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this may very well have made such. so the prosecutor because they've got their of their own process js that they're looking off to. right that does it for me i'll be back with headlines and say exactly thirty minutes stay with us this is our tension . in the electoral college lower the voting age of sixteen allowing non-citizens to vote and to pack the supreme court with more in artists and judges what is happening here well it would seem if you can't win on the merit of ideas but all you need to do is to radically change the system.
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ratings and salutation is trying to keep track of and report on the latest exploits and tragedies the united states military has been waging around the world and you know it can be a lot like that world famous carnival game one of the whack a mole yes you know where you pop the bulls on the head. but you know i mean you think about it we popped up in syria no wait no no no we're leaving syria. spoke too soon we just popped up in syria again you got iraq you've got yemen you've got afghanistan the list begins to feel endless and for many of us completely confusing and unpredictable. except for again a stand i guess like afghanistan is like the broken whack a mole at the carnival where the mole figurine has been whacked so many times that it just stays there on moving or military foreign policy in afghanistan but now hawk watchers
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a new but old location has recently popped up on the gameboard somalia yes while the u.s. military has been active in somalia before i mean tragically who can forget the old blackhawk down experience apparently things are heating up again and the city international released a new report this week detailing the alarming rise in civilian casualties as part of the shadow air war against the terrorist group al-shabaab that the u.s. has been waging in somalia amnesty study just five just five out of the more than one hundred air strikes the u.s. has conducted over the past few years in that country and found that fourteen civilians were killed eight more injured and that the attacks appear to have violated international humanitarian law and some may amount to war crimes that's just in five of the strikes naturally when africa was confronted with these numbers they denied them telling amnesty international that quote our assessments found that no after a common era strike resulted in any civilian casualty or injury our assessments are
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based on post strike analysis using intelligence methods not available to non military organizations another words my friends take our word for it we know better than you when it comes to deciding if the five women and children killed in our by our missiles were civilians or not. i think it's time to stop watching all. that that's. what they like that i get. we. are. welcome we're going to watch it go so i robot and then south of the wallace and
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here we are sort of repeating old since i don't find it very unsettling that anybody would say well we know better what we know i mean we have special magical things but as you said so those children weren't civilians going to know so we're back to the old everyone's an enemy combatant that is narrative back we were there to go with our certainly makes things a lot easier to bomb countries when it's well they're all they're all back our they're all if they're heard her say adults who are brooding over the troops who are they must be a target and they're enemy they're everybody rather disturbing well i just want to point out the methodology for amnesty international it's not as if they just you know looked over if you think it's left over some charge of that which is why i find that the whole affair i find it mildly offensive to certain say to amnesty international we have info that you don't so what they did by the way for people at home the researchers for amnesty international they traveled to somalia they
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conducted more than one hundred fifty interviews with eyewitnesses relatives persons displaced by the fighting and sources including in the u.s. military so of course what they did is they analyzed the all the corroborating evidence they included satellite imagery munitions fragments and photos they did an investigation so instead of saying well we have info you don't so everyone on the ground is lying all of this information is made up everything is fake you can't believe anything you see on the ground well let me explain to me if the air force and all these people think that then why. that who should we believe in syria through about what happens on the ground who should we believe there so we shouldn't believe who's on the ground because obviously in somalia. as you brought up and we don't have a mogadishu block on. down there is kind of kind of not a good memory i know that movie made it seem like it was a big proud moment it's not no it's not at all that's a great point brilliant and that's a member will now move everyone was kind of was somalia was kind of what what what
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what what's happening in small why are we what are we what i'm doing and now it's like deja vu all over again it's like wait what were we fighting in somalia why are we bombing these people just to give you an idea of the amount of bombing happening in somalia that no one's talking about of course because why i'm not there in the last nine months of two thousand and seventeen u.s. forces carried out thirty four strikes in somalia which is more than the five years from two thousand and twelve to twenty sixty four years combined of course combined in the us in one year we've done more than ever in twenty eight teams forty seven strikes in the back country and then just the first two months we've just started two thousand and thirteen first two months twenty four strikes so we're on a good record breaking year this year in somalia and the changes that one of the reasons i think that you can see that some of that stuff happens and that there's this you know that the president and the new sort of guard over there has decided
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that and one of those is the executive order declaring somalia an area of active hostilities. on march thirtieth two thousand and seventeen. i mean all of them only what matters here isn't this like oh well we can do this we can do this we have a piece of paper there's a death toll there it is told people are dead period that's the most brian castner amount of amnesty international senior crisis advisor automorphism military operations he actually saw the use of the civilian death toll we've been covered in just a handful of strikes just the five member suggests the shroud of secrecy surrounding the u.s. role in somalia as war is actually a smokescreen for impunity as you mentioned have ever since trump signed that order back in march it was you want to give generals more power that says get those generals more power to do what they need. civilian without worrying about it without him and not being held accountable to it because hey it's one of our shadow wars we're not really fighting a war there we've just we're just managing hostilities. or share.
