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i think. russia has to get out. the all options are open. just so you understand all options are on. moscow must go that is president trumps position following the arrival of russian troops in venezuela warning that all options are on the table. british prime minister says she will resign or is willing to at least but not before she delivers. us the council meets at syria's request following u.s. official recognition of israeli sovereignty over the golan heights a disputed area on the border with syria. my country's government considers this decision as
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a unilateral statement it has neither political nor legal authority the golan heights either it would be even heard of sovereign territory. broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is art international i'm sean thomas glad to have you with us. the president has said russia needs to get out of venezuela warning that all options are on the table the threat comes after around one hundred russian troops touched down in caracas on saturday a move called an unnecessary provocation by washington. post russia's to get out. will see we'll see we'll see all options are out. just so you understand all options are on. moscow has already responded to trump's threat by asking the u.s. to take the lead and remove its troops from syria earlier r.t.d.
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has done of joined my colleague neil harvey in the studio with more. well the u.s. is a very touchy when it comes to venezuela who could have thought right so here's what happened and what sent washington basically fallout grow over the weekend russia had sent about eight hundred of its military personnel over to caracas and this is exactly what triggered washington this is exactly what triggered the united states they called it a provocation now you have trump saying that russia should get out of venezuela right now here's what trumps the national security adviser john bolton had to say in regards of this have a listen united states will not tolerate hostile foreign military powers meddling with the western hemisphere's shared goals of democracy security and the rule of law the venezuelan military must stand with the people of venezuela so really you can see how washington really views venezuela as its own backyard where it's free
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to do whatever it wants freely so for instance one washington cherry picks the president it likes for venezuela forget the elections it's fine when russia sends its military personnel their advisors for instance that's a big no no that's. just the only they did seem pretty thick the united states won't tolerate foreign military powers meddling let's move it on though what's moscow fishley had to say about that well has been saying that nothing out of the ordinary really is happening here it's been pointing to the fact that more school and caracas has an agreement struck all the way back in two thousand and one that allows moscow to send a small contingent not of its combat troops but military advisors to with the country to venezuela and in fact there are well there are good reasons for that i should say because venezuela has historically been a major customer of russia. as weapons of russian made weapons many of them are very elaborate and it is difficult to use them so that's why military advisers
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that's why it's natural for them to come to the country and teach the venezuelan military the ropes of how to operate these complex systems like the s three hundred for instance the missile defense systems now when it comes to the crisis in venezuela as a whole most corps is maintaining that it has been acting in strict accordance with international law in fact it says that its position is one of the key factors why washington hasn't intervened in venezuela more than it already has done also it has said that washington's position on this has basically denied latin american countries its sovereignty have a listen the u.s. has once again decided to bring order to latin america starting with venezuela we regret that the organization of american states has aided washington in straightening its colonial habits as if unaware that any other country in the region getting touring fall under u.s.
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pressure and i mean any other country in this sense i mean it's not an empty not a thread but not an empty warning in this sense because previously washington had already sees that it has cuba nicaragua on its regime change list so with i mean there's good ground for that to our political commentator and journalist john why it's russian troops in venezuela so they powerful message to washington. there's just further evidence of an empire that's entered its mad ok's in the same week as a trump a ministration it legally recognized the illegally occupied city in golan heights israeli soldier intended to be no decision diktats against russia for the day to act in accordance with a treaty that it can spend with the sustained government of israel the legitimate government of venezuela the trace of a key president nicolas maduro under the country's existing constitutions even
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though there's only a hundred russian troops and military advisers in venezuela just arrived at the weekend there symbolically it sends a very powerful message because this is a new development in twitter and multiple oddities a new game in town multiple out of tape exists for the washington links to accept or not and the fact that these military advisers are operating in conjunction with the now i in latin america which the u.s. has long considered its body out and we know that the u.s. especially this trumpet ministration believes that venezuela is a wholly owned subsidiary of washington and then it again sends a very powerful message very strong message and i think washington is very worried about the symbolism of these russian advisors right and eventually a lot more than the out about what size of forces or capability. meanwhile venezuela's opposition leader has announced the first actions of the new opposition plan to oust president nicolas maduro will start on the sixth of april however did not specify what the actions would entail his words come in the wake of
