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tv   News  RT  March 25, 2019 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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headlines this hour there was no collusion between donald trump and russia the finding of the long awaited murder investigation into a potential conspiracy during the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election had this to say. there was no collusion with the russian there was no ups truck here in the known world so. the u.s. computer hacker jailed for ten years after targeting a hospital where a teenage girl was allegedly being mistreated appealed for help amid fears his
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prison conditions could be made worse. i am hoping that you here and that many many people there u.s. ambassador to stop the lice protect the kids and stop the deal many things and just weeks before breaks in the u.k. still trying to find a way to get a deal approved amid reports of a paisan prime minister to resign may's party. hello there are you watching our international just gone five pm here in moscow now two years of digging twenty five million dollars spent three thousand subpoenas sent and one conclusion donald trump's team did not conspire with russia so when the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election. as the report states the investigation did not establish
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that the members of the trim campaign conspired who coordinated with the russian government in its election interference activities just announced there was no could withdraw the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard there was no collusion with the russian there was no ups truck here and none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration of the main findings of them will approach have been summarized in their letter in a letter to congress by the attorney general with a full page summary states that if failed to establish that trump all his campaign conspired with russia also notes that no if an inch of responses. two years they spent beating and banging on the drums of collusion looking for traitors betrayal russian agents spies and sellouts and leading
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this righteous crusade inquisition was the champion savior a messiah of the left robert mueller all special counsel robert waller the man who could save this democracy in the mall or investigation as the best hope for the white house is bracing bracing for the final report speculations are building weight so much optimism that the traitors would be rooted out all for nothing ended by a letter in a plain envelope no more indictments not one american charged with colluding with russia how that hurt if you could only feel the pundits pain now come the tias robert mueller is still at this point publicly silent as he has been from the very beginning honestly flip through the different news channels see for you. self the full spectrum of emotions where some cry others
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rage you think he missed the boat here how can they lead trump off the hook how can that happen then of course there's the nile how can this be called a single traitor unthinkable it must be a conspiracy it feels like the seeds of a coverup are here amongst the tea is the rage and the denial is also acceptance sad acceptance the good old days of burning witches. by investigating the president and reaching conclusions he did a solid favor he's been the sunshine so thank you robert muller but you can't fool everyone there are journalists loosely speaking that know better better than you me the f.b.i. and common sense i don't need them over report to know he's a traitor i have a t.v. they have the door includes few they believe that the traces are out there
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they will be found that the hunt goes on this is the start of something apparently not the end of something this is the end of the beginning a short moeller report would mark the end of the beginning not the beginning of the end this saga after the president is legal saga doesn't appear to be anywhere close to being over as the president hopes and while the pundits weep and cry rage and scream everyone else is laughing at them can you really blame them.
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well the u.s. democrats do have something to still hold on to because the attorney general did add that while there's not enough evidence to conclude that trump obstructed justice doesn't mean that he's been exonerated drums political rivals are now demanding the full version of the report be made public. the president has not been exonerated by the special counsel yet the attorney general has decided not to go further or apparently to share those findings with the public this letter is elegantly but brazenly d.e.v.'s there's so much that needs to be you know taken a look at at this point and so it's not the end of everything the report though does state that there has been cyber activity from the kremlin to influence the elections russia's foreign ministry issued a statement following the release of the key findings of the report noting that
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moscow has long long been expressing the desire to discuss any concerns over alleged election meddling the ministry added that russia collusion with russia collusion theme is just part of fake mudslinging between u.s. political rivals now while democrats to fight on some say the whole probe has been one long distraction many experts believe that the us media and intelligence community should be held responsible for spinning a conspiracy theory. there should be major accountability in the us media and in the intelligence community they united with to drown us political discourse for two years straight in only hinged conspiratorial trash distracting from real issues millions of hours or you know considering all the people involved and perhaps hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars of messing around distracting in fomenting and stoking tensions and whoever decided to take us down this rat hole.
