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it's. funny. because i was going on the phone one mo by don't make a name for the maid and. go on the way schmidt came from memphis machine but if. this is the. put me in the middle of. the song. it's not that big of the last thing they. need to get. people. want to slow down to those. concerns about another side because. one of the stone in charge of theological column on film if one wants.
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christian one is. welcome to the circus. so we're now going into what we call the good of science and some good means flower or some mean storm. means flowers that can grow even on storms. the circus country which is located in afghanistan but i think is very different than. that of the rest of arkansas and. barrett from denmark because one of the founders of the couple circus which is barely big.
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that of the average afghan backyard. in afghanistan things everything is designed made organized. so adult decides i don't think. i don't know what is the right thing his office is . now we are practicing for. one of the very big shows we do a lot of shows in schools on different places but the big shows takes of course a longer time to practice for a lot of long. was a label. that was. close no. we made this and. two years ago after we had to move from a place that was new to the parliament and there was
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a rocket that was coming directly into our compound. the circus artist most the book is also one of the coaches his goal is to popularise performing arts in afghanistan so he and his friend often go out onto the streets to practice practice to be out. there that are there for to. enjoy a lot of what's become a young mother and for them to show. the strength of the families in the media don't believe them. good because of. the. current. global you know if. you look below but it.
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i mean they got the word that in the hopes that the. danger make the. cut all bust why you notice that there's only been in the c.e.o. who says i was a bus or didn't i guess when did i deny the us. that . they are. there just look it's only been a month or so. left because some new jersey of the pacific the goodness of god there make the number doesn't make it doesn't. look like you are if they will look the mission but to get on with their own was the best thirty first at a local simular to get a. book a high school student robbia teaches the children all she knows about the circus
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and she knows more than most she doesn't intend to become a professional circus performer herself she wants to be a doctor now and then i gave her one volume mission the thought that as each one of the learned us. mothers would make any initial work of. its mother there is indium edamame an investment that he could buy more than a sheet of and my family can eat. it although i think. that as a ploy an issue of the family. if it does but. still feel a. better person prof rush hour in there are others if you measure them by a judge at night and then resume. but. on . what is important in this place is that this time. we. it has again
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a simple leaning one is that we need some high to juggle both high and there are two john that is for me it's also because what is important is that you need the most guy you need the whole world. to develop yourself so if you're in a small room small things can happen if you're in a big space big things can happen and what we do here is making big things happen so that's the goal of this place. this is working on a given you have a balance without the picking the strength you can work with this one. a big show is approaching and robbie is practicing a new act walking the tightrope. while the good the good but that if you take it on
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. google because. it's also written to the wrong since it was when. i read your book that was the medium for the. family. when all. we saw who was. another symbol of the possibility of the company. commander says a lot of confidence in november has been well served as interviewed on. the fly but the film was one of the much from us of us from. my race is over for a moment from. the resettle refugee camps around kabul and three times a week and robbie a visit the local children with other coaches to teach circus arts they like to say they're looking for flowers between the stones and they invite. the most talented
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that they find to join them with parental permission of course. much more from the family from. that remark which i hold from iraq was. very much of how fashion i'll put on like a hamburger i was. just going to jail because. i didn't. feel like. i'm going to let me. cut. to. fit and be able to have yet.
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to keep busy. busy. busy busy. i get the flu. shot it doesn't show. because they've got me just a moment. of the morning i am a place that is just going to sit with you just to move on but you do for a recording of a moment you're. about played with after company but surely there must come by the man joe coming up so that after i say stuff it's a great family yet. i manage. a lot of fun in the company i did use but again it's got a limited. number of a whole political backup. but i didn't know your today would be you know but don't
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assume messages are bad and not that. sherman knew you mention me well let me ask you because you were the third on the. phone to see our forces now. and they are met as. soon as it is. because i never thought that of authentic and.
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this self-taught performer practices in his backyard on the outskirts of kabul with the sound of explosions in the background he searches the internet for ideas and his only audience his father and two brothers just just don't use them that we do have been and we have been of them for the mixing kind of dimension. he said. and we know it and it's all means by that bios if there are few better for made. up that they could be get. out of. the budget get offended. there by the hook fish fish. interest dreams of joining a real circus and after hearing about the flowers and stones he wanted to show them his act. day in day out some of them a. day in chile a lot of new stuff. up. you know. they.
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just simple fits. all model of yours if. not among. us on a charge about what i do in the hope that in the letter because i'm. not so much i'm. johnny about subject is what i think about stuff that's up with us and yeah i got a form of. after crossing the border into circus stunt interests finds himself in an afghanistan he's never seen before. but not. in the least and for most of us are doesn't know that we'll ever.
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breaks it count. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. the. ukrainian presidential elections are just days away but a quarter of eligible voters still don't know who to support with thirty nine candidates in the race is the choice to broaden the hops to contradict it.
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well it was for the right ones will be you know and for the. what is it another saloon you're not. even good. for. the self-taught performers routine calls is quite the stuff. that someone. who wants to be demolished ever done for. the children.
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then you must put it that you had to get a. job. built. right not all the time. yet. but i'm. going to have i don't respect. idris came hoping to be a student but now he's a teacher a satisfying result. doubt. which is going to be an issue. in. classes not. the flowers among stones put on a twenty five to thirty minute before most for schoolchildren. they're also busy
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preparing a big show to be staged in the city which will be roughly the same duration. any event longer than half an hour could be dangerous. and i was. just close enough to that it does you know listen we're not live in the ghetto yet but they're wise to duck. problem the difference. is that this. president. says that number of the good. by law may come off the.
