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for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. there is one organized force which traditionally plenty of fluids but with all its flaws it's been in the forefront of the. efforts to improve the lives of the general population that's organized labor it's also a barrier to corporate tyranny so it's the one barrier to this vicious cycle going on which does lead to corporate tyranny.
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of the major reason for the concentrated on us fanatic attack on unions are organized labor is they are a democratizing force. to provide a barrier that defends workers' rights but also popular rights generally. and if that interferes with the pariah it is now or for those who don't imagine society. i should say that anti union sentiment in the united states among elites is so strong that the fundamental couper of labor rights the basic principle in the international labor organization is the right of free association which would mean the right to form unions u.s.
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has never ratified and. i think the us may be alone among major sides and every speck. it's considered so far out of the spectrum of american politics it literally has never been. consider. herber that the us has a lot of our own labor history as. a society. but the labor movement had been very strong about the one nine hundred twenty s. . period not unlike today it was virtually crushed robert reich. by the mincer is beginning to reconstruct. france doesn't arose
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felt he himself was rather sympathetic to progressive legislation that would be in the benefit of the general population but he had to somehow get it passed so he informed labor leaders and others forced me to do it. what he meant is it going to help demonstrate we're going to protest develop the labor movement. when the packer pressures fission and be able to control the legislation you know i am not for a we're. still last definition number eleven a i doubt which many as a great people well being gradually a regiment in. privilege feel. i prefer that broad definition. so there was a kind of combination of being a sympathetic government and by the mid thirty's very substantial but peter
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activism. there were industrial actions there were sit down strikes which were very frightening two. hundred ships. have to recognize. a sit down strike is just one step before saying we don't need bush that we can run this by their sales . and business was told to read the business press say in the late thirty's they were talking about to the hazard facing industrialists in the rising political power of the masses which has to be repressed things were on hold during the second world war but immediately after the second world war the business offensive began in force. test partly as a. tourist start any quality in labor management. the mccarthyism was used for
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a massive corporate propaganda offensives to attack union. increased sharply during the reagan years and reagan pretty much told the business world if you want to illegally break urbanizing efforts and strikes go ahead they are in violation of the law and if they do not report for work within forty eight hours they have forfeited their jobs and will be terminated to continue to the ninety's and of course with george w. bush went through the roof and now less than seven percent of private sector workers have unions. the effect is that to the usual counterforce to an offensive or highly class conscious business clueless as does oath to. know if you're in a position of power you want to maintain class consciousness for yourself but
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a limited everywhere else you know back to the nineteenth century in the early days of the industrial revolution and the united states were. and people were very conscious of this they in fact overwhelmingly regarded. wage labor as not very different from slavery so different only in that it was temporary effect of such a popular idea that was a slogan of the republican party. well that was a very sharp class consciousness in the interests of power and privilege it's good to drive those ideas out of people's heads you don't want them to know that they're an oppressed class so this is one of the few societies magicks don't talk about class in fact the national class is very simple one who gives the orders who follows and that basically defines class it's more nuanced and complex but that's
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basically it. the public relations industry the advertising industry which is dedicated to creating consumers it's a phenomenon developed in the freest countries in britain and the united states and the reason is pretty clear it became clear by a say a century ago that it was not going to be so easy to control the population by force too much freedom in one. labor organizer in parliamentary labor party's in many countries women start to get the french as and so must they have to control them by control of. beliefs and attitudes well one of the best ways to control people in terms of attitudes is what the great political economists they're
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stunned blind called fabricating consumers. if you can fabricate a want to. make obtaining things that are just about within your reach the essence of life they're going to be trapped into becoming a consumer's. you read the business press eight nine hundred twenty s. it talks about the need to. direct people to the superficial things of life like fashionable consumption and that will keep them out of our hair. you find this doctrine all through progressive intellectual thought but walter lippmann the major progress of intellectual of the twentieth century. he wrote famous progressive essays on democracy and wishes for you was exactly that the public must be put in
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their place so that the responsible men can make decisions without interference from the be willed and heard. there to be spectators not participants then you get a properly functioning democracy straight back to madison on to the polls memory and so on and the advertising industry just exploded. with with this as its goal fabricating consumers. and it's done with great sophistication. many whilst down. as one of the last known while very singular. whom are aware of the kind. of the ideal is which actually seemed to did. we're let's see teenage girls they have a free set or afternoon we'll go walking in a shopping mall. not the library or somewhere else. the idea is to try to control
