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russia's foreign ministry accuses the u.s. of treating latin america as its colony the comments come in response to washington's claims of moscow's military interference in venezuela. despite no collusion found between donald trump and russia by the miller investigation and media hysteria isn't dying down without those now blaming trump for making them suspicious of the first place. the un security council meets over the escalation on the gaza border where israeli tanks have gathered i.d.f. jets have also attacked palestinian territory and were tightly ation for alleged rocket fire it comes as the u.s. officially recognizes is ready sovereignty over the golan heights a disputed area on the border with syria washington's move was immediately
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condemned by the un the e.u. and the arab league. very well welcome you are watching r.t. international with mina great to have you with us now top story russia's foreign ministry has accused the u.s. of treating latin america like it corny the comments come in response to washington's claims of russian military interference in venezuela artie's done of course or has more. the weekend gave way to big hype over russian military planes appearing in caracas carrying cargo and about one hundred military personnel now the move to send military personnel to venezuela sparked serious criticism from washington who has been pushing for regime change in the country mike pompei on monday stated the move is increasing tensions and national security advisor john bolton said he won't tolerate any foreign countries in the u.s.
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his backyard prompting a pushback from moscow united states will not tolerate whole style foreign military powers meddling with the western hemisphere's shared goals of democracy security and the rule of law the venezuelan military must stand with the people of venezuela top u.s. representatives who failed to change the lawful regime in caracas partly thanks to russia's steadfast position on the maintenance of the international law claim that they won't tolerate interference from hostile foreign powers in the western hemisphere aceh this clearly demonstrates washington's approach to venezuela and all latin american governments who are practically denied so far and we've now seen the russian foreign ministry's explanation for the presence of what it defines as military advisers in venezuela suggesting there's nothing illegal or clandestine about it now according to moscow it's all within the bounds of international law and the military technical cooperation deal with caracas it signed in two thousand
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and one now the foreign ministry also went on to attack the us is general approach towards latin america saying that washington's actions resemble its colonial policies in the region from around two hundred years ago moscow has also had a stark warning for the organization of american states a washington based forum of thirty five latin american countries who claim that russia broke venezuelan law by moving its personnel there. the u.s. has once again decided to bring order to latin america starting with venezuela. we regret that the organization of american states has aided washington in straightening its colonial habits as if unaware that any other country in the region getting turning fall under u.s. pressure considering trump's administration has been saying all options are on the table the pentagon's inability or unwillingness to give a definitive answer for the white house's plans is far from reassuring is it does it ministrations intend to use the military resolution to stop my understanding the
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presence of russian military advisors in venezuela doesn't mean the country will be free of instability but what it does mean is that washington will have to think twice before using some of those options on its table when meanwhile the venezuelan parliament which is under the control of the opposition intends to demand the withdrawal of the russian military according to the russian foreign ministry russia's presence in venezuela is legal under an agreement between the two countries from two thousand and one the national assembly has also charged the material government with inefficiency in solving the country's problems on tuesday much of venezuela remains without electricity due to the second blackout in a month for his where his government told workers and school children to stay home on wednesday communication and information minister george has a bloated photos and videos of a suspected attack on a power station saying that criminals intentionally started
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a fire to sabotage the system. the u.s. justice department say is a public version of a special counsel robert miller's report on the investigation into alleged collusion between donald trump and russia will be released in the coming weeks they report is that it contains secret grand jury materials that usually off a bit and by law from being released publicly previously republicans blocked a democratic effort for the full public release of the report. i don't need attorney generals bars interpretation of the report i am for the report and our main thrust on this issue is simply transparency release the report then come to conclusions the intelligence community needs to look at it and make sure that we don't disclose sources and methods or classified information for the country. pretty much what's left i would urge you to turn over to the country. the good the
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bad the ugly come to the committee and be willing to answer questions only a summary of robert miller's for porting to collusion has been published officials say there is no plan to share an advance copy of the documents with the white house meanwhile trump himself has hinted there will be payback for those who spread allegations of collusion with russia claims that were exposed as false after its here probe. there are a lot of people out there that have done some very very evil things very bad things i would say treasonous things against our country those people. will certainly be looked at and i have been looking at them for a long time and i'm saying why haven't they been looked at they lied to congress many of them you know who they are we can never ever let this happen to another president again for two and a half years u.s. media has given lots of airtime to the infamous russia gate allegations an online media no less than t.v. one study showed over five hundred thirty thousand articles on trunk russia
