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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  March 26, 2019 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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group the american israel public affairs committee or a pac is in town and there is a whole host of political drama and controversy awaiting it as politico reports the annual gathering comes in an extraordinarily turbulent moment in u.s. and israel relations israel's become a partisan football with the republican party on one side and a new generation of democrats including the first palestinian american woman in congress on the other u.s. president donald trump added to the combust of drama last thursday after he got to proclamation and signed a proclamation officially granting u.s. recognition of the golan heights israeli territory and a dramatic shift from decades old u.s. policy to which israeli president benjamin netanyahu wonderfully exclaimed israel has never had a better friend than you donald trump. or is it a better friend to netanyahu is reelection dreams because remember my friends when you strip everything away all of this isn't about the good people of israel or the
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good people of palestine and syria at the end of the day moves like this will always be about power and the politicians biting for it and maintaining it nothing more alive start watching the hawks. with the. real that this would. be the bottom. like you that i got. with that we. would. be. welcome on the watch of the hawks i have been to and i'm to have a lot less than joining us live from a pack a pack conference is our team erica correspondent dan cowan welcome dan. good to be with you you know i got to ask with all the different controversies swirling around
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these days from accusations of am i settle into them being thrown out represent a bill and all marx bros and donald trump recognizing israel's occupation of the golan heights to the democrats republicans now playing this kind of part of a part of some football with you know over israeli support what is the focus of the talk on the floor and in the hallways of a packet of the conference. if i had a shot for every denunciation of it on omar i've heard today i would be on a stretcher on my way out here to the hospital i mean she's been kind of the locus of of hate you know one of one of the apac speakers adam milstein who was supposed to speak tweeted about a week ago that omar and rashida jolley are part of the muslim brotherhood and that the muslim brother. hood is now in congress and you know he ended up not speaking but it but it shows like a real culture of islamophobia i just saw just a minute ago i heard the secretary of state mike pompei o denouncing antis zionism
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as anti-semitism now at a zionist which is actually includes quite a few jews even from progressive secular leftwing jews to orthodox jews like the south mars in williamsburg brooklyn who reject zionism for religious reasons now take a listen to what mike pence the vice president had to say the smore inning about nomar. recently a freshman democrat in congress trafficked in repeated anti semitic troops alleged congressional support for israel reflected. an allegiance to a foreign country. so that israel have and i quote hypnotized the world and had a minimal anyone who slanders those who support this historic alliance between the united states and israel should never have
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a seat on the foreign affairs committee of the united states how far was i. now so we heard mike pence denouncing very thin veil referring to. denouncing her as an anti-semite as i've heard so much today in the halls on stage but listen to what representative standing who are had to say yesterday on stage here about allegiance to israel. stand with israel proudly and on apologetically. the of so ladies and gentlemen when someone accuses american supporters of dual loyalty i say accused me. thank. you so there you have it on omar is called an anti-semite if she declares says she shouldn't have to declare allegiance to israel meanwhile stanny hoyer is
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a good congressman if he declares his allegiance to israel i'll never say and never ceases to amaze me how you can literally spend all of that money to have a meeting about something and and be so obtuse and so disingenuous about what's really going on and to go after a young woman which is just yeah horrifying one thing i want to real quickly have about a minute left regular to what what's happening with the controversy surrounding it has read trump's recognition of the golan heights. well keep in mind the timing that this recognition is happening i mean the russia gate narrative has totally crumbled as the attorney general bar has basically put you know the dagger through the heart of russia again so you know the trumpet ministration is celebrating this meanwhile the trumpet the trumpet ministration is also apparently collaborating with colluding you could even say conspiring with the trumpet ministration to
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illegally and next the syrian golan heights and there's absolutely no resistance to that so netanyahu the prime minister of israel met with donald trump today in the oval office where they basically trump signed a letter signifying u.s. recognition of israeli sovereignty over the occupied syrian golan heights and there's been really not a peep about it. as a credible down i want to thank you for all the good work you're doing out there at the guy on the conference and thank you for joining us today during the call in our to your maricopa. since the time of the roman empire the burden of proof is on the one who declares not the one to fund its meaning you're innocent until proven guilty it's not a small maximum american law either it's critical to human rights across the. globe and yet because of one last election we're very close to doing away with innocent until proven guilty think the system panels washed ashore today as a mole or investigation drew to a close in the report submitted to the department of justice according to
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a summary of the muller report released by attorney general bill barr the special counsel it shared more than twenty eight hundred subpoenas executed nearly five hundred search warrants obtained more than two hundred thirty orders for communication records issued almost fifty orders authorizing use of pen registers made thirteen requests to foreign governments for evidence and interviewed approximately five hundred witnesses he also said quote the special counsel recognizes the evidence does not establish that the president was involved in an underlying crime related to russian election interference and that while not determinative the absence of such evidence bears upon the president's intent with respect to obstruction and while democrats on the have on capitol hill and every armchair legal eagle is crying from the mountain top that we must now decide for the right to read the report it's there were a publisher is including the washington post already have plans about which the report by the end of april so hawk watchers if you will thought this was the. bill of like we're just getting started never gets.
