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he. rushes to get out. the all options are open. just so you understand call options or a. president tells moscow warning that all options are on the table. british prime minister theresa may announces that she will resign but not before she delivers brags that. the war between the us media and president trump rages on despite in the long awaited moeller report concluding there is no evidence of conspiring with the kremlin. and a school in the west bank is raided by israeli soldiers with children as young as ten held at gunpoint. in the said this has shown.
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the president has said that russia needs to get out of venezuela warning that all options are on the table the threat comes after around one hundred russian troops had touched down in caracas on saturday a move called an unnecessary provocation by washington who rushed us to get out. of the sea we'll see we'll see all options are open. just so you understand all options are on. moscow has already responded to trump's threat by offering the u.s. to take the lead and it takes its troops out of syria he's joined me earlier earlier discuss this with my colleague this is a very touchy when it comes to venezuela who could have thought right so here's
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what happened and what sent washington basically fallout grow over the weekend russia had sent about eight hundred of its military personnel over to caracas and this is exactly what triggered washington this is exactly what triggered the united states they called it a provocation now you have trump saying that russia should get out of venezuela right now here's what trumps the national security adviser john bolton had to say in regards of this have a listen united states will not tolerate hostile foreign military powers meddling with the western hemisphere's shared goals of democracy security and the rule of law the venezuelan military must stand with the people of venezuela so really you can see how washington really views venezuela as its own backyard where it's free to do whatever it wants really so for instance when washington cherry picks a president it likes for venezuela forget the elections it's fine when russia sends
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its military personnel there advisors for instance that's a big no no sorry i don't want to love it just the only that did seem pretty thick united states won't tolerate foreign military powers meddling let's move it on though what was moscow officially had to say about that well has been saying that nothing out of the ordinary really is happening here it's been pointing to the found that more school and caracas has an agreement struck all the way back in two thousand and one that allows moscow to send a small contingent not of its combat troops but military advisors to with the country to venezuela and in fact there are well there are good reasons for that i should say because venezuela has historically been a major customer of russia's were. pins of russian made weapons many of them are very elaborate and it is difficult to use them so that's why military advisers why that's why it's natural for them to come to the country and teach the venezuelan military the ropes of how to operate these complex systems like the s three hundred
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for instance and to missile defense systems now when it comes to the crisis in venezuela as a whole most core is maintaining that it has been acting in strict accordance with international law in fact it says that its position is one of the key factors of why washington hasn't intervened in venezuela more than it already has done also it has said that washington's position on this has basically denied latin american countries its sovereignty have a listen the u.s. has once again decided to bring order to latin america starting with venezuela we regret that the organization of american states has aided washington in strengthening its colonial habits as if unaware that any other country in the region getting touring fall under u.s. pressure and i mean any other country in this sense i mean it's not an empty not a thread but not an empty warning in this sense because previously washington had
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already sees that it has cuba nicaragua on its regime change list so with i mean there's good ground for that to. be a political commentator and a journalist john why those russian troops in venezuela send a powerful message to washington. this is just further evidence or an interest. in the same week as a trump administration or legally recognized the illegally occupied syrian golan heights is really so that it is you know it's issuing diktats against russia or did it to. act in accordance with the treaty that it was the system government of israel the legitimate government of venezuela. theresa lake in president nicolas maduro under the country's existing constitutions even though there's only one hundred russian troops in military advisors in venezuela just arrived at the weekend there symbolically it sends a very powerful message because this is a new development in twitter and multiple oddities
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a new game in town multiple out of tape exists for the washington links to accept or not and the fact that these military advisers are operating in conjunction with the now i in latin america which the u.s. has long considered its body out and we know that the u.s. especially this trip administration believes that venezuela is a wholly owned subsidiary of washington and then again a sense of eighty powerful message very strong message and i think washington is ready what he that both the symbolism of these russian advisors are writing in venezuela more than the out about what size of forces or capability. meanwhile venezuela's opposition leader has announced that the first the actions of the new opposition planned president nicolas maduro will start on the sixth of april however one guardo did not specify what the actions would entail his words come in the wake of a second major power outage in the country. and the venezuelan government thinks it knows who is behind the blackout with the country's vice president naming the u.s.
