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the wall between us media and president trump rages on despite the long awaited report concluding there is no evidence of conspiring russia's foreign ministry accuses us of treating latin america as its colony in response to washington's claims of moscow's military interference in the south american nation. washington defends its recognition of israeli control over syria's golan heights un security council. has been welcomed only by israel itself. it was a little bit messy here but don't be mistaken this pipeline is being built for italy according to its own chad you. and artie's is at the site where the nord
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stream to gas pipeline is expected to make landfall in germany construction work is in full swing and so is political pressure on the project. you're watching r.t. international live from our studio here with me. to the program. the full report of special counsel law but one is probe into alleged russian collusion is going to be made public in the coming weeks that's according to the u.s. justice department president trump himself has called the investigation a disgrace. we're going to get really really old because we're going to try to get you never to have to want to get. allowed to take one more we're ready to try to get out or should know what should go
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because you're out of it. the report is said to contain secret grand jury materials that usually a forbidden by law from being released publicly meanwhile doll trump has renewed his war against fake news media blaming them for the witch hunt lippa trying to looks at the key false claims us media made during the two years of missing investigation. pick any year before twenty six staying in this book and imagine someone back then touting the idea that people from here helped someone settle in here and began using him as a puppet or their agent honestly that someone would right away get labeled as a conspiracy theorist the u.s. attorney general has just made it clear to the people in here the whole collusion story pretty much give you the impression that collusion is not
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a conspiracy at all our job is to bring facts to light others make determinations about prosecutable criminal offenses will not investigate this were journalists now rules to ripple the facts as we know them which is exactly what we did pardon. facts as we they know them that little phrase could actually explain all we've been through with american news trump and russia what if instead of looking for facts to tell a story based on these facts the guys held on to a story so tight they tried to come up with facts to fit it remember all the bombshells born out of facts from sources which nobody knew who the hell they were buzz feed for one reported robert miller had email and testimony proof that mr trump had made his ex lawyer michael cohen lie to congress about all the alleged
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trump tower in russia dealings a bombshell new report from buzz feed news certainly explosive reporting and without question this is a big one and it is breaking news perhaps major breaking news what make this a fact probably a good smell of the collusion bombshell gunpowder and the credibility of the sources. my sources are solid this reporting is accurate even back. then when mr miller who barely said a word while he was still at work weighed in to explain the story was rubbish here's another big one that was based on what sources claimed donald trump's campaign chief c. quickly met with whistleblower turned kremlin geek as someone put it anyway julian a songe how does this bombshell impact the collusion part of the probe the list of stuff that was supposed to make president trump shiver and put robert miller into
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razor sharp mode was quite long bob mueller has significant evidence and conspiracy bob mueller has a much better understanding of this than what we do the man who could save this democracy i think robert mueller is going to get to the bottom of the final result you already know it there is no smoking gun in between and the rest of federation so at this point we have to say they these people that want to talk about they're still being rush inclusion and all these things are conspiracy theories they have no evidence all the evidence there's been presented points toward the opposite actually being true there is no conspiracy or collusion or anything like that although it is common knowledge conspiracy theorists could never care less about official probes i don't need them on the report to know he's a traitor i have the t.v. we had from my u.s. congressman ron paul who despite the reports democrats will continue to let