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mixed right now in my emotions because on one hand since two thousand and sixteen you and i have been called traitors we've been called all of those simply because we question many other journalists glenn greenwald there and what we're going to say goodbye is a big all right and everything we're doing. we've been called all things under the sun for saying hey this doesn't smell right this sounds bogus and that now mr miller i'm so. yeah there is no collusion it's all bogus. i mean you know it's all bogus i mean to show that a bunch of people on a scene were not very smart were not very good at understanding the pretty basics of our law and our jurisprudence and everything else i got and nobody that's the thing that this was supposed to be about careers collusion with russia and not the paul man a for it as bad a son likes to represent as. that of the mossad the boids of the like i don't care about him that's a private matter for whatever but so the lawsuits i think the lawsuits are
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a little i think it really is jumping they've gotten so the electronic privacy information center which is a really good group that does a lot of good work they filed a lawsuit in washington federal court demanding the full release of the miller report keep in mind this all we haven't gotten it's like we just knew about it on friday so what they claim is that the public also has a right to know whether the president on lawfully obstructed any and investigation into russian election interference or related matters so here's the problem that is answered yes you can have obstruction of an investigation into a crime if the crime itself didn't they can't prove that the crime happened you can't arrest a crime if you can't prove that a crime happened there are certain things that have to go on another another crime so anyway they've been for requesting all the wanting to know everything that mahler's doing and they're like we need it narrower and i'm like give you a lot of finish first but. now they're excited the court is the question is what
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will the democrats do what will have resistance to i mean look the dems are still holding on the comments made by attorney general deputy attorney general rob rosenstein february that the b.o.j. shouldn't release him for. people not charged with crimes because right represent adam schiff the chairman of the house intelligence committee is one of my favorite people i'm concerned that the d.o.j. is signaling they're going to fight the congress when it comes to mueller's underlying evidence ah. oh the nobody's that by the way i think they're signaling right is this russia under your bed to their winking his twitching i don't know whatever i think what's going to happen next is the g.o.p. is going to move to have a shift taken off the until committee i mean this is the same shift who held up and read from the. congress in congressional record a subject without even verifying its truth are very are going to grassley and by the way we also found out today an interesting thing about lindsey graham so little
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exam admitted on monday that he told senator john mccain to give the f.b.i. the dossier the infamous dossier which i think is weird i find it really unsettling that lindsey graham is essentially kind of throwing a dead guy under the bus and trying to take credit for being the one who told him to do it now at some point everyone from trump to lindsey graham to a mole or whatever everybody along the way everybody needs to stop thinking about themselves and think about what it was like in the ninety's and how many hundreds of millions of dollars were spent just trying to get get bill and get the clintons and how much money was spent how much taxpayer money was wasted on this garbage the ultimately i mean one we've been telling you for the last two years i have to say i told you so but i you know it's not going to i told you so. i mean most of the so one of the things that really i think there are important to remember is why
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muller was brought in miller was brought in because there was a crisis of confidence the mayor could be bought a crowd crisis of confidence in our leaders so we brought someone else into independently do this and now what they'll do is turn on him and i don't think that's fair but. as we go to break card watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the properties go over the facebook and twitter too but your poll shows that are to dot com coming up we take a look back at the twentieth anniversary of the nato bombing of yugoslavia or to for that i would really want to say to you what. office. max kaiser financial survival guide. those that you can convert that's quite easily
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. to keep in mind though as if i'm into a place. for. the tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully employment for the inside venezuela things look different we're going to announce sanctions against the troll to venezuela socio. political moment to move them to some sort of data to move to. the moment the focus of the who story isn't new makes him henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated in latin america. an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make. the
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economy scream so once and making the economy of venezuela screed. i think the number. they matter to us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime families. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be old rich eight percent world market those who are pushing some would say one hundred to one hundred three per second per second and this one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need remember one one business you know for the mid one and only boom but.