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a second major power outage in the country the venezuelan government thinks it knows who is behind the blackout with the country's vice president naming the u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe national security advisor john bolton and republican senator mark rubio or as she dubbed them the trio of misfortune perversity and criminality on monday much of venezuela remained without electricity just two weeks after a similar blackout local media claims that up to sixteen of twenty three states were affected including the capital caracas many people were unable to go to work as public transport was not working at the time. just like i usually leave it three in the morning today i had to leave at five am it's not worth going out when it's dark because you're going to be wrong to. have to go because there is almost no public transport and yesterday it took me two hours to walk home from work so it
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was an act of sabotage by so squalid treacherous thank to their president quite oh . but he said the uncertainty that currently exists makes you question what you buy as you just don't know whether what you are buying will be a waste without electricity. communications minister jorge rodriguez has uploaded pictures and videos of a damaged power station saying that the opposition led to criminal criminals intentionally started a fire to sabotage the system. switching gears now the un security council met on wednesday at syria's request cullen heights a disputed area on the border with syria. this decision is of critical critical strategic and security importance to the state of israel and the u.s. believes it can contribute to stability the decision by the united states to recognize israeli suffering t. over the golan heights is in contravention of security council resolution four nine
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seven. sidesteps not only one of the norms of international law but also the security council resolution is concerned that this unilateral decision not only complicates the prospect to find an egg comprehensive settlement in the middle east by police to instability in the region to look and what my country's government considers this decision as a unilateral statement that has neither helical nor legal authority to decide the destiny of another country's people and land this american move is dangerous and it represents the blind and unprecedented tendency of this administration to twist international with policies and humiliate the un and its resolutions and their golan heights either it will always be even heard of sovereign territory we thank the united states for the just the new story of population this there plague many others it has taken before shoulder their willingness of the united states to honor
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reality on the ground instead of recruiting ridge you know really it's undermining responsibility it seems to be. pretty much universally being criticized there's really undermining our. international our you know and even that you won't surrender i be the statements of traditional allies like the u.k. it being very critical of the u.s. position on here is a significant. trend in the increasing isolation of the united states which it's getting closely with israel but it. seems to be little by little the. still is traditional european. tensions between israel and palestine have been escalating since the u.s. announcement the israel defense forces said that air raid sirens were sounding in the south of israel on wednesday not far from gaza israel has deployed tanks and
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troops along its border with gaza after two days of growing tensions on monday a rocket attack reportedly injured seven people near tel aviv and retaliate in israel carried out air strikes on key hamas targets including the office of the head of the palestinian organization. meanwhile in the west bank classes at one school were interrupted by a raid from israeli soldiers one ten year old student said a loaded gun was aimed at his head here's the story. biblical above the rain the sudden change. what are some of the. issues. i mean the last to. buy this is clueless the financial.
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let me jump in here. most of the inside discussion. for one other little boy in the business of getting to the head the good. part is that hard enough. not. to care since the only. reason to. be in the us if another. guy didn't end up having had much more. work to put him into the. bottle. oh god none of those records.
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for medical. research are going to force you to give to us that affordable for. goodness or the surgeon to shut off. we asked of the israel defense forces to comment on this incident they told us all proper procedures were followed and that none of the students were arrest. almost a thousand palestinian children were reportedly arrested by israel last year according to the defense for children nongovernmental organization fifty six children were also killed by israeli forces in two thousand and eighteen and that is more than one child a week and i asked majority were killed by live ammunition the ngo quotes witnesses stating that the children were unarmed and posed no threat. other brags debacle in
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the british parliament with m.p.'s rejecting all eight alternative options to the prime minister's deal details after a short break through. ukrainian presidential elections just days away was a call to eligible voters still don't know who to support with thirty nine candidates in the race is the choice to broach. the subject to. private companies that have got a lot of p.c. venture capital funding are ready to go public this year i saw the last they're all going out of forty fifty sixty seventy billion dollars valuation so the prediction here is that it will be the end of this cycle you're going to. like two thousand
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and one style crash. due to the fact that there's nothing to support the valuations of these companies and very quickly. this is archie international and u.k. lawmakers have spent the day debating eight alternative bragg's it options including the possibility of a no deal bragg's it alongside approving the statutory instrument that changes the brakes a day and peace voted against all aid options which is i see how he has more. try to remind us sounds we've decided to do.
