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tv   News  RT  March 26, 2019 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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israeli tanks rolled along the gaza border after the jets pounded the palestinian territory in response to rocket fire. comes as the u.s. officially recognizes israeli sovereignty over syrians golan heights a move that's been condemned by the un the e.u. and the arab league. is by no collusion found between donald trump and russia media hysteria isn't dying down news outlets are now trying to find
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responsible for blowing the allegations out of proportion. i would like to congratulate the house for taking control of your big surprise interest being an object and this time must now find a solution. and british m.p.'s tussle for control in paula minton sees breaks it probably theresa may paving the way for alternatives to her divorce plan. and you're watching on t.v. international from us. welcome to the program. this radio has a stationed additional forces including tanks along the border with gaza and bomb the palestinian targets on monday night in response to a bar of rocket fire the hostilities come despite hamas announcing an egyptian brokered. ceasefire and an exchange of fire on monday israel knocked on to number
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of sites after a rocket struck a subtle telephone journalist martin hamill in tel aviv reports. well at this stage it's sort of like an informal cease fire hamas says they're not going to fire because they think there's a cease fire israel doesn't know anything about a cease fire in quotation marks that means that they're saying basically if you guys keep it quiet anyhow must keep it quiet israel is going to keep it quiet so for now there's an options of basically got everybody to look away from the battlefield take a breather take a pause and each side is watching with the other side might do or not do you know there's a certain momentum now of quiet so maybe it's a lot of tough talk a lot of posturing everybody looking each other in the eye but as long as each hour stays quiet another hour of quiet follows we might be heading to more maybe somewhat of
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a relaxation of tension rather than resuming of attacks the exchange of fire comes as u.s. president donald trump officially recognizes israeli sovereignty over serious gun and heights an area the u.n. regards as occupied territory on t.v. question of joined us here to discuss the international reaction. the international community has been somewhat pushed under the bus by this whole decision is the most vocal and this have been of course the arab countries the whole of arab league made public a joint statement condemning the decision really standing out a condemnation by saudi arabia for instance you know washington's bestie in the gulf so it kind of tells the scale of the fallout this this trumps decision has had to also has condemned the move russia voiced its concerns in regards to the stability of the middle east because moscow believes that such a decision by trump really undermines that so also will syria of course it's it's
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their territories that's how the international community that's how the u.n. sees the golan heights as a syrian territory the u.s. policy on golan is reflected in the relevant resolutions of the security council and that policy has not changed year opinion in line with international law does not recognize israel's sovereignty over to territories occupied by israel since june one thousand nine hundred sixty seven including the golan heights and does not consider them to be part of israel's territory i suppose we need to understand what exactly is at stake in the current absolutely absolutely the golan heights is a strip of land on the border between syria and israel back in the eighty's in the course of a war it was occupied by israel and that is how it is classified internationally that's how u.n. puts it it is a syrian territory or by israel. joe
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that a lot of the story. we who live in the occupied golan heights we dismiss the u.s. president's foolish recognition of the territory as israeli we want to tell him our fathers and grandfathers build their blood on this land and you don't have a right to do that yesterday it was jerusalem today the golan heights and tomorrow it might be another syrian territory. truck loves israel and wants to give us something we should give what's his to give not what belongs to someone else he has
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fifty one states he can give israel one or two of them but the golan heights and not his property they are not his to give away. these deal signed by us president donald trump violates all principles and standards of international law and here in the occupied golan heights we remember that syrian soldiers spilled their want here and that it belongs to syria now not the entirety of the golan heights is de facto under the control of israel there's a small portion of it that is still under damascus is control and i was lucky enough to visit that back last year back in twenty eight scene and really was something of a turnaround moment i think for that part of the golan heights because when i went there it was meal weeks after the syrian army and the russian jets liberated that area from the control of i saw that there were certain pockets of islamic state there like dane for instance we have heard the opposing views obviously to chance
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decision from the international community what about israel though surely this is the best outcome that they could have hoped for indeed for israel it is the best outcome but i go out on a limb and say that the second name one person who's particularly happened the things are shaping out is the and that is the prime minister benjamin netanyahu. because he's facing elections in a couple of weeks and in the run up to these elections he's been embroiled in a massive nasty corruption scandal now that he's thrown effectively he's thrown a bone to all those in israel sharing the nationalist tension he not only has jerusalem recognized by the united states as the capital of israel but also you know as the golan heights. we had arguments from both sides of the golan heights debate. we are always been in control of the golan heights for fifty two years. it's actually heaven on earth unlike the rest of syria which became where is low.
