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tv   News  RT  March 22, 2019 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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and engagement equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. a bombshell reports a group of american mercenaries illegally traveled to haiti to help the arabian countries president consolidate power and move eighty million dollars. was coming in from classes propellants the indian students at the king's college say they were lost during a visit by the. president trump ses the u.s. should recognize is really sovereignty over the golan heights disputed area captured from syria for centuries. the european union rejects treason maze request for
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a three month break to delay offering the twenty second of may as an absolute deadline with strings. twenty four seven news live from russia's capital city a pleasure to you along my names in our top story a bombshell investigation has claimed on american mercenaries helped haiti's president consolidate power seven military contractors were arrested there in february but then released without charge will not all comes amid tense rivalries in the haitian government on protracted antigovernment protests in the country. oh.
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just what they've missed and that is all of this given that these men or most americans he says if he were here to attack part of the executive branch of the government. you see those reports due to privacy considerations we're unable to comment further they were apparently going to transfer eighty million dollars out of the petrel caribbean account in haiti in the bank to another account which would be under the control of president joe from elmo we see the petro karoubi account required
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authorization if you will from. his then prime minister. and the bank president. dubois so this was apparently their mission they entered haiti many of them without stamping their passport without going through immigration without going through customs they had come in with weapons which is a violation not just of u.s. law but haitian law pressure from the u.s. embassy had them released in a completely illegal manner are you able now that the piece is released had to disclose your source and if not why not. spend a week in haiti speaking to. he should police officials justice department officials people. connection who are of any knowledge at all of this operation disclose or source the. requested.
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so we have to protect our source mr arrives broke the story for the intercept online news but one of the mercenaries a retired navy seal the speeds version of events chris solomon say they were hired to a score to haiti american businessman to sign an investment contract and were arrested the day before the planned meeting in a nod deleted instagram post he also claimed the mercenaries were used quote paul in a public fight between the haitian president and prime minister the pm was the smith's on monday meanwhile u.s. senator marco rubio was in the country on thursday to discuss how a new government will be formed there haiti's new prime minister was appointed not same day aurthur of the report came i again sees us attempts to influence haitian politics he says that's going to spark further unrest in the country. a.
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certain irritant or a certain combustibility to the situation. they really arrive in the last day of the latest spasm of. demonstrations the prime minister in fact when he was voted out by the deputies was in front of the senate. answering for what happened with these mercenaries so i think yes the whole mercenaries story has played a role one from the questions everybody had about it and now that our story has come out and basically. torn off the lid or pulled back the curtain on this story i think that this is going to create even more outrage and more consternation. on the part of the haitian people. just let you know what's actually happening in
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haiti opposition protesters in the country remain hungry over skyrocketing inflation on the lage government corruption they blamed the current president of the sworn in february twenty seventh on a pledge to bring more jobs on improve living conditions. students king's college london claim they were barred from attending classes because they were pro palestinian activists they were told it was because of security reasons string of his it by the queen spoke to one of the students and both. i went in to evacuate from my eleven am that child is like ten probably the most of the time it was i walked and i got my id card i tapped on the barrier i mean it would want to buy it with a pen i talked to about three times and by the time i kind of like to my fall i knew that this was intentional loreen's a student at king's college london. but for one day this week she wasn't she was
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barred while kings was hosting the queen. around the time of this grand entrance on the all the signs of the building the second year religion and politics student was having this conversation with security guards in the armored car the spin room sort of record. for your request. threshold to leave profiled me. they're not perfect and you see what they did she wasn't the only one experiencing this issue. it was here that marine tried to get into her university for a second time but she says she was told by security guards here that she was one of several students who had been barred from her own university for the duration of
