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tv   Cross Talk  RT  March 27, 2019 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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america. an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make. the chilean economy scream so wants to make the economy of venezuela screed. i don't think the numbers. they've matter to us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime happens. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight percent world market thirty percent some with one hundred to five hundred three per second per second and this one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one this is you know ford in the one and only boom.
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below and welcome the cross-talk were all things considered i'm peter lavelle russia gate the two year circus or nightmare take your pick is seemingly settled trump says he's been exonerated but the political left in much of the media do not concur where do we go from here and will the investigators the investigate. the mother report i'm joined by my guess doug weed in washington he's
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a presidential historian and a former white house advisor to two american presidents also in washington we have william binney he is a former technical director at n.s.a. and in miami we cross to alan dershowitz he's a professor emeritus at harvard law school as well as author of the book the case. against the democratic house impeaching trump all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate let me go to alan dershowitz first in miami alan dershowitz you and i probably couldn't agree on anything on policies on politics you're a man from the left i am not but you are the only person on the left that came through this unscathed and i would even say enhanced so i appreciate your work and discussing this question first question is here most report donald trump says exonerates him maybe so but for me it is a searing indictment of the f.b.i.
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and how the f.b.i. conducted itself and how we got to having to have such a special report and end up with the results that we did what was the crime it seems like there was a conspiracy without a crime go ahead alan dershowitz in miami. well most f.b.i. agents are wonderful they devote their lives to protecting us and i have only the highest regard for the typical f.b.i. agent on the street there was a problem here of a leadership and there were people in the f.b.i. who were determined to make sure that president trump was not elected president even if he got more electoral votes than the other side and so i think we do have a problem and i think the new. director of the f.b.i. the new attorney general their first task is to look inside and try to clean up and see what went wrong look there's a lot of blame to go around the president trump deserves some of the blame when he fired komi he essentially invited the appointment of
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a special counsel i think it was a mistake to appoint a special counsel because there was no evidence of crime and special counsel should be appointed unless there is very considerable evidence of crime at the very top but the firing was in apt in the sense that it would have been great to fire a monday want his everybody wanted to come be fired on day one as a result of what he had done in the hillary clinton investigation that firing him in the middle of an investigation provoked people like rosenstein to seek the appointment of a special counsel but the special counsel has not proved to be a worthwhile task no americans have been indicted in relation to any alleged collusion with russia all the indictments fall into categories that are outside of that and so i think the most report in the end even on the russian collusion even though it came out the right way has not justified what it's done and then on the issue of obstruction of justice just punted he just refused to decide and that wasn't what his job was and she had cited one way or the other that wasn't what his
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job was like i guess i didn't hear that on on c.n.n. or emmett's n.b.c. were later in the program we'll talk about the media and its culpability here let me go to doug doug i mean when do we start the second half of the investigation maybe under another. special investigation because from what i understand what miller. gave to the attorney general barr is only half the story when do we and should we and will we look at exactly the some of the issues that alan dershowitz mention the upper levels of the of the of the f.b.i. and members of the general in the d.o.j. they still have a lot to account for go ahead doug. you know interesting peter the very fact that you asked that question leads me to believe that we're headed that way there's just too much curiosity and momentum now carrying this people are going to want to know this is kind of a unique moment in history from the antiquities to the middle ages even in the modern times very often we'll find that the winner will prosecute the loser even in
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latin america right now that's happened twice maybe three times in brazil it's happened in argentina it's happened in. it happens in a way in france not the heads of state but the donors and the judges send the media people so here we had an example of the loser prosecuting the winner that was interesting to me and what stunned me is no indictments that's done i mean stalin famously said show me the man i'll show you the crime in the seventeenth century cardinal richelieu said give me nine lines written by any man i can have him on as i have a little dog i have to correct it was bad he had said that but we get the point ok the same is the same implication thank you you know william. you're involved in this stalin had said it to stalin ok alan dershowitz backs me up on that. william a year forensic expert here and you in the in the veeps group have done
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thorough investigation and research into this i'm sure the mill or other people of people it contacted you and wanted to know what you thought about all of this hacking but they didn't did they go ahead william. you know they did in fact you know we were prepared to testify in front of the any of the committees also mueller's group none of them wanted to know about the forensics so i don't you know it was very clear to us the forensics prove that the data for from the d.n.c. was downloaded through a storage device and transported for some distance prior to prior to wiki leaks putting it on the web other material that wiki leaks put out didn't show the the transfer of data to sort but the d.n.c. data did show that so it was a very clearly someone who was very close to the data who copied it down to a thumb drive or a cd-rom of some sort and then transported it for some period of distance but other than that there's another really major problem here with this whole episode of
