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in terms of military action the western. is the not. objective because. army was not actually. removed from. ordnance to the. agreement but it was not so. damaged as nato forces expected in terms of political. serbia should accept the resolution for forty four but it was not of the forty feet but something i would say positive zero point from which serbia yugoslavia enough of the rest be. defined in the mass or international position reserving cost of an indoor here it is well documented at this point that the campaign was initially designed to destroy the yugoslav air defenses and high value military targets but it went far
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far beyond that heating a television station the chinese embassy many other public buildings even a passenger train that was crossing a bridge at that time how do you explain this mission creep and was it a mission creep as opposed to a deliberate intimidation. as a matter of fact it was a real war war without roofs. because the military objectives were not to do the only one i mean nato particularly in the second part of the war plan to save the last month and back to civilian objectives bridges for example they destroyed fifty four bridges in serbia and electricity. equipment and many things. out of which an enormous
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if you know. why for defense so. they tried to make a. collective i thought it was intuition between the population that in the war cannot be. and. should admit defeat but i think i would say that fortunately for us it was finished by. forty fourth and the decisions of the united nations by the said the same security council and. central me. on the legal action of the nato were moved to work and your legal position of serbia international community now one of the reasons why this was allowed to proceed that way was because off russia's geopolitical weakness at that time its reliance on the west and loans its willingness to remain in the good graces of the west and you
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know the i hear a lot of people here in moscow talking about how our prime minister at the time trying he's playing a round and cancel his visit to the united states but do you think moscow at that time could have done more to prevent what happened in your country. well it is not because of moscow couldn't have happened and i think. anything important and in crucial in that war i mean moscow and gave some kind of diplomatic . support to serbia and by the end of the war. came back to the process and in moscow came back to the process within this unity council discussion about the new resolution so i was really on longing to hurt but as i said the end of the murder was numb better than the beginning of having in mind there is
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a russian and forty four and the reaction of not only russian proposal china and the other countries being a members of the security council and pasta and there is a russian which was in favor of for some future sushant of that problem but before that resolution was passed. moscow essentially joined the west in calling for a milosevic to surrender and the yugoslav capitulation came later that day i'm talking about june third one thousand nine hundred nine do you think that it was an act of bravery in the sense that you know maybe choragus on the part of russia. it was very complicated situation and i think russia did what in court but maybe there were more expectation on the serbian sign in russia could militarily assist the to do so i've been to france so in this situation. i mean you know she
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didn't want to surrender and actually she didn't do it that she she she did what she had to do to. defending the country and using the military to defend the country to be in the weapons that they have pretty back martin in comparison to duck dresser. but. i mean that. i think it has been lost in good to wrong for the western countries because they counted you know weeks and not in a month the operation. and finally. when the outcome. to brace insecurity insecurity concept by the end of june one thousand nine hundred ninety one somehow. changed. now that bombing and. the loss of each agreeing to allow peacekeepers into casa. him
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also allowing to transfer governing functions to all of our costs of our to the u.n. bodies but it would be another ninety years before cost of us independence would be proclaimed and eagerly embrace by the west i know that you served as service for minister for cost of i may talk here when do you think serbia lost that province was it in one thousand nine hundred nine was it in two thousand and eight or was it perhaps later i think the. last. possible because there is a still opportunity to. save. to save the position of serbia in that context. my i think united nine and it did not happen i mean the losing of asa law neither morra. into those at two thousand and eight says it was a union than a problem ation often the band is a classical case of us a session and you know not that i'm aware that it will be
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a dependence but the still there also of the international law honor our are more more on the serbian side i think not on notice a russian by forty four but also on just a key final act which guarantees a moment when an ability of borders and still today it is valid to them because there is a big pressure. to be organized costello in order to abandon the organic piece of international law particular of resolution about forty four it means that this is the solution is still valid it is still me big east still strong weapon in the hands of serbia and many things not all of them but many things the banks of the behaviors are being government of the day but the professor some are just i'm sure you know that. even if the international law is on the side of serbia
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international law is very often the north it is in the interest of the most powerful nations and. i want to bring in the case of crimea here because i'm sure you know that the russians very strongly opposed the idea of course was independence yet they also sided cause of us independence as a case to justify the reunification of crimea back into russia what did you make of it don't you think that's perhaps it's a bit cynical on the part of moscow to first be a strong. independent use it as a case to support its its own policies. these are different things i mean corso is a clearer situation and do you want to miss the session as as i said the session of some people palatial from the. international legal maze border of the state. criminal case is somehow different because
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a grim criminal. did not look for it for independence that is the big difference. is just coming back to russia. because it used to be the part of russia. and does not look for international people nice independence always and the other jews because the society kind is not to be organized by international law and i am aware of that international law is. a soft law or something like that but no real serbia have the proof of its validity because as i said western countries heavily pressured serbian government to recognize it means that this. mission. there is no independence of course or in true full