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tempering down the president. the democrats don't like to hear the hear the truth and if they had their way they wouldn't let anything out there just plain politics that's all it is they've been they've been caught red handed lying through their teeth and now they're just going on and on you'd think they wish they would just have a little little bit of common sense or but no they just march on and i've been lined for two and a half years they're going to continue to lie and even this report dishonors all of them but i think what drives all this is just plain old hatred they decided they were going to hate trump and then there was a collusion there was a collusion with it during publicans who didn't like trump because he was a new cover and he didn't deserve it then you had the democrats automatically hey hating him and then you had all the neo cons who were both republicans and democrats and then you had a collusion of the media and they all got together and decided with this guy's a monster we have to get rid of him whether it's true or not i think pretty soon
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though people are going to get you know catch on and get tired of listening to this but right now they haven't let up there's continuing to go after trump and and lie about the whole mess on trump has also faced accusations of illegal payments to adult film actress tell me daniels during his presidential campaign he's seeing media scandal made into a celebrity with some even saying he could make a presidential run in south in twenty twenty. like eleven out is a beast these donald's robes worst nightmare he's out to say but i just write you are something of a folk hero now. as a great thinker calling here at three times what it whatever how long how long is the show i don't know. i thought of an audience taking
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a big step toward introducing himself to voters today democrats have to nominate a real fighter and i have always said that they need a fighter and i'm going to be someone who stands out in a fighter as opposed to a boring politician. all of my sexual fantasies involve handcuffs. oh my god he was arrested today if convicted he could spend the rest of his life in prison the federal criminal complaint charges mr of a nutty with wire fraud and contains a series of allegations of being an ugly picture of lawless conduct. to see what exactly happened here my head is officially going to explode. and that he gets his tickle and self promoting on the take off that have a not a twenty twenty shirt. russia's foreign ministry has accused the us of treating
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latin america like a colony coming to come in response to washington's kind of russian military interference in venezuela donal quarter. we can gave way to big hype over russian military planes appearing in caracas carrying cargo and about one hundred military personnel now the move to send military personnel to venezuela sparked serious criticism from washington who has been pushing for regime change in the country mike pompei a lot. monday stated the move is increasing tensions and national security advisor john bolton said he won't tolerate any foreign countries in the u.s. his backyard prompting security and the rule of law the venezuelan military must stand with the people of venezuela top u.s. representatives who failed to change the lawful regime in caracas partly thanks to russia's steadfast position on the maintenance of international law claimed they won't tolerate interference from hostile foreign powers in the one all latin
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american governments who are practically denied so far and we've now seen the russian foreign ministry's explanation for the presence of what it defines as military advisers in venezuela suggesting there's nothing illegal or clandestine about it now according to moscow it's all within the bounds of international law and the military technical cooperation deal with caracas it signed in two thousand and one now the foreign ministry also went on to attack the us is general approach towards latin america saying that washington's actions resemble its colonial policies in the region from around two hundred years ago moscow has also had a stark warning for the organization of american states a washington based forum of thirty five latin american countries who claim that russia broke venezuelan law by moving its personnel there. the u.s. has once again decided to bring order to latin america starting with venezuela we regret that the organization of american states has aided washington in
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strengthening its colonial habits as if unaware that any other country in the region getting tiring fall under u.s. pressure considering trump's administration has been saying all options are on the table the pentagon's inability or unwillingness to give a definitive answer for the white house's plans is far from reassuring is it this administration's intent to use the military resolution to stop by understanding the presence of russian military advisors in venezuela doesn't mean the country will be free of instability but what it does mean is that washington will have to think twice before using some of those options on its table russia. has been playing very positive role lately all over the world. it was actually four years. ago there was a bit. of the west and particularly the bush.