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secretary of state mike pompei o national security advisor john bolton and republican senator marco rubio or as she dubbed the trio of misfortune per various city and criminality. the first city. on monday much of venezuela remained without electricity just two weeks after a similar blackout local media claims that up to sixteen of twenty three states were affected including the capital caracas many people were unable to go to work as public transport was not working. i usually leave three in the morning and today i had to leave at five am it's not worth going out when it's dark because you're going to be wrong to. have to go because there is almost no public transport and yesterday it took me two hours to walk home from work so it was an act of sabotage by so squalid treacherous thank to their president quite oh. the
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uncertainty that currently exists makes you question what you buy as you just don't know whether what you are buying will be a waste without electricity. communications minister jorge rodriguez has uploaded pictures and videos of a damaged power station saying that opposition linked criminals intentionally started a fire to sabotage the system. the u.n. security council is meeting. tonight at syria's request it comes in response to u.s. president donald trump's official recognition of israeli sovereignty over the golan heights a disputed area on the border with syria trumps announcement was greeted with dismay in some quarters the u.n. stresses that the status of the golan heights has not changed while the e.u. says it does not recognize israel sovereignty over the region syria lebanon turkey and russia have condemned the u.s. is decision. to discuss this further we are crossing live to rick
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sterling who is an investigative journalist thanks for being with us rick as always good to hear your thoughts on these sorts of matters. so my pump a.o. says that this move could have a positive impact on pact on the resolution of the conflict between israel and the palestinians most of the arab and muslim world seem pretty angry. talk about the. well it's not it's not just the end of the muslim world it was just listening to the to the who were to be at the united nations lot the u.n. security council and it appeared to be i didn't hear every statement but traditional allies including that u.k. old you know. qatar kuwait. they're all criticizing this decision from the decision that ministrations so it seems to be.
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pretty much universally being criticized as the undermining of. international law and even that you won't surrender well the u.n. position on the golan heights remains the same and does not recognize the annexation and believes that the u.s. action contravenes previous security council resolutions within the security council meeting up on this and now what outcome can we expect anything substantive or just the usual rhetoric i think it's it's probably going to be the usual rhetoric unfortunately i don't know if there's a going to be a resolution put forward or not we'll learn that in the coming hours but the statements are traditional allies like the u.k. it being very critical of the u.s. position on here is a significant. it's a trend in the increasing isolation of the united states which it's getting cozy
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with israel but it's. seems to be little by little dorothy from its traditional european allies. some have speculated that this could be setting the stage for israel to also annex some or even all of the west bank which it sees in the same one nine hundred sixty seven war do you think that that's a possibility. i think it is in fact i was reading some israeli media that day and they're hinting at that and of course the the most extreme right wing forces in in israel have been calling that report for for a long time so it's just a step by step the probe and ministration is the early embed with the the the far right in israel and it is effectively undermining international law the united nations security council resolutions which were passed unanimously including by with the united states both in one thousand nine hundred
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one and in one nine hundred sixty seven so little by little that trumpet ministration is is showing itself if we talk about a rogue regime of course the united states declares that iran is a rogue regime the evidence seems to point the other way around it's the united states that seems to be operating in a and in the manner of a rogue regime undermining international law all right and briefly the tensions between israel and palestine have been escalating since the u.s. announcement do you expect further aggravation of the conflict. i think i do in fact a year ago we were hoping that the conflict in syria would be winding down well some people were thinking no there's going to be a long way to go unfortunately the forces that promoted that conflict do not want to see it won't wind down and. so there is the possibility of an.
