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tv   Going Underground  RT  March 27, 2019 10:30pm-11:01pm EDT

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and. so i think the intelligence agencies were already pretty far down the credibility list but brennan is it's sort of the coup de gras you know if. he's really late throwing them in the trash i would agree i mean i think nobody can take these guys seriously it's all any body with their eyes open was it where that says lie all the time. and aren't to be ever trusted. does for me i'll be back with more news at the top of the hour you are watching our to international glad temples. we're going on the ground as members of britain's royal family finished
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a four day visit to cuba seemingly defying donald trump's ramped up economic war with a caribbean island infamous for opposing imperialism all around the world coming up on the show the editor in chief of wiki leaks defends his organization from allegations made by u.s. president donald trump's attorney general in his conclusions to congress summarizing the work of u.s. special counsel robert bora and the architect of the twenty fifteen paris agreement christiana figueres on claims of presaged a one hundred billion dollar investment in fossil fuels by the biggest energy multinationals on a all this i'm all coming up and today is going underground fast bricks it's certainly crowding out news of continued attempts by britain and the e.u. to overthrow the government of oil rich venezuela here is the president of the adam smith institute just before the e.u. arguably violated international law we will have a part to play. what must happen now is that the government must be replaced
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by a competent and responsible but what about responsibility here at home in britain because while money is going on the ground a british doctor actually accused that institute is led by that man of deliberately planning a hidden destruction of the n.h.s. we have been investigating the may fifteenth n.h.s. deadline for doctors in britain that could mean the end of britain's universal health care system as we know it you have the adam smith institute document the health of nations which spell out how to get from a public service to an insurance based service over time without too many people noticing well the adam smith institute got in touch with us about that allegation they said in this case these allegations are entirely founded and true we do proudly and with much gusto support moving the n.h.s. from a failed socialist model that rations health care to a private insurance model with treatment free at the point of use the n.h.s. is a monopoly that does not provide comprehensive or eye quality health care
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a social insurance scheme needs to be introduced funded by employer and employee contributions along with co-payments from patients for elective procedures just as we do with opticians and dentists that's the adam smith institute unequivocally standing by its principles and who is associated with the evidence with institute no less than the people with an arguably disproportionate influence over britain's bricks at negotiations his u.k. backbencher jacob research at the institute for heart warms the money stalking on christmas movie is a rex. on. than someone who is also addressed the adam smith institute is none other than breakfast amendment co-author of a letter when with thoughts of blairite red tour event cooper who also wants to overthrow labor leader jeremy corbyn it is that women who because of indicative votes is cited as the real pro. minister of britain here is an event hosted by the adams with institute linked center for policy studies explaining how margaret
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thatcher changed the labor party the great triumph of course i don't know if this is the book was going to do with me but was to convert the labor party to the police action by news and social market liberalism and he was able to have well dr bob hill who is on this show on monday did quarter that win for his upcoming film and here is a sneak preview of him questioning left when about the plans to privatise the n.h.s. with big banks at the ready how about the name rough charter they are they going to benefit from the privatized nation have you got no comment misled when they're not perfect you know do you know where they were thirty thousand excess deaths than twenty fifteen because of the cuts. anybody going to take any responsibility for that. is that when. there's a lot of people putting their lives on the line for the n.h.s. mr letwin is it really worth all the money. all the deaths and destruction that
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we're seeing given your the mastermind of the privatized action i thought you'd have more to say. whistle it went well one organization that leaked secret documents about health services all around the world is weekly leaks and in the past seventy two hours u.s. president all trumps u.s. attorney general william barr has submitted to congress conclusions reached by special counsel robert mueller that directly attack the whistleblower organization joining me now is the editor in chief of wiki leaks christian robinson via skype from reykjavik in iceland kristen thanks so much for coming back on what we now know the u.s. attorney general from him that your organization quotes publicly disseminated materials from obviously the russian government hacking operations quote through various intermediaries including wiki leaks do you deny that. well i mean we've seen this before that wiki leaks it knowingly was circle operating with russian agents in. the in. from asian or from the democratic party in two thousand and sixteen that claim is false and there is nothing to substantiate that claim and
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that hasn't changed well something must have sanjay that presumably if the u.s. attorney general is summarizing the conclusions of a report that's taken more than two years is it buy you special counsel robert mueller well there's a very very early interesting wording in the that you cited earlier i mean a it is. said that this is a material that russian agents obtained through hacking or other means and b. that it was it sent it is through various intermediaries including wiki leaks i have not seen any evidence and substantiating of the first half of the claim. it might materialize at some point but it it doesn't really matter at all for we can expect as an organization that publishes a formation that it receives if it's a very viable if it's accurate and if it's newsworthy it is published suggest i
