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landscape of american agriculture nebraska governor pete ricketts says the state has sustained more than one point three billion dollars in flood related losses with four hundred million in livestock and four hundred forty million in pain for grain farmers more than thirty to seventy five percent of the breast this county has already been declared disaster areas and similar scenes of inundated towns and fields are playing out in the states of illinois iowa minnesota south dakota and wisconsin nebraska is a typical us farm state famous for raising corn beans and b. it's also typically dependent upon foreign buyers for those ag products on exports as reported the trump trade tariffs have slowed exports especially with regard to soybeans but the gringoire has depressed prices on the products that the state relies upon and farm bankruptcies were already up nearly twenty percent last year now the quick dellucci is that hit the region have washed away enormous amounts of precious topsoil and hope leaving the future of the proverbial u.s.
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heartland in question. and the other day we spoke about how china is developing fin tech regulations for block chaining crypto currencies and how that might increase pressure upon other governmental regulators to do so well we did have to wait too many days before we saw some action on that front the u.s. securities exchange commission has scheduled a public forum focusing on distributed leisure technology block chain and digital assets crypto currencies plus there are other nations already making moves here to discuss christiane the co-founder of counterpart act and grace schroeder of octo dot welcome ladies we're glad to have you both back great let's start with you do you think this announced by the f.c.c. is indicative of them really wanting to do something make some progress going forward on rules and regulations or do you think that it's really just the least they can do and to use a trading term it's no more than window dressing. so window dressing i wouldn't i
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wouldn't put it that way i think that s.c.c. is very aware that we in the united states swing forty percent of the of the global stock exchanges so we are the leader there and very importantly have to do things correctly because in part we owe all our success there to the regulations that we've put into place to protect investors so if you look at that order of magnitude forty percent you know japan is just elbowed china out as number two with only seven and a half percent of the global market so i think everything is proceeding as you would expect with the large you know with the magnitude of the types of decisions that need to be made i take your point and you know we are our markets are the envy of the world in the u.s. so you're right a that but i'm curious about how high hurdle it is i want to get back to that in a minute but first chris you want to get your take on the c's announcement yeah i agree actually i think that they are trying to regulate fairly and not over
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regulation or that it would stifle innovation i think they do fear that if they do come down a little too hard a lot of the startups that are starting here in the u.s. will probably move overseas somewhere where it's much more friendly for them in order to start their business well that's sort of what i want to get to and grace you know you work with water start ups which i first wanted to be regulated in the u.s. but they've been finding that it simply taking too long and it's too expensive do you think that the u.s. is missing out on some great business opportunities and in crypto and you're expertise your expert area security tokens in particular where other nations are actually moving forward more aggressively. so i'd like to separate cryptocurrency from security tokens i think they're in two completely separate categories and and the more you try to make one look like the other at the least you know the less
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likely it is that the f.c.c. is going to smile at any of it our challenge here is to make sure that the f.c.c. can verify that security tokens have the same investor investor protections and benefits as exist in traditional securities today sure there may be opportunity offshore faster but if you're looking at you know switzerland at two and a half percent of the global market you know how much opportunity is really there i'm not seeing it as viewed as being a good idea to sort of be a u.s. company and try to you know bounce around off shore until things get friendlier here i'm feeling that it's a complexity that companies you know it's conservative not conservative and more sort of careful companies aren't really going to take that path i mean i've seen i agree they won't but a lot of them i think you know they're just these are startups they have dwindling resources they want to be regulated but i used to work for a fellow on capitol hill and he made his decisions by default that is he didn't
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make any decision and then the decision was made not to do anything and so i get a little bit worried that regulators aren't doing enough in the u.s. to take advantage of some of these opportunities when there are a lot of people out there now maybe not in twenty seventeen but now that want to take advantage and not in a bad way they want to be regulated by the u.s. but they have to have a path forward it's got to be clear and so i hope this event coming up the f.c.c. forum will be helpful kristie there's also news today that switzerland is moving forward proactively with cryptocurrency regulation we've spoken about how that nation is pretty progressive one kryptos before we've had olga filled water on the program the bit going to switzerland by the way we have bitcoin price there and i think it may be up around four thousand dollars to. today so not not not too bad given where we been in the last few months what do you make to a chilling story kristie yes so switzerland's federal assembly recently just passed a motion today in order to adopt current existing regulation to cryptocurrency
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regulation so what that means is right now they're trying to draw from their existing platform and framework are ready to apply that to crypto currency saying that cut their currency is no different so they're trying to do that in order to close the gap that people are distinguishing and take advantage of saying that crypto currencies aren't securities therefore they should be regulated like securities what i said in saying that that cryptocurrency is very similar to securities so therefore i think it should fall under the securities exchange in switzerland as well and i think that's a very good start they might increase regulation around crypto currency but i think it's actually a very good start like to draw a comparison to existing framework that they have already i think it might be another great segment to do with you guys in the future talking about which nations are being most aggressive out there and where are they and are we seeing movement in that direction but we're out of time this time kristie i co-founded a counterpart actually in gray schroeder octo dot au thank you ladies thanks for your expertise and your time thank you thank you. when we say mainstream media do