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russia gate and has to do with the use of intelligence agencies against against political parties and against individuals in the in the country this is another violation this is something that nixon was guilty of so and he was impeached now these are the felonies that are occurring at this level and you know we need to get these find out who it interestedly and then go after them it's actually worse william because the f.b.i. in the d.o.j. at the end of the day pushed back against nixon we remember that very very well now we have something that's very different alan dershowitz again we go back to the origins of the dossier and defrauding the face of court i mean these are very very serious things i mean what paul manner for did is wrong and i don't feel particularly sorry for him but you know did did roger stone need to have a you know a military virtual attack on his home at dawn i mean the lack of balance
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here and i want to go back to the dossier in the face and i hope that there is this is going to be revisited because if any one of us on this program did something like that we'd be looking at. fellow. conviction and time in prison go ahead alan dershowitz well no i completely agree i think the pfizer court was defrauded that is you can show information to the pfizer court which isn't particularly compelling as long as you tell the court what the source is and alerted to the weaknesses and the conflicts of interest but you cannot. providing material to the court claiming it's credible when you yourself know that it lacks credibility particularly the pfizer court operates exporting they don't hear two sides they only hear one side so they trust the government officials to present the whole truth and nothing but the truth and the government officials who presented the application for the pfizer warrant failed that test and i think there ought to be considerations of contempt
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proceedings contempt of court proceedings an issue a did by the pfizer court against those who may well have misled them you know we we still have. rosenstein in the d.o.j. he would say he signed off on the fourth finds a warrant and i thought it was very interesting under oath he was asked repeatedly did you read it he of he he was very invasive he would never say if he actually read it he didn't deny signing it but he didn't he didn't really answer the question if he'd read it and i mean and he's still here and as in a place of power probably not for much longer but he's a witness in all this i can i don't see that these people the peter strikes that lisa page is. bruce or i mean i don't think they're done yet at least they shouldn't be done with a prosecutor be asking questions go ahead doug well no i agree with you i think that's where we're headed and it's going to be very interesting and very colorful.
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surprised at how much restraint donald trump has shown throughout this process. i find that fascinating you don't normally associate restraint with donald trump but his patience has paid off i once had a conversation with jared questioner about all of this and he said with a little rocky smile he said you know. i told my father in law really shouldn't collusion it's one time you are definitely definitely innocent. so i found it worked to us. paper written in a way that distract people from all of the controversy that would have come over the deregulations and other issues that media could have played on you know william do you think do you think it would be wise for president trump to release all of these documents i mean of course some redactions will have to be would be necessary
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but do you think that you know we need we need a document for the public to understand everything that's happened i mean you've done your side of the of the research and investigation of the forensic science here but i think it's about time the american people should be able to judge what what makes sense and what doesn't because we're going to talk in the second part of the program about how the media is culpable all this go ahead. i agree and also i think all that all the documents going to the files of court should be declassified and released also and another point i make out of the price of corn is known that the government's been lying to them all along they've been knowing they've known this for decades the earliest reports on lying by the f.b.i. to the vice of court were in the summer of two thousand and two where they face a court discovered they had lied to them and at least seventy five warrant requests now this is nothing do these people have known they've been lied to all along one of these judges going to wake up if they can't wake up i think we should dissolve the second that article two court that i call it and report everything to article
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three courts ok well that's a very good point in this episode might move us in that direction you gentlemen are going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll can you continue our discussion of the report staying with our team. but hopes to do something to. put themselves on the line they did accept the reject . so when you want to be president. wanted. to go in person before three of them or can't be good. or was in the waters and the. question.
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is an officer. told him to get up off the ground the officer began to pay down the . democrats on the sounds of kind of fighting in a grown man like mislead us into the officer who. threw his or drawn. through which to do away from the officer. of his group. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the web in one smith's and then when it happened on three swung at the officers hands didn't hit him i never saw any contact between the two any kind went back to where they were so the officers back here there try again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and he did it on three.
