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tv   News  RT  March 22, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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i. i i. when headlines this friday morning a bombshell report alleges that a group of american mercenaries illegally traveled to haiti to help the caribbean countries president consolidate power and move eighty million dollars to boot. from his pro palestinian students at king's college london say they were locked out during a visit by the queen. president trump says the u.s. should recognize israeli sovereignty over the occupied golan heights a disputed area captured from syria half a century ago. the e.u. rejects to reserve may's request for a three month delay instead the twenty second of may is an absolute deadline with strings attached.
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i've heard good morning broadcasting live from h.q. this is art international around the world thank you for taking time to achieve it was for hope for the next half hour in this update with me kevin no in a bombshell investigation claims that american mercenaries were helping haiti's president consolidate power seven military contractors were arrested there in february but then released without charge that's amid tough rivalry right now in the haitian government tracked it down to government protests in the country. just when they missed an exotic get out these men were mercenaries he says they
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were here to attack part of the executive branch of the government's. probably. seen those reports due to privacy considerations we're unable to comment further they were apparently going to transfer eighty million dollars out of the petrel caribbean account in haiti in the bank to another account which would be under the control of president joe from elmo we see the petro caribbean account required authorization if you will from modi's his then prime minister. and the bank president john bad dubois so this was apparently
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their mission they entered haiti many of them without stamping their passport without going through immigration without going through customs they had come in with weapons which is a violation not just of u.s. law but haitian law pressure from the u.s. embassy had them released in a completely illegal manner are you able now that the piece is released had to disclose your source and if not why not. spend a week in haiti speaking to. who should police officials justice department officials political. connection who are very knowledgeable all of this operation disclose our source. requested. so we have to protect our source. spoke the story of the incept saw online news outlet but there's another version of events too one of the mercenaries
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a retired navy seals says their mission was to risk or to haiti american businessman to sign an investment contract no chris holtzmann says the men were arrested when they were carrying out reconnaissance of the area he denies any knowledge of who ordered their release earlier also and claimed that they were used as pawns in a public fight between the haitian president and prime minister the p.m.'s dismissed on monday opposition protesters in haiti really angry over skyrocketing the ledge government corruption they blame the current president of sworn in on february twenty seventh saying in a pledge to bring more jobs and improve living conditions u.s. senator marco rubio is in the country to thursday haiti's new prime minister was appointed by the president that same day instantly author of the report came out against his u.s. attempts to influence haitian politics will spark further outrage in the country. they added a certain irritant or a certain combustibility to the situation. they really arrived on the
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last day of the latest spasm of. demonstrations the prime minister in fact when he was voted out by the deputies was in front of the senate. answering for what happened with these mercenaries so i think yes the whole mercenary story has played a role one from the questions everybody had about it and now that our story has come out and basically. torn off the lives or pulled back the curtain on this story i think that this is going to create even more outrage and more consternation. on the part of the haitian people. students at king's college in london play they were barred from attending classes because they were prob activists they were told
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it was because of a security reason during a visit by the queen bully boy because spoke to one of the students to see how she felt. i went into uni and i can hear from my eleven am back shows like ten from the emotional time it was i walked in i got my id cards i top two on the barrier and it wouldn't it wouldn't work the barrier wouldn't open i talked about three times and by the time i kind of psyched to myself i knew that this was intentional marines a student at king's college london but for one day this week she wasn't she was barred while kings was hosting the queen. around the time of this grand entrance on the all the signs of the building the second year religion and politics student was having this conversation with security guards come in the armored car the spin room sort of record. for your request. threshold to leave profiled me. they're not perfect
