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i'm going to talk about football not. going to the. trouble for the sanctions only branch shortly after into korean relations suffer a blow with the north pulling its stuff out of the liaison office aimed at facilitating dialogue between the two sides. in the middle east as the u.s. says washington should recognize israeli sovereignty over the contested golan heights an area seized from syria more than half a century ago. students at king's college london say they were knocked out during a visit by the queen. their
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friday night in moscow. the world news this hour first off donald trump has announced that the united states treasury should not impose any new sanctions on north korea this comes after the north is said to have pulled its stuff out of the into an office de facto embassy in communication channel four. north korea informed us this morning that it was staff from the liaison office on instructions from a superior authority and it drew its staff so the north said it doesn't mind the south remaining in the office and that it will mortify on further practical matters in the future our government finds the north decision regrettable and it is hoped that the north returns its staff to the liaison office for normal operation as it was agreed between the two countries the latest setback on the korean peninsula handled trumps an apparent attempt at damage limitation comes just
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a month after talks between the u.s. and north korea collapse of that summit in vietnam that was due to differences over washington's sanctions regime correspondent trying to join the union unable to break down the development that lee is off as it was only set up you know last year was and it's not widely known just prick a dime what it actually does the creation the setting up of this office was this little baby step towards reunification towards closer ties and we know that when it comes to the things happening on the korean peninsula and the baby step is important as you said it was only set up six months ago after that historic visit of south korea's president moon to pyongyang you remember when he was waving hands to all that public and the streets it was really seen as a historic breakthrough a commitment in the office was intended for these kind of face to face contacts not on the highest level but in between some sort of officials and diplomats which used
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to be rare but now it looks like this will have to be put on hold for a while maybe for good we don't know it baby steps but important steps all the same dot office that's what it was designed to do what they would end the any indication of your as to why north korea has pulled out its officers that north korea hasn't officially announced that this was drawn. what's happening so we don't really know what the reason is what we do know is that it happened right after the americans decided to punish two chinese companies for doing business with peeling yang and diplomats in beijing have already called this kind of thing unacceptable they believe that these kind of moves should only be made after some sort of decisions by the u.n. so there you have it after the donald trump. summit in her noise this was the first action taken by washington against north korea and anyone who is
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dealing with it and you know all this saw it all these signs of friendship between donald trump and chairman kim they may end up being absolutely irrelevant when the u.s. sanctions alarm goes off and i'll tell you what officials in north korea have recently said that they aren't feeling that americans were making any steps to loosen their stranglehold when it comes to all this pressure on north korea the show me if the united states was not interested in improving with korea u.s. relations or implementing the june twelfth joint declaration it was only trying to produce results for political achievement i will make this clear the forceful stance of the u.s. will make the situation more dangerous i was supreme leader ship can clarify its decision soon the u.s. president loves to brag about how great he is making all these moves
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towards peace on the korean peninsula but as you've said in hanoi there was no peace agreement new so it is a failure was that essentially well essentially rise you say but nothing sign there and it appears that kim jong didn't bend under all this might of donald trump's diplomatic skills and now it looks like the dollars from the minister. is at a crossroads they should decide whether they want to continue to play that role as a great peacemaker for korea or they want to go back to the role of that bad cop who keeps slapping everyone around the world with sanctions and i got a reaction last hour from a u.s. based asia analyst who says donald trump is now trying to reduce the negative impact of sanctions with then i think a couple of weeks we will hear back from the north korean side as to how they would like to proceed further the ball really resides on the north korean side on how
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they will respond after hanoi and i think donald trump is going a little way out a little out of his way to ensure that he doesn't mess things up u.s. north korea talks side of a very delicate fears or this point of time north korea essential has to get back to the u.s. side wants to go forward and donald trump doesn't want to do that in a negative direction by imposing a new whole set of sanctions and that's why he's kind of trying to ensure that it least of the leader to leader level there's good communication and a good relationship because he believes north korea is a top down society and if kim jong un can take that strategic decision which he needs to make it will unlock the door to very positive relationship and positive denuclearization related negotiations. breaking with decades of u.s. policy president trump has said it's time the united states fully recognizes the contested golan heights is part of israel the region was seized from syria after
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the six day war in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and then annexed in one thousand nine hundred one the syrian government reacted angrily to mr trump's comment and says that it has every intention of liberating the area russia's foreign ministries also condemned the proposal saying such a move would violate a number of un resolutions germany and france have said they're opposed to any unilateral measures too and on friday the un human rights council joined the chorus of condemnation passing a resolution criticizing its illegal israeli settlement expansion in the golan heights with more on the growing backlash is caleb morgan. donald trump's support for israel has taken some new heights and that would be the golan heights and it now seems that despite the un and syria and others recognizing the territory as belonging to syria donald trump wants it to be recognized as part of israel let's take a listen to what he tweeted out of the fifty two year time for the united states to fully recognize israel so vincy over the golan heights which is of critical strategic and security importance the state of israel and regional stability now
