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any kind of went back to where they were so the officers back here there again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and he did it on three. hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle there were calls to end the electoral college lowered the voting age to sixteen allowing non-citizens to vote and to pack the supreme court with more and partisan judges what is happening here well it would seem if you can't win on the merit of
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ideas that all you need to do is to radically change the system. talking the democrats grand vision i'm joined by my guest john kearns in new york she is a g.o.p. strategist and contributor to the hill and the daily caller in baltimore we cost to wendy or cell phone she is a professor and political commentator and in washington we cross to bruce fein he is a constitutional lawyer and a former associate deputy attorney general under president ronald reagan all right crosstalk rules in effect that means he can jump in anytime he wants i always appreciate wendy let me go to you i mean i mentioned the electoral college lowering the voting age back in the court i should have also thrown in the green new deal i think you would make f d r and l.b.j. blush you guys have a lot of ambitions is this because you believe in expanding the franchise or because you can't get your way with the current. system that exists you just want
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to change the system to attain power and keep it go ahead wendy. no i think it's because the democrats really want to be. party. this incident was of the people and time and time again we have empirical data that says individuals do want to get rid of their lives or a college is and simply the system if you look at the past twenty years we had two presidential elections that the individual that had the i thought we were both did not win the presidency that remnants of question the ways in which we are letting our candidates so when it comes to weather and that wants what as a recitation we have to get rid of the systems and then what aggressive place ok but do you want to put in systems that will give you an advantage to win and we all know that let me go to bruce here i mean obviously if you get rid of the electoral college it's going to be the the the two coasts and they will determine presidential politics forever ok but considering demographics so i don't think that these are. these are hopes to expand their franchise and democracy it's to gain
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power bruce go ahead. you know that's of course that's the definition of a politician the sacrifices principle to gain power i have no doubt that all the members who are in congress are contemplating and it's such an amendment to the constitution look to see whether they would benefit politically i've been up in congress you know for four decades that's what their mind is their universe of thinking is confined will this help me or hurt me moreover i think it clearly betrays a total misunderstanding of our theory of constitutional checks and balances we did not adopt a system that intended to enfranchise if you will simple majority to trample on minorities we have a whole slew of perhaps as many as ten or twelve systems in our constitution that check simple majority rule and one of those checks is the electoral college which gives a little extra weight to the small states so that they wouldn't be trampled by the big states and we've had this system with other measures that designed to check
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a simple majority for example the united states senate which has two senators for each state no matter what the population is because our ultimate goal of government is to protect liberty and that is we require many different consensuses from different sections or factions in order to have the government operate we don't believe that simply by eliminating you know any checks on majority rule we're actually protecting the ultimate goal of liberty and that's why these proposals here are so misguided and this is to protect protect minorities from mob rule essentially and if you do and the electoral college why would any presidential contender go to the heartland i mean why go to wyoming or idaho i mean there they are essentially disenfranchised in presidential politics if you get rid of the much more in college. yeah you're absolutely right you look at my home state
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the state of oklahoma no presidential candidate would ever go to visit that and so you have one man or one woman in this case one vote and that is how our founding fathers intended it to be. look at their infinite wisdom in setting up this system in the first place as bruce pension was to fight against that mob rule and i would caution the democratic party here they are they're wanting to change the rules because they couldn't win by the rules that were established in the game the last time around but my caution to them is be careful what you wish for because you might actually need the rules of the game the next time around so i think the democrats are being quite short sided here but as bruce mention look at our our founding fathers they wanted consensus building and and the electoral college forces people to come to the table and work together if you look at what happened in the civil war the electoral college was actually credited with bringing
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americans back together bringing the north and the south back together because they actually had to work together in the next presidential race and consolidate and work on a consensus basis so you know that infinite wisdom of our forefathers what was pretty grand and look most of these men were the beneficiaries most of them served in the first senate that existed most of them many of them ran for president so they could have actually benefited from a bit of mob rule but they knew that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely and they even chose knowing they were going to run for some of these offices they even chose to put these checks and balances on themselves and so i think everybody should. lead wendy wendy reply wendy go yet again i find it very laughable that you keep on talking to. others in their infinite wisdom and all these great things. when i work or fathers as you like to