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some kind of a good thing for the britons and everybody else josel it was also not a local denies there is there is only capital so what looked to also there was our the jewish people. already for more than flee thousand years so what do we need the mission of the world the reason that they decided to go after the golan heights now they are under the impression that syria is weakened the central government is incapable of really kind of establishing a clear and strong and decisive foreign policy it's barely trying to battle the opposition and isis and other groups and this is the best time for charmed to have this gift of the golan heights contrary to international law and common sense to israel to stand on the side of israel one hundred percent unconditionally and blindly trying to give netanyahu everything that he wants at this point.
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yes president has hinted there will be payback for those who spread allegations of collusion with russia allegations that were rejected after a two year probe. there are a lot of people out there that have done some very very evil things very bad things i would say trees are just things against our country those people. will certainly be looked at and i've been looking at them for a long time and i'm saying why haven't they been looked at they lied to congress many of them you know who they are we can never ever let this happen to another president again. and he a summary of all but one is reported in collusion has been published democrats and parts of the media are now demanding to see the whole thing in the hope of still pinning the president kind of open. for two and a half years u.s. media has given lots of airtime to the infamous russia gate allegations an online media no less than t.v.
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one study showed over five hundred thirty thousand articles on trunk russia collusion allegations or the mole or probe have gone online since the probe was launched in two thousand and seventeen but now according to the report from special counsel robert muller it was all for nothing no collusion took place so why did the us media run so long with something that turned out to be a total red herring well so long why did donald trump and why did his administration and why did everybody close to him lie about contacts they had with russia throughout the course of the campaign why did he say that he believes putin over the intelligence community why did he talk about leaving nato things that put our national security at jeopardy why doesn't he release his tax returns some say that it's just a cover up that william barr the u.s. attorney general is protecting donald trump attorney general barr who are dishing for his role within open memory assistance he's the head of the executive branch
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made a decision about that evidence in under forty eight hours given ms the bar's public record of bias against the special counsel's inquiry he's not a new true observer and is not in the. position to make objective determinations about the report now some voices are saying that two years twenty five million dollars and three thousand subpoenas just aren't enough they say but if you keep looking you can find collusion because it's there because we say so trust in his prosecutorial judgment but that doesn't mean of course that there isn't compelling and incriminating evidence that should be shared with the american people this president has a way of trying to get into people's heads and indoctrinate them he's been saying no collusion no collusion no collusion he does this all the time this is not the end of anything now you might think that the media was to blame after all they kept this story in the headlines for so long examining every unproven rumor however
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certain voices are saying that they did nothing wrong and should be praised for their work i think we've done the media the press has done one of the great reporting jobs in the history especially of covering a presidency by the most news organizations some media outlets did so well they were honored with a pulitzer prize for. relentlessly reported coverage in the public interest that dramatically further the nation's understanding of russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election and its connections to the trump campaign the president elect's transition team and his eventual administration from once told the media that apologizing can be a great thing when you're simply wrong whether or not they'll heed his advice remains to be seen nobody wants to hear this but news that special prosecutor robert miller is headed home without issuing new challenges is a death blow for the reputation of the american news media nothing trump is accused of from now on by the press would be believed by huge chunks of the population that
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was watching one name. a sockpuppet media whoops i think i gave the history that her president. i was not involved in collusion and sedation in dreesen and but here here's what i find the most fascinating i am a lawyer by profession and you know this and i'm trying to figure out what is it no evidence are people trying to decide i normally could understand if i knew why something happened why was the president theoretically found guilty of collusion and what's even better there is this report that was penned by a committee of the greatest legal minds around today the final result was well not really sure about the kowloon or the obstruction of justice so what you handled