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and you see what they did she wasn't the only one experiencing this issue. it was here that marine tried to get into her university for a second time but she says she was told by security guards here that she was one of several students who had been barred from her own university for the duration of the queen's visit now marina and her friends say that they've been politically profiled for their history of peaceful demonstrations over issues such as palestine demos like this was it in this group. who are you going to you are who the your people think is not ok it does to me maureen doesn't have a criminal record she claims she was just singled out by her university for being a politically minded muslim woman i must be paying student i pay nine thousand
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pounds right and i'm i'm not allowed to go to my lecture because i'm a coward. security got to the mean. outrageous since the incident the students have staged more protests highlighting what happened to them and demanding on it says. the. king's college london is one of the u.k.'s oldest universities that occupies several buildings in central london and the queen and the duchess of cambridge were here opening this new building bush house now r.t. perch the students allegations to the university and the response we got was simply that there was an event here that required the highest level of security we had an event on tuesday which demanded the highest level of security and we had to minimize movement three buildings for security reasons at
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a time some of our buildings were not successful the metropolitan police told r.t. that they don't comment on security issues but marine says that talking about political issues shouldn't make her a security. breaking with decades of u.s. policy president trump says it's time the u.s. fully recognizes the occupied golan heights as part of israel the region which straddles israel lebanon syria and jordan was an excuse for syria way back during the six day war in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven already in response quick response in from turkey also the arab league they've already reacted to this announcement reiterating their support for syria while iran has warned trumps announcement could trigger a new wave of conflicts in the middle east caleb maupin as the latest. donald trump's support for israel has taken some new heights and that would be the golan heights and it now seems that despite the un and syria and others recognizing this
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territory as belonging to syria donald trump wants it to be recognized as part of israel let's take a listen to what he tweeted out of the fifty two year time for the united states to fully recognize israel so over and see over the golan heights which is of critical strategic and security importance the state of israel and regional stability now this announcement on twitter came as mike pompei zero the top diplomat of the united states secretary of state was meeting with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he expressed a huge amount of gratitude for this gift of recognizing the golan heights and its time when the run cease to syria as a platform to destroy israel trump boldly recognize israel is sovereignty in the golan heights thank you president trump now in its annual human rights report the u.s.a. described palestinian territories not as israeli occupied but rather as israeli controlled and we recently saw mike pump a zero take the unprecedented move as u.s.
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secretary of state and actually visit the western wall in jerusalem now at this point the world is well aware that benjamin netanyahu is facing an election that will determine whether or not he remains the prime minister of israel and some have interpreted donald trump's moves as essential trying to help netanyahu showing u.s. support for netanyahu taking unprecedented steps in pro israeli stances by the united states as a whole and people wonder if this could lead to an escalation in the region this which to a member of the serious so it's hard to move trumps move doesn't bode well for the region and responding the conflict in syria. what this decision and this move from the trumpet ministration is going to do is instead of increasing regional stability it's going to undermine it it's going to prolong the conflict in syria it's going to teach stabilize the region read it and. then in helping it basically seems
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to do take moves that are in line with what benjamin netanyahu wants an empty casino mogul show that nails that want so this is just a continuation where they move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem where they have as the u.s. to stop funding of the known to do nations relief works agency where the united states would through unilaterally from the iran agreement and this is continuing a very dangerous trend under not undermining international law and. agreements. the european union has rejected trees a major quest for a three month delay to brett said after a summit in brussels the use offering up short to perspire we don't pay it and only on the condition that the british parliament approves the unpopular withdrawal deal a mistake negotiated by the prime minister in brussels but it seems the price of temple's also taking its toll on some european leaders to me it's gone on long enough.
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do if you have a girl so it greased an extension until the. twentieth of april. for people not. to have the yes. on to the variant. to our clothes. and the whole is still empty in the end it means that that is a lot of space as. it was certainly long nights of discussion debate decision making and chopping and changing plans multiple times at the e.u.