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call them the same individuals that women have someone like me who looked like me because it suited me. so i would just caution you on the ways in which you let them on the pedestal the same ok i think but i think wendy wendy you can flip it around just because someone supports the electoral college is not make them a racist so i think you're let's not go too far and fall into the we're going to not go too far into that we need. i would i would suggest i would suggest you read i suggest you read the federalist papers that is that only is that smart great literature is great literature almost grateful that we would agree on that i'm going to stay with wendy here are going to stay with wendy here i mentioned f.d.r. my first question to you packing the court i mean he came out of his reelection campaign in one nine hundred thirty six he had super majorities in both houses he won by a landslide and then he wanted to start packing in the court and he won it was his probably his biggest legislative failure but the democrats seem to want to go for
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round two go ahead wendy. so i think that what we're missing here is that is not just the democrats there has been and i mentioned this when i open there is here and what evidence there is certainly there is data on both sides of that i'll just say to individuals want to get rid of the electoral college so i do not understand why this is being as a political or partisan issue even though the democrats are the ones who are saying what the voice of the people have said this is what they want to change you know conservatives those people who i know personally will go on air who write articles who are columnists who you know read at the let's wait an hour and is well i mean i think you know what wendy i think you know it's commonsense and i'd like you to answer the question about the court ok i'll stay with you but it's common sense that the electoral college would work for the advantage of democrats because you have for open borders you want noncitizens the girl can you want all these things or you want to change the composition of the electorate and the electorate getting
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rid of the our current college would help you and i'd like to as the act ask you to answer the question on packing the court i think you heard it go ahead and back in the court as it pertains to f.d.r. and what the democrats want to do with that in the court now yes now. ok no i think that when it comes to the court system as a whole it's not the democrats ness is there the wanting to pack or the f.d.r. wants to do is again our vision is more so a progressive vision and we just want to ensure the individual have bold ideologies are represented and that's all this us to do i think we're using too many and that's the problem with the right side is that everything has to be a little when it really does not as an iterative scenario issue i've mentioned on this program is political and both sides are interested but during that owing to their foreign or against it ok either they're former again very it is political it's interesting it grant gen the philosopher apparently said it the philosopher
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parrot cleese said it best just because you don't take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics is not taking an interest in you that's exactly what's going on here you look at time and time again whether it's a lemonade in the electoral college packing the supreme court lowering the voting age to sixteen and on and on and on when he says these are just nice little progressive ideas that we ought to consider they want to fundamentally transform the constitution of the united states and the system that yes our forefathers put into place it's a pretty great system now a days you look at it some two thousand years later or two hundred years later really functioning in a way that that probably outstretched even their own imaginations i think it's a pretty good system if you don't like it you can go live somewhere else where it doesn't exist other countries have a pretty bad motives going on no no no no i don't know i don't know i don't know you said oh hang on everybody hang on i don't accept that that's why we have the
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rule of law and we have debate and we do it through the process so we have into it doesn't work been vote to change it we want to go to you about packing the court here again. with all due respect to our guest wendy here i mean the democrats the left really covered. the court because that's the only time the last forty years they've ever really gotten what they've wanted because the big get the courts to get the side on these issues on issues that i don't think the court should be deciding on at all but they're liberal judges bruce go ahead well that's what they obviously want to do is pack the court with liberal justices it's not because they believe that the current court in some sense is not representative you have three women you have different face on the court you have white and black on the court maybe have a hispanic although miguel estrada who was one who was headed for the court until the democrats blocked him because they didn't like the way he voted and to make it clear that this is about politics not about skin color the reason why the democrats
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hotly oppose clarence thomas they said but even though he has he's black he doesn't think like black people so therefore he shouldn't be on the court so the idea that the court isn't representative in spite of that the demographic sense is simply wrong headed the democrats just don't like the actual outcome of the vote and the court packing is just another element of the overall democratic wrong headed idea that simple majority should be able to steamroller all minorities the court is there as a counter majority an institutional case not simply to run for whatever the majority i'm going to jump in we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on the democrats' grand vision stay with.