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you think a.b.c. c.b.s. n.b.c. or the new york times or maybe the washington post well think again according to new research on digital media use the legacy media business model is being disrupted big time by digital media and are two big picture host and resident of holland cook joins us to explain holland great to have you as always tell us a little bit about how this is slowly sort of change you know digital really sort of crept up on us and what has been the tipping point in mainstream media part even if you don't know the name edison research you know their work because everson research on the election day is the sole provider of exit poll data to the new. an election pool and edison is a major player in the media research sector since one thousand nine hundred eight their infinite dial series has been tracking internet audio pod casting and audio consumption via smartphones and smart speakers and there just released update
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points to several milestones broadcast and print media will have mixed emotions about this headlined social media usage appears to have stalled now that's good news bad news for legacy media and for many consumers because social media is a new source now just as old school media were learning how to exploited social media it is measurably plateaued facebook is still number one but the one hundred seventy two million of us who go there sixty one percent is down for the third year in a row and facebook is older than younger while baby boomers are sharing pictures of grandchildren their members age twelve to twenty four are wandering away there were eighty two million a year ago and now sixty five million many younger folks are using instagram instead and pinterest and twitter have leveled off not surprisingly the smart phone is now our favorite media appliance here in the usa eighty four percent two hundred
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thirty seven million of us age twelve plus own one and this product has never had a down year since it was introduced and alexa are you listening we love you too already twenty three percent of us some sixty five million own at least one smart speaker triple the twenty seven thousand number and according to edison research the average smart speaker user has two and over a quarter of homes have three or more so that's the that's the hardware we talk about smartphones and television the cetra what about the software and what is the software allowing users to view with regard to content but when i say. audiobook don't think audio cassette i'm sure don draper was on the original books on tape account but all the ways we're now consuming audio have us consuming all kinds of audio audible is big on smartphones and new tech dashboard infotainment
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systems and this edison research tells us that pod casting has now reached a milestone with the majority of americans now saying they have ever listened to one about a fifth of us listening every week and the average weekly podcast listener listens to seven a week i have posted the entire edison media infinite dial twenty one team report and a video of their presentation on my web site my name holland cook dot com so this is a super competitive business environment we talk about it all the time where a favorite to have you help us in those discussions whether one is disney netflix and cetera i mean how does legacy media keep up. on the bottom line given this competitive environment given all of the above legacy media should create on demand audio versions of their content and use their legacy platform the old media over
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the air or in print to promote use of the new platform the late great david brinkley told a story about the early days of television when they were all radio guys and they were asked to pitch in on this new platform called t.v. and they'd ask the boss why am i being punished. times are changing sure have holly cocos the big picture thank you as always my friend you're back in ash. and updating an indian story you may recall the infamous celebrity jeweler turned financial fugitive near of modi has now been arrested police in london say they have apprehended mr modi who is sought by indian authorities on a warrant for fraud charges related to last year's collapse of the plunge abnett. no bank mr moti is accused of fraud gently securing credit from other banks by leveraging guarantees from corrupt p n b steph the bank by the way has been making some progress this year on its stock and remains in positive territory year to date
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. and now we move from one mode to another as indian president in a random o.t. is currently facing a tough reelection campaign in the world's largest democracy president modi is looking to bolster his chance for a second term in office by running primarily on the economy and job creation and on that front he seems to have some legs to stand upon let's take a look at the sun second is permitted market index and also a good indicator of where the indian economy stands look here at the performance over the last five years that's when back in two thousand and fourteen at about twenty two thousand where he came into office and if you go back the net wasn't bad to begin with to go back it went down a little bit but by and large that's a pretty progressive chart right and we go all the way up and we reach almost to forty thousand almost a forty thousand not quite but we're up around thirty eight thousand trading today
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so that's a pretty good thing i could i could certainly see a politician running on that. it's not bad news at all for the sensex or for mr mr moti and time now for a quick break but hang here because when we get back steve malzberg joins us to help us take a look at at the spin around the globe to look at the most and least expensive places on earth the most important cities most expensive and important and we'll be joined by the president founder of truck healthy snacks to main a florist to look at the personal economic impact of obesity as we go to break here the numbers at the closing bell we'll be back in a flash. during
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the great depression. must remember that it was. there wasn't it was bit you know much worse objectively. but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hope. there isn't today today's america was shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo doubt engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to. one set of rules for the rich. that's what happens when you put her into the. will which is dedicated to increasing our virtue of just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of