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council summit and finally a decision that was reached officially and a final offer two to reason may and the u.k. for its breaks up plans for spurring that bad line article fifty until the twenty second of may conditional on to resume a passing up plan in parliament of course it's already been rejected twice by big majorities humiliating defeat for the conservative government and it's probably for that reason that the e.u. council added these conditions at the condition that surpasses that through if not they voted the option of a second extension up until the twelfth of april now if the u.k. chooses to go for that second extension of the reason may fail to put how plan through parliament as widely expected the u.k. will have to come up with some sort of plan with some sort of offer to continue that process in which case they will have to agree to participate in the european parliamentary elections but of course that would be rather silly and rather
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pointless because the u.k. is of course leaving the european union as the reason may stated in her press conference so come the twenty eight. march depending on what happens in the house of commons she may have to go back to the e.u. once again the e.u. may have to call another emergency council meeting to decide what exactly happens next so it does seem the brusque saw go for now will continue is could be a real big we came with quite a parcel of moscow time folks want to review june around the world ahead in the program islamic state driven from syria last and transgender debates in the u.k. just a couple of the stories we've got lined up for you. i
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do think the numbers mean something they matter to us with over one trillion dollars of debt more than ten white collar crime families each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be old rich eight point six percent world market thirty percent some with four hundred to five hundred three first second per second and fifth when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars. mark but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one business show you know for the one and only boom but.
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after weeks of intense fighting us but kurdish forces say they've taken control of islamic states final stronghold in syria. the syrian democratic forces encircled advantage of those in the east in syria and in the recent weeks they've launched a final push to drive. around thirty seven thousand civilian support of the fed the area since any january well people who live down there i still rule are still recovering from the trauma a snapshot of that mix for the next forty seconds or so. is the story of what you say the woman who spent three years as an i still slave. because harvey says he has had. them with. me.
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but i only know he lives taken. comes in the car not that i'm. there was that it can look up as i got the. vision got its values cleaned the moment that is good on the score how good he is then and seems asking despite ourselves apparently fit the remaining terrorists are still putting up a fight some of the militants are said to be hiding along the freddy's river the us president those already declared victory many times is a senior correspondent word goes to have reports next this morning. it was only a matter of time before isis is lost on klav stronghold was destroyed liberated and it has happened isis has been cleansed from the village of but it's lost cause and syria has crumbled say some others say that that isn't true
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and that they're still fighting but what the heck trump says he won. so what happens is this is all isis now on the bottom that's as of today this is isis there's none the caliphate is gone as of tonight. boiled what can you say mission accomplished again the strangest thing they keep beating isis destroying its last stronghold again and again and again the coalition to defeat isis has liberated very close to one hundred percent of the territory we're doing a great job with those as we have just absolutely decimated isis we have won against isis we've beaten them and we've beaten him badly the isis caliphate.
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has been decimated in another short period of time like hours you'll be hearing hours and days you'll be hearing about the caliphate it was one hundred percent defeated so is this it or are we going to see another epic final battle between the forces of good and isis no one seems to know my gut feeling having been in iraq in syria for so long seen what i've seen of isis is no not even close out in the desert there and holds hiding underground there in baghdad in damascus licking their wounds but the. that's just my opinion and a whole lot of other reporters and experts for now though if we believe that the forces of good have finally won what is next question that america's allies such as france really want an answer to mrs polly france's defense minister went to the us
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to get answers to various questions if by chance the american military presence would be maintained what would be the contours of its presence what would the mission be we do not have these answers yet it is on the basis of information that we don't have yet the president will determine the possibility of a french contribution on top of everything else in the murderers and maniacs that made up isis even if the organization is dead those individuals are not they've apparently gone back to their roots back where they began in mosul which the u.s. led coalition for all intents and purposes carpet bombed tens of thousands of civilians dead in the crossfire the isis zealots have apparently gone back to basics extortionists assassins thugs and guns for hire. isis is using the same preety fourteen style and most threatening people to pay by