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bush that is so see them in the last one i can't i can't make. them if accustomed was it but i must you got on well i don't call them god national but oklahoma. because the mission. was a mission from god this time made this pledge a mission plagued and maybe more. so. suddenly got a mess to get in. did you. see the boys making a human pyramid i mean standing on the childless shoulders they need to trust each other you cannot make a human pyramid. unless you trust the pop know who is standing on your shoulder. you know afghanistan is in this country it's very important. to do what we do
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by having boys and girls practicing and having fun together. is of course a challenge and i think that's one of our biggest successes in all these many years . we managed to do that in a completely cultural corrects way facilities from a nearby refugee camp to train is tell us that hose is a very common story here in afghanistan. groups none of them live on the mental none of them bothered to look to mother to phone assume was to follow his own little this was a little slow cause you know that you need lots of others to to to make a new set of this committee that decides on the little. son of god i was the other one but on my father's will move the other the animated me other them out of me that lit up this colossal god made of the most hideous to me the bottom line yes also has some feathers i would much as people made out of ideas made them out of.
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the book that i would. give them which i don't know the fact that it's not me. but i. made him. come to visit facilis parents. with whom i wasn't. sure. but a very good of. all that i was never more than their friends that yeah. we were. i actually i actually had been cornered by them on going to.
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my meet up and so. on leave them to join us on but it's also that he was a judge so that was one of those economic shock my son must do much of by the man she called me your maid and. she really was you make the most. of the mortgages and there you go. well first i mean some of the time. for us fights. but i graphed i figure i want to be. a good. friend. after all most often i still are so strong i still need a yes or. no that feminism if i'm going to get that hard to get them i was only going to find that i'm just going to. make it look like i'm going to meet. god rest.
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his own never seem to remember the first posting of the past because of all of them and. no one those are. really just missing. the fun i think i met in my tummy for the name i thought they might be a great pleasure but do not let my feet up and i love them if item while. my dad plays them could please him what. could he. should have put them down but i found plenty to get on the phone but. after hearing what. i had to say facilis father does allow me to go back to the circus meanwhile bradbury's perfecting her new tightrope act and adding a few refinements. that you know i never did. love my life
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that i'm was. looking for someone doesn't look good but i'm not going to. be. the five most famous for love. i. thought i was scared b. didn't go hard on me that i wouldn't cause it was a good beginning come up on the rise with the thought of a much better. project about this and all that but the way that i did i did i don't know back if i'm wrong but nobody. else. was. doing this. looks. like. the cost of young performers is always changing more people want to join circus land than it can possibly cope with new applicants have to auditions for
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a place this time the a forty hopeful candidates. tell us though. the turn of any. clip yeah i miss you my. little funny thing. i. fall off i do off live on the i love the look of all of them look at me going in before you have goodness i was never known among the republican civil government. i was. you. know not meeting the mark of a feminist. there are roughly a. third. of the forty children who try out almost half a select those lucky ones are now citizens of so the cell phone software.
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side of. this you know i'm a little who doesn't know what. i thought of. and saw. a show called local. bus ride matangi not make an impact there's men on board those taught them to not put on john make them. the big show in a couple park almost has to be canceled earlier in the morning the taliban shot down a helicopter and for a province and it around midday a suicide bomber blew himself up by the gates of a prison in kabul. but it came a small it was almost more back than almost all but almost normal and you have a moment of an office and have a much more fun in the better now for our future but if there's information on that . question for. the how i
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feel. for you personally couldn't be any better but we get there you know how to get it up but. no but i got that up a. little bit this a little you followed a couple of notes point but i must ask a question because but just in spite of the tension the young artists are determined that the show must go on because each performance is a festive occasion and there are a precious few of those in kabul. this is the improvement you know still not. everyone is slightly on edge in kabul big crowds often become targets for terrorist attacks. which is why the show cones run longer than often alec. fissionable this is a little of this of course but nearly. all of them got.
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a living in the city where you are going to go without a permit well it doesn't really get me because the local minima the public is going to come up to what. people really want to spend money to animal by lot of. legal. you don't know what the make up of the stuff but you know. if. i feel.
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like. hitler was going to touch a. bit. run down. the line and that's the first time that the public. believes that. the number soon lose such a loser to the movie. was. often just half an hour the sound of gunfire echoes once again around kabul and yet another huge explosion shakes the city living a. pressure
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gate to your circus or nightmare take your pick is seemingly settled trump says he's been exonerated but the political left in much of the media do not concur where do we go from here and will the investigators be investigated. the private companies that have got a lot of v.c. venture capital funding are ready to go public this year i saw the last they're all going out of forty fifty sixty seventy billion dollars valuation so the prediction here is that it will be the end of this cycle you're going to have a like two thousand and one style crash and mass dagg due to the fact that there's nothing to support the valuations of these companies and no doubt it very quickly well will crash. as
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a tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implement from the inside but in this way the things look different we're going to announce sanctions against the troll is to venezuela associate. in the school of a son of the moment those who flew in that outpost and political battle song moon at the. moment the focus of the who story isn't new nixon called in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated in latin america. terms of economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make. the chilean economy scream so once in a cone of the of venezuela screed.
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right yes to get out. the all options are open. just so you understand all options are off. russia needs to get out of the venezuelan president from tells moscow warning all options are on the table. announces that she will resign but not before she delivers briggs it. the war between the us media and president trump rages on despite the long awaited report concluding there is no evidence of conspiring with the kremlin. and a school in the west bank is raided by israeli soldiers with children as young as just ten held at gunpoint.


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