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increase i mean that's one of the things that. the united nations were to the u.n. security council were saying was that this is going to instead be increasing regional stability it's undermining the ability which seems to be the mood of the operation that is the m.o. the national security adviser to. consistently oh no no. unfortunately with that we do have time constraints but sterling investigative journalist always interesting to hear thought some day i just want to grab a beer and talk about this kind of stuff for hours upon entering a very early right you know what we there's a lot more to be said about you and i'm sure. i'm sure thanks a lot all right rick sterling but all right the tensions between israel and palestine have been escalating since the u.s. announcement as we just mentioned the israel defense forces said that air raid
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sirens were sounding in the south of israel on wednesday not far from gaza israel has deployed tanks and troops along its border with gaza after two days of growing tensions on monday a rocket attack reportedly injured seven people near tel aviv in retaliation israel carried out air strikes on key hamas targets including the office of the head of the palestinian organization. right meanwhile in the west bank classes at one school were interrupted by a raid from israeli soldiers and one ten year old student says a loaded gun was aimed at his head here's the story. your biblical above the rain the sudden change.
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i mean the last. but this. is the final. shot here. most of the inside discussion. for one other will support a new version of the. point is that in the. music to. mean that stuff and i don't. mean any kind of subject i would have. been into the.
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bottle. for such i'm going to force you to give to us that affordable. why did the goodness of the sword and the shirt off. are we asked the israel defense forces to comment on this incident they told us all proper procedures were followed and that none of the students were arrested. almost one thousand palestinian children were reportedly arrested by israel last year according to the defense for children non-governmental organization fifty six children were also killed by israeli forces in two thousand and eighteen that is more than one child a week the vast majority were killed by live ammunition the ngo quotes witnesses stating that children were unarmed and posed no threat. now the
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debacle in the british parliament with m.p.'s rejecting all eight alternative options to the prime minister's deal the details after a break this is. you know world of big. and conspiracy it's time to wait to dig deeper to hit the stories that made the stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. with.
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public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final. we can all middle of the room sit. back as are two international and u.k. lawmakers have spent the day debating eight whole turn out of baghdad options including the possibility of a no deal brags that alongside approving the statutory instrument of it changes the braggs it day m.p.'s voted against all eight options artie's i sally has more.
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just an indication of how divided parliament is and how divided the country here in the united kingdom really is on the question of bragg's with all of these choices eight of them they really contained the full spectrum of choices from leaving with no deal to revoking article fifty completely and overturning bragg's it and not one of those options or any of them in between managed to secure a majority within the house of commons department to deal with the european union the one she's agreed with just twice been rejected by record margins by the house of commons and we also hear earlier this evening that the prime minister to resign partners in government the northern irish party that the they've come out and said again that they won't be supporting the prime minister because for them it challenges the integrity of the united kingdom so there are some who are saying that if parliament doesn't have the numbers well then that needs to be another general election to try to clear up this mess and to find
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a majority for one option or the other and not factually the favored position of the labor leader charlie kaufman who continues to be confident that he could win and the future election but all eyes now will turn to potentially friday and whether or not the speaker of the house will allow the prime minister to bring her back for a third time and as they say perhaps it will be time lucky for to resume a treason a has confirmed she will step down as u.k. prime minister once she has delivered the brags that downing street says she made the announcement at a closed door meeting with fellow conservative party m.p.'s are honest to see if you're going to has more. helvetica recent me having said that she would be willing to step down after her deal gets accepted and bracks it is sort of coming in to shape the way she had intended it all along and theresa may has been meeting with the nine hundred twenty two committee which is a parliamentary group of the conservative party at the house of commons where she
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has revealed that she would be ready to go after her deal is accepted i'm prepared to leave this job earlier than i intended in order to do what is right for our country and our party i ask everyone in this room to back the deal so we can complete our historic duty to deliver on the decision of the british people and leave the european union with a smooth and orderly process well we have already seen reaction from opposition party leader jeremy corbyn to this latest announcement he has tweeted this in response to what the prime minister has announced to reason may's pledge to turin peace to stand down if they vote for her deal shows once and for all the brig's that negotiations have been about party management not principles or the public interest the change of government won't be a tourist job the people must decide well this idea of theresa may potentially
