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tv   Boom Bust  RT  March 26, 2019 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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deal brings both injury and insult for us bowling u.s. competitor boeing rather air bus is a three twenty is similar to and compares with boeing's troubled seven thirty seven max planes airbus success and the large and growing chinese market forms a striking contrast to both boeing's recent deadly debacle airbus stuck didn't get much of a boost on the news and is trading around twenty twenty six dollars and fifty cents per share the high for the stock was in september of last year by the way at about thirty one dollars per share and incidentally boeing stock which is trading down for the last month is right around three hundred sixty eight dollars for a share in trading today. and there's been a significant global shift in the right hailing sector as over has bought kareem which operates in a wide swath of the world across the middle east and africa for three point one billion dollars reportedly paying one point four billion dollars in cash and one point seven billion in convertible notes the acquisition is
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a major territorial cuckoo for providing access to a market stretching from morocco to pakistan while karim certainly seems to have much value for former observers have suggested may have overpaid for the deal. the internal fight over breakfast in british sovereignty is escalated to new heights after the british parliament voted to give itself the parag to voting for alternatives to the draft bret's that plan negotiated with the european union by british prime minister trista may speaker john bercow who would emerge as an increasingly engaged character in the drama announced the result of the rise of the right three hundred twenty no i in the nose to the three hundred two. oh yes i mean these guys have oh no parliament now seems to be taking more control of a greater degree of engagement in the brits of process as. the prime minister continues
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to suffer from policy and political body blows she could never hit before the vote as her business minister resigned his post in a scathing letter to ms may be bored voting against her position on wednesday parliament will take several votes on alternative measures and hopes of at least clarifying what is currently feasible will keep you updated. and there's major corruption news out of china as the country's former top official for policy is regulating the internet planes guilty and is sentenced to fourteen years in prison the former deputy propaganda minister lou we confessed to accepting thirty two million yuan that's about four point six million dollars in bribes for unspecified favors chinese media was notably light on the details of mr lewis wrongdoing or who was accomplices were other than allusions to encouraging
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factionalism with selective enforcement of official chinese policies. and from one chinese tech line to another as the us government continues to push against the chinese telecom giant while way however now the company is fighting back this time are to your correspondent art to sarah vaughan to the oca as a story. while we continue to fight back against the u.s. government's ban on its products now this includes a lawsuit in a texas district court just earlier this month but this time it's what the federal communications commission in a new filing to the f.c.c. the chinese tech giant pushed back and said the government's overriding telecom policy goal should be to get consumers five g. as soon as possible regardless of who manufactures the network equipment and the filing stated huawei is ready to help build real five g. network in the u.s. through real competition as it has stated in previous comments in the stock it while way recognizes that supply chain security in the face of
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a wide range of potential threats is and should be a high priority throughout the u.s. government but as wa wait has also demonstrated in its comments all equipment used by u.s. telecommunication carriers is potentially vulnerable to threats from multiple vectors and the company went on to say that while way is not claiming that its equipment is immune to potential threat or hacker vulnerability but there hasn't been any evidence that wall way has engaged in any espionage against the u.s. or any other country or company now in the past while way founder runs and for a has said that he's not concerned about political backlash against company. limits of which i don't worry we only do better because they've given us such sweeping publicity and in fact we're just a small company there's nothing particularly special about a sort of formidable adversary includes a reputation so we've become very popular earlier today one of the tech giants rotating chairman erik shoe spoke to canadian reporters and said what's going on is
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not based on facts and evidence at all it's attacking while way from a political perspective and he went on to say it's impossible for a while way to gain the u.s.'s trust back therefore they won't waste their resources in doing so but for former n.s.a. whistleblower anyone can be a threat no more than anybody you know you know. so i mean if they have weaknesses . they didn't know about the document and we're going to fix it as they should with everybody else and even if the. device is in there to have to try to send data back and it's a collect everything on the fiber line so they've got it all anyway so you know it's better than the being able to make sense of it meantime on monday always main competitor apple introduced some of its new products they're focusing on diversified services and like video streaming and even a credit card but this is just one day before wall way held their own unveiling presenting its new p thirty phone the chinese company didn't hold back and took to twitter thanks for the warm up now on to the main event that even that event took
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place in paris where it while way introduced their new five phone flagship phone the p thirty pro a senior tech reporter for business insider sean a go she said she is impressed by while he's market and their achievements in europe this is despite the u.s. ban in managing to keep sales separate from the geopolitical situation the european union wants a joint resolution and it doesn't seem like they will band walk away instead this week the e.u. plans to share more data on just how to tackle cyber security risks related to five g. reporting from to bust their mon test oka r.t. . with sales of their i phones p.c. isn't terrible at struggling apple is reinventing itself into a digital service provider yesterday at the steve jobs theater at apple's headquarters in silicon valley in california in a much anticipated event apple c.e.o. tim cook on build several new features including get this a streaming t.v. video service a new subscription service on a revamped news app
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a monthly gaming subscription offering and an enhancement to their financial services a new credit card tied to apple pay up in partnership with goldman sachs by the way on that one and although you and i weren't invited to the festivities there were plenty of celebrities who were like oprah and will be producers. steven spielberg just to name a couple so how will all of this go over with apple's customers joining us to discuss conservative commentator steve walls bergen our t.v. producer brant bore thank you so much guys prescience you've been here steve this is sort of amazing stuff i remember when you and i spoke when the fourth quarter earnings came out and they weren't that impressive mainly we thought due to those expensive i phones over in china but these new offerings are quite astounding let's go through those if you might. all right why don't we start with the t.v. and the news the apple t.v. plus you could subscribe through that to h.b.o.