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at least. at the level of the earth there are. lots of fun plants. cut. back before the clock struck midnight on the twentieth century on march twenty fourth one thousand nine hundred nine nato kicked off operation allied force an air campaign that sought to end the ethnic cleansing of albanians in kosovo at the hands of serbian leader slobodan missile at such
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a nato bombing mission on serbia then yugoslavia lasted for seventy eight days straight until he finally withdrew his forces from kosovo but this. called humanitarian intervention had its own very on humanitarian consequences the bombing left hundreds of serbian civilians killed and hundreds more wounded and a new documentary special marking the anniversary of the bombing r.t. correspondent allison heil of it recently took a long hard look back at the nato campaign and the events surrounding it including three years i'm just ready to rate him in the bombs take a listen. like that some might say anything when they dropped the depleted uranium they knew that for not thousands not millions but for four point seven billion years there radioactive material would keep killing people in kosovo and metohija. as for me when i first underwent surgery in twenty eleven but i was operated on ten more times since that all were consequences of the depleted uranium is close to
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those are places that were bombed with the pleaded uranium the nato pact has released data about that in my village after all these years and half the village has died of cancer well over fifty percent of people young and old died of cancer and three years ago my mother died of cancer before we continue you might be wondering what exactly is depleted uranium depleted uranium is used for armor plating and armor piercing projectiles is twice as dense as lead it is known to be very effective at destroying armored vehicles including tanks when it explodes however it often leaves a footprint of chemically poisonous and radioactive dust many people believe that this dust causes cancer and birth defects and once it enters the environment it stays there for a very very long time and in fact it's half life is four point five billion years an estimated fifteen tons of g you were dropped on serbia including cost of all
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during the nato campaign now by some estimates serbia has become the cancer capital of europe and needles use of d u is being blamed. joining us now is alex mahela bitch thank you alex fascinating look back at this twentieth anniversary of this bombing for those who didn't live through or like too young to remember what was both the political and physical impact of this bombing at the time back in one thousand nine hundred nine. well carol i was there for the very beginning of the bombing i used to work for a u.n. agency and i was stationed in the former yugoslavia the impact of the bombing itself and what led up to the bombing was you know there were a multitude of battles and wars going on between what was at one point the socialist federal republic of yugoslavia when that the left part what was left were
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two states or republics serbia and montenegro they were what was left of yugoslavia the other countries had broken off and that lasted about two thousand and three until it's changed its name to serbia and montenegro in two thousand and six that finally fall apart now we have the states of serbia and we have montenegro so this was basically an effort from the very beginning just a fracture or balkanize where better of a word for the country in the balkans the balkan nation and that's exactly what the west managed to do for nato their excuse in one thousand nine hundred nine of going in and bombing was that there was ethnic cleansing going on in cos of all by serbs of ethnic albanians now prior to that there was apne cleansing going on of serbs by ethnic albanians so you know this is a long process i mean we these people have lived in this area for hundreds upon hundreds of years together as neighbors in peace and through war and this is the opportunity that nato took when they jumped on the situation right away now i do
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tell in this documentary back in one thousand nine hundred five i was in the most eastern part of croatia with a united nations blue helmet who at that time he told me he said alex i'm learning albanian right now and i'm going to see you back in one thousand nine hundred ninety because of i didn't believe the guy at the time but it was a plan that was way before nine hundred ninety nine that somebody had written down in some weird book and they went through with this plan whatever was going on and on the ground it costs will really wasn't necessarily the reason that they went in there but it was a catalyst or some type of push that they made the excuse to go in there and not only to bomb costs of all but to bomb all of serbia and as you just saw with did. did uranium well that stuff does no borders people are getting sick all the way to croatia from depleted uranium and this is something that's going to haunt this area for a very long time and that's terrifying and idea that we really don't have a very good sense even years later in the ninety's we'll talk we were all taught as kids about everything from you know land mines and all of
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a saying these things that have these these long lasting effects i think was interesting and so back in ninety nine march of ninety ninety nine a lot of people believe that the bombing by nato under this umbrella of humanitarian innervate intervention would cause more damage than it would good so twenty years later looking back was that criticism at the time justified. well twenty years looking back you have people dying in all in all parts of the balkans and i mean one one place we're not getting information from depleted uranium is cost of itself so the government runs cost civil right now they don't want to speak of this they don't want to bring this issue up and most likely by by all indicators there's probably more people die in cost of oil from cancer and other depleting depleted uranium diseases are related diseases than anywhere else in that part of the world it and like i said i mean i was there from the from the first point night one of the bombing fortunately got myself out of there but it just shows you
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something it shows you what people can do to one another and i witnessed as i saw a tomahawk fly right over my head and the sound and i have to bring this up because i don't people that have been in situations like this we have people that our viewers who have seen war firsthand when you hear the sound of something like that it sounds like lightning hitting but it's something that goes right down into your core into your bones and to this day when i think of that sound i breath away i get nauseous just just thinking about and that is such a small fraction of what these people actually endured i entered one night and i heard to haunt tomahawks hit they endured seventy eight days these are millions of people sitting under a rain of bombs coming down on them and no matter what the situation is that's unjustifiable these are millions of people that were attacking another population or that were doing something i don't know that would that would evil to anyone there people like the albanians in kosovo like the serbs like the croats like the bosnians leader people that wanted to live normal lives and to be able to bring up
