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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  March 22, 2019 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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when he was voted out by the deputies was in front of the senate. answering for what happened with these mercenaries so i think yes the whole mercenary story has played a role one from the questions everybody had about it and now that our story has come out and basically. torn off the lives or pulled back the curtain on this story i think that this is going to create even more outrage and more consternation. on the part of the haitian people. a quick reminder on the political situation in haiti opposition protesters remain angry over skyrocketing inflation and alleged government corruption they blame that on the current president he was sworn in two years ago on a pledge to create more jobs and improve living conditions. to iraq
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now where people in mosul have thrown rocks at the president's convoy or so of mustang a ferry disaster in which almost a hundred people died. the president was in the cities and meet with security officials and discuss the ongoing search operation and that's because river process is blocks the motorcade showed no to corruption but the head of state managed to leave the scene unharmed this comes after an overcrowded vessel capsized in the river near mosul on thursday among the victims were at least twelve children at least sixty people are still missing. what do get in touch and share your thoughts on any of our stories by following us on social media and join us again at the top of the hour for the headlines.
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again. thank you thank you thank you thank you welcome viewers in the know it is a comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called border agents. because of the show there's more truth in it than your nightly news and yet still has time to squeeze in a joke here and it's incredible that we can pull that off the attacks on venezuela continue and then be seen news was on it outrage over sure ridges of food medicine and now electricity earlier this week a massive nationwide blackout left most of then israel in the dark but when you learn that there was this woman no power means no respirator entire hospitals have gone dark oh my god this sounds horrible how did this happen was a grandmother was a russian hackers watch a dark alley and you. and b.b.c.
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news would leave you thinking this happened because the venezuelan government is so poorly run they just can't keep the power on well there. it's what you believe in less you do what they call in the biz research. or reading the thing that's the n.b.c. news is allergic to that type of stuff but the gray zone project has revealed that a twenty ten u.s. regime change blueprint proposed venezuelan electricity blackouts could be used as a watershed of bents for galvanizing public unrest the blueprint was authored by surgeon popovich of the center for applied nonviolent action and strategies or canvas of belgrade base democracy promotion organization funded by the us government that we has trained thousands of us aligned youth activists in countries where the west seeks regime change yes democracy promotion that
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that's orwellian speak for we're going to. just see people hiding under rubble go argued over the democracy promotion is going to. go this memo saying that creating an electricity crisis is the best way to create regime change in venezuela was authored by the organization. u.s. funded soft power organization that helped train venezuelan coup leader of one why go and his allies the u.s. funded organization that trained one why go the guy who is currently running around venezuela claiming to be president that same organization authored a memo saying cutting all venezuelan power grid is the best way to bring down the government and now just weeks after why don't declare himself president without any democratic voting to that end the power grid cuts off.
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what i was getting. radical and getting but hold on it's not like the. twenty ten memo name the same place to cut off the power this recent outage was caused by a failure at the simone bowl of our hydroelectric plant. whereas the twenty ten canvas memo says it could be done let's see here yes the glory day i. was to really prove that the u.s. crude cheerleaders had something to do with this you'd have to show they had before knowledge of the plan and that and that you know no one is going to reveal that. this is the this is the point a movie where senator marco rubio goes hold my beer. so close to him to the
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self-proclaimed piece of little man syndrome marco rubio. on twitter eighteen minutes after the blackout began and excitedly said the main airport without power and the backup generators have failed how did he know the backup generators had failed and it's time that the communications minister of venezuela said local authorities did not yet know if backup generators had failed. because rubio can't predict was there anything he can do other than reached up on the top shelf. nothing so did the n.b.c. report cover these aspects today they talk about the canvas memo. they're more likely to mention the bed bug village they have living in there and that president nicolas maduro blamed the blackouts on american imperialism so
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n.b.c. told its viewers nothing but the power went out and said it was american imperialism without context that sounds like. all right it sounds like if you you know crashed your car into a tree and then why is the media doing this time i am right it doesn't make any sense but but there's tons of evidence that the u.s. regime change playbook is being used here plus let's not forget the u.s. was found to be flying guns into venezuela a few weeks ago the plane was a private company but the owners had links to the cia and by the way that twenty ten canvas memo that spells out this exact plan how did that memo come out wiki leaks wiki leaks three. weeks you were revealed that proved to us and this is why wiki leaks continues to be one of the most dangerous organizations to our american empire it shows the truth to you and me right to the