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collusion allegations or the mole or probe have gone online since the probe was launched in two thousand and seventeen but now according to the report from special counsel robert muller it was all for nothing no collusion took place so why did the us media run so long with something that turned out to be a total red herring well some voices blame trump for it they say that it's his fault the media went with the story for so long why did donald trump and why did his administration and why did everybody close to him lie about contacts they had with russia throughout the course of the campaign why did he say that he believes putin over the intelligence community why did he talk about leaving nato things that put our national security at jeopardy why doesn't he release his tax returns some say that it's just a cover up that william barr the u.s. attorney general is protecting donald trump attorney general barr. who are dishing
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for his role with an open memorandum suggesting that it was almost impossible for any president to commit obstruction of justice and seize the head of the executive branch made a decision about that evidence in under forty eight hours given ms the bar's public record of bias against the special counsel's inquiry he's not a new true observer and is not in a position to make objective determinations about the group. now some voices are saying that two years twenty five million dollars and three thousand subpoenas just aren't enough they say that if you keep looking you can find collusion because it's there because we say so trust in his prosecutorial judgment but that doesn't mean of course that there isn't compelling and incriminating evidence that should be shared with the american people this president has a way of trying to get into people's heads and indoctrinate them he's been saying no collusion no collusion no collusion he does this all the time this is not the end of anything now you might think that the media was to blame after all they kept
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this story in the headlines for so long examining every unproven rumor however certain voices are saying that they did nothing wrong and should be praised for their work i think we've done the media the press has done one of the great reporting jobs in the history especially of covering a presidency by the most news organizations some media outlets did so well they were honored with a pulitzer prize for. relentlessly reported coverage in the public interest that dramatically further the nation's understanding of russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election and its connections to the trump campaign the president elect's transition team and his eventual administration wants told the media that apologizing can be a great thing when you're simply wrong whether or not they'll hit is advice remains to be seen nobody wants to hear this but news that special prosecutor robert miller
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is headed home without issuing new challenges is a death blow for the reputation of the american news media nothing trump is accused of from now on by the press would be believed by huge chunks of the population standard ploy is deny everything keep going to tell you right all along never admit that you. made a mistake. base your. your judgment on beliefs and opinions rather long sex the bay stream media has a long history particularly over the past couple of decades of not admitting guilt we see the disintegration of the media groups are just seeing the disintegration of professional politics in the united states at this stage and in many countries around the world we heard from former u.s. congressman ron paul who says despite the reports democrats will continue to look for ways to bring down the president the democrats don't like to hear the hear the truth and if they had their way they would not let anything out there just plain
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politics that's all it is they've been they've been caught red handed lying through their teeth and now they're just going on and on you'd think they would they would just have a little a little bit of common sense but no they just march on and i've been line for two and a half years they're going to continue to lie and even this report this honors all of them and i think what drives all this is just plain old hatred they decided they were going to hate trump and then there was a coalition there was a collusion with a direct publicans who didn't like trump because he was a new cover and he didn't deserve it then you had the democrats automatically hey hating you know now you had all the neo cons who are both republicans and democrats and then you had a kowloon you know the media and they all got together and decided with this guy's a monster we have to get rid of him whether it's true or not i think pretty soon people are going to get you know catch on and get tired of listening to their ass but right now they haven't let up there is continuing to go after trump and and lie
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about the whole mess still to come the new e.u. law on the internet copyright has many including edward snowden up in arms as among the stories off that plane. the money velocity is dead right so the money velocity what measure of money is being long down from bank to bank to bank bank bank which is a measure of economic health is dead and that the money printing continues to increase some sort of asking the question why is the money not getting into the economy they're printing more of. the wrapping up of the mahler investigation may have cleared the american president of treason and collusion but it has not got rid of critics determination to get rid of him is the american system capable of anything but certainly ideological scores
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. to your circus or nightmare take your pick is seemingly settled trump says he's been exonerated but the political left in much of the media do not concur where do we go from here and will the investigators you test again. welcome back the biggest backward step since the internet began and one of the e.u.'s darkest hours that's how critics who include whistleblower edward snowden and world wide web found us to tim berners lee are describing a new european law on internet copyright the rules for tech firms to moderate content before is published critics warn only the biggest companies like facebook