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this announcement on twitter came as mike pompei o the top diplomat of the united states secretary of state was meeting with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he expressed a huge amount of gratitude for this gift of recognizing the golan heights and its time when the run cease to syria as a platform to destroy israel trump boldly recognize these israeli sovereignty and the golan heights thank you president trump now in its annual human rights report the u.s.a. described palestinian territories not as israeli occupied but rather as israeli controlled and we recently saw mike pump aoe take the unprecedented move as u.s. secretary of state and actually visit the western wall in jerusalem now at this point the world is well aware that benjamin netanyahu is facing an election that will determine whether or not he remains the prime minister of israel and some have
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interpreted donald trump's moves as essential trying to help netanyahu showing u.s. support for netanyahu taking unprecedented steps in pro israeli stances by the united states as a whole and people wonder if this could lead to an escalation in the region we sounded out a number of analysts about donald trump's comments they expressed concern to us about the proposal and the precedents that would be set by recognizing the go to new heights as part of israel. it seems that donald trump now is the spokesman for netanyahu and he is intervening in the israeli election and he would like to win this election so i wouldn't be surprised when he meet him in the white house next week mixed with the i think you will give him a huge prison which is mission of the israeli civility or. totally cynically breaking all the international rules and international law i mean
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there isn't the whole one in the world i guess who has any doubts about the legal status of the golan heights the golan heights is an occupied territory no doubts about this and here comes an american president and say no matter what the international law says no made towards the woods we recognize it is an israeli city because israel holds it for so many years so why not. if we follow this. really raises a lot of questions about a lot of other occupations all over the world. in reaction to the christ church mosque shootings exactly a week ago the first terror attack in new zealand in over three decades the country's largest bookstore chain is revising what's on the shelves placing a ban on one of its bestsellers twelve rules of life and sold over three million copies worldwide it covers a wide range of topics from discipline and responsibility but also to the
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psychology of mass shooters the store defended its decision saying it didn't want what it called extremely disturbing the tiriel circulating in the wake of the attack now it might be connected to this photo which shows off jordan peterson wearing a t. shirt with i am a proud as lam a photo printed across it however it seems that some other controversial books don't fall under the same criteria in fact out of hitler's mind kampf. is still available on the shop's website also the cold chain isn't alone in putting a ban on jordan peterson's work cambridge university in the u.k. has revoked its offer of a visiting fellowships to the author as a result of a student backlash saying there's no place for people who don't uphold its principles and the latest episode of going underground jordan peterson himself calls the decision unprofessional and cowardly. well i think it says more about the nature of the universities in general than about free speech in general i mean i don't feel that my decision vin taishan has compromised my free speech ability
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because i have so many platforms on which i can discuss my ideas but i think that it was handled in an unbelievably unprofessional shoddy and cowardly way i mean i was never even notified formally that this invitation occurred i found out about it through the grapevine and i have no will still have no real explanation for why it happened. only able to surmise the reasons i think that our guy was in cambridge in november and i did a very popular talk there and there was lots of student interest and interest out the faculty of divinity as well and i was really looking forward to working with the experts there on biblical issues and i thought it would have been a very good collaboration for everyone given the popularity of the biblical lecture series i did a year ago and i think it's i think it's sad that. the european
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union projected to reach the mase request for a three month delay to breaks it the you instead is offering a shorter postponement and only on the condition of the british parliament approves the unpopular with drawl deal painstakingly negotiated by the british prime minister brussels earlier on friday the european council president sounded upbeat about the extension. really though this development the fate of bridget. and social distress. as they you are for the worst. about hope for the best. as you know. after a seemingly endless lot of debate discussion and chopping and changing plans that you council did finally come up. with that official proposal for to reason my condo with quite strict terms and conditions an extension of article fifty until the twenty second of may conditional upon her passing her plan through parliament
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a further extension until the twelfth of april conditional upon the u.k. coming up with some sort of road map a plan as to what exactly to do and the possibility of yet another further as yet indefinite extension conditional upon the u.k. participating in european parliamentary elections that is something to resume may has said is a red line for her and would of course be rather pointless given the u.k. has decided to leave the european union in the press conference this morning donald tusk was quite clever with his wording he stated that anything is possible that they're hoping for the best and hope dies last we know what that means of course with this proposal the e.u. council has moved the paradigms of this debate right away from the prospect of a no deal hard bricks at further towards the possibility of a deal further extensions or even the possibility of revoking article fifty and the u.k. staying in the european union as donald tusk said to one journalist in that conference