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america. there are calls to end the electoral college lowered the voting age to sixteen allowing non-citizens to vote and to pack the supreme court with more and partisan judges what is happening here well it would seem if you can't win on the merit of ideas that all you need to do is to radically change the system. to get up off the ground. game face on the sounds of. the christening essentially. twisted away from the officer. did a kind of lunge for the web in one and they would have been done. and i've. never
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seen any contact with. any kind of back to where they were so the masters back here there again fifteen feet apart of this plane and that's when the officer is gone. welcome back as i noted the list of the world's most and least expensive cities for twenty nine thousand is out and there's a three way tie for the most expensive city to be annual analysis published by the economist intelligence unit compares the price of just about everything some hundred fifty items and one hundred thirty three cities around the world are used in their ranking joining us now to take a look at the results of conservative commentator steve walz hey steve this is
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going to be fun and as a spence is killing us let's look at the top ten most expensive cities and the three top right at the top what are they. well you know it's interesting they use new york city as a benchmark to compiled this list which i wasn't aware of some sitting in the belly of the beast quite literally here for the first time in thirty years the three way tie as you mentioned and you know for the past five years singapore has been a top the list all by itself but now you have singapore hong kong and paris they are now all tied for first place on this on this very unique very important list you also have number four geneva. all copenhagen and new york they're tied for seventh tel aviv in los angeles check in tied at number ten interesting late new york was thirteen last year l.a. was fourteen so they're back in the top ten but five years ago bart they were tied for thirty ninth place which i couldn't believe but that's that that's what they
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were five just five years ago so and it's interesting european cities have high household costs asian cities believe it or not have very high grocery costs and in the u.s. it's domestic help in utilities that drive the costs up to to make it hard to live in these cities i was surprised because you know they terribly talked about london real estate being so high a few years ago and i just spoke with somebody you know we did a lot of work in hong kong recently and a thousand square foot place was running for twenty five thousand dollars a month in central hong kong crazy sorts of numbers. let's flip and give us the least expensive cities and take a look take it away steve all right well in the bottom of the list here you have the southern asian countries with the best value for the dollar especially india and pakistan i think they have four of the top ten between them caracas and damascus you know their countries in the cities and that are in countries that are
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in trouble right now tash can stand there the top three karate checking and number six and new delhi of india bringing up. bringing up the rear now there's a considerable amount of risk of course apart in these cheap cities they tend to be less livable less less you know person friendly if you will and both caracas and damascus experiencing that terrible economic and political disruption last year inflation in caracas was a million percent they have since instituted a new currency but still very tough place to you know to want to go and live or even visit well i want to talk about that a little bit i want talk about it from a business perspective you know we talk about how paris is so expensive to live in but they've got the yellow best protesters what are the main industries in the first few of those on both the list and and how might they be impacted if at all by the survey. well i took a look at tourism in the three cities on the most expensive list the three cities
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that were tied and no problem they're not affected really these are two thousand eight hundred numbers of course hong kong for the eighth straight year the most visited city in the world about half of those people by the way coming from mainland china so they they do have a a constituency close by that wants to come singapore tourism had a record year in two thousand eight hundred visitor arrivals up six point two percent mostly attributed to business travel convention in exhibitions they saw big gains in paris reported a four point one percent increase in tourist arrivals for the first half of two thousand eight hundred that's the best ever now on the other side windows are raised for instance get this their numbers six on the b. and b. and b.'s top twenty destinations for two thousand eight hundred number six there are up one hundred eighty eight percent in listings year over year then of course you go to caracas there occupancy rate for hotels and other vacation units thirty five to forty percent even during the holiday season it was just forty five percent
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so they're suffering but the expensive countries seem to keep flourishing the cities so i should say i'll tell you what i knew this would be fun and i was right we appreciate you helping us take that little tour around the world concert conservative radio t.v. commentator c. baltic thank you steve. thank you bart. and there is an astounding appalling new revelation in the growing scandal at boeing over the seven thirty seven max jets and those two deadly crashes the new york times reports both of those two seven thirty seven maxes that crash one in indonesia one more recently in ethiopia did not have two specific safety features that could have helped counteract the software glitch which is believed to have led to both crashes the planes did not have the possibility of the possibly life saving technology because it was sold separately sold separately sounds like a toy right from the plane and it's problematic software as
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a special feature neither lion air nor ethiopian airlines opted to pay extra for the devices and there doesn't seem to have been any legal requirement for the airlines to buy them or for boeing to provide them boeing now says that they will install the additional safety devices as standard equipment on the seven thirty seven max jets i wondered if batteries are included. and most folks know that obesity in the u.s. is a major problem and it really is but this is not just a problem in the u.s. it's a problem all over the world and it starts early in life with school age children it's a major big deal and it's not just impacting the health of people right it's impacting the ability to get a better education to get a good job to be a member of a contributor of our contributing to your society or to your democracy in the u.s.