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showtime starz c.b.s. all access and the smithsonian channel that starts in may and you watch on the apple t.v. after called apple t.v. channels now there's also going to be of course original content and that's why the star studded celebrity guest list that included jennifer aniston and others who are being paid by apple to be in series and develop a series of original content that starts in the fall how much original content they'll actually have is is a big question and it's also available on non apple hardware like smart t.v.'s and devices from samsung l.g. and roku as for apple news plus tim cook seems to think we all want unlimited subscriptions to magazines like popular science essence national geographic g.q. well you get three hundred plus magazines at your disposal the l.a. times and the wall street journal all for ninety nine
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a month and this is in addition to the existing apple news app that already has hundreds of new sites on it so that's t.v. and news boy what a great summary steve when you said three hundred subscriptions i'm like give me a break already there's just too much information out to the wall street journal for ten bucks a month boy would that be a good deal so we'll get to that we'll get to that later yeah ok and brant you're a gaming expert you've been on the program before and you did such a great job for us in hong kong but let's talk about apple with regard to gaming and particularly about their credit cards what's what's up with that brand all right well let's start with the important question here apple unveiled apple arcade the gaming subscription service customers of course will pay a monthly fee and they'll have access to a curated list by apple of some of their three thousand plus games they've already have in their marketplace plus they're claiming there will be one. the exclusive titles on the service are just for people who are part of that service now this
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isn't like a cloud based gaming service like google study that they just announce they'll still expect you to download the game from the app store on your i phone i pad back or apple t.v. just like you normally would but there will be a flat rate for the games included in the service apple is banking on the fact that over one billion people have downloaded games from their app store so far mobile gaming has already changed the landscape of video games and apple really was on the forefront of that with the i phone so they're looking for a bigger piece of that pie now here's the important one the credit card they have partnered with goldman sachs and actually and master card for the apple card now that's they claim it'll offer no fees lower interest rates and better rewards but that it's going to be a digital card that a live in your apple wallet so if you have your phone and use apple pay regularly you use your digital wallet so it'll be on there but they say there's also going to be a physical titanium card too but it has no number on it it doesn't have the c.b.c. number or anything special all the authorization information will still be housed
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in the wall after on your phone your watch wherever it may be now they say there will be no late fees no and you'll fees no international fees and then apple cards after a.p.r. rates will be ranged from around thirteen point two four to twenty four point two four percent probably around similar to what you're seeing with most major credit cards as far as the rewards go i don't really see that there's better rewards than some of these you know big amex cards or master cards that you see out there they're offering only two percent cash back on purchases made through apple pay with the card they give you three percent on any apple products you purchase but that doesn't purchase but that doesn't you know i mean only apple products does that really helping you so you need some of these big cars it doesn't have much better rewards but it surely is a divergent strategy from where they've been all of these things what steve talked about in banking in gaming steve there were some snickering and criticism of the actual event there tell us about that. well there was a lot left out
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a lot of information that never got relayed and some people are saying maybe apple really wasn't ready for this big day for example a little thing called cost it wasn't discussed for for the apple t.v. plus no cost for the subscription was announced how much for showtime and h.b.o. which cetera they didn't reveal how much they plan to spend on this original content and netflix reportedly spends about ten billion dollars a year well apple top that it would've been nice to know how much content well they have and the new service which we mentioned ninety nine it doesn't have it does have that tag but the wall street journal for instance which you marvel deaf or ninety nine you get the wall street journal forget all the rest of the stuff that's great you're only going to get reportedly although they didn't say this feature content and some news you're not going to get the financial content from the wall street journal that's what the journal is reportedly saying so again there's no price on the gaming on this the apple arcade so you know how could you have that
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conference and leave all that stuff out yeah you're absolutely right and a deal killer for me if you don't get the financial stuff that's got a little bit of time but how is this impacted stock so far for apple it appears a part of the event we've witnessed a little bit of a spike in their numbers but it's kind of regulated back a bit too little over one hundred ninety dollars per share following the high in august of over two hundred twenty there was a pretty steep drop of roughly twelve percent in december that was due to lower than expected earnings report from apple and also investors were having a little trouble speculating over the ongoing trade disputes with china and how that might affect manufacturing of the flagship by phone but it appears to be back on the upswing and i headed toward those highs again really brant you poor and steve malzberg thank you guys what a great fascinating discussion appreciate it thank you. and bed bath and
