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the findings of a big long awaited report which concluded did not conspire with russia to win the twenty sixteen us presidential election. there was no collusion with the russian there was no structure. in the us jailed for ten years after targeting a psychiatric hospital where a teenage girl was being mistreated. held him face he will be placed under tough
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conditions. i'm hoping that you'll hear me and that many many people will petition their u.s. ambassador to stop the lies protect the kids and stop the d.o.j. many thanks. and there are protests in the u.s. the american israel public affairs committee conference that was also snubbed by some democratic presidential candidates. good afternoon welcome just gone two pm here in moscow you're watching r.t. international two years of taking twenty five million dollars spent three thousand subpoenas sent and one conclusion. did not conspire with russia to win the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election. as the report states the investigation did not establish that the members of the campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian
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government in its election interference activities was just announced there was no clue where the right you're the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard there was no collusion with the russian there was no ups truck. and none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration. well the main findings of the miller pro pav been summarized in a letter to congress by the attorney general william barr the four page summary states that it failed to establish that trump or his campaign conspired with russia also it notes that no further indictments will be made in this matter and gas staff now reports the findings triggered a range of responses. two years they spent beating and bagging on the drums of collusion looking for traitors betrayal russian agents
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spies and sell outs and leading this righteous crusade inquisition was the champion savior a messiah of the left robert mueller all eyes are on special counsel robert muller the man who could save this democracy the moeller investigation as the best hope for the white house is bracing bracing for the final report speculations are building wait for the model report wait for the marble i think robert mueller is going to get to the bottom of it was so much hope so much optimism that the traitors would be rooted out all for nothing ended by a letter in a plain envelope no more indictments not one american charged with colluding with russia how that hurt if you could only feel the pundits pain now how come the t. is robert mueller is still at this point publicly silent as he has been from the
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very beginning honestly flip through the different news channels see for yourself the full spectrum of emotions where some cry others rage you think he missed the boat here how can a lead trump off the hook how can that happen then of course there's the nile how can this be called a single traitor unthinkable it must be a conspiracy it feels like the seeds of a coverup are here amongst the tea is the rage in the denial is also acceptance sad acceptance the good old days of burning witches are over by investigating the president and reaching conclusions he did a solid favor he's been the sunshine so thank you robert. but you can't fool everyone there are journalists loosely speaking that know better better than you me the f.b.i.
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and common sense i don't need them all report to know he's a traitor i have the t.v. they are the dauntless few they believe that the traitors are out there they will be found and that the hunt goes on this is the start of something apparently not the end of something this is the end of the beginning a short moeller report would mark the end of the beginning not the beginning of the end this saga after the president is legal saga doesn't appear to be anywhere close to being over as the president hopes and while the pundits weep and cry scream everyone else is laughing at them can you really blame them.
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well the us democrats though do still have something to hold on to because william barr also stated that while there is not enough evidence to conclude that donald trump obstructed justice that doesn't mean he has been exonerated trumps political rivals are now demanding the full version of the report be made public. we will demand the release of the full report the president has not been exonerated by the special counsel yet the attorney general has decided not to go further were apparently to share those findings with the public we now call on the attorney general to honor their request to release the report and the underlying evidence and to appear before the judiciary committee to answer our questions without delay while democrats fight to fight on then some say the whole probe has been one long
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distraction journalist greenwell tweeted that the us media and the intelligence community should be held responsible for spinning a conspiracy theory political analyst charles will tell a similar views millions of hours or if you know considering all the people involved and perhaps hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars of messing around distracting in fomenting and stoking tensions and whoever decided to take us down this rat hole. cannot allow cannot be allowed to escape without intense scrutiny how do you spend six hundred seventy five days on this. and conclude that there was no collusion without actually mentioning that collusion isn't a crime in the first place and then give a mealy mouth waffly analysis about whether there may have been a structure of justice if the crime was that you were supposed to best get collusion and i debate whether that was really
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a crime and you state your report you didn't find any of that how could there have been any obstruction of justice in the first place so i think the reckoning is coming and the long knives are out and the american people and people around the world see this for what it is it was a bunch of washington d.c. insiders trying to to distract from real crimes of the clinton campaign and the obama administration that people desperately wanted to cover up and now will come out uncorked. a computer hacker in the us he was jailed after conducting a cyber attack on a hospital where a teenager was mistreated has appealed to r.t. for help and face he will be placed under tougher security. dear artie audience i need your help because the u.s. department of justice is imprisoning me in retaliation for my human rights work and my journalism the corrupt judge gave me ten years for saving a young girl's life now the d.o.j. wants to put me in a communications management unit where they can restrict my journalism and stop the
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truth from getting out i'm hoping that you'll hear me and that many many people will petition their u.s. ambassador to stop the lies protect the kids and stop the d.o.j. many thanks gee what in twenty thirteen martin got his fell there had the boston hospital network in a bid to help connecticut teenager just stay in a plethora her parents had raised over her treatment and the hack attack did help raise awareness about her case is a recap. you're. right now please let me know right now i need to be hauled in my sea and leap forward. she has been totally medically abused. or are.
