the city every day to sell water outside of a father's hearing she confesses that she hates the job it's hard to hide from
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palaces by the cheese actually a girl i have i thought i was but i'm not like nobody is going to die i would feel like i was i think a nigga i think i was like. i . two years ago there was some hope for me as parents mommies wife gave birth to a boy the family of modest means had only two months to celebrate the birth of an era before tragically the baby died for. i mean as mother can't have more children else meaning of the girl will have to remain a boy for a few more years the citizens of accumulation get on and have much of both of. those in the behavior of the last it was fully behind he called it will. be
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blizzard like a whole lot of little closer legal. advice on how do. you know you are. not. also saying confession is. good to see. if you have any friends. who can. make it. work one who. actually don't feel. it was or is your push. made
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up on the phone make of. her and her friend visits couple's most western and fashionable shopping center to buy clothes passers by might easily think their brother and sister maybe even a couple. places where no one asks asio she's a boy or a girl a few and far between. i know none of the time or just. shut off a little dust on the middle. level and why a five. when i said logical as a lot of thought it. was funny. when i rushed out of the washer when i want that idea. well there was a lot of the yes there was a model for a lot of a lot of the vision. that marvel. will get you. are those stem cell. research fully aware that she's defining the
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ultraconservative afghan social norms she also knows that her protest would not have been possible without her parents' approval on was what i was hammered by the timing of somalia. was that i wasn't present at that hour by that i'm it often now i then was i. didn't have an eye for it i watch a lot of money rather than those of iraq of a lot of it was what i turned off a lot of of us on the. city. that i made the sort of look that's what i was and that i'm. the one of the now you know. well the thought of a moment that one was an official number you know someone will. go out to see. what some of the walsh was. going to say that is making. sure that we not only get the.
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luthier live our visit last year invites us to. she promised to introduce us to her parents. we don't know if you did for the cleaning. for me the whole as much as some wish to. say this. to some of the some of our fallen leaves and you've already got me going to notice them. i mean the whole the whole. heart the jews aren't ever going to start one of them is so so one more that i must go just by them as well as out of the wall that i was if i let us and i mean that i'm with the irish among them it's on the side of some of the enemy john mickel. just. as he had tried to
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trick us we later learned it was because of our parents they refused point blank to be filmed then for bring it up but because she is a batch of polish she can decide for herself and choose her own destiny. in a muslim so you may because of a dog that i thought my dogs are from michigan. john mayer could talk about to knock him up but i mean i'm at home mom economic genital be in the look they don't mind i'm trusting me to be and i'm going to hold oil through just now at oshkosh i think up us that we're not as i should but she.
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because i love and the wealthy in america decided we're up playing anymore we're going to just grab as much as we can of the cash out there in the system and put it you know offshore and that's why there's not twenty two trillion offshore and so there you battle of credit in the system shrunk the central bank instead of punishing the banks just flooded the system with more of the fia money and then those who are the paranoid have yachts versus the have nots decided you know we're going to put that more offshore so they just keep trying to and shipping it off shore and it's completely bypassing the economy and so the economy is getting more
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starved for credit and the people are getting more restless. still. going to. make goods manufactured and sentenced to the public will. when the ruling closest to protect themselves. with the flame and merry go round to be the woman has a job. to ignore middle of the room signals. to lead them to the real news is. the world.
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turns down trees that maze request for a three month of bragg's a delay. the twenty second of may as an absolute deadline with strings attached. president says he is ready to recognize israeli sovereignty over the occupied golan heights. from syria in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. western powers questioned italy's willingness to join beijing's road infrastructure project calling it a tool for chinese influence. broadcasting live direct from our studio this is our team.


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