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beyond the domestic merchandise retailer located in the u.s. canada mexico is back and they had lions today as activists investors have threatened to replace the company's entire board their whole board upon the announcement the company's stock actually shot up twenty five percent look at that crazy numbers right almost a vertical spike there is trading open this morning following the news their shares jumped from thirteen dollars to seventeen dollars a change it by the way the company went public back in one thousand nine hundred ninety two when the share price was just a single dollar but the price shot super high up to almost eighty dollars back in two thousand and thirteen down in two thousand and fourteen then back up to almost again eighty dollars in two thousand and fifteen time now for a quick break but hang here because when we return we've got lots more coming up with bill hederman of the university of pennsylvania's climate center for energy
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policy he's back this time we'll talk about u.s. oil production going up up and away as our global emissions bill will help us cut through the haze as we go to break here's your digital download of the closing bell will be back in a flash. what holds it to you should. put themselves on the line. they did accept it or reject. so when you want to express. something wanted. to go right for us this is what. you do. you're still always in the waters about
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how. the tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faced only implemented from the inside venezuela things look different we're going to announce sanctions against petroleum to venezuela associated. in this will have a son of a moment too soon in the tempest and that political battle to stay on the phone to keep the magic at the moment the focus of the who story isn't new makes him cold in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated in latin america. an alternative that konami and social system could take cleon economy scream so wants now making the economy of venezuela screed.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics small business i'm show business. welcome back purdue pharmaceutical the infamous maker of the addictive open addictive opioid oxy cotton and the company's founding family the sec or us have agreed to pay to pay a settlement of around two hundred seventy five million dollars in a case brought by the state of oklahoma over the marketing of that deadly
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painkiller the new york times reports one hundred million dollars of that total we paid by purdue to an addiction treatment research center at oklahoma state university the sec lawyers have separately agreed to give an additional seventy five million dollars of that total to the center it's notable that only twenty million dollars of the slated amount goes directly to addiction treatment the settlement comes as a secular name had become increasingly taboo in the world of philanthropy and the arts as we previously poured it globally renowned museums including new york's guggenheim and the tate the national portrait gallery in london have both rejected or further denied donations or return past gifts from the sackler. and a super sized deal is underway in the fast food sector as an american company mcdonald's has acquired dynamic yield that's an artificial intelligence ai start up based in israel although the value of the deal has not been officially released the wall street journal estimates it will exceed three hundred million dollars making
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it mcdonald's biggest deal in about twenty years their burger joint plans to apply the technology to revamp drive through experiences ideally the company would like to technology to alter advertisements to fit out some took a huge jump after the markets open this morning on the news but sense of cooled off a little bit with more than thirty seven thousand five hundred locations and more than one hundred countries mcdonald's is one of the largest fast food chains in the world. the united states increased oil exports by more than seventy percent last year to just over two million barrels per day and now and some say that's just the beginning by the way and now in fact the last four weeks the average has been three million barrels per day by the end of twenty twenty that figure could rise to five million barrels per day that would be more then opec could occur and what if the
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current search situation with the oil landscape here to help us out we are please once again to be joined by bill hemmer men of the university of pennsylvania's climate center for energy policy welcome back bill and spar so. is this piet the sky the last time you were on we talked about the permian basin and about the exports from the permian and those resort to some crazy numbers but thinking about going to five million per day just a couple of years i mean a year in you know ten months or something like that is this pile in the sky or is it a reality it's a possibility you know this is the kind of growth that can happen when things. shift in a radical way but a lot of changes have to happen probably the biggest one is more takeout capacity from premium and we just saw a jump in the price at the wellhead in the permian area because a couple of pipelines opened and so if you get that bottleneck upstream of the