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joining us now to discuss is the president and founder of charts healthy snacks and made a florist have made a welcome we're so glad you're able to spend some time with us if we look at the most obese people in the developed nations of the world we see the u.s. and mexico actually topping the list followed by new zealand hungary australia and the u.k. the united kingdom but overall how big a problem is obesity around the world i'm in a. well. good afternoon these aside next an actual big problem there is our own one point one billion a million people billion people sorry already with obesity around the world it means that it was in part a teen economics it's impacting society and there what is really is carries that for one generation to another so for the last thirty years obesity has been a increasing three times so i what is happening with that is like in iran eleven years of the population will be ill of all population will be
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a with obesity it means less brother t.v. it means drying out there is the cost of obesity is around two billion two trillion dollars are on the wall it means like three percent of the. gross domestic product that's a huge number in the research shows that eating healthier leads to children learning more right and ultimately we assume that they are there for because they learn more and more productive members of society all correct. yes well obesity's when it would as shields are nice and healthy they really implied then there is already we're seeing it worse are showed that impact in made their a cognitive development and in their and as well what is happening during the school system is that in different school districts which eldon are not able to be healthy they join our fellow properly there cannot be if they are functions or they
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actually actually impacts us well in their social behavior and even get pain shown in there for a for the shield and actually to come sure better than all ish and to execute that knowledge and there is research already shown that when children if healthy and there is a specific research done with healthy food. while the berries showing results i mean proof when it's in children coming out in functions and as well in behaviors and in the pain shown and actually brings better school outcomes well i'm sure that your food will help but it sounds like what we need to do is go ahead and feed people better than the learn more be better healthier members of society we appreciate you being with us a president founder of chalk healthy snacks for men a florist thank you men who hope you come back some time thanks for your time and expertise. thank you. and that's it for this time thank you for being
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with us if you can catch boom bust on you tube dot com slash boom bust are to see you next time so long for it out. on. the shadow to get up on soldier that a. little some of the had left and i thought this was the one. most of the publisher version of. the bush.
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years now and it doesn't say i've looked at a second that how you and myself that was meant to measure how much of the who committed the passage comes out there or is never never was never posed by next. time. you need regulations and well long with the invisible hand because whenever you put this fun together they will try to fix prices so the u.s. side saying well the scrap that will end up with a market fundamentalist clearly believes in price and price manipulation even more so the profits because profits are the result of the accounting and the accounting is the result of the four big accounting firms that you can pay to have any result you want.
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because i was going on the phone line of smoke i don't like coming suddenly made in the muslim on muslim for appointments november the sun was up because of something that a. lot of muslims baseball but i just thought it was nothing. she remembers or was he making a. noise there yourself. john bombard from the sun on my book you go to the british course there's enough of them stuff. i mean the guy. gets. to take.
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what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. somehow i want to be rich. to like to be prosperous like that before three in the morning can people that i'm interested always in the waters of my heart. tests it may. cause. the. oil one.
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into korean relations suffer a blow as the north pulls its stuff out of a. aimed at facilitating dialogue between the two sides. president from risks inflaming tensions in the middle east saying the united states should recognize israeli sovereignty over the contested golan heights area scenes from syria more than half a century ago. from classes pro palestinian students at king's college london say they were knocked out during a visit by the queen. and a bombshell report alleges that a group of american mercenaries traveled to haiti to help the caribbean countries president consolidate power and move billion dollars.


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