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wait and according to corbin it's time for the parliamentary now to take back control we will support measures for a public vote to stop a no deal or chaotic tory deal the government has had over two years to find a solution and has failed it's time mr speaker we put an end to this and move on from the chaos and savior and begin to clean up the mess it's time for parliament to work together and agree on a plan b. well whether or not any such plan b. can be found is of course the massive question hanging over everybody's head here lots and lots of speculation about what's going to happen next and lots and lots of possibilities still remaining on the table where all of this goes we shall observe . finally this hour three russian servicemen delivering humanitarian aid to being killed in a terrorist ambush in syria artie's done hawkins' as details. incident in question
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though actually took place back at the end of february in the eastern syrian province of the zor where fighting against islamic state militants as well as other terrorist groups has been very active indeed for the past few weeks and months this operation though was a delivery of humanitarian aid by russian troops to one of the towns in that province it was on the way back from the livery to the base when they were ambushed by a group of militants in their vehicle and declared missing in action as a result of the subsequent firefight and now since then the russian ministry when the stand has undertaken round the clock efforts to locate those service one and two of their fate they did this with conjunction with allies from the syrian defense forces as well as other channels as well and it was as a result of these efforts that the group involved in this attack was identified special operations forces special forces operation was launched by the russian army in conjunction with the russian air force thirty militants from that terrorist
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group were eliminated as a result sadly it was confirmed though that those three troops work killed in action as a result of that their bodies have now been returned to russia and returned to their families ok i'll be back with updates for you in half an hour's time see her . car. there are. no.
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law. and. everyone's story is different wants half is different you don't know what's actually going to hit you. like i was pretty comfortable in my life before this happened. earthenware dogs for a. got me into this. you know i was a middle child. i'm sorry he was the day. this is some day he was doing to just you know make sure you have money in his pocket. it was that i had to look out for anything but nothing happened to to the bait.
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i just hope that people can understand that i was a person who didn't deserve to die who didn't deserve to be shot fourteen times. already. died for a lynching radio part. car i was like most about right where us is i come at the park the sound is really. really our ordinary you know. what he looked like to me that day was just a student nearing the end of the semester and wishes he on the park taking a break a waltz right across the street hear him up this way. i'm sure was laying right here like a little better ole in
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a backpack his head was here and his feet were going west the person i was working with that day called the police because they were concerned about him being so close to business. the first's officers approached him they sat him up they talked and then they laughed my co-worker's time at how they were going to call again and i said you know if he was doing something illegal they wouldn't have just walked away and left him there. a second call was made anyhow. and the officers actually came back up to us and they said hand there's nothing to enforce he's not protect the law please stop calling. and honestly i even forgot to tell later when the third officer showed up. and well we were tell when the call came though this fact it went to the cabs. and the message on the beat kept self.
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talk. like this officer called in the news that just there is something on the board already here all are. just sort of mortars or something and his friends told him that it was clear over reno park our and if you could create a trouble with. this officer then when you told him to get up off the ground the. officer began to pet him down. i heard them frogs on the sounds of kind of fighting into me grown man like wrestling especially the officer apparently back up through his baton and your individual twisted away from the officer probably the target of his crime. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then what happened on three swung at the hands didn't hit him i never
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saw any contact with. any kind went back to where they were so the officers back here there try again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and he did it on tree. i knew it was not happen so i turned away. after i counted drama more shyness. very very large fire you are smart. guy you are to me nor to me neither are my very very near you in your narrow mile way i mean unwired normal are already all right now. every medical records are. mine and. more know you nor do i want to. write only when i was. gone i hear all the old.
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that day i didn't see the new subject the good that beat the officer with the wouldn't be taught striking him in the head the officer with the police detectives came to my house for me a car end of the about all my son. you know and they question my mother in this car for like thirty to forty five minutes i was puzzled like what do they won't. twelve was the problem and i told the navy has their own b.s. this say what they are trained you are saying guard tre asking works with a couple of temp agencies because of his illness he has it and been able to keep a job the dolphins over there will say next have we put this here now and i asked him well he's going on
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a name is that well that was our vacation where they are part. and our trade was as a couple what a public be. and way he told me were brother did just not tell him this. and his words were. you thought you would have seen it on t.v. . good afternoon the decision is a thirty one year old male by the name of don tre hamilton on the course of our investigation into his background we have learned that this is not his first experience with the walkie police department as recently as last year and moves on thursday afternoon chiefs lives first words were i don't want to demonize this man. but he was. homeless
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a robber and all these type of things that he was one other events he's been arrested for armed robbery and for disorderly conduct he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and until recently according to his grieving family they've been acting strangely and they stick to this mental health issue because when you hear mental health you think crazy so if they can put in people's mind said that this was a crazy person who attacked the officer then they feel that they have leverage within the community we have leave mentally ill people whose violence is a direct result of their untreated mental illness. they are on the streets of our cities because there's no place else for them to go and their families cannot control them. we have extended. warranty and they take so long and tell us what happened and.
