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don't. look. at them. i mean. if you. think of. the. presidential proclamation that recognizes the ceased from syria in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven as being israeli already blasted the us move as an act of aggression. two years of digging and one conclusion that there was no collusion between donald trump and russia during the twenty sixteen us presidential election but that is not stopping the president's rivals from digging a little deeper. it was a complete and total exoneration there's so much that needs to be you know
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taken a look at this point and so it's not everything. just weeks before the u.k. still trying to find a way to get a deal approved. plots. party. good evening and welcome this is a. first of the golan heights a disputed area on the border with syria. a presidential proclamation recognizing israel's sovereign right over the golan heights.
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to correspond to trying to join me in the studio move expected or not well you know the twitter and now it's meant was there last week so it isn't really a surprise and you know that with donald trump announcements on twitter almost as important as official ceremonies ok maybe we're not there just yet but the ceremony did happen you've just seen where they took the pen they were all absolutely delighted there and guess where it happened at the apec forum which is one of these events that are also known as the biggest israeli lobby event in america on the calendar and you know president move is of course big news and it's been discussed all over the world since the actual tweet came out but i'll tell you what golan heights is disputed territory and. besides
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this i can tell you that the only two countries that are actually believe this is israeli territory is the u.s. starting this monday and israel but for everyone else this is not the case and the you and the un have already said that for them nothing has changed. the. view in the policy on golan is reflected in the relevant resolutions of the security council and that policy has not changed. by international law as i've said. are syrian territory occupied by israel israel took control of the territory back in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven but de facto they and next in one thousand nine hundred one under a law that was passed in that country now syria called what donald trump did
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a blatant act of aggression against their sovereignty and against their territorial integrity turkey russia and the arab league also condemned what donald trump did. that this was indeed a heavy step that might actually cause an earthquake in the middle east as you said not it doesn't seem like is going to change anyone's opinion globally but it's looks like a kind of a pat on the back a show of support from the u.s. to israel again so presumably the pm netanyahu is pretty pleased what else can is a reaction be in this case he is delighted and that is to say the least the president ladies and gentlemen this is truly those stories. your book liberation comes at a time of the girl alone is more important than ever for our security would be wrong is trying to establish bases in syria to structured israel. how could
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benjamin netanyahu miss this historic moment and also the apac forum that i mentioned of course he was there and he used this opportunity once again to thank donald trump for recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel and also moving his embassy there that's what mr trump did back in two thousand and seventy but the visit wasn't as long as it was expected in the first place because benjamin netanyahu had to cut the trip short it coincided with a mass attacking israel with its rockets who said ok now i'll have to stop this go back promised retaliation so he's using this to score political points basically in all the aspects and probably this is another day for him to dodge the story another way for him to dodge public scrutiny when it comes to the elections in the
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elections or common up very soon in just over two weeks ok very broad if so then i would say because all the details many thanks with me. let's get some analysis now from hawaii to our rough civil and human rights attorney with the palestinian led international solidarity movement very good evening to you what's your take on this what you make of the recognition of the golan heights. well as i think your previous guest said except i wanted to correct one thing i heard that the territory referred to as disputed territory under international law it is occupied territory it is not disputed israel has no claim to it and they took it by force in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and proceeded to settle the territory putting illegal settlers in there so that today it has approximately thirty four illegal settlements up to over twenty thousand illegal settlers and runs one hundred sixty seven illegal businesses in the in the occupied territory it did pass.
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a domestic law annex informally annexed in this territory but it was completely rejected by the international community with a unanimous resolution decrying the acquisition of territory by force calling on israel to respect un resolutions previous un resolutions and international law. and so far it has not done that and it continues not only to settle the territory but to siphon off the in the territories resources most notably the water about approximately one third of israel's fresh water resources come from the occupied golan heights and it is now it has been for the last few years illegally drilling for oil with not surprisingly in conjunction with an american owned energy company with a lot of right wing and no right wing sit on the board of that company and so it is not for security as israel's been saying because syria has not launched an
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attack on israel since one nine hundred seventy three but israel has been launching attacks on its neighbors but israel wants this territory they said for its resources and in in line with its general policy expansionist policies of taking over territory by force which is completely rejected by the international community and so for trump to come out and recognize this illegal maneuver is just you know further isolating the u.s. as trump has been doing since he took power isolating the united states with regard to its policy in the region. other things intervention the u.n. doesn't agree with trump and the u.s. over this they would just say the usual words rhetoric condemnation or actually will be any action taken against washington. unfortunately because the united states sits are you as a permanent member of the security council on any kind of action that is taken by the un requires security council approval and the united states and
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a tory asli vetoes anything that has to do with condemning israel but for the by the same token no action i don't expect to see any kind of action by the united nations with regard to the united states but i also what the international community does will be significant in terms of you know we'll just leave this as a declaration by the united states which will really mean nothing because as long as the international community continues to consider the syrian golan heights as occupied territory it will remain that way in in line with any u.n. resolutions and international law and the united states at liberation will remain just that a declaration that absolutely has no practical effect and that what it needs to remain in the air and needs to show really that the international community leaves united states with its extremists policies that stand in violation of international