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i think the public will look at on these proceedings in. amazement it's. be completely been used by dogs has done all of these things even the c.d.'s for all of us and we have to deflate this house of commons just trying to find a way through the crisis over the last few months and we have feet of. course a very great disappointment that the house is not chosen to find a majority for any provision just an indication of how divided parliament is and how divided the country here in the united kingdom really is on the question of bragg's with all of these choices eight of them they really contain the full spectrum of choices from leaving with no deal to revoking all school fifty completely and overturning bragg's it and not one of those options or any of them in between managed to secure a majority within the house of commons the prime minister's deal with the european
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union the one she's agreed with then twice been rejected by record margins by the house of commons and we also hear earlier this evening that the prime minister to resign may have partners in government the northern irish party that the they've come out and said again that they won't be supporting the prime minister's deal because for them it challenges the integrity of the united kingdom so there are some who are saying that if parliament doesn't have the numbers well then that needs to be another general election to try to clear up this mess and to find a majority for one option or the other not far to the favored position of the labor leader join me corbin who continues to be confident that he could win and the future election but all eyes now will turn to potentially friday and whether or not the speaker of the house will allow the prime minister to bring her back for a third time and as they say perhaps it will be time lucky for. reason why it does simplify what's now on offer which really is exit in the european union as
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we've just heard with a deal or no deal at all that is now what's on offer and. pressurize a lot of the m.p.'s if theresa may can bring her deal back to the house which will be seen now as hugely important to do because actually that's going to be the only option other than leave in the european union with a heartbreaker. theresa may has confirmed she is prepared to step down as u.k. prime minister once she has delivered brags that downing street says she made the announcement at a closed door meeting with a fellow conservative party m.p.'s artes on associates reckon it has more. to have a theresa may having said that she would be willing to step down after her deal gets accepted and bracks it is sort of coming into shape the way she had intended it all along and theresa may has been meeting with the nine hundred twenty
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two committee which is a parliamentary group of the conservative party at the house of commons where she has revealed that she would be ready to go after her deal is accepted i'm prepared to leave this job earlier than i intended in order to do what is right for our country and our party i ask everyone in this room to back the deal so we can complete our historic duty to deliver on the decision of the british people and leave the european union with a smooth and. well we have already seen reaction from the opposition party leader jeremy corbyn to this latest announcement he has tweeted this in response to what the prime minister has announced to reason pledge to turin peace to stand down if they vote for her deal shows once and for all the chaotic brigs that negotiations have been about party management principles or the public interest the change of
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government won't be a tourist job the people must decide well this idea of theresa may potentially leaving if her deal is in the end except it has been circulated here in westminster for quite some time with rumors going around about the possibility of her doing this in order to gather the necessary numbers for her deal to be backed i mean of course you remember that this is the same deal that was turned down twice at the house of. harman's the way it was agreed with the e.u. in the latest deadline extension if to reset may's deal does get approved in the end the braggs the deadline is now may twenty second so any major political changes would be taking place afterward. jones a professor of economics at lancaster university in the u.k. says party politics have bound to theresa may sense the british approach to bruce it has been entirely governed by party politics and this is. to keep the
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conservative party together by proposing a kind of compromise arrangement that to some extent at least satisfy the hard line breaks it has and also the remain as some sort of briggs it was her own policy and since everything it's. all together there is meant that she's been. across the house of commons in order to try and get some support for a proposed. group of migrants rescued off the libyan coast have seized control of the merchant ship which saved the vessel is now reportedly heading north towards malta or italy and wednesday the turkish merchant vessel picked up over one hundred migrants however upon learning they will be returned to libya they decided to take over the ship and set course for europe the island nation of malta has already announced it will not allow the ship to dock and italian interior minister taro
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salvini has called the incident case of piracy. you know. it is the first case the first act of piracy of delinquency on the high seas with immigrants asking for help was who were rescued by this merchant ship flying a foreign flag six miles from tripoli they hijacked the freighter and saying no do not go south go north and then head north towards malta or lampedusa you know that these people will only see italian territorial waters through the telescope from far away they are not castaways they are pirates italy's coalition government has set a goal of curbing migration flows into the country while the european union has announced it will suspend maritime patrols that have rescued thousands of refugees and asylum seekers instead it plans air patrols and close coordination with libya which is the main starting point for refugees and migrants trying to cross the sea from north