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like every journalist should do now the second half of that sentence that you are citing is that they was a cemetery through intermediaries of better use intermediaries including wiki leaks that's actually a rather positive acknowledgement that there were dozens of media organization that were disseminating the x. secondly the same information but why singling out and mentioning wiki leaks if you go into details all that we can we can i can name those organizations the media organization that were doing exactly the same thing as wiki leaks and should you mention that as well i mean the question for two point zero or legally a letter leaked from that entity was published by at least eleven media organization including the he wasn't on post the politico and the intercept the first feet. information and that were set to be front easily worse published by seventeen media organizations including the motion
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a post in new york times the wall street journal's etc etc then the material which is published worse republics and stories written on it in twenty three media organizations including all the major media organizations in the western world including r.t. including her t.v. and the b.b.c. and the n.b.c. a.b.c. the new york times the washington post etc etc so it worse it's was quite interesting that it's at least acknowledged that the material was that was published and disseminated through various media organization but why single out we can excite i don't understand that except that if we leave it to one side where they have let him have putin would have want to double down trump as president your own former media partners the london guardian they have repeatedly said that well i mean that one of their columnists call your organization basically useful
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idiots for russia. well i mean it was the idiot i mean the guardian printed a front page story saying there was no collusion it has so happens that the journalist that you mentioned without mentioning his name his name is you're carrying published a book called collusion where he maintained that there had been collusion and the wiki leaks when it was in the midst of it and i was on paper is now printing of prop eight stories telling him that he was wrong i mean it does you still have a job but the guardian this is the same individual that printed a story on twenty seventh of november last year on the front page of the guardian saying that all men of ford had somehow mysteriously sneaked into secret private meetings in the ecuadorian embassy or three occasions now we're talking about the. most of the eight spots in the most of a city in the world totally unthinkable that this could ever happened and the
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guardian knew it they're not trying to defend that story they're not retracted the story of higher than just the guardian stands by that story well those do stand by it by not retracting it and not answering any question everybody knows this was a traffic aided false story that had serious implications for julian a science and wiki leaks and therefore we are forced to take them to court. or will a story ok but similar tenuously you are being taken to court by the democratic national congress is the most prominent luggable twenty twenty candidate is bernie sanders despite your leaks of course contributing to our knowledge about how the clinton campaign in twenty sixteen tried to destroy the. sound of presidential campaign in twenty six theme what are you going to do about the d.n.c. soaring well i mean we are we are defending ourselves that the organization has sort of a defense and it will be met in court and dealt with that's the only thing to do
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they're not suing the b.b.c. or a.b.c. or the new york times who not a lot not all are not so in the mainstream media on their own turks who were what you say i'm reading it's actually the same information has not acknowledged in the attorney general's letter based on the report would you still say that in the whole situation here this has been a victory for anyone who wanted strained relations between moscow and washington russia says there's nothing to celebrate because the sanctions and economic warfare continue out of all of this even though it may be a complex labyrinth and connection to wiki leaks and and the d.n.c. . i mean home again for this and this is a journey that was started in a panic reaction we have confirmation that within twenty four hours after the. the outcome of the election in two thousand and sixteen the that the democratic party officials decided that they have to put a plane somewhere. because it was
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a humiliating to defeat against donald trump. and russia became. the entity that everything should be planed on and on that basis we've had this frenzy in the media. absolutely a neo mccarthy istic era with his. total humiliation for journalists and who has gained i can tell you as a last journalism in general has lost this is an extremely dark period for a mainstream media especially in united states and for those who cater to that market such as the guardian it is it is much worse than the episode with the in the major media swallowing the story of the. weapons of mass destruction in iraq is it even worse than the mccarthy years to carry on this era in the fifty's it is
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such a humiliation and such a blow to journalists i have no idea how the major media who were most active in this russia cage trend see will recover. i simply don't see that happening in the in a normal world a lot of people a lot of journalists would be emptying their desks today and just quietly awareness of the scene this is a horrible horrible dark days for journalism in our country in my profession and in our in our and our world and i don't have any shouting fraud if you don't on that it's sorry state kristinn hrafnsson i'm going to stop you there more from the editor in chief of wiki leaks after this break and we'll ask the architect of the paris climate agreement about the billion dollar loan budget of the fossil fuel giants all of them all coming of a hot tub going underground. break
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said count down on our tree. welcome back westville here with the intern chief of wiki leaks kristinn hrafnsson the whistleblower chelsea manning don't trumps national security adviser john bolton called for killing and she's already been tortured do you think the trumpet ministration will try to kill her she. says been satisfied as he's been spending no one to spend the two weeks in solitary confinement which is an absolutely horrible thing that. we're seeing something happening that you do not accept like to see in
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a country that calls itself civilized so i mean for heaven's sake this is something us it's you know all through it all to terry and regina. see it was court martialed it was sentence he spent seven years in prison. sentence was commuted by presidential decree to create knows he has to hold back in front of us secret. court a secret grand jury and you know attempt to force for an alleged source to testify against the journalists who works on the material this is absolutely unacceptable and if the media in the us that you know. if you want actually to regain some of their of their trust that they have lost the entire trust this would love start focusing on the situation of chelsea manning and the atrocity that he is facing tough a mounting of course in solitary confinement. i meant in relation to the founder of your organization julian assad held in arbitrary detention here in london as it