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sending a message by envelope pay or die they threaten businessmen doctors etc congratulations donald you've won you've beaten the isis again and bet now on how long do you think it'll be before trump declares his next last victory over isis again he always wants to be in advance he doesn't have. a very good relation with the troof are you not he likes to extend the tool for our in the lies of the thought and he wants he always wants to compare himself with barack obama and think that he was the one that if he did this in a very short time but it still hasn't finished and. this is not finished is the finish line in the land of syria in iraq also but this period after isaac's continues i think in other places such as i can stand. is there are lifting about
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his relation. to transgender rights campaigner in the u.k. side of public opinion on the issue susie green reported a catholic journalist to police over what she described as violent hateful tweets following an appearance on a morning popular t.v. show the reporter the now says she's become a victim of a public for a beliefs. meanwhile a group of people have terrified and harassed my family docs my children made violent and sexual threats signing up to porn accounts did the same to my husband threaten to visit here and tumbleweed pick up on this row tempers flared when journalist caroline faraj debated the rights issue with susie green the mother of a transgender girl on national television in the u.k. susie green runs mermaids is a u.k. charity for transgender children her own childhood gender reassignment surgery at the age of sixteen she reported caroline fowler farrow the devote catholic
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journalist to police for a series of tweets which used words like mutilate and castrate green claimed the tweets constituted a hate crime. you will see the tweets are a lot more serious than about ms gendering there were allegations of serious misconduct and violence spiteful personal attacks she's now withdrawn the complaint but the debate rages on we put this issue to talk host john gaunt and human rights campaigner peter tatchell. kara it is a devout catholic i met him many times interviewed her she's a devout catholic she has an absolute right to hold a view of saying i don't accept this just like a muslim person and they couldn't except either so let's have both sides is absolute nonsense that the police and got caroline should have be respectful of the design of that trans woman to be referred to as she. even if she doesn't
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approve of it you know reflecting someone's chosen gender that is not a big deal it doesn't imply support or endorsement it's just about common decency and respect there is this increasing tendency for the police to be bought in to deal with what some people find offensive but now in human. there is no right to not be offended you know offense is part and parcel of open debate now i'm glad that we live in a free society where people can express their opinions and what caroline post said was not stirring hatred or discrimination of violence against trans people she was simply in my view disrespectfully refusing to use the term she to a trans woman look she went through a difficult time with a boy who then thought she was a woman and he's
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a woman now abusing but i do think there is a kind of pressure on everyone that we have to conform to his you know which i think that's deplorable but i don't think it's a matter for police intervention you know there are serious crimes serious hate crimes up there violence discrimination how this moment which the police should be focusing on not what individual people may say if we close down debate. on the most important debate challenge in the world. social media and facebook then we're going to live in very dangerous times and now we're really going to allow the new all of docs of the media world facebook and twitter to be our lord chamberlain's surely we should be grown up and talk about it yes strong feelings on each side don't forget any story you see here you can also have your comment on online r.t. dot com or on how you choose chamas was i was going to do anything but the stories
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of the day and the controversies of the day that's the way some of the world stories look in so far this is a friday morning twenty second of march coming up now to exactly twenty seven minutes past eleven the morning i'm coming over in mourning. manufactured. public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. with the famous. nor middle of the room. in the.
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room. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. and spearing dramatic development is only going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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welcome to so famed column sophie shevardnadze of the european peoples party and victor on balance desk party are locking horns over suspension in e.u. parliament is this the beginning of a major rift within the union well ask congress foreign minister peter. europe's biggest conservative sidelines. undreamed of the budapest rejecting the new immigration quotas and its sinister anti migration campaign hungry though accuses brussels of undermining european security with the rise of euro different governments and it's of course true you can't understate the confrontation cool to russia or its banks or the like minded neighbors how damaging that the standoff becomes for the e.u. and with unity supporting the rights of the new rights on the continent. there's here to the foreign minister great to have you with us again you are always a very welcome guest on our show thank you for being with us and this time around
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we have lots of news to discuss because hunger is once again making the top charts when it comes to news to the block of the center right parties in the european parliament the european people's party has voted to suspend your ruling party fidesz. is a very big blow to your party what does it mean and why would they do it because it would seem like they need support for then my may elections because. because you have to understand that migration the rules the agenda of the european union as such when it comes to politics or policies and the people being the largest political family coming from the right reaching out to censor all of the basically. you have a very colorful set of party is and that's why you.


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