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africa to europe. all right we can now go live to london metropolitan university senior research fellow george samueli thanks for being with us here on r t international. this is a bizarre situation this ship seizure seems to be a sign of the migrants coming from north africa are getting more desperate will europe have to change its response. well i think it's the the problem the europeans are going to have is that you have this very powerful forces within europe that are welcoming the migrants when we hear about the populous politicians and acts of the name or by the nationalists who are opposing the flow of migrants into europe but we don't really hear too much about the very powerful forces that are encouraging and welcoming the migrants and i mean the corporations that think for cheap labor and
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a very powerful human rights lobby that is always using these migrant crises in order to bash the europeans for this suppose that heartlessness but i mean why should europeans just simply make way for somebody else i mean you know europe is a very nice continent it's a nice civilization it can very quickly cease to be a nice continent in a nice civilization once the millions of migrants start pouring in so i guess it's hard to say with the europeans are going to know will prevail and stop this migrant flow or whether this will just go on uncontrollably now why is it that libya is the primary launching point for most migrants trying to cross the mediterranean. well it's very close to italy but it's also the because of the political chaos that has
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prevailed in libya since the nato intervention in two thousand and eleven and here we really need to look very carefully at who is really culpable for this migrant crisis first of all it's nato because nato attacked libya and gadhafi had been a very solid stable government and he said more than one more than one occasion that he is what standing behind him between europe and the massive migrant flow into europe and the europeans knew this and nato still went ahead and destroyed his government and even now once this chaos started nato has done nothing to safeguard europe's borders so one nato is endlessly. emitting hot air about the suppose of russian threat to poland or the russian threat to the baltics. does nothing to save europe from the real threat which is
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absolutely uncontrolled flow of migrants i mean and that's the most fundamental threat that europe is now facing more ages very interesting to hear thoughts i know that it's going to be interesting to see if the ship is allowed to dock anywhere or if they're going to be copycat situations hopefully we can call on you in the future to discuss it george samueli at london metropolitan university senior research fellow thanks. i don't doesn't for me i'll be back with more news at the top the hour watching our control we. put them so. big it accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. wanted. to go to the pros which is what before you know more
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people will. be interested in the waters of. course. gate to your circus or nightmare take your pick is seemingly settled says he's been exonerated but the political left in much of the media do not concur where do we go from here and will the investigators investigate. officer. told them to get up off the ground began to. hurt them freeze on the sounds of an mit grown man with misleading essentially. twisted away from the officer. of his group. the obviously did they kind of lunge for the web in one's midst and then when it happened on three swung as observations
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didn't you know i never saw any contact with. any kind of went back to where they were so the officers back here there again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and he returned three. greetings and salutation is as a famous french journalist and critic once wrote the more things change the more things remain the same well lock watchers here in the united states and surprisingly the republican press is having their usual privileged castro fee over a homosexual black man i'm not going to jail while the other side of the political fence the democrats press corps they're playing their favorite sunday afternoon pastime of moving the goalposts now that russia gate has blown up in their faces
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and once again lost in all of this right and left lunacy are issues important issues like the war in yemen now entering its fifth year the atrocities in this tragic conflict between the who the rebels and saudi arabian led coalition continue to mount this week the new york times reporting that the a hospital in yemen supported by save the children was hit tuesday by a deadly airstrike the charity officials blamed on the saudi led coalition an attack carried out on the war's or anniversary located about sixty miles from the city of saddam reports say that the coalition missiles struck a gas station just yards away from the hospital entrance and at least seven people were killed including four children children this latest attack ads even more tragedy and loss to a war that the united nations has called the world's worst manmade humanitarian disaster. but what my friends what is led us to this point re war entering into it's been the year that has killed thousands displaced millions and put an
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entire country on the brink of collapse still goes on without any real change in policy by the countries directly beating it. let's find out by watching the hawks. what. good looks like real that this would. be the bottom. like you that i got. with that we. would. be. welcome on the watching the hawks i am tired old winter and. five years training in yemen war has been going on about as long as we know.


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