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law and the international order so what it does does is significant in that respect but no i don't think the united nations as a body will be able to take any kind of action against the u.n. sorry against the united states over listen to the thoughts of human rights attorney who are a rough thank you. thank you no. two years of digging twenty five million dollars spent almost three thousand subpoenas sent just one conclusion though donald trump's team did not conspire with russia so when the twenty six thousand us presidential election killed more than the full story. well as we saw on friday the report was filed with the u.s. department of justice bob muller's pro the has concluded and he filed his report it is now in the hands of the attorney general and the report which has not yet been released was a company with a letter in which bob muller made clear he did not call for any further indictments
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and it seems that trump is exonerated nope no point was any collusion with russia discovered it seems that what trump has said from the beginning was confirmed by this letter accompanying the report let's take a listen as the report states the investigation did not establish that the members of the trim campaign conspired who coordinated with the russian government in its election interference activities was just announced there was no could withdraw the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard there was no coming in with the russian there was no ups truck here. and none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration now at this point however the democrats are determined to keep the story going they have been rallying around the montra of this is not over and they've been calling for the entire report from the bob muller
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probe the entire report that is now in the hands of the u.s. attorney general to be made public there's so much that needs to be you know taken a look at at this point and so it's not the end of everything we're going to have to wait to see the report and that report needs to be made public a.s.a.p. he has. as in effect created headlines that will create a trap for all of us because we have to avoid falling into the headline messages shock schumer and nancy pelosi leaders of the democratic party in the u.s. congress say that the report actually raises more questions than it answers at this point they are saying not only do they want the entire port report put out made available to the public but furthermore they're saying the report doesn't exonerate donald trump for what there is rolling up struction of justice and some other possible charges that could stem from your they actually want to question the attorney general william barr as well as bob muller himself regarding the evidence
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that was collected in how in determining the results of the report they want to determine and basically go over how the information was acquired so this is some of what we've heard we will demand the release of the full report the president has not been exonerated by the special counsel yet the attorney general has decided not to go further or apparently to share those findings with the public we now call on the attorney general to honor that request to release the report and the underlying evidence and to appear before the judiciary committee to answer our questions without delay c.n.n. made a point of highlighting the fact that william barr at one point was the author of a memo that said that donald trump could not be charged with obstruction of justice however it's important to point out that that memo was published prior months prior to donald trump naming him as the u.s. attorney general so after roughly twenty five million dollars was spent three
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thousand subpoenas went out we now have the conclusion of the bob miller probe that there was in fact no collusion with russia and u.s. president donald trump they did not collude during the two thousand and sixteen presidential elections the full pay somebody also knows the no further indictments will be made because the of takes us through two years of the miller probe. two years they spent beating and bagging on the drums of collusion looking for traitors betrayal russian agents spies and sellouts and leading this righteous crusade inquisition is the champion savior a messiah of the left robert mueller all eyes are on special counsel robert muller the man who could save this democracy the moeller investigation as the best hope the white house is bracing bracing for the final report speculations are building
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wait for them all or report wait for the marble i think robert mueller is going to get to the bottom of it was so much hope so much optimism that the traitors would be rooted out all for nothing ended by a letter in a plain envelope no more indictments not one american charged with colluding with russia how that hurt if you could only feel the pundits pain now come the tias robert muller is still at this point publicly silent as he has been from the very beginning honestly flip through the different news channels see for yourself the full spectrum of emotions where some cry others rage you think he missed the boat here how can they lead trump off the hook how can that happen then of course there's the nile how can this be what a single traitor unthinkable it must be
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a conspiracy it feels like the seeds of a coverup are here amongst the tea is the rage in the denial is also acceptance sad acceptance the good old days of burning witches are over by investigating the president and reaching conclusions he did a solid favor he's been the sunshine so thank you robert. but you can't fool everyone there are journalists loosely speaking that know better better than you. the f.b.i. and common sense i don't need them all report to know he's a traitor i have the t.v. they are the dauntless few they believe that the traitors are out there they will be found that the hunt goes on this is the start of something apparently not the end of something this is the end of the beginning a short moeller report would mark the end of the beginning not the beginning of the
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end this saga after the president is legal saga doesn't appear to be anywhere close to being over as the president hopes and while the pundits weep and cry scream everyone else is laughing at them can you really blame them. there for those states has been cyber activity from the kremlin to influence the elections russia's foreign ministry issued a statement following the release of the key findings of the report noting moscow
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has long been expressing the desire to discuss any concerns over alleged election meddling the minister how did the russia collusion is just part of fake mudslinging between u.s. political rivals. there should be major accountability in the us media and in the intelligence community they united with to drown us political discourse for two years straight in only hinged conspiratorial trash distracting from real issues imo lawyer by profession i'm sure you know this and i'm trying to figure out what is it about no evidence or people trying to decide for example if somebody were to take a pregnancy test and it comes back negative what does that mean it means somebody is not pregnant there is a lot of things that happen by that negate should know of it their results are net negative nothing afaik no one died nobody was hurt nobody was found guilty there is a department of justice rule which states that when you do not have someone