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unwashed masses the dirty little ants that the ruling elite don't want to touch with a ten foot pole that's covered in pure hell and then there's a ten foot condom on top of that right wiki leaks shows us how the u.s. manipulates other countries and crushes them did babies in incubators in those hospitals die because that blackout maybe did elderly on heart machines die maybe to a sociopath like john bolton and donald trump my pompei on marco rubio it doesn't matter it does not matter honestly don't care and the corporate democrats don't care either if there were if there were a sociopath test to be allowed to work in our government the congress and the executive branch would be like ninety seven percent empty all right there would be . that would be a ghost town up on that hill all right that would look like the view of women
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weren't allowed on the set all right it would look like comic con if you could only attend if you had not seen the original star wars here at all right. down the end of the line which is read at the start of the line if you ever see the seventy four point is there is practically no courage left in mainstream journalism they stand up for what is right with the strength of a dandelion spore on a windy day that they did and that is practically that is why privately none of these talking heads or reporters of the big outlets are fighting for the freedom of julian assad or chelsea manning who is yet again a political prisoner yet again and why that same media count us regime change garbage but you already knew that and that's why you're hanging out with us instead because he was ok.
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thank you welcome to the welcome i'm really can now let's take the news from behind we start off this week with nothing. and not just nothing but bold achievements and nothing the senate passed a war powers resolution to cut off american military support for the saudi led coalition's assault on yemen so that is exciting but trump will likely read all that so congress will basically have accomplished nothing which is one of their best skills all right ten thousand practice right there ten thousand hours the u.k. continues to try for breck's it or leaving the european union but last week's vote failed again they just keep finding themselves saying why can't i quit. the
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show to resume and the parliament of basically done nothing and fox news thrived to divert attention away from their impressively racist hose supply higher. former d.n.c. chair donna brazil as a contributor but donna brazil is a classic neo liberal who has defended our endless wars against black and brown countries and claimed on camera that karl rove was one of her best friends so for fox news hiring brazil changes nothing. which also happens to be what you can learn from fox news. they're very thank you they're actually they're actually the number one name in nothing. but not everyone has been sitting on their hands achieving nothing this past weekend activists were very active as big as they want to be the way they were there were global protests to stop the u.s.
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regime change efforts in venezuela but things are very bad of venezuela which is why we have to invade here's a quick clip what's happening down there and i must warn you it's not pretty hey thanks a few oh wait apparently that france was a year where this past week and yellow vest protesters marched and rioted it's clear from that video that we the united states the world's police man we will need to bring down their government begin the search. for you in the movie and say how great we are french people we will save you from your terror and. we want to help your perpetrate your cooper detax that. we will even teach you the proper way to pronounce a coupe de tat because you had it wrong that in fact secretary of state and bloated
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corpse looked like michael holmes. in the well just this week that he is suspending reasons of all french officials to take a look. the us today persists into existing legal authority to post visa restrictions on any alien i'm announcing a policy of u.s. visa restrictions on those individuals directly responsible for any i.c.c. investigation of u.s. personnel. i'm sorry he suspended pieces of any i.c.c. officials the international criminal court which prosecutes things like genocide crimes against humanity and war crimes well you can see why the trump administration had to stop them they were prosecuting all of our favorite hobbies all right. of course we hate that. do you think bob ross like someone who was prosecuting the use of oil paints now. you know if the us seized all war crimes what we do all day all right at my club i would
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have to go back to his old job professionally testing the tensile strength of ben's collared shirts. that's. a fun job. but don't worry even if our american rulers were arrested for war crimes it seems they could continue to run their empire from behind bars at least that's what's far more bro martin gradually seems to be doing what it squarely wasn't able to continue to run his business who would jack up the prices of lifesaving meds no one alright no one that would be no one and we can all agree affordable pharmaceuticals is completely on america. what do we know better than canada now the book or you know it will be walking around caring about climate change in and acknowledging each other's existence if you are going to be horrible in fact it may already be too late tens of thousands of americans were part of an estimated one point four
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million students and youth who walked out of school as part of friday's worldwide demonstrations against climate change. thank you but more than two thousand cities and at least a hundred and twenty countries on every continent including antarctica may she rest in peace children are leading the way on this front because they're neither all right if you haven't already. knows one something in this case it happens to be the future when. you get over yourself millennialists look kids we have to take slow plodding incremental steps to dealing with climate change in such a way that we blow past the point of no return broke or anything significant has been done and that's all there is words so just sit back and let certain extinction
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wash over you literally. but don't worry the point of no return is only one hundred twenty nine months away according to the intergovernmental panel on climate change so you want to wait longer so that. of course maybe technology can save us except we're using the nation's best minds to do more important things like come up with ways to surveil the entire american population just for example san diego is been turned into a massive chinese style public surveillance network that's right thousands of covert facial recognition streetlamps or identifying everyone in san diego but don't worry it's being sold as an awesome new technology look. fine that's what. that was.