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he's more pro british than the journalist is nevertheless though the long hours of those debate seemingly did take their toll a little bit on that press conference last night. do it be able to also agree still an extension until the. twentieth of april of. this whole year. on to the very end. i. think to our poll. and there's still empty in the end it means the
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that a lot of space. will eat you officials patience isn't endless though you said that kicking the can down the road isn't an option because the road in perspective is a short one and this was something echoed by german chancellor angela merkel that. we have for the time being prevented and no deal brax it on the twenty ninth of march but these a very short periods of time so britain have to make clear what path that wishes to pursue you so it's official you can master to the e.u. said tim borrow has written to the council accepting their proposal and now it's all eyes away from brussels back to westminster words the reason may will try to pass her plan and nobody really knows what's going to happen in parliament next week what we can say for sure is that it's shaping up to be one of the most crucial weeks in the house of commons in decades if not in generations can the reason may get third time lucky and get her deal passed through the house of commons or this
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time next week will we once again be in some sort of political limbo stay tuned to find out. everything now is francesco a european or professor at edgehill university in the u.k. professor welcome to r.t. if no one. to the people of the world that at this we have a referendum that's being treated like any repeatable law and article fifty process that puts a countdown clock that now apparently the date can be a moveable feast or even dropped at all the parliamentary speaker invoking a four hundred year old parliamentary convention where does all this and went to an outsider it looks like they're all making this up as they go along. i think in part they are making you know what yes well they are making it up as they go along i think their artistic start to the four hundred year rule is a rule that is designed to ensure that the executive can't believe the legislature so i don't think that that's problematic i think there is no doubt that the major
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sign. is the european election that is coming out and the institutions simply cannot function without. parliament being complete very simply the united kingdom has has to make up its mind if you wants an extension and mrs may do you see doesn't go by the way they did you can he pull the plug on it which means that the heartbreaks which gets we're also going to plug in here so that there is a doubt as to whether it's actually going to go ahead next week or so the real issue now is whether parliament can offer an alternative i'm not going to happen on monday if it cannot be paid we will have to make up its mind on the basis of. whether it's going to part is really european elections so the period of time it takes to negotiate an alternative deal i don't know around my sense that.
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the crucial day actually the twelfth of may and trees are made trying to push that deal across after its record breaking defeat the first time it's near record breaking defeat the second time and motion probably won't go through next time and now there's this idea if you offer them seven options everything ranging from the deal no brakes it second referendum i mean that suddenly feels like going back to beyond square one. well this is symptomatic of sacked our politics politics in the u.k. is basically stalled i actually think it's quite fascinating that she's going to try and sneak her deal through as one of the seven with variations on the now obviously i don't think that that can be stopped but she's still intent on trying to push through a deal the line has been defeated twice in record terms and i think if it was presented on its own and if this interim committed it to prove you present it on
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its own would be defeated again i think the fact and do you want support means that her heart breaks if he has one so i think what we're heading frankly. is a long extension we will participate in all probability in the european elections once we leave and i do think we will only i might be in a minority here but i do think in the end we will leave but it's going to take a little while longer before some kind of consensus emerges in the united kingdom as to what kind of relationship we want with you because i think that's been the sticking point really. the french president yesterday said there is a crisis of democracy in the u.k. i would you assess that. i think i think that we have lived through a very very serious crisis it's as if the referendum in two thousand and sixteen throws everything that it's become the totem that nobody could contradict that it's
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as if two thousand and sixteen said well leaving and of course we need to live with me when you do leave. but then everybody else that has made you know what exactly really you know well. brecht it means bracks it's well actually i'm going to lecture a few weeks ago what actually book that i've actually been on who was handed the news if you like to look at income argument nobody and and that's what politics is about i think the real problem here is that that actually the prime minister has created this constitutional crisis by pitting the executive or a minority in the executive against party and you can't do that what you did you not going to lose aren't you terrible blaming parliament or not realising that has zigzagged all on through her red lines. if we were going
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to see it and we will correct that we needed a consensus this most likely this weekend going to be the calm before the storm so maybe we'll talk next week heaven knows where we're going to be to be honest appreciate your expertise professor francesco reserved so from now till university thanks for that. thank you. students at king's college london claim they were barred from attending classes because of their pro palestine activism they were told it was because of security reasons during a visit by the queen spoke to one of the students involved. i went into uni like you know for my eleven am back shows like ten from the emotional time it was i walked in i got my id card i tapped on the barrier and it wouldn't it wouldn't work the barrier wouldn't open i talked about three times and by the third time i kind of sighed to myself i knew that this was intentional marines a student at king's college london but for one day this week she wasn't she was barred while king's was hosting the queen.