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presence is there as well if you go for. this is the zire. people to say. actually for a moment. or for all. of the subversive actions going through the board meanwhile the venezuelan parliament which is under the control of the opposition intends to demand the withdrawal of the russian military according to the russian foreign ministry of russia's presence in venezuela is legal under an agreement between the two countries from two thousand and four. things got heated in the un security council in washington defending its recognition of israeli sovereignty over the golan heights it seems america and israel are all recognizing the goal. on heights as israeli territory a decision of critical strategic and security importance to the state of israel. that when you shaky cookbook is one you intellectual steps such as the recognition
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of israeli sovereignty over the golan heights to not change the status of these territories which is determined by the resolutions of the security council and those who are complicit in these crimes must not be spared sensor or accountability including as concerns the annexation attempts of jerusalem and the syrian golan. as the decision to support israel's onyx ation in the golan heights has sparked protests in syria people in the country's two largest cities for violence against the us recognizing the occupied territory as part of the jewish state and against israel itself they were seen burning an israeli flag and voicing the solidarity with palestine which disputes the status of jerusalem with us right . now so narrow i don't know the great northern route before it all but one are not large about to get a job in up or do it out in the garden what it go the rock to the floor there are
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now set up for argue with god soon be here what the brunt but it's also me. i know you're always about surya it's about. you when you do not want to. got out you know it's not out on. the. shore which is the. work of. living with the idea for the. trumps acceptance of israeli control of the golan heights has united washington's allies and foes why it's no surprise iran chose to back syria the whole of the arab league including saudi arabia a longstanding american partner have denounced the move to the un has stressed that the status of the golan heights hasn't changed while the e.u. said it won't shift its position either. israeli prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu however of corruption scandal ahead of a general election this april and trump's move could help bolster that and you know who support international studies professor de nobody says trans recognition of israeli sovereignty over the golan heights does not mean much. first of all u.s. recognition of the golan heights does not carry any legal weight it's purely symbolic because the united states has a heavy influence a little slow growth if there is daily clear at this point in time that the timing of the announcement was deliberate in order to bolster netanyahu campaign is really unfortunately not much that syria can do in this situation and and again because the move on the part of the united states is a symbolic one and not a legal one and it really doesn't change anything about the status of the golan heights from the perspective of the united nations or syria or israel even and so
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israel had already m.x. this year or two or in one thousand nine hundred one and so practically speaking i mean just tangibly and physically there's really no change it's just symbolically the recognition of gravity and holds weight because the united states is an important player the dispute over the golan heights on the only challenge israel is facing right now earlier on wednesday the israel defense forces published on twitter that i raid sirens were sounding in the finals of the country israel has deployed tanks and troops along its border with gaza after two days of fire exchanged across the border on monday a long range rocket attack on israel injured seven people or television in response israel carried out on several hamas targets. in the west bank class says at one school were interrupted by a raid from israeli soldiers on ten year old student says a loaded gun was aimed at his head the incident is still haunting the boy is a story.
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you're a biblical about story the mother said in the church. what. role . i mean the loss to. the financial markets let me jump in here. most of the downside of this question. for now one other. point is that in the.
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us of another. there's a. perception going over soon so after the fall of. the where. we are the israel defense forces to comment on this incident they told us all proper procedures were followed and that none of the students were arrested. for. the north into pipeline meant to pump russian gas to europe by way of the baltic
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sea is being built because europe's growing demand for fuel can't be satisfied using existing routes as according to the project's representative he also added that the new pipeline won't replace the current fire ukraine but rather supplement it meanwhile the construction work is in full swing at the pipelines landfall site in germany as artie's mariette for national reports. the lawsuit to pipeline will cover a distance of twelve hundred kilometers going along the bottom of the baltic sea before we can here germany but that's a rotten gas to year a hundred tons and tons of water under all that enormous pressure is perhaps easier than getting past the few volume of criticism there are five western energy companies behind this twelve billion dollar project apart from russia's state run
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gas prom giant but still the pipeline caused division within europe transit states kerry in current energy roads fear they may be bypassed but the loudest of all critical voices was surprisingly coming from a far i think it's a horrific thing that's being done where you are feeding billions and billions of dollars from germany primarily and other countries but primarily from germany. into the coffers of russia the united states opposes the north through to pipeline with respect to north korea to which fits into that we don't think that's in the best interest of the security of europe europe has never said no to us fuel more expensive and harder to transit but it didn't stop america from wiring wiring and attacking the u.s. ambassador in berlin went as far as threaten in countries involved in the project with sanctions. the united states strongly opposes north stream to the pipeline