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cannot allow cannot be allowed to escape without intense scrutiny how do you spend six hundred seventy five days of this. and conclude that there was no collusion without actually mentioning that collusion isn't a crime in the first place and then give a mealy mouth wofully analysis about whether there may have been a structure of justice if the crime was that you were supposed to first get cold. susan and i debate whether that was really a crime and you state your report you didn't find any of that how could could there have been any obstruction of justice in the first place so i think the reckoning is coming and the long knives are out and the american people and people around the world see this for what it is it was a bunch of washington d.c. insiders trying to to distract from real crimes of the clinton campaign and the obama administration that people desperately wanted to cover up and now will come out uncorked. now a u.s. computer hacker child after a cyber attack on a hospital where
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a teenager was being mistreated has appealed to r.t. for help it comes amid phase he will be placed under worse prison conditions. dear r.t. audience i need your help because the u.s. department of justice is imprisoning me in retaliation for my human rights work and my journalism the corrupt judge gave me ten years for saving a young girl's life now the d.o.j. wants to put me in a communications management unit where they can restrict my journalism and stop the truth from getting out i'm hoping that you'll hear me and that many many people will petition their u.s. ambassador to stop the lies protect the kids and stop the d.o.j. many thanks judy. in twenty thirty martin. the boston hospital network in a bid to help connecticut teenager just seen a place for parents had raised the alarm over her treatment and the hack attack did help raise awareness about her case here's a recap. right
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now please let me go on line now i needed. my family. has been totally medically abused. by emily. common sense prevailed. and the story of how this really happened it doesn't feel like it's real good to me all. right i hope a lot of people it was hard so i don't why well. we
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talked to the wife to the hackathon of course has failed she thinks the what happened was deliberately misrepresented. you know the government and the judge have tried to frame this case as a wanton disregard for human life when that's a huge misrepresentation of what happened just seen it was denied her pain medication she was in. she was in agony twenty four seven she lost the use of her legs like their parents were afraid she was going to die and for good reason we've seen other kids and that better five psych ward die instead of the hospital respecting the parent's wishes they started to become strange they started to become very overbearing they took custody away from the parents they had monitored calls they won't let their daughter speak about her conditions they tried to get
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the parents to loot. using institutional abuse on children and they should be recognized for doing that and they should be called out so they can start you know healing a transformative process rather than trying to bury it. and i think that you know when you're doing the right thing when you're on the right side of history. you can say what you want about trying to make marty look bad but. you know just stina can now walk today when at the time we weren't sure if she was even going to live well in january martin got his field was found guilty of cyberattacks and he was sentenced to ten years in prison and was ordered to to pay four hundred forty three thousand dollars in damages he's now being held today to tensions and normally reserved for terrorists cia john kiriakou says though that martin is being treated this way because of what he revealed. i think this is been done to marty
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because like any other whistleblower when you blow the whistle on waste fraud abuse or illegality or threats to the public health or public safety you're rocking the boat and marty has made a lot of enemies in the justice department in the state of massachusetts people don't like when somebody from the outside pointed at them and says what you're doing is wrong what you're doing is breaking the law marty embarrassed a lot of people in the end when these investigations have been completed the investigations proved that what marty told us was true marty was the good guy in this in this entire experience it was the government that was wrong and so just in order to to maintain their own sense of of. the importance or their own sense of of being the boss of this whole situation they crush the whistleblower and with marty
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that's exactly what they've done he can't speak to the press right now from brooklyn and he certainly will not be able to speak to the press from terre haute indiana for the next ten years. my people have been laying flowers and toys in memory for sixty four victims of a shopping center five in the russian city of quetta one year after the tragedy over half of those who died were children it's believed that the cause of the inferno has now that trickle felt or people were trapped inside the building the survivors saying bye to the emergency exits had been blocked here's a recap of that terrible event would have warning they might find some of the images to step. down as bomb. the new device even using.
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the body. you complicity in the church. in the. first of that.
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which. has just come five fifteen here in moscow and i still to come for you there's been another twist in the bricks that saga because britain's prime minister is reportedly now facing a cabinet revolt we'll have a look at that story for service to you just after the break. i would normally guess manufacture conservative public wealth. when the ruling closest project. in the frame of. the woman. who ignore middle of the room
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signals. the real news is. the money lost to the is dead right so the money velocity would measure of how money is being logged out from bank to bank to bank bank bank which is a measure of economic health is dead and that the money printing continues to increase some sort of asking the question why is the money not getting into the economy they're printing more of it. now with just weeks to go until the twelfth of april breaks it deadline the u.k.