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the only reason that video clip seems like it doesn't seem like a terrible idea because you put nice music behind it. it would be different if there were different music look. what they are done the next step is the show a spokesman who might be a cyborg but it's unclear seniors proving you can use to deliver digital infrastructure across ten years this is our city and i think you know ok billy corgan there somehow has. somehow has the ability to smile slightly while he talks the whole time which no normal human being does realize they have a traumatic brain injury. and i don't know about you but to me nothing says
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friendly technology for your city like a darth vader head on every street. being sold to us by the a rigid old terrifying robo cop. and robo cop. so every street lamp will be able to watch everyone to hear everything and then one day decide whether you should be allowed to do anything that you're doing and who will decide what's allowed to the people at the top like these guys all right the guys who are afraid of the genocide court proceedings because they have a genocide or two in their past. who was counting the quick break but you get exclusive content and more by texting the word redacted before or bore nine nine nine it's free and quick well right.
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welcome to mexico as are plentiful survival. looking forward to that's the. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain delegates. watched as a report. welcome back you're also going to spend two weeks filling out your brackets there's a different march madness happening in congress senator mcconnell mitch mcconnell. mcconnell said he has enough senate votes to employ
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a nuclear option that would limit the debate time for new judicial nominees from thirty hours to two hours this allows him to cram in as many of trump's right wing judges as possible but what's even more maddening is how much help he's already received from the other side of the aisle for meeting the democrats for more on this we go to our senior court appointed reporter now and again yes. right . now what are you doing i'm sorry look you just reminded me i got to fill out my federal court confirmation tournament bracket this time. let's see that circuit court district court supreme court. tangere uhc or. people's court ok because i'm on the west was a t.v. show right and congrats on finding something i'd actually be less likely to
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participate in than the actual basketball marchmont a little bit i'm just trying to do better than last year's bracket where i picked democratic senator amy klobuchar are to vote no on conservative minnesota. supreme court justice david straw was going to the u.s. court of appeals for the eighth circuit but then i lost what she confirmed to me anyway. and i was pretty sure i got that pick right given strong said in the speech to the right wing federalist society i really grew up with a steady diet of justice antonin scalia and i'm better for it. anyone on a steady diet of scalia probably breaks out in hives whenever whenever a black kid gets a full ride to harvard. and that's a bonehead move for close associates running for president you once you'd be surprised just how many senate dems greenlit trump's judicial picks in fact the advocacy group the man justice released a report card they're great at their track record on rejecting trumps bad choices and result was a third of senate democrats received either a d.