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fledged capacity of international law now i think one thing in common between the case of crimea and the case of cost of is that both of them were not only about territorial loss or gain they were about brought their geopolitics and the russians made a decision to stand their ground that decision is very costly russia is still paying for that but i think the feeling here in moscow is that serbs were never really ready to defend that interest in cost of a quiet asked strongly that they want to ready to do much beyond complaining and that they altimetry as you said made the decision to exchange kossovo for the e.u. prospect is that a fair analysis. no now it is not the case now present within serbian public opinion there is really i'm getting means to deliver an awful lot of babies. it is. moment the second moment is the uncomfortably ability of
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european union to accept be out for a long time and it cannot be the compensation because it will be a unit is not ready to make this kind of compensation so there is no how to say say some trade off for very not between also and european union i mean who gets. the the right to access and to deliver and also going to be nice so it is completely message to asian and nobody can guarantee any kind of compensation because of possible mission of also in the band's ok well professor some are just me have to take a very short break now but maybe i'll go back in just a few moments statement. the
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tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been. inside this way that things look different we're going to announce sanctions against the truest of venezuela associate. that. the whose story is a new mix of called in henry kissinger to tell us that. economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make. the chilean economy. the money polaski is dead
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right so the money velocity would measure how money is being along down from bank to bank to bank bank bank which is a measure of economic health is dead and if the money printing continues to increase sunset of asking the question why is the money not getting into the economy they're printing more of it. during the grid to print. almost remember that it was most of the family were poor working class there wasn't it was bit you know much worse objectively today but there was an expectation of the things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hope. there isn't today today's america where shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo duo engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles
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according to. one set of rules for the rich. that's what happens when you put is dedicated to increasing power for two just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. welcome back to worlds apart this law but on some arch professor of political sciences at the university of belgrade professor some arches before the break we talked about serbia spain full past let's focus on the future and now as we alluded several times during the discussion serbia is. now on track of joining the european
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union which includes many of the countries that participated in the nine hundred ninety nine bombing campaign i'm sure it's a very complex set of feelings for this serbs but does it mean in general the the serbs are ready to turn the page that they're ready to kind of overcome the trauma . yes it is a very difficult to overcome the trauma and memories are very fresh and each year of. twenty fourth of march. is the day of remembrance of the of the event. as a matter of fact the twenty year past and in the meanwhile serbia. had. better ease. relations with the european union and the usa and western countries are generally and. are on track to european integration was
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something go which reduced the how to say disappearing off. of losing the cost of all. in serbia i mean by the beginning of two thousand the new government was ready to start to build their green union and ukrainian union was a ready to open association is the british in process to be the countries of the region on that days it was something that could happen but after many years after ten or fifteen years there was no chance to do that because the countries which cannot move into conditions the e.u. integration five trade but their recent paul i saw by serbia's ministry of european integration showed that fifty five percent or starts as of now want the e.u. membership they still want that linking it to better live higher living standards
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wealth and travel is it something that the e.u. is still capable of delivering by no means not only for the time being money for a long time. been union is faced with the. big hurt people cries he's. it is has been. two thousand and eight and its composition is completely different different in comparison to the previous period when it was ready to enlarge now it is. because it is a combined it with his own problems so. it is a one part of the story the idea is that your opinion didn't change its. politics and it is the question why it didn't change i think it is because of some other reasons not because of the possibility of. the countries within its ranks but to keep control of the countries not to develop some trade
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order and some other relations with the other countries particularly the russia china and other prospective. countries drop the word now serbia has been receiving a lot of money from the european commission around i think four point three bits same range as the most conservative after minutes of the damage caused by the at nine hundred ninety nine bombing would it be fair to say that the europeans perhaps indirectly and perhaps partially but have compensated for the damage that some of them cost. no means. it isn't very disputed. how big the damage was in serbia and montenegro so you know you know our economy is . nearer ten billion dollars of the wrecked material damaged by more than thirty or
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forty billion dollars of. damage so european union could not compensate that through. this period from two thousand and two thousand eight hundred nineteen he says. he says in a program he's remains of an exemption distance which is about. two hundred two hundred million euros. but it cannot compensate what he spoke about. on the other side of this. prospect to work to find purpose of that process it is the full fledged membership of serbia within european union i mean this. politics has been lost in the way but now this is the way without a doubt. purpose it may be all without purpose on the e.u.