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around the time of this grand entrance on the all the signs of the building the second year religion and politics student was having this conversation with security guards in the armored car that's been programmed sort of course. for your request. to leave protocol to be told they're not perfect and you see what they did she wasn't the only one experiencing this issue. it was here that marine tried to get into her university for a second time but she says she was told by security guards here that she was one of several students who had been barred from her own university for the duration of the queen's visit now marina and her friends say that they've been politically profiled for their history of peaceful demonstrations over issues such as
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palestine demos like this was it in this room. was are you going to go out to the north even to take stock up or does. maureen doesn't have a criminal record she claims she was just singled out by her university for being a politically minded muslim woman i must be paying student i pay nine thousand pounds right and i'm i'm not allowed to go to my lecture because i'm a carrier. security got to be. outrageous since the incident the students have staged more protests highlighting what happened to them and demanding on it says. i. king's college london is one of the u.k.'s oldest universities that occupies several buildings in central london and the queen and the duchess of cambridge were
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here opening this new building bush house now auntie put the students allegations to the university and the response we got was simply that there was an event here that required the highest level of security we had an event on tuesday which demanded the highest level of security and we had to minimize movement three buildings for security reasons at a time some of our buildings were not successful the metropolitan police told r.t. that they don't comment on security issues but marine says that talking about political issues shouldn't make her a security. investigation has claimed that u.s. based mercenaries held haiti's president consolidate power. described security workers including a local driver were allegedly employed by america and arrested back in february with them without charge to make the tent rivalries in the haitian government and protracted anti-government protests in the country.
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just leave mr meggs on the. most scenarios he says if he were here to attack part of the executive branch of the government. if. you see those reports think due to privacy considerations we're unable to comment further they were apparently going to transfer eighty million dollars out of the
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petrel caribbean account in haiti in the bank to another account which would be under the control of president joe from elmo we see the petro caribbean account required authorization if you will from modi's his then prime minister. and the bank president. so this was apparently their mission they entered haiti many of them without stamping their passport without going through immigration without going through customs they had come in with weapons which is a violation not just of u.s. law but haitian law pressure from the u.s. embassy had them released in a completely illegal manner are you able now that the piece is released had to disclose your source and if not why not. spend a week in haiti speaking to his police officials justice department officials
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people. with any connection who had any knowledge at all of this operation secure disclose our source the. requested anonymity. so we have to protect our source. came ives broke the story for the online news outlet the intercept one of the most at risk and retired navy seal disputes that version of events chris also. and says they were hired to score to haiti american businessmen to sign an investment contract and were arrested the day before the planned meeting now deleted instagram post he also claimed they were used quote as pawns in a public fight between the haitian president and prime minister the pm was dismissed on monday meanwhile the u.s. senator marco rubio was in the country on thursday to discuss how a new government would be formed that he's new prime minister was appointed the same day reporter kim ives again says u.s. attempts to influence haitian politics will spark further unrest in the country
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they added a certain irritant over the certain combustibility to this situation. they really run the land the latest spasm of. demonstrations the prime minister in fact when he was voted out by the deputies was in front of the senate. answering for what happened with these mercenaries so i think yes the whole mercenaries story has played a role one from the questions everybody had about it and that our story has come out and basically. torn off the liver pulled back the curtain on this story i think that this is going to create even more outrage and more consternation.
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on the part of the haitian people. a quick reminder of the political situation in haiti opposition protesters remain angry over skyrocketing inflation and alleged government corruption they blame that on the current president who was sworn in two years ago when a pledge to create more jobs and improve living conditions. and greece outspoken prime minister has his party sidelined this week of the e.u. after an inflammatory immigration campaign the country's foreign minister talks to sophie shevardnadze next on.


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