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welcome back to crossfire where are all things are considered i'm peter lavelle we're discussing the mole report. ok let me go back to alan dershowitz in miami would you miss all those parties at martha's vineyard because i heard you said that you weren't invited to them because of your political statements here. if that's what you want to return to i hope the best you also said that you were banned from c.n.n. because you well i'll use my own words i didn't say the right things. what does that tell us about how the media played its role in this huge huge fiasco which i think its consequences are still barely. even conceived here go ahead allan in miami. well i think c.n.n. misled and really defrauded its listeners you know for months and months in the
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beginning i was on debating jeffrey toobin i was on with the lemon with anderson cooper with cuomo and i was the only liberal democrat who was saying wait a minute the evidence isn't here the constitution protects the president's right to punish they didn't want to hear that on the air it was ok to hear extreme right wing republicans defend trump down the line and extreme people on the left attacked him but they didn't want a centrist thoughtful liberal democrat telling their viewers that this is complicated and this is difficult so for the last eight months they banned me from there and it turns out then that the viewers just got a misguided view they were shocked at the outcome because they had been assured by their pundits that there was going to be indictments impeachments you name it but the people who heard diverse points of view on other channels weren't as surprised so c.n.n. really owes an apology to its listeners and to you know the american public but
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c.n.n. and amisom b.c. they will never apologize i mean even after the the findings of the report remade public the way you have like club clapper in brennan just kind of you know you know this squealing away you know well you know i didn't get the best information but i mean that you know i mean it was so patently stupid i mean they make complete fools out of themselves but they're not going to lose their jobs are they go ahead yeah they're for her he interesting the media in some cases reminds me of a cartoon character that keeps getting bashed i mean they were wrong about the election and they were wrong in the extreme for example the last a.b.c. washington post poll gave the democrats a less than point advantage they had more african-americans voting for hillary clinton that voted for barack obama in the previous. selection somehow i would sink that wouldn't likely to happen and then in the last minute they wouldn't see an end
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wouldn't call pennsylvania when there were actually not enough votes left if every one of them what clinton for her to reverse the trend to take the state once again vote because he just fascinates me i asked him if he thought there was a conspiracy or what's behind the media on this he was much too sensible to take that leap but he did make that comment he said you know nobody ever got fired and right behind the election came the economy and we don't talk about that they were dead wrong on the economy even worse than the election that is going to be is going to be a kind of stock market crash and all this poker made a complete fool of himself as well as usual well we'll know tomorrow what william i mean what we got was two years of an echo chamber and. and we got what we what we were told what i think was sensually a propaganda and but they will survive this or will they because i wore more people
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go to online programming they go to podcasts right now because their credibility is been shot and from the few days after the report was made public or parts of it was made public they've just doubled and tripled to down what does this tell you is that they can't there's no learning curve here they're ideologically possessed there are unable to be self reflection because i think that you know they when they haven't been gotten over victory and they've never had a. n. word looking a moment an autopsy of their behavior and they continue to make the same mistakes go ahead. yeah i think for example when i came out pointing to the forensics of the factual evidence and the forensics of it they called me a conspiracy theorist you know it was like i was going against the narrative and so therefore you know they couldn't admit that in public so they had that deny it in
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one way or the other so they labeled me as a conspiracy as an ad hominem attack but the point is that they they did not want to accept anything except the narrative they were pushing and several reasons for that i mean you know after a while you have to realize you're going to have to eat crow for the mistakes you've been making now how can you avoid that you would try to avoid the shame by by diverting attention in other directions by trying to focus on something else but in the end that crow only gets bigger and you got a more crow in the end and so i call these people mentally impaired by their emotions and they have lost any objectivity and let me just let me and stuff over for construct let me offer a dissent go ahead allan jump in go ahead. let me if offer a dissenting view let me offer a dissenting view on this i don't think it's as much about ideology as it is about money i think that c.n.n. looked at fox and said fox is making a fortune is doing much better than we are because they're presenting a narrative although it's
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a much more nuanced narrative if we want to make money and sell soap the best thing we can do is present completely one sided so if you're in i turn to c.n.n. you'll get it all day twenty four seven that is a business decision that has been made and it tells you what's going on in this country it's also has it's. you know routings on the new york yankees or the boston red sox. that's right ok we don't want you at all and based on william let's let's elevate it shocks and the yankees ok go ahead we'll go jump in william going ok i'm just saying ok there's also another aspect to this if they can create this rush to get to the point where they can create a new cold war that means trillions of dollars you're absolutely right money is a driver b. and a lot of this ok let me go back to the mental impairment i gae gree i think there is that both are true but let me go back to alan in miami do you find it really disturbing that you have former heads of the intelligence services talking heads on
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amnesty on c.n.n. and m s n b c because it seems like a marriage of the intelligence community and the media because it's very obvious to me that they they were getting their talking point where it's actually i don't know where they got their talking much but it's certainly a circular an environment ok where you leak something to the media the media ask you about it and you confirm it i mean again going back to the weapons of mass destruction in two thousand prior to two thousand and three here i find it very unhealthy that the media is actually injected these type of people into their opinion forms go ahead alan. look there are some that are better than some that are worse what worries me is when you have the former head of the cia expressing views the viewer thinks he must know more than they do exactly has access exactly had access to the deepest of our intelligence the same thing was true with comi when he wrote his book he just left the f.b.i. you don't write a book when you just left the f.b.i.