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in twenty sixteen the national survey of children's health found that over six million american children between the ages two and seventeen are diagnosed with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder of those six million kids sixty two percent of them are on our own what are known as medications medication a new study has found could lead to psychosis the study published in the new england journal of medicine funded by the national institute of mental health use data from insurance claim databases to calculate how many children taking age medication had a new incident of psychosis within sixty days of starting that new agey medication and in turn how many were then forced to take anti-psychotic medication to treat that side effect the study found that quote among adolescents and young adults who are receiving prescriptions stimulants new onset psychosis occurred at approximately one in six hundred sixty patients of the two kinds of age the
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medication primarily used by doctors methylphenidate saturday and that it mean it turns out that shocking amphetamine is fed everyone's cause psychosis and over twice the rate of math fulfilling it dates so if you're an adult with a. condition or a parent looking to treat your kids you might want to take a look or take a little closer look at the medication meant to kill you because it might just be the thing making you work. wow. look at his world is barking at a diagnosis with a b h d and true being treated for a d h d for ages two two to seventeen you say it's i mean most of the medication is. approved for it just sets them up at least sometimes three some of them are three and up who puts a two year old or three year old i mean it's called the terrible twos for a reason the kids running around you go put that you put a two year old i mean we were attention that was that i mean have you met a ten year old the does as
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a problem with their attention and. a little too much energy i guess apparently two year olds that you know are supposed to be like you know very heavy thinkers and very focused on the time so. this is really good and the fact that the. side effect and all of this is causing psychosis is truly frightening for those of you that don't know what psychosis is a it's not a disease it's a symptom of signs of psychosis or hallucinations trouble sleeping anxiety nervousness dizziness confusion and a lack of self awareness so essentially everybody you deal with living near capitol hill you don't. put him out yet you guys i mean we would figure out we might have an answer for some of the problems we have here in d.c. but you know it's not a symptom it's but then when you look at what it does that's pretty scary especially for parents. and you know just scramble six year old or even a seventeen year old with this i mean this is what we're up playing around here and
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this is the thing what we're talking about when you're talking about means and methylphenidate are i mean we look just these are these are what we're we says call these uppers back in the old days. psychostimulant says that's what these are called these are things that give some kind of euphoria while also raising energy or heart rate. so what you have to understand is that amphetamines and meth of painted a it's they kind of fall into the same category as what like i said uppers now that runs the gamut from cocaine to m.d.m.a. they're all in the same chemical category and this is what you're giving to three and four year olds so amphetamines these are the ones that they were saying is known as adderall adderall acts are extended release and dexedrine so those are the brand as there's really no munder for these things you get loss of appetite these are just side effects of the drug loss of appetite nervousness trouble sleeping dizziness drowsiness had a stomach pain now we go to the muscle thema days which are the alternatives for.