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or an effort not to mention the eleven set of dems who received the cvs but trust me with the right penmanship it's a lot easier to change and into would be. for at least west virginia senator joe manchin who got an f. can just switch parties since he greenlit new gorsuch and brett kavanaugh for the supreme court and voted yes ninety percent of the time to advance trumps district court nominees but these are judges who will i mean they'll be deciding on everything from rights to abortion rights to voting rights. it's criminal that that many democrats voted for you know what's criminal is this report card wasn't around last year when i was filling these out. but demand justice known as this has long term implications for equality and my gambling habit so we went up to humiliation by watching a digital ad buy in the home states of lawmakers who received failing grades you
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can i had a physical copy of a report card but you can't hide from the internet or the internet remembers for ever even sen me. her owner who actually got an a from demand justice learned that when she went viral for this comment about trump during the government shutdown any effort on his part to blame the democrats will be such that as i said before i worked hard to be able to step it. personally i would have given her an a plus if she dropped the f. bomb but because a lot of these dems are c. words for approving f. and d. whole judges who can stick their records up there be hopes. ok. back to college if your money was used to manipulate colleges you know you don't hear much about saudi arabia's manipulation of u.s. colleges do you for more on this we sent redacted correspondent naomi caravan to
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somewhere i'm not sure where i can remember but you filed this report. one of the core of the latest university scandals as a prospective student you must familiarize yourself with all the crap i'm sure you've heard about the rich kids who were smuggled into elite colleges through bribes things got suspicious when lori loughlin tried to send the family's maltese to detective school. smoke was one of the most to lose yes to students in forensic biology. but there's another scandal brewing back less attention saudi arabia the u.a.e. qatar kuwait bahrain oman have provided to the region dollars to u.s. universities from twenty twelve to twenty people started asking questions when and ronnie prince sent the family's journey to get help but he failed all of the six
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amps genies are notorious just as he will smith. now several thousand wishes georgetown carnegie mellon. and northwestern established branch campuses and carter n.y.u. and michigan state have branches in the u.a.e. and so do many others these princes are not warmongering oil barons who hate human rights and laugh at the mention of workers' rights how could they be when abu dhabi has an n.y.u. campus where you can visit an almost gallery that promotes so much free thinking that this. could be called our. the mother of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi made many academics in the us question the six hundred million dollars us institutions of higher learning received from various saudi companies individuals and the government itself between two thousand and eleven and twenty seven team george washington university reported receiving over twelve million
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dollars and twenty seven thousand alone so suggestion the school could change their unpopular mascot from the offensive colonial to the saudi king with a chainsaw. just change the name of the school of george washington to bin soundman school for the deadly called a merry arts critics say universities are meant to uphold certain values and objectivity and funding from countries especially those notorious for violating human rights tarnish the reputation of the center's critics like these are not welcome to come and speak at ceremonies like the world tolerance. the have tolerance library and the artic submission and tolerance gala dinner here are some attendees taking a tolerance now during a talk on gender equality as the world tolerance summit took place several
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political dissidents were in jail for intolerance towards the you where you government including matthew hedges a ph d. student from the u k. who was arrested for allegedly spying and spent seven months in the u.a.e. tolerance jail house it's a shame he went home after his life sentence was pardoned by the president and he had to miss the u.a.e. gender equality awards which were only won by men this guy who was just as surprised that he won as you are. as countries like the u.a.e. become more assertive in the region perpetrating a humanitarian crisis in yemen and jailing arab dissidents to the u.s. and the u.k. it's one of our business when you jail and u.k. or a u.s. citizen we have to pay attention and that's so hard with all the money they give our universities. now come with me as i discuss how colleges disclose
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these donations i only have seven hundred fifty seven more scandals to cover. recruiting them. this is naomi carol ronnie redacted. there are your headlines from the future two weeks from now the bureau of labor statistics will announce. half of increase in u.s. employment due to people hired to help president fight lawsuits investigations. into the economy through days from now you'll read. made o'rourke on bill's presidential campaign slogan experience you can count on one hand i that's our show like. the little.
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guys like you did not want to let. their call straight in the electoral college lowered the voting age to sixteen allowing non-citizens to vote and to pack the supreme court with more and are the same judges what is happening here well it would seem if you can't win on the merit of ideas but all you need to do is to radically change the system.
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u.s. special counsel robert miller concludes a two year program to allege trump russia collusion and recommends that you know that. president transcripts the latest u.s. sanctions against north korea and the current bid to revive the old nuclear talks. and the pounds from close is pro palestinian security and six students a king's college university a university in london say they were locked out during a visit by the police. but the latest on these stories head to our web site r t v dot com stay with us now for the.


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