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leaving if her deal is in the end except it has been circulated here in westminster for quite some time with rumors going around about the possibility of her doing this in order to gather the necessary numbers for her deal to be backed i mean of course you remember that this is the same deal that was turned down twice at the house of commons the way it was agreed with the e.u. in the latest deadline extension if to rescind may's deal does get approved in the end the bracks the deadline is now may twenty second so any major political changes would be taking place afterwards. the full report of u.s. special counsel robert muller's a probe into alleged collusion between donald trump and russia will be made public in the coming weeks trump calls the investigation a disgrace. thank you very much darren you're going to know we records from. this should never have to approach it. allow that to take on the
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right it is better it should know what. joke you get out of it i mean. the report is said to contain secret grand jury material which is not usually made public meanwhile trump stepped up his war against what he calls the fake news media accusing them of staging a witch on charges. comments now on claims that the us media made during the two years of the miller investigation. pick any year before two thousand and six staying in this book and imagine someone back then touting the idea that people from here helped someone settle in here and began using him as a puppet or their agent honestly that someone would right away get labeled as a conspiracy theorist the u.s. attorney general has just made it clear to the people in here the whole collusion
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story pretty much amounts to conspiracy let's hear from the people who for more than two years were trying to give you the impression that collusion is not a conspiracy at all our job is to bring facts to light others make determinations about prosecutable criminal offenses will not investigate this were journalists now rules two were pulled the facts as we know them which is exactly what we did pardon . facts as we they know them that little phrase could actually explain all we've been through with american news trump and russia what if instead of looking for facts to tell a story based on these facts the guys held on to a story so tight they tried to come up. with facts to fit it remember all the bombshells borne out of facts from sources which nobody knew who the hell they were
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buzz feed for one reported robert miller had e-mail and testimony proof that mr trump had made his ex lawyer michael cohen lie to congress about all the alleged trump tower in russia dealings a bombshell new report from buzz feed news certainly explosive reporting and without question this is a big one and it is breaking news perhaps major breaking news what makes this a fact probably a good smell of the collusion bombshell gunpowder and the credibility of the sources. my sources are solid this reporting is accurate even back then when mr miller who barely said a word while he was still at work worried into explained a story was rubbish here's another big one that was based on what sources claimed donald trump's campaign chief she quit the met with whistleblower turned kremlin
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geek as someone put it anyway julian assange how does this bombshell impact the collusion part of the probe the list of stuff that was supposed to make president trump shiver and put robert miller into razor sharp mode was quite long the russians said that we had they had information that could help the campaign clinton dossier firm also supplied information used in meeting of russians prompting komi it was truly time to make the case that muller should investigate the circumstances of the counties with the president to determine if a crime was committed what we don't know is whether there was some quid pro quo whether there to what extent it involved the president. and exactly what the knowledge of was in the trunk campaign about whatever benefit they were getting from russia the final result. you already know it there is no smoking gun between shawn and the russian federation so at this point we have to say that these people
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that want to talk about their still being russian coup luzhin and all these things are conspiracy theories they have no evidence all the evidence that has been presented point so war the opposite actually being true there is no conspiracy or collusion or anything like that although it is common knowledge conspiracy theorists could never care less about official probes i don't need them on the report to know he's a traitor i have the t.v. . all right you're watching out international be back with more news in let's say thirty two and a half minutes that was. going
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to. come from. breaks it killed joan. ca's private companies that have got a lot of v.c. venture capital funding are ready to go public this year i saw the last they're all going out at forty fifty sixty seventy billion dollars valuation so the prediction here is that it will be the end of this cycle you're going to have a like two thousand and one style crash announced back due to the fact that there's
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nothing to support the valuations of these companies and very quickly will crash. i. didn't really. think i was. feeling. sick.
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because so you can on the phone one don't make a name for the moment and. go on the most meds in columbus motion but if. it's something. put me in the middle i must go that they've got it off the pedal. with us i've got to get the last live. to get i. want to song it to those kids to shred the blue zones of out another side of the us because. of one of the stone in charge. of them if one wants.


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