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indicted and when for when you know true bill is issued when somebody is not charged according to the department of justice rules you don't have any other comment other than the person was not indicted you don't deal with evidence that was considered that is problematic or troublesome that's what komi did and that's what we're seeing now they're violating their own rules these two by the book titans. of the results of those investigations will be discussed in our going underground program with he spoke to wiki leaks editor in chief kristen franson about why the probe singled out the whistle blowing organization to supposedly being a russian agent. well i think it's very interesting that the attorney general is that this was just senators there were. dozens of media organizations with sort of
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the end of use that is mention that only which is as mentioned by name. so if you look at the details of what other media organizations were doing exactly the same thing as we can expose sickly illicitly of formation of publishing stories was a mission they included all the major media organization or in the western world so why singling out we can fix that is quite absurd but it shows that hostility towards organization. we just weeks to go until the twelfth of april brigs it deadline parliament is again debating the divorce at the moment in westminster and terms of still another great the person in charge of making the deal prime minister trees may facing growing reports of a plot by senior members of our own party to remove him from office this was meant to be the week when final preparations for bracks that are being made when britain is sort of getting ready to sail out of the european union come march twenty ninth
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and while the e.u. seems to be finalizing their arrangements for a no deal scenario here in westminster certainty continues to be very thin on the ground and now we do have the british prime minister making another appearance at the house of commons trying to walk through and talk through the latest with bracks and that it seems nobody continues to know what bracks it is going to mean as the canvas new deadline or another potential new deadline we do know that the british prime minister has made a statement where she underscored that she understands that her deal right now does not have the support needed to have another vote take place at the house of commons however according to her that is still the. best way to move forward there is still not sufficient support in the house to bring back a deal for a third meaningful vote unless this house agrees to it no deal would not happen no
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breaks it must not happen and just slow breaks it which extends article fifty beyond the twenty second of may force is the british people to take part in european elections and gives up control of any of our borders balls money or trade is not a great sit that will bring the british people together i know this is the key and i put forward as a compromise this is house can back it no threat to bricks it no risk of a no to you well to receive me traditionally now faced a barrage of questions and criticisms including from opposition party leader jeremy corbyn who demanded that she accept that her deal is dead as he put it who also called what's going on a national embarrassment and disgust talked about the broken promises that the government had made and according to corbin it's time for the parliamentary now to take back control we will support measures for a public vote to stop a no deal or chaotic tory deal the government has had over two years to find
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a solution and has failed it's time mr speaker we put an end to this and move on from the chaos and slave year and begin to clean up the mess it's time for parliament to work together and agree on a plan b. well whether or not any such plan b. can be found is of course the massive question hanging over everybody's head here lots and lots of speculation about what's going to happen next and lots and lots of possibilities still remaining on the table where all of this goes we shall observe . because right up to date i'll be back with more not top stories for your latest headlines in just over half of.
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the was. what my mother planet. son. joined me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to get us out of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. when lawmakers manufacture consent to step into the public well. when the
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running clubs assume project themselves. with the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent told. to ignore middle of the room sick. real news is. a good thing the numbers mean something they've mastered us with over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten y. . card for an m.p. he did. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be old rich eight point six percent world market thirty percent somewhat one hundred five hundred three first second first second and fifth when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the
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numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one business show you know ford the mid one and only boom but. finally robert muller has completed his investigation into so-called trump collusion with russia there are no additional indictments the report is finished but the fall out continues. on the phone lines don't they couldn't put them in much the muslim on muslim problem going to november seventh photosensitive up. this.
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was not a was. just that they had nothing to do. she was you make a. choice i just. don't bombard from the sun on my book you go to the british courts that's enough of them stop. i mean you got. to. get.
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the future of the hero's china trade rumanians uncertain differences persist. the regime bend to washington's pressure well we asked our senior advisor at economic. foreign ministry. the world's two leading. trade dispute and joined us rising. america's influence in the pacific but with the two powerhouse economies into. bankruptcy. there is a conflict. showdown. chandan tsawwassen air adviser on economic diplomacy for china's foreign ministry welcome to the show it is great to have you with us so there is an announcement that a meeting between president trump and president c. has been postponed sort of invoke the scream parallel where they had no choice
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summit or a triumph basically walked away from a done deal is this a hint that the u.s. china tog south progressed about as much as those between washington and pyongyang . the biggest difference is that. both beijing and washington at the working level the there has to be a very substantial and very solid discussions almost on every detail of those deals including a lot of controversial issues so i think that at least at the. level both sides are working even much more substantial in to reach a very substantial progress so in that regard i think that you know if there are some a stew there some leave some room for the uncertainty but i think that it is a reason for the optimistic that the both sides would reach deal finally so does having a deal and greed that trump can support mean that they american tariffs center out
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of more terrorists and that trade war actually worked and the president has forced beijing into backing out of this stand up standoff well if i understand a question correctly i think that the from the u.s. perspective they think that. the the biggest the incentive for both sides come to the negotiation table is the tariff and from beijing suppose specked if i think table is that both sides have the incentive to settle down their differences to iron out of their differences and to remove those.


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