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finally. common sense prevails. i just don't know how this really happened put it is a feel like it's real it feels so good to be home. i want to help a lot of people it is hard tough so i don't why well since posters saying that i passed. but we talked to the wife to see hackett done a course has failed and she thinks that what happened was deliberately misrepresented. you know the government and the judge have tried to frame this case as a wanton disregard for human life when that's
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a huge misrepresentation of what happened just seen it was denied her pain medication she was in. she was in agony twenty four seven she lost the use of her legs like their parents were afraid she was going to die and for good reason we've seen other kids and that better five psych ward die instead of the hospital respecting the parent's wishes they started to become strange they started to become very overbearing they took custody away from the parents they had monitored calls they won't let their daughter speak about her conditions they tried to get the parents to lose complete custody and get the daughter adopted what we have here is boston children's hospital. using institutional abuse on children and they should be recognized for doing that and they should be called out so they can start you know healing a transformative process rather than trying to bury it. and i think that you know when you're doing the right thing when you're on the right side of history. you can
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say what you want about trying to make marty look bad but. you know just seen a can now walk today when at the time we weren't sure if she was even going to live well in january this year martin go to was found guilty of cyberattacks he was sentenced to ten years in prison and resorted to to pay four hundred forty three thousand dollars in damages he's now being held at the detention center normally reserved for terrorists cia whistle blower john kiriakou says that martin is being treated this way because of what he refused it. i think this is been done to marty because like any other whistleblower when you blow the whistle on waste fraud abuse or illegality were threats to the public health or public safety you're rocking the boat and marty has made a lot of enemies in the justice department in the state of massachusetts people don't like when somebody from the outside pointed at them and says what you're
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doing is wrong what you're doing is breaking the law marty embarrassed a lot of people and in the end when these investigations have been completed the investigations proved that what marty told us was true marty was the good guy in this in this entire experience it was the government that was wrong and so just in order to to maintain their own sense of of of importance or their own sense of of being the boss of this whole situation they crush the whistleblower and with marty that's exactly what they've done he can't speak to the press right now from brooklyn and he certainly will not be able to speak to the press from terre haute indiana for the next ten years. now the british prime minister terry's amaze facing increasing pressure to step down amid reports of a plot by senior party members to remove him from office let's get the latest now
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from london and say children are there for us covering the story that i think you nasty and yet more twists and turns then to this breaks it saga. oh definitely andrew another week another lots of twists and turns ahead indeed what we have right now in front of us is this week that was meant to be final prep week ahead of britain leaving the european union as intended on march twenty ninth this friday and while we see the european union is finalizing its preparations for britain leaving here in westminster and in the u.k. it's a whole different story in fact it's a quite seismic political reality that could end up heading in any possible direction from still a new deal bracks it to the british prime minister potentially being forced out of her premiership to potentially an attempt to really jam through parliament to rescind may's deal for
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a third time despite being voted down twice because of a lack of any tangible alternatives so it could really head in any direction at this point or even all of the above as well as a handful of other possibilities too so these are very tumultuous days i think it's safe to say the most tumultuous political days this country has seen in years certainly and over this weekend we know that reported over one million people took to the streets to demand a second referendum and expressed their outrage with the way this whole process has been handled. stuff just as far as contests know where it's got the full stop of international law and stuff i was actually soliciting with me to say i feel really passionately that we've been really really let down our friends here in the room we need to state that i believe the majority nowadays people the. people put this up for this great didn't even have a plan and never had it it's
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a shame that we're in this mess. i don't think there's anyone in a proxy. i was happy that i was really taken control of. most of the threats it fights about while at the same time rumors of a possible brewing and time a coup have also been ripe as calls for theresa me to resign become louder there's talk of her potentially being ousted and forced out or there's even discussion of whether she could potentially step down in exchange for of those seen as against her deal actually ending up supporting that deal in the end when it comes to a possible third vote but in terms of any clarity what we do know for today in this particular moment is that this morning theresa may has been holding a cabinet meeting to discuss what's going on she's had a bunch of meetings of course over the weekend she's expected to give