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happened by the u.n. what do you make of the perceived idea that this u.s. department of justice jet that arrived in london called five n one nine six yeah i think it's a coded threat joining us out and it could work very well possibly be we don't know that for sure we just pointed out the fact that this is a rendition plane it was used when titian on a letter to russian hackers from the czech republic last year this is the first time as far as we know that this this department of justice jet has landed in british air space and it was sitting there for quite a few days in at the same time we're seeing creased activity outside the embassy or plain clothes. part of that operation with some now probably has cost twenty four million pounds to the u. of u.k. taxpayers and this comes in the same period where the squeeze has been put on on shelves in many we also know that several individuals that had even minor
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connection to wiki leaks back in twenty ten are now being sent what i call in the the don corleone of for which his name by law for that they can have immunity if they testify against julian assange is and to wiki leaks. this is outrageous thing this is a threat to individuals u.s. citizens who are now basically living in axons as refugees in several european countries so listeners are in there that this might be approaching the. even more serious situation we have course no that any more anyone. in ecuador is willing to sacrifice julian assange. even surer. generally that was reported in new york times in you know early. in december. connectivity the government of ecuador which gave asylum to perhaps the i.m.f.
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deal with washington i.m.f. deal for acquittal could possibly be that there's a connection there we don't know all the details of what has been going on behind closed doors but we see that there is a total of one hundred eighty degrees puts in the when when they were not took over from his recess or. hostility towards julian it was on embassy has increased he has been. stripped of communications for weeks on and the limits on the visitors see him in the embassy and he is basically treated like a prisoner instead of the individual that was granted. diplomatic asylum which kerry carries responsibility according to international law. international law that don't seem to apply to many countries not even the united kingdom who disregards. international law when it suits kristinn hrafnsson thank
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you well wiki leaks has again and again expose manipulation by u.s. authorities and international accords including those seeking to save the earth from climate change destruction but while u.s. embassy dispatches reveal the use of spying threats and aid promises the entire international environmental paradigm has arguably now been thrown into turmoil by this man the bottom line is that the paris accord is very unfair at the highest level. to the united states well joining me now is the architect of the agreement the president trump tore up christiana figueres thanks for coming on to tell me first of all about this event in london today that you are speaking about three years on from that barras agreement well it's three years and a little bit on from the paris agreement in which we explored how we have actually program asked on certainly on technology development on policies on are some countries that have actually already over complied with what they said they were
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going to do in paris and some countries who are not interested in taking advantage of the benefits of the carbon is aisha's britain over complaint britain is very well on track. that's good to know there were all these children leaving school a friday every week and then was all the traffic brought to a whole borough organizations like the extinction rebellion of things you know and i am very grateful for all of those demonstrations on the streets because this really is about that generation we are trying to change the course here out of our of the economy onto a low carbon or no carbon economy but that generation that is out there on the streets are the ones who are going to have to finish the job i had my two young daughters with me in paris just to remind me every single day why are we doing this we're doing this for future generations we have d. carbonized in the economy for them we're not doing it fast enough and that's why they are in the streets because we're not doing it fast enough the political
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compromise in the paris agreement states the objective as being well below two and an aspirational object of a one point five but may i be the first one to say that clause in the paris agreement is now obsolete we have to change that and we have to make sure there were going for one point five and not below two rested know that secretly in paris and at the deal before because we know many secret things that it was one of them that they were. you know who knew that who knew about and because that's why it is actually mentioned as an aspirational target in in the paris agreement is all of the small island states because they are the most vulnerable you see in the political dimension are going to corporations it is a good president obama who i should add for to impose a c o two standards in power plants on standards for oil refineries open up public lands would go she's saying in a very dangerous for these sorts of new congresspeople like alexander because you
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could just as touting green new deals this could mean electoral problems for the democrats is that shortsighted well i haven't seen the things out of worry about trump you've obviously already i haven't seen the exact wording from president obama. but let me be very clear the body he really understands climate change he is very very aware of the fog that it is a huge threat both for the united states as well as for globally whether from a political fine tuning point of view he finds that some aspects of the green new deal that by the way go way beyond climate change into a much more holistic and comprehensive view of the future whether he finds that some of those things are not very helpful right now actually i think probably just say i've got i mean on the corporations a report just this week backed by the roundtree foundation influence map claiming