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can pay for such huge moderation operations forcing over the largest tech firms out of business tech giants will also have to pay for media content though some wall they will simply stop posting media content altogether however each e.u. member still has to approve the red legislation more than five million people have already signed a petition against the moves and mass protests have been held there's also been a huge backlash on mine. dictatorship and censorship on the grander scale biggest backward step since the internet began this is one of the darkest hours in the history a few years time will never forget the law based on the m.p.'s that submitted to them save your internet i'm in complete disbelief you tell me that five million signatures on the protest didn't even make an impact so what happens now i'm livid however the e.u. is copyright rapporteur insists everything is fine. the adopted text contains
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numerous provisions that will guarantee the internet remains a space for free expression we listened to the concerns raised the mean the just the snippet are now more protected than ever before we spoke to done here from wikimedia italy who thinks the law is poorly written and unlikely to help authors get paid for their work. what worries me the most about this law this directive is that in reality it isn't going to be an improvement for authors but mainly an attempt to make money the big players like google and facebook aren't taking into consideration the practical consequences of what could happen and thus there is no certainty that authors will make money at all there are some articles especially closer to the end of the directives that expand authors rights having read the whole text i got the feeling that those articles even though present can do little or we should always be aware that in the majority of cases there is
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a big difference between the author who produces the content and the publisher who has the rights to it the director says a lot about the publisher and not enough about the author or. here's why our defense forces have confirmed on twitter that ass strikes were carried out on several hamas targets in gaza overnight until this day the un security council met the escalation between israel and palestine i.d.f. times have lined up along the gaza border and fighter jets have bombed palestinian territory it was sponsored to alleged rocket fire tensions are also rising after washington's recognition of israeli sovereignty over syria's golan heights an issue raised in the security council meeting yesterday president trump signed a proclamation recognizing the golan heights as israeli territory a decision of critical strategic and security importance to the state of israel. through a new show you've got to please no new intellectual steps such as the recognition
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of israel's sovereignty over the golan heights to not change the status of these territories which is determined by the resolutions of the security council and those who are complicit in these crimes must not be speared sensor or accountability including as concerns the annexation of jerusalem and the syrian golan. president trump's decision to support israel's annexation of the golan heights has sparked protests in syria people in the country's two largest cities have rallied against the u.s. recognizing the occupied territory as part of israel those are voiced their support for the people of palestine. there are generally the great northern who follow about government are not large about here a job enough to join an unmarked done what it goes right to the prom there are no set up for a jew with rod stewart out of being here what the pop rock but also
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a lot about the policy billion now your arms about surya it's about a lab and you know i had some on the job and didn't get out of. the majority of you when you do not want to. learn are better got out you know it's not out on. the. road which is that if you love working then i'd love a. look at thirty days with an idea for the city and reports from the a.f.p. why agencies say syria has requested a un security council meeting on the golan heights issue early on and off discuss the rising tensions with my colleague. well the international community has been somewhat pushed under the bus by this whole decision is the most vocal and this have been of course the arab countries the whole of arab league made public a joint statement condemning the decision really standing out
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a condemnation by saudi arabia for instance you know washington's bestie in the gulf so it kind of tells the scale of the fallout this this trumps decision has had to also has condemned the move russia voiced its concerns in regards to the stability of the middle east because moscow believes that such a decision by trump really undermines that also will syria of course its its their territories that's how the international community that's how the u.n. sees the golan heights is a syrian territory the u.s. policy on golan is reflected in the relevant resolutions of the security council and that policy has not changed year opinion in line with international law does not recognize israel sovereignty over to territories occupied by israel since june one thousand nine hundred sixty seven including the golan heights and does not consider them to be part of israel's territory i suppose we need to understand what
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exactly is at stake in the current absolutely absolutely the golan heights is a strip of land on the border between syria and israel back in the eighty's in the course of a war it was occupied by israel and that is how it is classified internationally that's how u.n. puts it it is a syrian territory or by israel. the story. we who live in the occupied golan heights we dismiss the u.s. president's foolish recognition of the territory as israeli we want to tell him our fathers and grandfathers build their blood on this land and you don't have
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a right to do that yesterday it was jerusalem today the golan heights and tomorrow it might be another syrian territory. true loves israel and wants to give something in one states he can give israel one or two of them but the golan heights his property they are not his to give away now not the entirety of the golan heights is de facto under the control of israel there's a small portion of it that is still under damascus is control and i was lucky enough to visit. last year back in twenty eighteen and really was something of a turnaround moment i think for that part of the golan heights because when i went there it was mere weeks after the syrian army and the russian jets liberated from the control of there were certain pockets of islamic state there like inference. what about israel though surely this is the best they could have hoped for indeed