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the queen's visit now marina and her friends say that they've been politically profiled for their history of peaceful demonstrations over issues such as palestine demos like this was in this group. who were there are you who you are who the your people think is not ok it does. marine doesn't have a criminal record she claims she was just singled out by her university for being a politically minded muslim woman i must be paying student i pay nine thousand pounds right and i'm i'm not allowed to go to my lecture because i'm a carrier security got to the queen. outrageous since the incident the students have staged more protests highlighting what happened to them and demanding on says . king's college london. it is one of the u.k.'s oldest universities that occupies
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several buildings in central london and the queen and the duchess of cambridge were here opening this new building bush house now ought to put this student's allegations to the university and the response we got was simply that there was an event here that required the highest level of security we had an event on tuesday which demanded the highest level of security and we had to minimize movement three buildings for security reasons at a time some of our buildings were not successful the metropolitan police told r.t. that they don't comment on security issues but marine says that talking about political issues shouldn't make her a security. bricking with decades of u.s. policy president trump sees it's time the u.s. fully recognizes that contested golan heights as part of israel the region which
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struggles israel lebanon syria and jordan was annexed from syria after the six day war in one hundred sixty seven syria's foreign ministry cried to mr trump's comment adding that the country is seeking to liberate the golan heights by any means possible russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman join the condemnation saying washington's move would violate a number of un resolutions germany has reacted saying it's against any unilateral moves with france joining the chorus of disapproval to with more on what we know here's killer. donald trump's support for israel has taken some new heights and that would be the golan heights and it now seems that despite the un and syria and others recognizing this territory as belonging to syria donald trump wants it to be recognized as part of israel let's take a listen to what he tweeted out after fifty two years it's time for the united
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states to fully recognize israel so far and see over the golan heights which is of critical strategic and security importance the state of israel and regional stability now this announcement on twitter came as mike pompei o the top diplomat of the united states secretary of state was meeting with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he expressed a huge amount of gratitude for this gift of recognizing the golan heights and its time when the run cease to syria as a platform to destroy israel trump boldly recognize israel is sovereignty in the golan heights thank you president trump now in its annual human rights report the usa described palestinian territories not as israeli occupied but rather as israeli control and we recently saw mike pump a o take the unprecedented move as u.s. secretary of state and actually visit the western wall in jerusalem now at this point the world is well aware that benjamin netanyahu is facing an election that
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will determine whether or not he remains the prime minister of israel and some have interpreted donald trump's moves as essential trying to help netanyahu showing u.s. support for netanyahu taking unprecedented steps in pro israeli stances by the united states as a whole and people wonder if this could lead to an escalation in the region. some expert analysis live on the program now from peter ford former u.k. ambassador to syria bahrain thanks for your time and buster could push lead to renewed escalation in the region and we should remember. of course that the war in syria does seem to be coming to a close. ambassador ford can you hear me this is union here in moscow. oh i lost you for a moment there. yet my query was if you can hear me now donald trump posh
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could it lead to renewed escalation of violence of on rest in the region. probably not because of. the rand would be to fly through with one good provocation. and not. who have the wrong. israel. maybe a slight increase in local tension on the go down. with move through without form of retaliation. but. i think the more important thing would be the moment. a declaration next. day roshan why from which you are already being condemned by. the world in fact the only thing strength
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that should. come out in a position through a government i. lead who be right quiet. and in fact it will help through to. get back in through all members should be the. goal line drawn or to go narrow then the political. will on his stance does open up all sorts of interesting. geale political quandaries for him if we go through it ambassador last year the u.s. recognized jerusalem as israel's capital a decade before it recognized costs of oh i would put it to him why not recognize crimea as part of russia. well. who
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then go i mean. do good or want to for all we. can i think. be completely discredited and he told the national war. israel is just weeks away from elections could this be a ploy by mr trump to help the like minded leader benjamin netanyahu. who or what. the time big. men who are behind there are more important now you. know. it no we sure. we re we we. who are all who. investigate. me.