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they send him a man. this is the. oldest letter c. s. they have closed in this case to with. chief flynn said that we need to do a better job in tunis that is something that is very true. but the tray have the mental illness to not kill him that officer murdered my brother. as they didn't know one way or another if you had a mental illness until my mom was questioned in a car for forty five minutes.
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rear when i met her i believe damien was two years old. and that. they may grow up to be the overseer of his brothers jr he always was there. before one or you know. trey was more quiet. to get to know. and you didn't see any of the sickness coming and i'm sorry as it was. me with a different turn it is six for his decision on the outcome whether he's on charge offs or not and they are just been trying. to step in their way.
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so today they are not going to talk to me what i know all their problems are that they're not going to be released. by you syria another run around. it is hard to put into words the turmoil in the streets right now they're just having a tremendous time dealing with the fact that there hasn't been a resolution charging decision to stop we had believed that it was going to be the day for that decision. and they're not going to make any mistakes any time you're looking police use of force to use the results on the field tell the that's a homicide investigation. you're determining whether they had a legitimate subjectively reasonable basis to use force under those circumstances. late afternoon work day and you literally had hundreds of witnesses trained never showed any signs of any kind of paranoid or frantic she was lonely and
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drab. paid in the home at miami and no one in miami. so i wouldn't even have a known this was not only with schizophrenia and what do we call them. we call the school friend came with them house and he would always. are or he will say just like they do if. you don't leave. them. in the order. just. gave me a task. that was uniquely may.
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and he's gone to rest now with the family create them. is that there is nothing to be afraid of is nothing to run from is nothing. breaks and. finally robert muller has completed his investigation into so-called trump collusion with russia there are no additional indictments the report is finished but the fall out continuous. atomic that we have selected is titled a collaborative response to crime and violence in the community and there are others in the audience who are on the
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committee. she. oh. yes limply the john terry hamilton case for the better part of six months was agreed by everyone including the family to have been a tragedy arising out of untreated mental illness in a public space the result of violence yes this is what this we're dealing with you know the one of them is that these are the we'll you're the guy you're the all the services you any other big cities we've got a problem with untreated mentally ill people who have no options. it's gone. it was a mental health issue in april once ferguson broke suddenly as a racial issue. and this is. michael brown.
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we're hearing that there may be many more and there are a lot of bald faced opportunists who latched on to this family. it decided it wasn't a mental health story anymore it was a race story. that it. started to call is for justice started because we were at around the i didn't always think we need. that culminated you. know i was kind of i still just get new to all this process but i saw a lot of courage intervening clue mary. i would say i'm a non-confrontational person but they're not saying serious. even though john is hurt. just want to play the move on with his life. and the love that he had for god troy what happened that day that will. never be
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there until i ask everybody else. for her for. her. work in protest causing such a also on the scouts an avenue our as i'm not able to get behind these demonstrators they're upset over the shooting and where they are one months ago the trade hamilton. was the likely to support the bill. passed i'm. when i first heard initial reports on my were down trade i have a robbery on his record you know but i think they think i had just turned eighteen . but had a b.b.
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gun. so me and robin some older guy and some younger guy and i think we've got a couple lottery. it isn't a watch anything like what is no more fifty dollars. but the next morning two detectives came to the house they basically handcuffed me right in the liberty on. an island due in eighteen months and to me the corrections to the sixteen year stay seems. some of those life lessons are right there to be a better person. yes i'm a mistakes but i don't think anyone can home me to the standard of what i was seventeen years. or. so. i have the opportunity to speak three penalties mother
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and his brother and one of the things that they made clear to me that they're interested in is restoring the dignity of their son name their son's name and in particular several items one tree was not homeless second he was not an armed robber. and so i want our community to know that he was neither homeless nor was he an armed robber. to kill or he's. just fifteen and it was rough for you know single parenting you know working every day it was cool and it leads to some stuff that i didn't know. i still get my days that still have my nights it's good fifteen years right you know but brianna bought into the mental health his neck was broke his back was broken three places he laid
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in a diaper for three days begging for his life so. i'm still asked out of the way. her son was shot fourteen time i was just that your your husband was just it's just because i want to see something happen. and then why are our want to go this cabo i don't think it is worth. it he was coming home with a night out with friends designated driver he came intoxicated. michael so like you're too drunk to drive i'm going to drive michael was under the influence of alcohol but you can look on a dash cam video he's driving perfectly straight up in front of his house and just then a squad car pulls up behind him and my son got out of the car because he was that his own home but the officer pull up said get back in the car get back in the car.