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bottle and that can foul things up so if they get the capacity to move it out of the gulf it can happen but remember that's a gross number and we still import products and some crude during this time. by the way when you talk about the take out that's how much we take out of the permian that's exactly what we're talking about last time you were you're on the program about that bottleneck but you looked like it was going to be done there adding all this new expenditures and pipelines if i remember you were telling us say that these pipelines can run for thirty forty years so there are companies making a big investment in the long term future there let me ask you you know we have spoken on the program many times about opec and russia putting these production caps in place theoretically at least to keep oil prices high i think west
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texas intermediate today i didn't catch it exactly at the break but it was almost sixty dollars right before the show fifty nine ninety five and we may have the one your chair we have a one year chart there but my question to you bill is. how is opec and russia going to continue keeping down their production when the u.s. is like more more more more more almost like with reckless abandon. a lot of this turns at this point on the independent producers in the u.s. and explain that why isn't the majors so the majors producing steady. impressive number they have about half of the share of total production and they also produce a lot from overseas but there are a number of independents that are pretty large in the us and these
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produces there are the marginal producers so if the price goes up they produce more prize because down they cut back because they're on a much shorter cycle and how they invest and so various so it is it is it really about fifty percent are independent some of them as you say are bigger that i that's an interesting figure to me i didn't know it was that high i want to go back and check the numbers but it's between fifty and sixty percent of the majors and so you're saying that you know a major and they've got lots of sway they can move things around a little bit but those independents are pretty much cyclical based upon prices prices are higher they produce more yes and part of that is because prices are higher than they can get more financing to make it happen bill there is a i want to make sure i get this right because there's a new study out today international energy association study that says that. c o two emissions have increased again on two point three percent rise in energy
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demand. when the u.n. says that we should be doing everything we can to deal with climate change. but we've got this problem with the missions should we be what should we be doing and should governments our government other worldwide governments be looking at rebalancing our energy portfolios what do you think well if if we want to get the carbon emissions down and is pretty broad consensus that that's a good idea you know the we have to shift away from the high emission fuels and high emission fuels first and foremost coal and secondly you oil. yes is also an initial in nations source but about half of the emissions from coal for the same amount of energy so shift ina way from coal it is would be a good idea unfortunately in the emerging country emerging economies they don't
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can't afford that oh thank you so much bill great to a with you thanks to all of mine you will see you next time take care. breaks it count. the repping up of the mahler investigation may have cleared the american president of treason and collusion but it has not got rid of critics determination to get rid of him is the american system capable of anything but settling ideological scores. i've been saying the numbers mean something they've matter us has over one trillion
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dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime happens each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent and world markets closed thirty percent some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and fifth when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one business show you know board the mid one and only boom but. if. the. focus is going on the phone lines i will make an impediment in the muslim on
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muslim couple i'm going to know them better than one such as a get out. it's. a lot of. data that they had nothing. she was even. john bombard from the sun a lot. i mean. russia gate to your circus or nightmare take your pick is seemingly settled says he's been exonerated but the political left in much of the media do not concur where do we go
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from here and will the investigators be investigated. as a tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faced only implement from the inside venezuela things look different we're going to announce sanctions against petroleum venezuela so as you. have a supplement to. get out of that political battle to stay on the path the. moment the focus of the whose story isn't new makes him cold in henry kissinger to tell him that he would not be tolerated in latin america. an alternative that konami and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make
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. economy scream so wants to make the economy of venezuela screed. i. was. was. that. i. was. not.
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russia's foreign ministry accuses the u.s. of treating latin america as its colony the comments come in response to washington's claims of moscow's military interference in venezuela. despite its no collusion found between donald trump and russia by then we'll investigation that media hysteria isn't dying down with outlets now blaming trump for making them suspicious in the first place. the u.n. security council meets over the escalation on the gaza border where israeli tanks have gathered i.d.f. jets have also attacked palestinian territory in retaliation for alleged rocket fire it comes as the u.s. officially recognizes israeli sovereignty over the golan heights at this.


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