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years and it doesn't say i look at a mission as secondary how you and the settlers met and how much that you don't need to know the passage on the settle for isn't and never was a national post by now. i've been saying the numbers mean something they've mastered the us with over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime families each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be old rich eight point six percent world market close to thirty percent some with four hundred five hundred three first such a first second and fifth one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two
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point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember one one business showed you know ford the mid one and only boom but. welcome back to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing the democrats' grand vision. ok wendy i want to go back to you again on that on your side of the aisle there's calls for lowering the voter age to sixteen why is that a good idea wendy. i am a democrat but i do not agree with that i do not believe michel's who are sixteen should have the rights and well i believe there has to be a level of maturity that comes with you thinking where you are but then policies
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and people of our and i do not individuals who do agree with that there again are about the notion that progressive thinking that they believe. as long as you are you know adult like thoughts you should be a part of the political process while i understand when they are coming as someone who is a mother who has a brother that is sixteen years old i know that their aging is a little bit different in the love this huge and also if it's easily and it's one day can be over saturated with information from other people's thinking so i do not personally believe that the golden age should be low it's ok jan but i don't have that right his comment here go ahead go ahead bruce jump in i was going to say i think when his comment shows that the motivation by the democrats is and is simply to get what they think are a democrat vote they don't care whether the people vote as they are not sure enough
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to make an intelligent decision as long as they believe it will go on their site they could care less about the competence to cast an intelligent vote. jan does that make me sad because if i can be excellent then a crowd i can also make them but we public insult if you lower the aces sixteen that doesn't necessarily mean the democrats will win and that just means that we have more people who actually their thinking can be data whether that's democratic thinking or republican inside i'm think you go either way ok jan but i don't have the quote info even when you know that i mean i'm going to go to and by and large let me go to jen here jan i don't have the quote in front of me but to manti pelosi she used the word to capture these voters to capture and quite literally and i appreciate her transparency because that's exactly it ok in young impressionable people. and we have and you know i taught at university a lot of eighteen year olds aren't very mature or ok maybe they're on social media maybe they're sports but their intellect i think they're stunted because of the
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educational system most of them think in a very unilateral way and now you have this saturation of this glorification of socialism oh my goodness i think you know nancy pelosi knows exactly what she's saying what she wants to capture these people go ahead jen. well you look at you know even better or rourke admitted when he was he's not mature enough to vote during i don't think he is when children are not mature enough to mature person ok keep. true true but but here's the key peter here's what the democrats are getting at they control the education systems in this country you look at the schools most of these schools are controlled by i guess to the teachers unions in america a very powerful ones indeed like the united teachers of los angeles largest school district that's completely controlled by the teachers unions planned parenthood is now in our schools these this is how they're indoctrinating our kids so yes i
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believe as republicans we would have to go in and fight for these kids' minds but here's the thing democrats know that they control the school systems and therefore when they register these sixteen year old sophomore is and in some cases freshman to vote they know that they can and doctor and make these kids in a way that they would register as democrat and i think that's what's behind their plan they know that they control the systems so then they can control the kids it's a cradle to grave mentality that the democrats have had for a long time and that's where they're going with this you know bruce if these things where there are what over ninety percent going to bruise ninety percent or more of teachers ninety percent or more of teachers especially at the university level they all vote for democrats i mean the skewing is just incredible you know i mean quiet actually for positioning teaching not academic institutions and no i'm not liberal enough there's a blacklist of anybody who's going to say we're going to i didn't interrupt you know. ok i know when. it's not what i am going to hang
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on to everyone wendy i want you to speak but don't speak over other people because i can't understand you or bruce wendy speak please. what bruce and what jenna say is a lie they are just viewing false evidence on your show with no success dixon back it up actually when you look at the demographics for who bought the bridge from when broken down to academics there were more individuals in the academic sector who voted for donald trump in two thousand and sixteen then there were individuals who voted for hillary clinton that is that i'm sorry but i have not and can you clarify i'm sorry there's no way hang on can you clarify that you mean professors teachers administrators they voted for trump you're saying that you're telling us that yes that is a bad you know were there was studies on and i see it as someone who works in the i don't it's that is
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a bad. you guys may not know that as of right. there. is no going polar as i am against professors ninety nine percent or more voted for hillary or a liberal democrat i think all of the conservative professors in america you could put into a starbucks these days ok. peter look at that the average the average school has the exact same voter make up as the news room over at c.n.n. eighty seven percent of them said they voted for bill clinton and ninety four percent of them said self that made it to gallup polls that they voted for barack obama said that is the make up i'd love to know when the source on this i'd be happy to look into it and believe it but i haven't yet heard any third party source that says this is indeed a fact as she claims it is that that's just not how the academia make up is today well ok all right we're not going to resolve that on this program here so we'll