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side but there is clearly a purpose there for serbia i mean one of the conditions for. accessing the the united the european union is normalizing relations with casa would be remanded and before and from what i know around sixty percent of serbs want to see that happen do you think the current government and the public understand normalisation in quite the same terms. i mean this. very. i mean the same. research at your mansion binders again minister of the nation which granted to fifty. percent of. the paper if you're going to see five percent yes yes but the same question. between serbia and russia would you like to enlarge and deepen international in russian more than seventy percent was in favor were in favor of that i mean
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population are not combat about the consequences of the you don't pin the serbian approaching dubin union that causes consequences may be the lifting agreement trade agreements with russia and removing everything said to be a good international is not so much but it gives some perspective. in terms of trade their investments and so on so it is kind of mind you permission to meet them in the park and. i wouldn't. mind these speeches by the way i think most efficient position is that we don't see it as you know either or game russia is more than fine of it serbia maintaining all the trade ties it has i think russia itself would like to trade more with the european union so perhaps it is time to you know shift the perspective and look at it in
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a sort of win the win situation now let me ask you one more question about the european union because the e.u. off two thousand and nineteen is clearly very different from the european union of two thousand and nine when serbia applied for membership as you mentioned before it has lots of internal disagreements there is an obvious policy paralysis is that major fiscal and monetary problems do you think the time a average calm when the serbs would look around thank the e.u. for all the reforms it encouraged and decide that they're better on their own that without the e.u. without necessarily any association with russia just you know trying to maintain balanced relationship with all the players. it isn't really not the either or situation. i think that the serbian should be ashamed to maintain its close relations with european union but the in some a different mode in comparison the business association and somebody is nation process this process is the obsolete not mao and it produces pretty bad
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economic costs a prison for serbia because i've been for example the liberated it's a trade policy and european union we get it getting any. compensation our only cite so it should be should be changed i mean the whole situation with no agreement about close partnership between serbia and european union but not so such a comprehensive as. a physician agreement the president poses so it is one part of the story and the other is the sebi i will be free to trade and to develop. and there gently can and infrastructure innovation in china and russia and the other how that is in accordance with who with his own interests. to day debate to a european union is somehow. limits. or to not the maze of
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investments and the trade and if it is not good for serbia it is time to. me define this politics now let me ask you one have but have a call question if serbia indeed decides to make it on its own and your chart its own path. outside the e.u. do you think that will bring the cost of an issue back onto the national agenda and i also wonder if you believe that serbia could gather cost of a not by force but by the strength of its economy by the efficiency of its government especially given that those are some of the weakest point some of the major issues now in kosovo itself where your. solution doesn't depend of economic relations and democracy depends on a fairly large. and we did not have this negotiation
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on the numbers of the resolution forty four it predicted a moment. because. we missed the opportunity between two designs two thousand and five and seven when the proposals for a peaceful solution into him. and the other talks negotiations. or brussels process is not. the process of a kind of affair. so we must talk with nobel about the benefits of sophisticated. i mean in mind is. also what reason he said a b r and the same kind of i'm gonna be of substance. and who'd auster for years but if initially beast will compromise so who will be a long long lasting solution so. the bans on our circumstances on the world
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political situation we should enable these kind of talks well professor some are just i think it would help the process if serbia word to be just as attractive to cost of albanians as the e.u. was to this time of year is a golf anyway we have to leave it there thank you very much for sharing your perspective but that's thank you very much i encourage our viewers to keep this conversation going in our social media pages to syria get on the same place same time here on worlds apart.
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as an officer of the told to get up off the ground the officer began to head down. democrats on the sounds of kind of fighting into a grown man like wrestling essentially the officer who. drew his or her own. wish to go away from the officer. out of his group. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then what happened on three swung at the hands didn't hit him i never saw any contact between the two any kind with back to where they were so the asters back here there try again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled his gun and he did it on three. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the home
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fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to surprising to most of us old or not if you think. i'm going to talk about football not for you or else you just think i was going to do. by the way what is it that slider here. gets crazy oh. been a real gunshots to begin murders controls all life. becomes i'm sorry last minute young people are deciding if they want to be not like their parents not like them liberals. always struggle school again you always have problems but you are going to focus
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a lot it's the most ubiquitous known out there most police departments use it almost overstayers in the school tell that they could get their hands on a gun was in twenty four hours. through it teach nice kids of both racism about police brutality taking cried of them being all these kids are a part of all history. in the week's top stories in our theater and people march in london demanding another referendum breaks it but if europe grounds these two week extension to the bricks and deadline after its prime minister fails to get support for her divorce plan. all started to come a bombshell report claims a group of american mercenaries illegally traveled singing to help the country's president consolidate power
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a move eighteen million dollars we speak so it's all for. a hundred eighty. many of them without stamping your passport without going through immigration without going through customs.


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