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a speech later this afternoon hopefully some clarification about what those meetings have led to and we do know that parliament is trying to. up to as they just call it take back control in a series of potentially indicative votes those would be helpful in terms of figuring out if there is any kind of majority in terms of options moving forward but where all of that goes from here nobody knows here not exactly clear is it nasty thank you very much that was on stage with the latest for us from london. thank you for watching today we're back again with more news to. with normally manufacture consent to stick to public will. when the
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ruling classes protect themselves. with the prime. nor middle the roots to. the money velocity is dead right so the money velocity would measure of how money is being logged out from bank to bank to bank bank bank which is a measure of economic health is dead and if the money printing continues to increase some sort of asking the question why is the money not getting into the economy they're printing more of it.
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oh again there are dozens of pro palestinian demonstrators marched outside the annual american israel public affairs committee conference in washington d.c. on sunday. you know our. rowdy began at the white house and ended up in front of washington convention center venue with the conference protestors were waving palestinian flags and signs denouncing israeli government to express criticism for pax influence over us middle east and also its will being a supporter of israel meanwhile twenty twenty democratic presidential candidates chose to avoid taking part in that conference this comes amid a decrease in democrat support for israel according to gallup tonight. trump is ready called this trend a disgrace. the democrats are very much proving to be the israel there's no
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question about that. right should be but i don't know what happens is them but they are totally israel frankly i think there is. for years u.s. support for israel was pretty much assumed to politicians be they liberals or conservatives always piled into the apac conference to make clear which side they were on true friends of israel america's commitment to israel and we consider the israeli people our close friends the partnership between the united states and israel in two thousand and five apacs foreign policy director boasted about how influential his outfit really was you see this napkin in twenty four hours we could have the signatures if seventy senators old this napkin but this year it seems to become a point of contention for some democratic party candidates for president in two thousand and twenty major ones have decided not to attend the annual apac pro
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israeli rally in washington d.c. now bernie sanders was notably absent during the twenty sixteen election cycle and this year bernie sanders team has been vocal in stating their reason for avoiding the gathering bernie sanders is concerned about. the platform aipac is providing for leaders who have expressed bigotry and oppose a two state solution now anyone with a t.v. set in america knows about iran omar and the accusation that she's an anti-semite these accusations flow from her statements about the influence of the israeli lobby on american politicians many people say she crossed the line any separatism is unacceptable in any form from anyone but to see it come from one of america's leaders is just important the bottom line is this that. what is what. congress congresswoman omar said i thought was wrong
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and hurtful meanwhile trump and the republicans seem to be doubling down on their pro israeli stances trump recently recognized jerusalem as israel's capital and built the first u.s. military base in the country recently he recognized israel's claim over the golan heights now mike peo the u.s. secretary of state recently gave an interview to christian television and compared donald trump to a figure from the bible he suggested that trump may have been selected by god in order to come to israel's aid could be the president trump right now it's been sort of raised for such a time as this just like queen esther to help save the jewish people from an iranian minnes as a christian i certainly believe that's possible for a long time israel was a sacred cow in america criticism of israel was reserved for forces labelled to be extremist whether on the far left or the far right but in twenty twenty america seems to be in a new era cable mop and r.t. new york. ukrainian authorities have been involved in special operations which they
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knew in advance could result in a large number of civilian casualties at least that's according to a former employee of the ukrainian security service who has been cooperating with moscow so let's get more on this now with the sort of man close to death he says the press conference today but i'm what i said. well the man's name is. off and he claims that he's been working with the russian secret services for the last five years right after the government coup in kiev in that's when fifteen russia's foreign intelligence service are yet to comment on his statement that he's been working with the russian special services for five years already well in about an hour this double agent revealed that say ukraine's secret service. is behind most of the criminal events that took place after the government