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people the ones that don't cause as much as march speak there these are your concerns as your ritalin your day trauma. these are all extended release or whatever so the side effects general five a side effects of these are loss of appetite nervousness trouble sleeping dizziness or as an ascetic. if you haven't noticed. a thing there so first of all dexys are literally used to be called mother's little helper so there's two things that you took a sleeping pill at night and you took dexys to get you go i don't remember that accent i'm so ready that's the way their mother was a helper is right so the idea that we're giving this to children under the age of not just twelve but at two three and four and then you're like well or always kids going to go is those who because you're filling their bodies in their brains that schild ages when things are developing full of uppers things that are quite frankly if they didn't come from a per do farm oh who just had another in their one of their feet
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a day it's come out and be approved if these people weren't making. i just you wouldn't have psychosis i mean you're literally making kids break you're breaking their minds if you don't even want kids to have coffee at that age and you're telling me they should be given i mean i'm sorry but it's not ok for me to be popped up on ron dicks these are going all high and mighty why is it ok for children to bust quest abuse about her children. already as we go to break watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the properties cover of facebook you tube and twitter and see our poll shows at our feet dot com coming up while many just wish for more than two options on the ballot box the former national outreach coordinator for bernie sanders in two thousand and sixteen is working to turn those wishes into a reality stay tuned to watch in the fall of the farm bill. the
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wealthy in america decided playing anymore we're going to just grab as much as we can of the cash out there in the system and put it offshore twenty two trillion off shore and. credit in the system strong central bank instead of punishing the banksias clotted the system with more of the fia money and then those who are the paranoid have jobs versus the have decided you know we're going to put more offshore so they just keep trying and shipping it off shore it is completely bypassing the economy and so the commies getting more starved for credit and the people are getting more rest. them freeze on the sounds of. the christening essentially.
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wish to do away from the. group. they obviously did they could a lunge for the web in one's midst and they would have been done. as i've. never seen any contact with. any kind of went back to where they were back here there again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer. is gonna need to turn tree. america's policy in iraq has never been a smashing success but apparently there's still room to make it worse the secretary of state's recent visit to the region was full of those bold proclamations of quiet reversals want to do is trumps policy in iraq.
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we can't escape it hoc watchers despite our best efforts apparently the road to the two thousand and twenty presidential election has already started for most cable news rooms and political pundits despite the actual election still sitting roughly two years away and while the talking heads of partisan think pieces debate who looks the best who represents the most and who's born to run one debate that gets lost in the dog and pony show is why does it always have to come down to just a democrat in a republican since eight hundred fifty two it has been either a democrat or republican sitting in the white house and these two parties have controlled congress since at least eight hundred fifty six so what stands in the way of a true third fourth or fifth party movement and just what goes into the monumental task of building a brand new political party well we're joined today by the farm a national political outreach coordinator for brain twenty six team nick brand is
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actually trying to do just that build a new political party from the ground up thank you for joining us mc great to be with you to have at the taro i'm watching the hocks think you think you know it's interesting you you kind of you wonder taking a monumental task. you founded what is called the movement for people's party and what what is the people's party stand for and what was the inspiration for you to kind of take this on because i cannot imagine the building another a new party in the united states of america today is an easy easy job no it's not but it's unnecessary. because the two parties that we have. the there was a really remarkable study at a princeton and northwestern university a few years ago and studied twenty years worth of legislation more than two thousand pieces and it looked at the differences between the democrats or republicans and how much the public's will actually has an impact on policy and it found that under the democrats or republicans we don't have
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a democracy the the quote was that the public's will has a miniscule near zero statistically insignificant impact on public policy and so it's not easy but it's not impossible either because the majority of americans are calling for it at this point and it's necessary as shown by that study. and they were kind of in a place right now where you have a lot of old guard who thought you could you could keep still keep thinking you can do the things that they did in a pretty internet age like going back to the ninety's where they didn't have as much you know it was just the birth of the internet so they didn't have to face this much from natural constituents so i feel like the whole system like you said it's set up in this way that it doesn't matter once you once you vote that's the end of they don't care what you have to say and i think that's what's kind of amazing is that you're going up on this challenge that is monumental to create a better version was something that we've only had for illegal under dear what