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pose a serious geopolitical consequences to our european allies and partners we continue to stress that firms operating in the russian and export buy point sector i'm gage an activity that carries significant sanctions risk. we are not part of these political speculations we are concentrating on our. work yes it's critics called it any stake but they apparently elect the political means to stop it a lot seems to is a. mistake and will not serve the best you ability. so we're protecting germany we're projecting french we're taking all of these countries. the united states commands all our european partners you've taken
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a strong stand against north stream to. promote street to project. and tie you up you know project. it will look a little bit massive here but don't get mistaken this pipeline is being built strictly according to its ambition as i said you know adding six imagine six kilometers every day managers say it will be complete by the end of this year and they are many will benefit in germany. increase the number of options for the. consumers. we should be happy about but it is clear old ready that not everyone will share this joy recent ocean r.t. from lignin in germany. the biggest backward step since the internet began
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and one of the e's doll cost hours critics who include whistleblower edward snowden and world wide web founder tim berners lee are describing a new european law on internet copyright the rules force tech firms to moderate content before it's published critics warn only the biggest companies like facebook can pay for such huge moderation operate. forcing all but the largest tech firms out of business tech giants will also have to pay for media content though someone they will simply stop posting media content altogether however each e.u. member still has to approve the legislation. more than five million people have already signed a petition against the news and mass protests have been held there has also been a huge backlash online. you terms of soup and censorship of the grander scale biggest backward step since the internet began this is one of the darkest hours in
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the history a few years time will never forget the law based on the m.p.'s that submitted to them save your internet i'm in complete disbelief you tell me that five million signatures in the protest didn't even make an impact so what happens now i'm livid however the copyright in says everything is fine the adopted text contains numerous provisions that will guarantee the internet remains a space for free expression we listened to the concerns raised the meme the just the snippet are now more protected than ever before we spoke to moments. from wikimedia italy who thinks the law is poorly written and unlikely to help authors get paid for their work. what worries me the most about this law this directive is that in reality it isn't going to be an improvement for authors but mainly an attempt to make money the big present what could happen and thus there is no
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certainty that authors will make money at all there are some articles especially closer to the end of the directive that expand authors rights but having read the whole text i got the feeling that those articles even though present can do little or we should always be aware that in the majority of cases there is a big difference between the author who produces the content and the publisher who has the rights to it the directive says a lot about the publisher and not enough about the author or. mexico's president is demanding an apology from spain for crimes committed during the conquest of the region five hundred years ago. and have sent a letter to the king of spin and another to go in for a full go on to their abuses and urging them to pull journeys to the indigenous peoples for the violations what we know all the human rights there were massive and the brush and the so-called conquest was waged with the saud's and the grass their
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church is on top of the examples spain has rejected the demands with its government stating that history can't be judged in the light of contemporary considerations however the practice of countries apologizing for darker episodes from the past is not exactly unheard of for example the u.k. issued an apology to new zealand into its people and to kenya for mistreatment by colonial authorities leaders in the u.s. and canada have also expressed regret for past actions against native tribes there we discussed this with our guest international affairs analyst salvatore. and havea hurtado president of democrat youth community of europe. well you know so nobly. it seems eved independence only three centuries later the colonial influence of mexico lasted for centuries and with a series of crimes against indians including slavery bloodshed and illnesses spain
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is interested in sweeping it under the rug but i think now is the right moment to start reassessing the atrocities committed by spain this is not an affair between the mexican government and spanish crown it's an affair between our history and our people. such demands for a lot with obrador or is the grandchild of us pallies grandmother from country from the north of spain he cannot complain about his own troops or regions and he's try and think since he's governing so about mexico he has to go back to five centuries ago going back. five hundred years ago in time makes zero sense because the generation right now in this space has nothing to do with the previous generation we really want to build bridges and not the walls. need to be back around thirty minutes time with more updates but do stay with us now for a documentary called the blood is at the doorstep which is next on r.t.
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international. breaks it down tonality. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to present danger or more some a want to be rich. have to be right to be precipices like them before three of them or can't be good good question. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see of that.
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so who is christopher manny well i grew up in several small towns throughout the midwest game from a good christian family and joined the national guard and then eventually college and into law enforcement. i did thirteen and a half years work in the street here everybody who was in my p. knew that they could trust including the street people. you know a lot of people don't realize but i was a single parent raising two kids hob i face as a speech racist guy. and hands were economics and my kids are of a different race today we are going to go through the autopsy report of dodge ray and why couldn't you just talk to the facts and address that's all i could try to do and the attack was so quick and so violent.
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