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wrong. from israel back in the coming months thank you for your time and your thoughts this hour peter ford former you can buster to syria and to bahrain. the european union has rejected teresa mayes request for a three month delay to break that the european union is offering a shorter postponement and only on the condition that the british parliament approves the unpopular withdrawal deal painstakingly of course negotiated by the british pm and brussels and it seems the breaks of turmoil has taken its toll on some european leaders.
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do if you haven't done so greased an extension until the. twentieth of april. that will hold yes. on to the very end. i. think to do our poll. and there's still empty in the end it means the that a lot of space. it was certainly a long nights of discussion debate decision making and chopping and changing plans multiple times at the e.u. council summit and finally a decision that was reached officially and a final offer to to reason may and the u.k.
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for its breaks up plans for spurring that they'd line article fifty until the twenty second of may conditional on to resume a passing up plan in parliament of course it's already been rejected twice by big majorities humiliating defeat for the conservative government and it's probably for that reason that the e.u. council added these conditions at the condition that you pass is that through if not they've added the option of a second extension up until the twelfth of april now if the u.k. chooses to go for that second extension of the reason may fails to put our plan through parliament as widely expected the u.k. will have to come up with some sort of plan with some sort of offer to continue that process in which case they will have to agree to participate in the european parliamentary elections but of course that would be rather silly and rather pointless because the u.k. is of course leaving the european union as. the reason i stated it in her press conference oh come the twenty eighth of march depending on what happens in the
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house of commons she might have to go back to the e.u. once again the e.u. may have to call another emergency council meeting to decide what exactly happens next so it does seem the breast the bricks it saw go from now will continue coming up right after the break in unlikely turn of events one tom obey prisoner sings the praises of his captors and slams the authorities of his native saudi arabia find out why. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand this is just the dance the right questions and the right answers.
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questions. regulations can well long with the invisible hand because when you every put the spend together they will try to fix prices so the us is like saying all this crap that will end up with market fundamentals really believe. price and price manipulation even more so the problem because profits are the result of the accounting and the accounting is the result of the four big accounting firms that you can pay to have any result you want. and saudi national held in america's infamous crown tell them obey detention center
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has surprised me he preys on the united states. of the saudi monarchy. my faith in many us politicians and media outlets has recently risen dramatically because of the courage to stand against the saudi royals the saudi royal family overtly fights terrorism to please the west while covertly supporting it so please the clerics and others they also do this so that they are always desperately needed by the united states and the west yet terror suspects sharply has spent seventeen years in guantanamo after being captured in pakistan the us dropped the initial charges against them but still refused to release him over security fears admits to being an interpreter for al qaeda and receiving training to use explosives i'm proud of what i did and there isn't any reason for hiding my force against the united states i took up arms i did what i did and i'm willing to pay the price no matter how many
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years you sentence me even if i spend hundreds of years in jail that would be a matter of honor for me well i'll sure be a lawyer told us his client has served his time and there's no justification for keeping him in prison any longer. well mr al sharia was very clear eyed about why he wanted to speak out in this moment and he's also cognizant of the possible consequences that would that might carry for himself but for him it's more important to speak the truth in this moment to cast a critical light on on his home government and to let the chips fall where they may he's hopeful that you know the truth will set him free and that he will eventually regain his freedom and remain safe but but he also understands that you know the saudi government does not take too well to criticism it's really an extraordinary situation because when you think about it here in the united states if he had been charged with the most common terrorism related offense material support for terrorism he would be
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a free man by now the sentence for that is usually ten to fifteen years and so the question really is why is the united states continuing to hold on to these men and the answer unfortunately is that it's politics it's just the perception of having a place like guantanamo and what that represents symbolically to a certain portion of the electorate and to a certain part of the political class in the united states it's far too convenient a political football unfortunately there are no charges pending against mr shaw to be at one point he was charged before a military commission with a crime of conspiracy that crime was subsequently found by u.s. courts not to constitute a war crime so that that charge was dismissed he like many of the forty remaining prisoners of guantanamo basically since there are guantanamo without charge or a fair process. hundreds of protesters including activists and international human rights workers have been subjected to torture detention and other forms of ill
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treatment by hamas in gaza that is according to rights group amnesty international . i was. oh god. i'm just the it's about demonstrators who had voiced anger at the living conditions in ghana as i were brutally treated by security forces it's claimed live ammunition physical assault and pepper spray very latest against protesters earlier this month according to amnesty the latest crackdown and it was the most severe in more than a decade a research consultant for the organization. was among those detained in turkey.