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everyone has to turn the whole society into the perfect system. perfect system would be a society based on a diet and a pair the pair is you and your television set or maybe now you in the internet. in which that presents you with what the proper life would be with trying to get it changed and you spend your time in f. . for gaining those things which you don't need you don't want maybe to throw away . but that's the measure of a decent life bill we see is in say advertising on television if you've ever taken an economics course you know that markets are supposed to be based on informed consumers making rational choices well if we had a system like that a market system in
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a television ad would consist of say general motors putting up information saying here's what we have for sale a somber an ad for a car is an ad for occurs in football hero you know an actress of the car doing some crazy thing like going up a mountain or something the point is to create uninformed consumers who will make irrational choices that's what advertising is all about. and when the same institutions p.r. . system runs elections they do it the same way. they want to create an uninformed electorate which will make irrational choices so often against their own interests and we see it every time one of these extravaganzas take place. right after the election. president obama
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won an award from the advertising industry for the best marketing campaign and was reported here if you go to the international business press executives were euphoric they said we've been selling candidates marketing candidates like you know toothpaste ever since reagan and this is the greatest achievement we have i don't usually agree with sarah pail and when she mocks the but she calls the hopi changey stuff. she's right first of all obama didn't really promise anything but that's mostly illusion you go back to the campaign rhetoric and take a look at this very little discussion of poesy issues and for very good reason because public opinion on poesy is sharply disconnected from what the two party leadership and their financial backers want. call us even more and more is focused on the private interests that fund the campaigns. it was
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a public being marginalized. oh oh oh. oh oh we've been a real good shots to begin murders. but sometimes for a last minute young people are deciding if they want to not live their parents not like them liberals. always struggle school again you always have problems but you're not going to focus on a lot it's the most ubiquitous gun out there most police departments use it almost over stores in the school. get their hands on communism twenty rallies. through
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it to chinese kids about racism about police brutality taking cried and they are these kids are a part of history. i think contests are b.s. to not tell that lost their lives their cost something because there is this still a need to. say. same position of serbia in that context and also the international law are more more on the serbian side i think not all know it is a russian band more devoted but also on the. final act there which got a nice i'm going to them and then the minute the all borders.
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you know world of big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the path of shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. of the leading political scientists. village study of the relation in public
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attitudes and. what he shows is that about seventy percent of the relation has no way of influencing. the images will be and the mother country. and the population knows. what its lead to is a population that angry frustrated hate institutions. and it's not acting constructively to try to respond to the. there is popular mobilization and activism but in very self destructive direction. taking the form of unfocused anger attacks on one another and on vulnerable targets that's what happens in cases like this. it is corrosive of social relations but that's the point the point is to make people to hate and fear each
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other and look out only for themselves and don't do anything for anyone else. place you see it strikingly is on april fifteenth. they were fifteenth is going to measure the day if they are taxes of how democratic a society is a different place if a society is really democratic april fifteenth would be a day of celebration it's a day when the population gets together decides to fund the programs and activities that they have formulated agreed upon which could be better than asian celebrated the way it is needed state it's a day of mourning it's a day in which some. power has nothing to do if you is coming down to steal your hard earned money and you do everything it can they keep from doing. that is a kind of a measure of the extent to which at least in popular consciousness democracy is
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actually functioning. not her attractive picture. the tendencies that we've been describing within american society and those there are reverse it's going to be an extremely ugly society i missed. sadly that's based on adam smith's final maxim you know all for myself nothing for anyone else. a society in which normal human instincts an emotion of sympathy so there are the mutual support in which they're going driven out. that society so ugly i don't even know who'd want to live in it i wouldn't want my
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children to. defy the society is based on control by private wealth it will reflect the values that in fact does reflect. a value that is green and the desire to maximize personal gain at the expense of others and any society has made a small society based on that principle is ugly but it can survive a global society based on that principle is headed for massive destruction. and i don't think we're smart enough to design in any detail what a perfectly just and free society would be like i think we can give some guidelines and more significant we can ask how we can progress in that direction.