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it according to the department of justice rules you don't have any other comment other than the person was not indicted you don't deal with evidence that was considered that is problematic or troublesome that's what komi did and that's what we're seeing now they're violating their own rules these two by the book titans. according to the viewpoint summary of russia while not colluding with trump did attempt to interfere in the twenty sixteen presidential election and also names we can make sense of russian agents the results of them in his investigation will be discussed in our program going underground with the times and he spoke to wiki leaks editor in chief about why the problem singled out the whistle blowing organization. well i think it's very interesting that the attorney general knowledge that this was just an it is there were. dozens of media organizations
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which are the entities that isn't part of the mainstream but only wheaties is mentioned by name. so if you look at the details of what other media organizations were doing exactly the same thing as we kill it's basically a losing leave formation of publishing stories with a major and they included all a major media organization or in the western world so why singling out we can leaks that is quite absurd but it so this shows the hostility towards the organization is quite obvious and we had information that actually of just so within of the twenty four hours up to the election in two thousand and sixteen it was decided that all blame for the humiliating loss of three to repentance should be placed on the russians and it was of course or obviously necessary to to put a weekly's in the middle there where hours of course we've been over blame for a. nuclear cooperating we're with the. russian agency in that and in publishing this information this is basically
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a false claim and nothing has been presented to substantiate the. claim of a sound off international for the latest on all kinds of pranks of trauma or thermal. but numbers mean something they've matter to us with over one trillion dollars of debt more than ten white collar crime families to. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the old bridge. to perceive the world market. some would say one hundred to five hundred three for chicken purchase and pick one
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rose to twenty thousand dollars. china will be two point one billion dollars a.r.u. industrial park but don't let the numbers old world. the only number you need remember. to show you know ford commit to one and only team but. welcome back to the program in an unprecedented move british m.p.'s have voted to seize control of parliament and gender in a bid to take of the braggs it from to resume this comes as a fresh blow to the embattled u.k. prime minister who is facing growing calls to step down three ministers have also resigned in the wake of the failed adding to the long list of departures from the
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cup and it. i would like to congratulate the house for taking control of the government's approach has been an abject failure and this house must now find a solution this house is seeking to thank you we forwards when the government has a field to provide leadership over a folks said just this was a constitutional innovation i think he may have just rather underestimated the fact is in fact it is a constitutional revolution and the house will come through. this government has failed this house must and i believe will succeed a. in the tussle for control the government was ultimately defeated by m.p.'s in westminster who will now have a greater say over the next steps of bragg's it that includes a vote on alternatives to resumes withdrawal agreement professor of european law
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francesco resort says that the prime minister's badly mishandled bags that. i think this is really the final or it should be the final nail in the coffin i hate to use that term of the government strategy it's failed parliament including lots of conservatives have decided that the way the government has been dealing with this from the prime minister in particular has led nowhere but the immediate challenge that has to be confronted well it's twofold one will we participate in european elections because there's no way we're going to be leaving by the twenty second of may god knows how the government's going to deal with what parliament asked us to do so their status you and then of course the second issue is what the government has the prime minister. some of britain's biggest are galleries have refused large donations from a u.s. trust over concerns regarding how the money was made is all connected to america's
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current opioid epidemic as ati's polyploid explains. picasso once said that art cleanses the soul but the large and sometimes dubious corporation the tried and tested method of sponsoring art was a way of cleansing that image well not anymore though what does this the us opioid crisis which kills more than a hundred people per day over in the us have to do with london's national portrait gallery the answer the sackler family their immense wealth comes from the sale of oxy contin a widely used prescription painkiller that stronger than morrow. seen last year u.s. senate report accused the sutcliffe family's purge use pharma company of acting as cheerleaders for the opioids and contributing to the opioid crisis in america but
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for years now the sackler family has also been a cheerleader and sponsor of the arts in wards until protests like these became more common was. was in twenty seventeen british museums accepted a rest seven million pounds in donations from the sun khloe trust london's royal academy of arts has a stack low wing and there's a sack close courtyard in the victoria and albert museum but the question of ethical funding is forcing an increasing number of arts institutions to reconsider where they get their money from it's now emerged that london's national portrait gallery has returned on day one million pound drawn from the sound cloud trust on the tate gallery and the south london gallery have also said they would be taking any more time money and then best sign the trust itself said it won't be making any