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on monday morning around ten am i received a call from the foreign ministry affairs and they asked me to go. to go to the it's more of a station or a center they interrogate people interview people so i went and i was surprised that they have all my facebook posts printed on the white papers and some of my posts were marked with a yellow marker i was telling them that i am an amnesty international research i felt and they were very aggressive and they were very violent and i'm still. traumatized of how they treated me because they were shouting at me they were cursing me and they they they didn't appreciate the fact that i am working as a consultant in a researcher and news reporter and i have been covering the great march of return every day and i have been documenting a lot there is there
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a friday and saturday how mass are dispersing. the protesters in different in different thread few camps in the area in the gaza strip that were protesting against the high prices in the taxes the situation in gaza strip. herber we can say that the are the pulse the mystery of is is is is doing this because the palestinian minister is not even in gaza i'm not against him us i'm not against that to have nothing against anyone but i'm against every person or every palestinian leader or every palestinian political faction that made things harder for the palestinians. that we spoke with political analyst. he's of quite a different view he told us girls as residents have been subjected to immense suffering as a result of his really operations. two million palestinians who live in the gaza strip have been experiencing very dramatic economic conditions as
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a result of the ongoing israeli siege on blockade and also what made things even worse for the palestinians is that hamas was that the facto government in gaza has added. taxes on the palestinians the palestinians in the gaza strip been protesting along the border between gaza and israel for almost a year now more than two hundred and sixty palestinians have been killed by is way to snipers on israeli army personnel thousands of palestinians also been injured some of them with live ammunition and tear gassed but this is why it is blaming hamas for orchestrating this mass put this by the palestinians in gaza. but it wasn't only hamas who are who have been protesting ok a former senior adviser to hillary clinton is among the guests next on politicking and they are talking
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impeachment against donald trump a subject that we've heard a lot about in recent time stay with us so i'm back in thirty more global news for more in most. of. their calls to end the electoral college lowered the voting age to sixty allowing non-citizens to vote and to pack the supreme court with more partisan judges what is happening here well it would seem if you can't win on the merit of ideas that all you need to do is to radically change the system. so. seems wrong. why don't we just don't call. any.
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yet to say power just didn't come after. and in the game it was betrayal. when some many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. and. let people see it that's donald trump's latest stance on releasing the most reports of the public reaction from the experts on this edition. of. welcome to politicking i mean holmes sitting in for larry king on wednesday donald trump surprised many by calling for special counsel robert muller's report on the russia probe to be made public so what's behind the president's apparent confidence that he and his family might be vindicated by the report or is this the latest shrewd political move from a president who defies convention let's start there with the leap wryness former
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deputy assistant secretary of state and former senior advisor and spokes person to hillary clinton he recently wrote a new york times op ed why impeaching trump is worth it people say that the one nine hundred ninety eight impeachment of bill clinton hurt republicans but didn't really he joins me now from washington d.c. felipe thank you so much it's great to have you thank you. so let's start as we always do with president trump and his public commentary and tweets on wednesday president trump called for the moeller report to be made public what's your reaction to that. you know who knows what's going on in his head i think sometimes he's trying to maybe out game himself which is a little you know ugly to watch but you know what take it for what it is if he wants the report to be public he has that authority to order it be made public so i think maybe but do you think it's a good idea that we just saw the house vote almost unanimously that yes the
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american public well how did.


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