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really were. what were things that. first how do you even start how do you even begin to do this and what were some of the challenges that you face that you didn't expect when you first went into this process of building a brand building this political party well it needs to be done from the bottom up from the grassroots up and and so. i got together recently about a month ago with labor leaders including leaders at the highest levels of american labor if l.c.a. executive council members other progressive leaders cornell west for example is an endorser of ours and. as is chris hedges all over stone. and many others thousands of other working people and fifteen organizations actually were part of a coalition of fifteen different organizations representing more than a hundred thousand members bringing together unions and social movements to create
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this new party so we've built substantially and to answer your question we've seen that what we need to do is we need to start at the local level by running state and local candidates building up a kind of a pro party so to speak of candidates that can then become a major new party as we move forward into this process that is first and i like i think a lot of i can get a book club going back here during an entire political party i commend you on so many levels because i think people who don't down understand that it's not as easy as just being like well run a third party again. commend because a lot of times a lot of these hurdles the third party faces i'd know because my father was a very big third party advocate still was one of the hurdles rivers are talking about you know the democrats republicans have really you know insulated the game to be their own so third parties up to get x.
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amount of signatures they have to jump through all these hoops just to get on the ballot. how do you plan on challenging because they probably they've they're not going to give up their power of the consolidation of power usually they've tried but there comes a point where the scales of the balance of the power of money and the pounds of you know corporate power and the people's desire for a major new party tips into where you know they they can spend unlimited sums of money but people just aren't buying it anymore and you know we're kind of reaching that juncture the fact that in two thousand and sixteen you saw that in the two major parties people basically led a revolt of both of them by trying to nominate two candidates who weren't even members of the party you know before that trump and sanders and so part of that shift in consciousness in the revolution too is that over the past fifteen years you've seen tens of millions of people leave the democratic and republican parties and become independents so now independents are almost half the country whereas
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there's only about a quarter of democrats of quarter publicans so that means that it becomes to become kind of you know unstable in the ground opens for a major new party because there's just a chasm of independents and non representation and what you said earlier it was such a great point because the internet has changed everything in countries in europe and in latin america several countries there are new parties that are coming up on the left and the right and they are dislodging and throwing out establishment parties that have been in power literally for decades and that's happening just in the last three or four years powered by the internet yeah i mean i will say if i had had even a tenth of the amount of internet access and news through that and information in the late ninety's when i won no vote of the election i can tell you that one but that brings me to this other point because as someone who i don't belong to political parties i feel like that sort of like i'm not good joiner of their kind of stuff and i'm being told what to do i have an issue with authority but one of
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the things that i have that i always thought. see look the republicans and the democrats are all their faults they have a huge infrastructure they've been here for a long time they have brand recognition why not instead of building an opposition party take that and just take over the democratic party and make it progressive make it what it should why not do that it's a great question and millions of people have been trying to do just that over the past four years in fact for example for aggressives in the democratic party first. i wrote an article a couple of months ago documenting the seven major attempts at progressive made to take over the democratic party the first was they tried to nominate a president with bernie sanders in twenty sixteen then they tried to pass a platform to hold the party's feet to the fire progressive platform after that they tried to take the d.n.c. chair position replace tom perez with people listen and then they tried for example of a progressive wave in the midterms replacing nancy pelosi is the house leader reforming