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john dewey the the leading social philosopher in the late twentieth century he argued that until all institutions production commerce. media unless they're all under participatory democratic control we will not have a functioning democratic society. as he put it policy will be the shadow cast by business over society. it's essentially true. where there are structures of authority domination and hire somebody gives the orders somebody takes them as they are not self-justifying do they have to justify themselves and their burden of proof to me.
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will if you take a close look usually find they can't justify themselves to say can we ought to be dismantling. trying to expand the domain of freedom and justice but dismantling that form of illegitimate authority and in fact progress over the years we'll thankfully recognize as progress has been just that the way things change is because lots of people are working all the time and you know they're working in their communities in their workplace or wherever they happen to be and they're building up the basis for popular movements which are going to make changes and that's the way everything has ever happened in history. takes a freedom of speech. one of the real achievements of american society it's the first in the world in that it's not in the bill of rights on the on the constitution and freedom of speech issues began to come to the supreme court in the
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early twentieth century. the major contributions came in the one nine hundred sixty s. one of the leading ones was a case of going civil rights movement well but then you had a mass popular movement which was demanding rights. refusing to back down and in that context the supreme court did establish a pretty high standard freedom of speech or it takes a women's right to. women also began identifying oppressed. structures refusing to accept them or he go their people to join with them. that's her right to return. to trouville extent if also spent a lot of my life in activism camilla doesn't show up publicly but you know. terribly good at it with the greatest organizer i think that we can see quite clearly some very very serious defects flaws in our. culture. which are going
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to have to be corrected by operating outside of work that is commonly accepted i think we're going to have to find new ways of what is right. but the activists are people who have created the rights that we enjoy. in the area carrying out proceeds based on information that they're receiving but also contributing to the understanding remembers or separate process. you try to do things you learn you learn that with the world it's like that feeds back to the understanding of how to go on. there's huge opportunities it is a very free society still the freest world. government has fairly limited capacity to coerce corporate business may try to coerce but there are mechanisms. so there's a lot to be done if people organize struggle for the right system if done in the
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past and can win many victories. and. close friend for many years later howard zinn. to put it in his words that what matters is the countless small piece of the gnome people whom. laying the basis for the significant events that matter history. they're the ones who've done things in the first the littlest do it future.
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you. lou.
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is an officer of the told to get up off the ground in the arse or begin to bed him down. and then freeze on the sounds of an mit grown man like wrestling essentially the officer who go through his own. individual twists it away from the officer. out of his crew. the officer did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then when it happened on chase one as i just didn't hit him i never saw any contact between the two any kind went back to where they were so
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the answer is back here there try again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer and his gun and he did it on three. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i want to the new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to surprising. or not if you think. i'm going to talk about football not for you or else you can think i was going to go. by the way ways of the slide here. the money philosophy is dead right so the money velocity what measure of how money is being long down from bank to bank to bank
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bank bank which is a measure of economic health is dead and if the money printing continues to increase sunset i'm asking the question why is the money not getting into the economy they're printing more of it. and i want to do a shot i took it up on soldier that a. possible solution if they had left it and i thought this was the one. most of us are those of. the bush. years now and i'm saying not to give them a second how unanimous out there was no matter how much that the who committed the passage in oklahoma says it was poison and it never was not imposed by now.
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the week's top stories here on r.t. a million people march in london demanding another people's vote on breaks it out is europe u.k. a two week extension to the breaks that deadline after its prime minister fails to get support for her divorce plan also to come a bombshell report claims a group of american mercenaries illegally travel to haiti to help the caribbean countries president consolidate power a move eighteen million dollars we speak to the report's author. many of them without. your parents' support without going through immigration without go.


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