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more donations that's been seen widely as a face saving measure to avoid any more rejections a number of art institutions have come under scrutiny for corporate sponsorships recently last month campaigners or the british museum in protest at its continued acceptance of funding from british petroleum the oil company alleged to have lobbied for the war in iraq sponsored an exhibition of treasures from modern day iraq in syria the tape museum ended its relationship with b.p. back in twenty six steve and last summer the netherlands van gogh museum stopped its relationship with job choice company shell both cases were presented as mutual . decisions by the museums and oil companies but they also came after intense pressure from campaign is but when it comes to funding the arts some say there's no such thing as clean money if you have
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a mix of due diligence in the arts and you look very very carefully at the people who are offering sponsorship think something a bit dodgy you know what exactly went on broncos made the most so it's possible for those visiting the museums or working outside the issue of so-called art washing is a tough call this scrutiny over ethical donations couldn't come at a worse time for cash strapped british arts institutions which have had their funding slashed in recent years but there are those that say that in order for the arts to prosper galleries simply can't afford to be picky. pharma will take over in their own thirty minutes time with more updates but do stay with us now for worlds apart which is next on r.t. international. and what holds us. to. put themselves on the line. they get accepted or
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rejected. so we want to present. himself. to the right price that's what. we think the. interest is that. there should. be. because so few number from my flight don't make a living for them either. the muslim on muslim for appointments november seventh none of us are because it sets it up. it's. not like. i did just that again best thing.
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she will use it was you make an. agreement with the industry in. general i'm barred from the sun on my book you go to the british course there's enough of them around . i mean you got. one then. if. you know world a big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for
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the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. you should. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be present. want. to go on to be close it's like the three of the more people. interested in the waters of the.
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clone of welcome to walt a part of the an event full of wrapping up of the moeller investigation may have cleared the american president of treason and collusion allegations but certainly not of his critics determination to get rid of him as an american system still capable of anything settling the ideological scores to discuss that i'm now joined by its hog. a best selling author and management consultant says it's a great pleasure talking to your person thank you very much for your time i'm happy to be here now as i was watching the coverage of the reports what struck me is that some people on the american left seem to be just as traumatized by trump not being fallen to be in america and every agent as they were traumatized by him being elected did it come as a shocker to you that after all he's not
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a puppet. i don't think that people really believed that it was that a simple. look at the converts. listen politics is built the dirty business saw they throw dirt at him but. russian spy president of the united states it is so far fetched that they don't think that they're real population and i think that the miller. report. is a very good sign of the strength of the american system because in spite of all the pressures for him to make. from the routine as much as possible he gave a real honest report i thought it was also a very interesting window into the american psyche. because i mean to as russians the idea that we could somehow not just influence but put in an american president
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into the white house it was absolutely unimaginable is the united states really still emotionally volatile as it as it come comes across on the cable channels i don't know whether this is a special for america in any quote unquote free country as. emotionally volatile look at this right now i mean it is. unbelievable. i think what we have experience is something else i think that united states. is on the declining part of the lifecycle curve. all systems born grow a church and. i think united states was at the prime of the second world war i think fifty's when the system is aging. like a human being or any system it starts falling apart. and what is happening in
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america is that we are getting busy degree in the manifestations of this integration peak really emotional feelings. and the left is a right there is the cross but if you look at the poor many of the trans trump exemplifies polarization and economic grievances they were present in the american society long before him for example polarization started growing in the midnight. polarization political polarization it started really intensifying. almost three decades ago in two thousand it was clear that they can all make system was structurally flawed and yet it took another decade for trying to.


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