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for israel it is the best outcome but i go out on a limb and say i can name one person who's particularly happened that things are shaping out as the and that is the prime minister benjamin netanyahu because he's facing elections in a couple of weeks and in the run up to these elections he's been embroiled in a massive nasty corruption scandal now that he's thrown effectively he's thrown a bone to all those in israel sharing the nationalist tension he not only has jerusalem recognized by the united states as the capital of israel but also you know as the golan heights. the u.s. is doubling down on his decision over the golan heights despite widespread condemnation from the international community secretary of state mike pompei repeated the u.s. and israeli stance on the issue insisting the country should accept the realities on the ground. by that but i'm not surprised i remember the truth of
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them over embassy as well in each case we're simply recognizing facts on the ground and the reality and doing the right thing we hope those nations will join us to understand how important it is how right it is. and we are continuing to have conversations with you most of the handful of countries with each of them about this issue about our decision and why we believe that the fundamental of the right of. i think for the region and for the rest of the world this recognition signals that the united states wants to reshape the international order it wants to change the rules of the international system and that is extremely dangerous the acquisition of territory by force the annexation of territories that illegal under international law defies the united nations charter if member states don't confront this agenda and don't. take action to make sure that the u.s. understands there are costs to these actions then it will continue to take
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a one step after another to undermine international law to undermine the rules that all and all of their states abide by and to basically let loose. actions that with grave consequences across the world this is not just about the middle east there are conflicts and territorial disputes and occupations in other areas of the world and this is a major major concern well those are the headlines for you for this hour we're back in just over thirty minutes with all the latest join us then. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going
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to do next the hope the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to signal from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and i saw why not if you think. i'm going to talk about football not the or else you can think i was going to go. by the way ways of that slide here. when lawmakers manufacture consent to instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round listen to the one percent. we can all middle of the
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room signals. to leave room for the real news is really. you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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so you can on the phone lines smoke why don't they couldn't put them in there but the muslim on muslim well i'm going to know them better than one so because it sets it up. it's. not a muslim but i did just that they had that. she really use it was even a. gentleman bought from the sun no money to go to the british pushback from the family. i mean. if you. want to take.
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this is poor bus broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance and the impact on all of us i'm bart chilton in washington d.c. we're so please we're honored that you're on board you join spend some time with us today we've got a great show coming up but typically if china continues to make gains in europe huawei cameras back against us predictable there are monteux to also take a look at how the telecom giant is planning to fight back against attempts to bring it down and staying on the tech circuit apple has revealed some new strategies is making face your move will give you the latest. and look at how the markets and the public are reacting with our team producer brant divorce and conservative commentators the. last u.s. oil production is up and so are global to make them feel hederman at the university
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of pennsylvania in the center for energy policy joins us to cut through the haze all that directly ahead but first let's get some headlines. and major international deal for airplane manufacturer air bust leads our global report today as the european aviation manufacturer seals a deal to sell three hundred planes in china for an estimated thirty five billion dollars airbus says china has committed to paying for two hundred ninety eight three twenty models and ten a three fifty s. with chinese president xi jinping actually signing the agreement in paris where he met with press french president emmanuel mccrone airbus headline making deal brings both injury and insult for us bowling u.s. competitor boeing rather air buses a three twenty is similar to and compares with boeing's troubled seven thirty seven max planes airbus success and the large and growing chinese market forms a striking contrast to both boeing's recent deadly debacle airbus stuck didn't get
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much of a boost on the news and is trading around twenty twenty six dollars and fifty cents per share the high for the stock was in september of last year by the way at about thirty one dollars per share and incidentally boeing stock which is trading down for the last month is right around three hundred sixty eight dollars per share in trading today. and there's been a significant global shift in the right hailing sector as goober has bought kareem which operates in a wide swath of the world across the middle east in africa for three point one billion dollars hoover is reportedly paying one point four billion dollars in cash and one point seven.


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