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their children and to get the food on the table and to let them have an education to have better lives than what they had that was not allowed for these people that was taken away from them from the very beginning of this war prior to cause so even happening and you know witnessing that yourself i think we all need to put ourselves in our shoes or then their shoes just for a moment to realize this isn't the way to get things solved there's much better ways and usually diplomacy is probably the path that we should and should want to take. at all times couldn't i couldn't agree with you more member of the more alex mail which thank you so much for coming on and thank you for putting out this birth and helping us remember the twentieth anniversary of the bombing of kosovo and serbia thank you so much thank you. don as well and president nicolas maduro in his u.s. backed challenger to the presidency wanted weibo exchanged barbs and victory back declarations over the weekend or watchers why go to clear the presidency has reached its final stages meanwhile like the president of venezuela during told of supporters that his security forces it was excessively foiled a plot to assassinate him with the fight for the presidency of venezuela heating up
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our two americas great job the latest. as the united states continues to push for venezuelan president nicolas maduro to resign one of the leaders most important allies is now reportedly sending in reinforcements reports claim that two russian military planes landed at venice wireless main airport on saturday carrying around one hundred troops and thirty five tons of equipment diplomatic sources in caracas said that russian military personnel arrived to take part in bilateral consultations as russia and venice we will have a number of contracts that are being implemented including contracts on military and technical cooperation russia's ministry of defense has yet to comment this comes as opposition leader won why don't tell us the media that he will use materials administration has reached its final stage because it has lost the opportunity to quote finance political blackmail although venezuela's military has
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stood by mr oh why do claim that around eighty percent of military members are convinced of the need for change in venezuela and that his team has been meeting with high ranking members in an attempt to gain their support during a rally over the weekend told a crowd of supporters that a quote neo nazi current governs the white house because president trump believes he is superior to the rest of the world. i'm going to come on american imperialism wants to kill me the diabolical puppet we just dismantle the plan he personally directed to kill me we have proof they have not been able and they will not succeed because our god protects us in an attempt to show his support for a handful of the countries that have publicly supported quite so president trump invited diplomats to them are a logger resort in florida this weekend the meeting included leaders from jamaica the bahamas haiti the dominican republic and st lucia trumper of feel that the
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future of venezuela was one of the main discussion topics we always talk about trade but we'll also be discussing i have a feeling venezuela that may come up in our conversation it's become a very big topic all over the world as well. while guy joe claims he is working to gain the support of venezuela's military it remains to be seen what the united states next move will be as russia appears to be offering the backing of its own military to the leader the us is seeking to overthrow in washington rachel glove and our soon. this might sound crackers we don't get cheesed off until you hear me out music actually makes cheese better science us so the team of researchers at the burn university of the arts in switzerland took i ate identical twenty two pound wheels of cheese sourced from the same farmer and processed in the same container on the same day of production they then put them in specially designed wooden boxes
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and for six and a half months each wheel was played different the music via many transmitters into the chiefs the music included mozart's the magic flute and led zeppelin's stairway to heaven science says that the music to make your she wrote growth rugged tough like about it it's have bob sorry dodgers the best tasting choose of the experiment was played hip hop legends tribe called west jazz we've got a blog and now no word yet on the f.x. of r. and brie. or. r. imbrie. all right that is our free trade remember and we want to move the world we are told that we all love them so i tell you or you i am a robot or a top of the list keep on watching those logs never grow weary of the.
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breaks it. the money polaski is dead right so the money velocity would measure of how money is being along down from bank to bank to bank bank bank which is a measure of economic health is dead and it the money printing continues to increase sunset i'm asking the question why is the money not getting into the economy they're printing more of it. the. focus is going on the phone lines don't they couldn't put a million mark them up on the limb for appointments to know themselves on the phone company to get a. lot
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of muslims off but just that they get nothing. she was human. jungle bar from the sun no money book to go to the british of course they're going to have been brought up. i mean the guy who. wanted. to get. to take. the repping up of the mother investigation may have pleaded the american president of treason and collusion but it has not got rid of critics deter settling ideological scores.
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the headlines this hour israeli tanks lined up along the gaza border after. jets attacked the palestinian territory in response to rocket fire. it comes as the u.s. officially recognizes writing sovereignty over the golan heights in syria a move that was condemned by the un the e.u. and also the arab league plus despite no collusion fam between donald trump and russia media hysteria isn't dying down with news outlets now blaming trump for making them suspicious in the first bytes plus also to come i would like to congratulate the house for taking control of the government's approach has been an abject failure on this house.


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