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cording to offer testimony and saw this other guy in the front seat and he grabbed my client he took me on the back of the car off camera. multiple times ran to the back of the house. michel was accused of ball rushing an officer here and this is actually a car that was here it was hasn't moved in in ten years and sadly that's that's the area where michael michael died. you can see. michael was shot in the morning of november ninth two thousand and four on friday they really really it was justified before crime after ports were complete before autopsy risk complete before witness statements or even taken they were they they held their own thing and they will adjust the five. here's
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a picture of michael i'm a veteran and i always felt that i was really a brother with law enforcement i was a captain and this was my copilot navigator boom operator at the time for twenty three years i go out and believe in a democratic principle just to. i'm home and i have a police officer killed my child and then think i'm going to give fair a new process and the doors pretty much shut in my face that. his dad is there the news reports throughout the years we have to go to governor doyle at the time to go to the attorney general they don't even bother to give him a call that this is the contract for billboard that owning the already ran it and i had to resort to full page ads in newspapers and billboards to get her to justifiable but the city settled out of court with bell's family mychal bell's father his use of the settlement money to put up billboards around the state calling for change in the way these investigations are handled he's backing a bill that would require officer involved deaths to be reviewed by an independent
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authority. to see what. what profession is fine and asking yourself you cannot have colleagues and asking colleagues and think you're going to get an objective report you're not and there's no profession earth who can do it so why would we expect that of law enforcement when the stakes are so high. the law had just passed and the john tray hamilton case happened a week later and i don't think the city was ready for the new laws require that it be an outside agency other than the marquis police department to investigate the evidence to interview witnesses collect the evidence that would then be provided to the district attorney's office what we found pretty early on in this case is what
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really was walking police department detectives the did the investigation. was these. are only investigations that get there fast freeze the scene identify witnesses and get a preliminary idea of what happed. this is midday downtown ok we can just stand around or the hundred some possible witnesses were all gone home. when d.c.i. got there it became their investigation. that outside investigation was done by d.c.i. a criminal investigation who is has a lot of different agencies on him but the ones that investigated entrées case was ex milwaukee police officers special agent david the bundy spent twenty five years at n.p.t. and collecting a city pension of five thousand dollars a month special agent gilbert hernandez spent thirty five years in an even less balance here of course in wisconsin as were the only big city. there was the state
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is overwhelmingly who are in suburban heights the walkies where the homicides occur i can't get a copper from dram to come here and know what to do about a homicide investigation and the challenge quite honestly is the what or how many levels of review you read for some folks that review doesn't result in a police officer under arrest it's not only. i live with the mental health issues do i look like a criminal to you. i'm here because i want your support i want your help but i can't do that if i'm afraid. shack or any time sounds like something went wrong in did she call these all this officer wish day they would be these good reasons is a man so i am saying they side with a russian. prison for me this is
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a half truth is not really rosy time. thank you very much i have thank you. my. boy this is a vicious. time for iraq. we have to look more detail work christopher manning came from. worse to burn it worse he raised it did he have black friends did he have mexican friends. and when you look into his record more and you know that he had a communication problem. yes seventeen other occurrences where he used excessive force or he used language he had a sexual assault on his record and we say the client was starting to get in out of traffic here going up to cars where work was in trying to even beat up
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a white cloud grandstand and that's when things got heated in the incident is all caught on camera. join me everything on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business. money lost city is dead right so the money velocity would measure of how money is being along down from bank to bank to bank bank bank which is a measure of economic health is dead and if the money printing continues to increase sunset i'm asking the question why is the money not getting into the economy they're printing more of it.
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as a presidential proclamation recognizing the golan heights seized from syria nine hundred sixty seven us israeli damascus has already blasted the u.s. move as an act of aggression. israel defense forces say they carried to the head of the palestinian organization that's after israel said i must fired a rocket from gaza wounding seven civilians. two years of digging one conclusion there was no collusion between donald trump and russia during the twenty sixteen year.
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