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still hasn't agreed any terms and the person holding the negotiations prime minister to resign mazen i facing two growing reports of applause by senior members of her own party to remove her from office with more his on the situation. this was meant to be the final week that britain uses to make the very final preparations to wave goodbye to the european union on march twenty ninth and while the european commission have said they have finalize their preparations for a no deal brax it here in the u.k. it's a whole different story we're still in a seismic political reality where anything could happen and all scenarios possible are still on the table including a potential and of to resubmit his premiership including the possibility of a new deal cracks it including the possibility of a third attempt to jam through parliament her withdrawal agreement with the european union to try to get that deal through because of a lack of
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a majority when it comes to any other alternative this weekend we saw reported about one million people take their outreach to the streets to demand a second referendum to be able to have a final say on what's been going on here we also know that rumors have been ripe of a possible coup attempt brewing with anti i'm a sentiment on the increase with calls for her resignation becoming a louder and crew clearer the discussions have included the possibility of her being ousted or her potentially stepping down or her potentially stepping down in exchange for support from those against her when it comes to another attempt to get her deal through so in terms of anything that's clear we do know is theresa may has been holding cabinet meetings she's been holding a bunch of meetings over the weekend she's set to address parliament later to day and parliament is trying to of what's being described as take back control how
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they're going to do it is the question but they are intending to vote on a series of indicative votes in hope that there will be some clarity in terms of what a possible alternative. where the majority support would be but for now anything beyond that is anybody's guess. ukrainian authorities have been involved in special operations which they knew could result in a large number of civilian civilian casualties at least that's according to a former employee of the country she curity services who has been cooperating with moscow so let's get more details from her home and course that if he joins us in the studio there was a press conference was not held by this gentleman today just give assert some background on this on this guy absolutely well the gentleman's name is off and he's been were he was an employee of the ukrainian special services and at the press
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conference he said that he has in fact been working for russian intelligence helping russian intelligence since twenty fourteen since the government coup happened in ukraine well today he presented a forty eight document that allegedly outlines crimes by the ukrainian special services. so just to give you some details to name just a few of his allegations he mentioned. flight m h seventeen that was downed in the area in july of twenty fourteen and that was long blamed on the anti-government forces in the area but he's saying that it's actually ukraine special services who are involved with that let's have a listen to what he says about that. just crane is complicit in the. first thing that put me on alert is the extraordinarily quick reaction of the
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ukrainian forces it gave the impression that president poroshenko and his press service knew about this in advance the second thing was that the time. on going for several months and the book zone hadn't been closed. well he's been talking about some more alleged crimes by the ukraine a special services if you remember back in twenty fourteen on the second of may there was a massacre in a city of a desk where forty two people died after a clash is with the whole again this with the so-called football altruists who are fighting against people who are opposed to the government coup in kiev. but he claims that you crazy special services knew something about that let's have a listen. it is well known that the driving force john the crime in the decibels the ultras a nationalist organization any intelligence service in the world has informants in
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such organizations if the security service of ukraine allowed the death on such a massive scale you know that's what happens then at the very least it's employees on the lead department of state protection knew what would happen and they themselves all denies it all didn't prevent it. well to name just a few more of his. allegations that he talked about involvement of ukrainian officers in terrorist style murders of people in the so-called at the next people's republic and so-called people's republics and he also talked about secret prisons that were in the area where people had actually died he talked about a rise of the. fascism within the ranks of the create a military let's have a listen to what he said about that. i know about secret prisons one in my real pool i know very well it's common name is the lawyer brewery in prison
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is a cool books there are rooms with on doors blood soaked into walls which are also scratched by people not cism is widespread in the ukrainian military i myself saw the swastika that's double lightning logo on their helmets they salute like the nazis while welcoming each other. so a whole host of allegations there's the been any reaction from the ukrainian authorities to this yes we did get a reaction from the ukrainian secret service already they have confirmed that. is one of their own but they added that this man was dismissed for. drinking on the job he was dismissed as be you officer and they also called all of his allegations and let me quote they said that his allegations are in line with russian filthy propaganda. ok but man thanks for the update that was.
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just coming up to twenty five past five or moscow we're back again as usual in about half an hour's time don't forget there are plenty of stories too on our website and find that. simon sure i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm show business. you know world big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the
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hawks. i've been saying the numbers mean something they've matter us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime tempting each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent in the world markets closed thirty percent some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one business showed you know bored to miss the one and only boom but.
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finally robert muller has completed his investigation into so-called trump collusion with russia there are no additional indictments the report is finished but the fall out continues. i. don't like me to mark them up on the limb or form bloomfield's themselves on one photo for. a lot of cars. just that they get to sleep. she. don't want.
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to go to the british course that's enough for them. i mean. to take. them to sophie shevardnadze the future of the hero's china trade dale remains uncertain differences persist. well waging bend to washington's pressure well we asked our senior advisor at economic diplomacy for china's foreign ministry. the
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world's two leading superpose are on a collision course the united states and china reluctant to trade dispute and china's rising money just challenging america's influence in the pacific but with the two powerhouse economies intertwined will the threat of bankruptcy be enough to stop both sides sliding fee. they're into conflict. showdown. chandan tsawwassen air adviser on economic diplomacy for china's foreign ministry welcome to the show it is great to have you with us so there is an announcement that a meeting between president trump and presidency has been postponed sort of in this parallel where they had no way a summit or a triumph basically walked away from a done deal is this a hint that the u.s. china tog south progressed about as much as those between washington and pyongyang the biggest difference is that. both beijing and washington at the working level
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the there has to be a very substantial. very solid discussion so almost every detail of those deal. including a lot of controversial issues so i think that at least at the. level both sides are working even much more substantial into reach a very substantial progress so in that regard i think that there are some are still there some leave some room for the uncertainty but i think that it is a reason for the optimistic that the both sides would reach deal finally so does.


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