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that since your paris climate deal has been one hundred billion dollars of investment by major oil and gas companies in fossil fuels ten times the amount spent on low carbon investment. why do you think that could have happened of the power supply why do i think that is this is happening. for a very simple reason and that is oil and gas companies are oil and gas companies that this what they have been doing for. decades right it's a little bit as though you say to our person who has been making boots for thirty forty years excuse me tomorrow no more boots you're not going to make sandals for the beach yes both are for your feet but it's a completely different enterprise and what we're expecting from oil and gas companies is actually to change their business model completely i think at least the european oil and gas companies have totally understood that if they want to
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have a future in the twenty first century they need to get with the program and move over away from oil first onto more gas versus oil and then to understand that natural gas if you and i say the european ones well this is the latest to show chevron biba the iranians are definitely march more understanding of the transition that they have to make so they're beginning to understand that responsibility they're beginning to and bust into renewables into buying battery companies they're beginning to invest into what i call biological carbon capture and storage which is the cotton the capacity that our trees have of capturing c o two and putting it into soil so they're beginning to make that transition are they doing it fast enough frankly no one is doing it fast enough and always you china's saying complete ban on fossil fuel causes with chinese gentlemen to date or not but as soon as that date is there it's going to be really remarkable for the automotive
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industry is right because we already know that norway is completely you cannot buy an internal combustion engine in norway today into those and in one thousand right now they're worrying about internal combustion engines not being produced hippos breaks that i would think a good old adage through the related since your parents deal a billion dollars at least has been spent on branding and lobbying by these sorts of companies what is the rule of law being for the internal combustion engines against what you just said there are two kinds of laws. one is the lobbying that companies oil and gas or any other company of any other sector does directly on its own and that's already bad enough if it is against climate change science and policy but the other i think much more pernicious lobbying is the lobbying that is done by associations of particular sectors where companies are members behind which they can then hi that is even more pernicious because if they're going to be very straightforward and take
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a position in front of policy then let them stand up to bat and let them stand to the public price that any company would pay for that kind that kind of lobbying what to stand behind associations i really think that is unacceptable so you get to get up to dinner all the time as his big companies we have as a billion dollars presumably having someone like you favor some element of climate change would be useful how does the lobby actually work at the coalface if you pardon the metaphor because politicians are on the record in european countries and capitals for having. meetings with these big groups that say climate change is a hoax yeah i actually think that it's even worse in the united states and i think that is the reason why oil and gas companies in the united states can afford
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to still be as completely irresponsible as they are because the lobbying fear really is having a much much stronger effect on policy because there is a white house that is listening to a lot in europe and lobbying i think is beginning to move because they're beginning to understand that there is opportunity for them in a new low carbon or no carbon economy and it's not quite as primitive as it is in the united states that is one part of the reason the other part of the reason why oil and gas companies in europe can move fast. then the united states is because the shareholders and the investors in those companies are actually putting pressure on them and looking back on it or what is the rule of green warships as it's known to be if you're a customer in a supermarket i don't know what your feeling was when b.p. changed its logo to a flower shell this week has announced seven hundred thousand u.k. homes are going every new balls critics are saying the three percent discount is too little and i think only this and five percent of revenue is on renewables how
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can consumers be aware of whether they're being told the truth i think the truth of some companies is not not of all and i think you know the u.s. doesn't those u.s. based companies really have very little to to save them but i think most companies . are straddling two realities they're straddling where they came from and let's remember that that's the kind of company they were and they're struggling on the other side where are they going to go without truly having a very clear idea of how are they going to totally reinvent themselves but we have to understand that specially with oil and gas companies but also with many other companies in our in related sectors we're in a transition period and transitions are by definition messy now that's the patient part of me the other part of me which is the inpatient part of me knows that what science is saying is we're front out of time we cannot play with these factors
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anymore we cannot play with these uncertainties we have got to accelerate so and i think that companies understand that as well and are currently caught in the headlights if you well which way do they go for gears thank you very much fans of the show keep in touch by social media will be back on saturday as one million palestinians much under threat from british by the bullets on the gaza's border to commemorate the one year anniversary. the stuff is great but you see the. two year circus or nightmare take your pick is seemingly settled says he's been exonerated but the political left in much of the media do not concur where do we go from here and will the investigators investigate.
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rush us to get out. the all options are open to all and just so you understand all options are all. moscow must go that is president trump's position following the arrival of russian troops in venezuela warning that all options are on the table. british prime minister theresa may announces that she is willing to resign but not before she delivers bragg's that. u.n. security council meets syria's request following the u.s. official recognition of israeli sovereignty over the golan heights a disputed area on the border with syria. my country's government considers this decision as a unilateral statement that has neither political nor legal authority.


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