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the twenty twenty rules so that it's more fair for a president and in each of these instances the party has not only sabotaged that attempt but they have consolidated power like for example in the midterms. when the dust settled in the midterms there were only two progressives who had unseated establishment members of the democratic party in congress you know so that is stark compared to the four hundred thirty five members which is weird to me because the thing is if you if you really believe in your ideas at least you know ideologically if you believe that you're the best if the point is you should why when you're if you're so angry that someone didn't vote the way you think they should it should be pretty easy to sell that there shouldn't be an issue if you're in the tent for everybody that they've always been if you're if you're not a horrible person you're a democrat or a leg i guess i go democrat or when i was a kid it was we didn't have enough money to vote republican and the reagan era
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isn't written there as an organization. you need to you need to have democratic mechanisms in place internally and the democratic republican parties don't have those mechanisms the the leaderships are not elected they're appointed essentially by the donors are appointed by the superdelegates in the case of the democratic party and the platforms totally non-binding that means that there's a total disconnect between where the leadership of the party is and where the membership or the voters are and there's you know there's no kind of way of the membership influencing the actual institution it's like saying that the workers should take over wal-mart you know with the wal-mart is not a democracy they should be under the equivalent of on their own to have sex i think a lot of people you know you hear a lot of doom and gloom you hear a lot of this you know charges of all the spoilers or you know you are a wasted vote some things about marriage when you talk about third parties and we talk about you know green libertarian potential yours how i'm just curious is what's talk about the other side of that how would the landscape in washington or
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local levels and state levels change if we had more than just the two boring options just to be used to you know you know coke and pepsi options do you think there'd be less gridlock where what would what would the political future hold if we saw more parties in this country i think that most people one of the major things that i've found is that most people absolutely want a major new party and that's not the issue you know that's not what's stopping them rather it's there waiting for you know kind of a feasible plan they're waiting for a something something that they think can really be accomplished so having another party out there that actually speaks for working people would force the democratic and republican parties to it would provide contrast you know and it would force them to either get with the program with all of these policies like medicare for all a green new deal seventy percent top marginal tax rate infrastructure jobs for graham
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all of these things that have like massive overwhelmed. support among americans. it would force them to either get with that program or they would be they would go extinct they'd be sent out like what should have been yeah exactly like the way you know there have to do what they say an accomplishment you gotta gotta gotta go right round i got to say keep up the great work keep up the great fight and i look forward to seeing the people's movement you know become a real factor we need it but because there was so much for coming out there are things that i don't think. the people of christchurch new zealand and the whole of the island nation are showing the world how community is stronger than fear and terror while one person shot and killed fifty eight because of lies and rhetoric about those with the muslim faith the most prominent motorcycle gangs of new zealand have vowed to protect the mosques and those who pray there the mongrel mob king cobra and black power motorcycle clubs have vowed to keep the mosque safe as long as they are needed and in a move that might confuse
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a lot of americans the groups will not be armed out of respect for those attending who could obviously be made an easy by guns at the mosque it just goes to show you that the very people you've been taught to fear could end up being the very people who fight for your right to humanity. wow that's really that's incredible that's really beautiful. that somebody that's made to see those motorcycle gangs out there protecting people like that. already that is our show for you to everyone remember in this world we're about told you about so i tell you all i am i robot i'm top of the line keep on watching all those hawks out there and have a great day right but. on
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. a shot i had to get up on a soldier that i. was a little on. the publisher of. the book just. hit it and say i was never a second how do you miss out that person and how much do you get me to do the passage that they were forcing and it was you know sometimes i know. there are calls to in the electoral college lowered the voting age to sixteen
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allowing non-citizen used to vote and to pack the supreme court with more and partisan judges what is happening here well it would seem if you can't win on the merit of ideas that all you need to do is to radically change the system. he turns down trees a maze request for a three month brags a delay offering the twenty second of may as an absolute deadline with strings attached. the president of the trump is ready to recognize that israeli sovereignty over the occupied golan heights are disputed area concert from syria in one nine hundred sixty seven. and western powers question italy's willingness to join beijing's a belt and road infrastructure project calling it a tool for chinese influence. the latest on the stories you can head to our team dot com coming up though the foreign minister of hungary is the guest on sophie and
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