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or the cia and use material that you learned in a confidential way it also misleads the viewer in the listener into thinking that their expertise should give them more credibility well we now learn from brennan well he was given bad information and he gave the american public very bad conclusions i like brown and i think he's a nice guy i met him when he was director of the cia but i do think he would have been better off remaining silent for at least five years after he finished his job in the obama cia and i think the same thing is true with comi silence can be golden when you've had access to major major secrets and then you use that access to present an expertise that either isn't there or if it's there you shouldn't be sharing it with the american public is it based on classified material exactly let's go back to doug and washington we're told that they're going to continue we have. congressional committees on to the can the gavel of the of the democrats
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they're going to continue these investigations here do you think people are going to give them much credibility after this nothing burger that was. served up to the public here with such high expectations i mean i i watch clip after clip you know person after person on on c.n.n. an m.s.i. me say that saying that there's going to be indictments indictments indictments indictments ok and they're all going to go back to work they're probably at work right now and they're going to start on these new investigations is it going to cut . cut much mustard with the public doug i don't think it will. surprised the way things are falling into place for donald trump but i think that's why nancy pelosi is kind of pulling your punches right now for syria want to me the most egregious moment is when the president the united states is a summit talking with a north korean communist leader who threaten japan australia which many people don't pay any attention to and the united states with nuclear weapons and here is
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the national media with the split screen showing a man who had been convicted of perjury testifying again against trump to me that i mean you're putting at risk your country your children your people of nuclear warrior sending the signal to the kim jong loon we're on your side buddy just cool it you'll get what you want if you just play it cool i felt that was horrendous the boy and you know i agree with all the both of you and now and it certainly is about money and that's always first and foremost here but let me go to william here they would rather see this president fail in foreign policy endeavors they would rather see him fail even if it hurts the country i mean this is what we have gotten to this is what this media has done go ahead williams. yeah that's basically what happened with the helsinki conference that the president had with putin and president putin i mean that's when rosen thank ame out with this indictment the
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friday before just before the weekend conference they had it and the same issue as well time to divert the attention away from any foreign policy that he was trying to develop so i you know and rosenstein put out a document that claimed a lot of things but produced evidence that was not from n.s.a. or documented or did nor did he have control of the evidence that came from i'm sure crowd strike a third party someone who had access to the d.n.c. servers that that to me said that this is not admissible evidence in a court of law because they could not show continuous control of the evidence ok gentlemen i'm sure the law still are used at the dirt but they still used it here and i really hope it will do an episode on just what happened with the defrauding of that pfizer court and they of course the dossier that's all the time we have gentlemen many thanks to my guest in washington and in miami and thanks to our viewers for watching us here in r.t.c.
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you next time and remember. when else seem wrong. just don't call. me. yet to see. just to come at you. and it jean schmidt equals betrayal. when somebody find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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so you can on the phone lines smoke fight don't make a name for them it might come up on the front of the influence november unless some concepts get a. lot of fun but ultimately they just i think that. she will use it was you make the. most out of your share in. general but from the sun on my book you go to the british course there's enough of them stuff. i mean the guys who are not in the closet don't want in the long term. if. it's ok. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going
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to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and i saw one on t.v. . i'm going to talk about football not feet or else you can think i was going to go. by the way what is it that fly here. you know world of big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream. media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now for
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watching closely watching the hawks. fall between the us media and the president from. the long awaited going to reports including there is no evidence of conspiring with the kremlin. it will look a little bit here but the only thing mistaking these pipeline is being built strictly according to it's a sad deal. that the side where the north stream to gas pipeline is expected to make landfall in germany construction work is in full swing and sideways though and it's a good pressure on the jet also to come to school in the west bank is raided by israeli soldiers but children and held at gunpoint. and the second most.


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