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coup in a key of a just a few of his allegations while he claims that there are secret prisons of the craney and secret service in a boss and he also claims that. secret service agents were involved in terrorist style murders of people in this so-called nest and people's republic he also talked about the massacre or may second two thousand and fourteen in a desk where forty two people had died after clashes between football. and people who were opposed to the government in kiev but once again forty two people died at that point and. claims that all these groups always have an agency infiltrated within them so they must have known about what is going to happen let's have a listen. it is well known that the driving force behind the crime in a d.s.o. was the ultras and nationalist organizations any intelligence service in the world
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has its informants in such organizations if the security service of ukraine allowed the deaths on such a massive scale in a gesture to happen then at the very least its employees in the department of state protection knew what would happen and they themselves organized it did not prevent it. proper offer is also a certain that it was the ukraine special services who were behind the downing of a malaysian airlines flight m h seventeen back in july of twenty fourteen and his sights are three reasons for that he says for some reason air traffic was still open to passenger jet despite the fact that for months already there's been a military conflict in that area he also says that ukrainians media activity was very strange right after the event and also any attempt to investigate what happened to flight m.h. seventeen in ukraine itself was always squashed by the secret service let's have
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a listen. just because ukraine is complicit in the boeing catastrophe the first thing that put me on alert is the extraordinarily quick reaction of the ukrainian authorities it gave the impression that president poroshenko and his kris service knew about this in advance the second thing was that at the time to still ities had been ongoing for several months and the airspace above that zone hadn't been closed third all my attempts to attain information on the subject we thought it. was a proper of claims that it was creating president sibylla person cause deputy head or the ministration who was involved in the incident in the ukrainian skies. ok thanks man that was norman cost of there reporting f. in the center of moscow. now coming up to half past in the afternoon here in moscow back again as usual with the headlines and more stories for you in just a. join
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me every first day on the alex salmond sure and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. finally robert muller has completed his investigation into so-called trump collusion with russia there are no additional indictments the report is finished but the fallout continues.
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and i'm not sure it's out there we're going underground as chinese communist leader xi jinping visits france hours after the nineteenth consecutive liaison uprising coming up in the show on a tour nation economic war zone countries from venezuela to iran just syria illegal under international law we ask the united nations special rapporteur on sanctions. and will the war ever and as the yemeni conflict enters its fifth year we ask u.k. angio reprieve. a man arrested in britain under the terrorism act for his political views about the true cost of u.k. backbones plus the great n.h.s. heist twenty one days before g.p. signed a contract that could change the n.h.s. forever we speak to dr bob gill about the neo liberal politicians and private companies that are robbing. taxpayer dollars are more coming up in today's going on the rubber first while bricks it paralyzes the u.k. britain like the e.u. continues to engage in economic warfare with countries all around the world called sanctions in mainstream media they actually illegal can the bank of england really
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just withhold venezuelan gold in the u.s. sanction iranian banks joining me now via skype from geneva is the man who should know about the interest as ery is at the u.n. robert are welcome to going underground we better begin with what the job title is special robert turner on the negative impact of the unilateral coercive measures it's clearly about life and death but what's in the title it's pressure which is quite sense that looks it took the at first human rights said back of you with a lateral sank shows that there's no sanctions which are considered to be illegitimate according to international law or those sanctions which are not the result of that they're serious decisions that the security council or every other day on the media we hear of britain or a nato nations say or the you putting sanctions on another country you're saying the only digital of way of sanctioning another country is with a un security council resolution that is correct but one must realize that this is
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. an important issue which is underestimated by public opinion because today i could say that at least a quarter of humanity a quarter of the people of the world live in countries which are targeted by sanctions so it shouldn't major problems as it in fact are the joy of shubra right by simply how different millions of people and yet there is no u.n. accountability for these liberte should these sanctions military let's go to some of the cases as you say a quarter of humanity the united states is clearly violated the nuclear agreement with iran for instance britain and the european union are against the u.s. violation but then does that mean that the u.s. sanctions against iran.


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