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move forward here bruce in it seems to me if if you know we have open borders we have non-citizens voting we get rid of the electoral college and let's say you know the liberal factions of the political elite take over all of these institutions here what would stop them term like getting rid of the senate i mean if you really believe in this kind of representative. rule then you know why don't we don't need the senate then and we just direct democracy i mean that's that's what this is what this is leading to i mean once you get rid of these pillars it then you just get rid of the rest of it i mean you don't need it ok i really worry about that and you know what i want to stress here a lot of these guys have not got the oxygen that they've had they've been around but it's because i think the left never wants someone like donald trump to be elected again and i don't think anyone like it will ever be elected again because he's a unique guy they love him or hate him ok but i think this is really extreme some of the things they're pushing because of their trumped arrangements and drum go
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ahead bruce yes. and i think that the natural logic of these democratic initiatives is that we should just abolish courts why should we have a constitution even why should we have any checks on majority rule whatsoever abolish the first amendment abolish protection of freedom of religion protection of due process the majority has their way vigilante justice and we may say why even why do you even draft a constitution at all if its purpose is to constrain simple majorities and that's exactly what i think these democratic initiatives are about it's just as james madison said in the federal space that you noted even if every athenian citizen was a socrates the collection of all would still be a mob which is why we do put on checks because men are not angels and we need to make ambition counteract ambition and the democrats want to throw all that out the window in this quest for a limitless power and a government into a steamroller that crushes all minorities anybody who would be
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a non-conformist you know ok let's talk about conformity when do you mean ever since always see came in to play in other people like her in her freshman class as it were in congress i see the the rhetoric moving further and further to the left i mean that makes bernie sanders look like a moderate ok and nancy pelosi like a you know a fossil i mean what is going on here because it seems to me that there's a level of rhetoric that is intimidating and it's pulling your people way way to the left i mean i mean crazy left talking about some of these things and what i worry about is that it's not a thing gage meant process this is we demand this and we're going to do whatever it takes to get it instead of sitting down like we are right now in a civil way and talking about the pros and cons because i don't see that dialogue go ahead wendy i believe they all see along with her other freshman colleagues. to leave it all rain a wave of fresh thinking and into where our local system. not all democrats
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necessarily alliance in their ways in but their way of thinking has been that ample and expanded the ways in which we look at out political party i also say to the right wing you guys have individuals like steve king who will not sit here and say whether you know white supremacist that he continues to make those type of comments so i think on both sides of that we have individuals who sit on the fringes but these individuals and you know if i go back. and you know you think. he is a fringe character i don't know to certainly think they all see as a french character but she has been characterized as a fringe character so i decide to quit that that's a fair point that's a fair i mean i watch a lot of fox news they love to lampoon her they really do and they will and they will regret it i think you're rapidly running out of time jen one of the things i worry about this group green new deal i mean this is if you read it this is just to
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nationalize the entire economy because so much of the economy revolves around energy i mean this is a nationalization of the economy go ahead jim. right well you look at the left they they've tried to demonize you know tobacco they've tried to demonize cars they've tried to demonize now airplanes and cow wheels you know it was a look at the. cows. and it was just national agriculture of a yesterday the pork but but look i think the key here is. see that's right i thought was the funniest part here here's a young lady who spent up to thirty thousand dollars on her campaign on bills for her and a lift and ride share services when there was a subway one hundred and thirty five feet from her own front door yet she chose to take the car by herself to i think it was like two thousand trips and she also didn't choose to take a amtrak train and she let me jump in here to fly in
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a big airplane let me jump in here going to get the last twenty five seconds to wendy out of fairness go ahead wendy. yeah using this laughable way you guys go the man who goes every friday lloyd it's a play call so yes you know. what our party is not the model for watching environmental policies the president doesn't even do this job ok we're going to end on that note fascinating discussion i wish we had another half an hour many thanks to my guests in new york washington and in baltimore and thanks to our viewers for watching us here as you see you next time and remember crosstalk. we still cannot provide the maritime border the number of the trust busters on the
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on the land border between third and greece is increasing so there's a threat of a next big wave because the policy of rural communities still kind of considered as an invitation in the minds of those people can already know in a situation when they can make a decision to leave and come to europe. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was and most of my family were unemployed. and it wasn't it was bed you know much worse objectively than today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy at tax soloed out engineer elections manufacture consent and other principle holds according to no i'm chomsky one set of rules for the rich opposite set of rules for
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. that's what happens when you put her into the hands of a narrow sector of will switch will is dedicated to increasing power for itself just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president. some wanted us. to do i would be for us this is like them before three of them or can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. there should.
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be. u.s. special counsel robot mode that concludes a two year probe into alleged trumped russia collusion and recommends a no new indictment. president trump scrapped the latest u.s. sanctions against north korea and are unfit to revive settlements nuclear talks. and banned from classes pro palestinian students like king's college london say they were knocked out securing a visit by the queen. to . a very well welcome you're watching aussie international with me nicky aaron.
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u.s. special counsel robin miller has finally submitted his long awaited report on alleged .


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