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so what's making the economy of venezuela. was one of the richest companies certainly and now it's one of the poorest countries of the world slip the tongue or what company not country did this for the expose pres the real thoughts on that as well are coming up. also molting forces take control of a turkish merchant ship that was hijacked by a group of rescued migrant. they are not castaways they are pirates and an online campaign demands the u.s. drugmaker to billions of dollars of allegedly overcharged. medicine.
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this is out international with me kevin i just turned eleven am now this thursday morning twenty eighth of march will welcome to you good morning first crisis stricken starving and under a brutal rule venezuela has been described in many ways in the western media of late but next as he goes down off reports this morning there's a new label being pinned on the south american country to buy president trump. you can take a man out of business but you can't take business out of the man apparently u.s. president donald trump is living proof of that he's been tailoring this image of corporate shark for decades and is now taking the approach to politics the potential of venezuela. don't properly and with with democracy it would be incredible it was one of the richest companies certainly and now it's one of the
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poorest countries of the world a slip of the tongue for sure but could it be a fraud and one well he seems to have appointed venezuela's new c.e.o. a long time ago i mean what else could one why do b. in this i mean as an owner trump would want a man he can trust running this venture it has been an expensive one and the u.s. plans to invest more into it. the budget also would continue democracy assistance for venezuela and includes new flexibility to provide additional funds to support a democratic transition or respond to the crisis there including up to five hundred million dollars in transfer authority to support programs managed by the state department and usaid venezuela has proven to be an important asset for trump for sure but after all it's not the only one tells and golf courses are going to manage themselves so venezuela has to share trump attention it's only natural if the little things escape his gaze like the fact that some of the investment was
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literally set ablaze by those for whom it was intended they don't take the girl to gain we've sent hundreds of millions of dollars worth of aid to the border who would take the. his people starve than take the ira gets going even from a political standpoint even from a dictator standpoint of the scale it was why dose support is not more duros who set those trucks with aid on fire but perhaps just an honest mistake by an employee right as former duro he did lead aid in except not from the us but from russia and that is one of the obvious differences between trump's companies and sovereign states the latter can do business with whoever they please but in donald trump said rights all the same competitors must not take over. that yet out.
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also see all options are out all just so you understand all options are off another thing how a business is different you can bankrupt it and its workers can at least hope to get paid leave and find employment elsewhere a country that's a slightly different scale. trump is a businessman representing the capitalist class in the us and what they want to lay hold of in c. enormous resources are going as well trump has absolutely no interest in the lives of the average person in there as well or interested in business and in money and maximizing profit of course trump or pence or any u.s. official or any group of nato generals has absolutely no right to speak on any matter regarding our sovereignty and every one of the actions they have taken are
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a complete violation of international law and of the un charter. maltese forces have taken control of a ship in the mediterranean that was earlier seized by a group of migrants to the rescue it is now heading way here to a port in malta the migrants are going to be handed over to the authorities there for further investigation or wednesday the turkish merchant vessel picked up one hundred migrants however when the load they would be returned to libya they seized control of the ship because for europe the italian interior minister moto sylvie called the incident piracy. it is the first case the first act of piracy of delinquency on the high seas with immigrants asking for help who were rescued by this merchant ship flying a foreign flag six miles from tripoli they hijacked the freighter and saying no do not go south go north they're not castaways pirates at least coalition government
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says the goal of curbing migration into that country while the european union is announced two it's going to suspend maritime patrols and of rescued thousands of refugees and asylum seekers instead this has its plans air patrols and close coordination with libya which is the main starting point for refugees and migrants from across the sea from north africa to europe we spoke to london metropolitan university senior research fellow george some really thinks that the migration crisis actually is nato's full well i think it's the problem the europeans are going to have is that you have this very powerful forces. within europe that are welcoming the migrants i'm sure that the initial response of the maltese all storage is will be we are not letting anybody in. but now with. the human rights the amnesty international the george soros crowd will say by god this is inhumane european civilization is coming to an end these are people fleeing
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from most horrific tortures and murder and rape you have to let them in and i think in those circumstances it's going to be very hard for the maltese and the talents to say no. but online campaigns be launched against the u.s. drug maker accused of inflating prices of an anti hiv drug by thousands of dollars and it turns out the company doesn't even own the paper and for the treatment of them opens got the story. all across the american political spectrum almost everyone seems to agree that prescription drug costs are too high we will never stop fighting for our children our seniors and those in need of prescription drugs and working families who cannot afford the escalation of cost the drug. is making an absolute fortune at the expense of american consumers but the big companies couldn't care less about the government's opinion gilead sciences takes the prize among hated pharma giants its new medication for people who've been infected with
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hiv is selling for roughly sixteen hundred to two thousand dollars a month needless to say there has been outrage we're here today us to protest the gillie ads pricing their new combination therapy strike though there's no valid reason for it to be price it's purely greed and profit driven by their new h.i.v. drug provide abroad in a whopping three billion dollars last year but they deserve to be compensated for their creativity and innovation making a new product right well here's the thing it turns out that it was actually us taxpayer money that paid for developing the new drug the scientific research and the testing necessary it was all paid for by the us government however it's gilliard stockholders that get the profits no royalties of any kind are being paid into the us treasury but i'm sleepy right and i have bears a huge problem with access to expose or profile access in the united states to prevent a chevy infection basically there's
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a lot of low income communities people of color trans women who are not being able to access this drug and a huge part of that is because the company that makes it good science is charge is sixteen hundred dollars for a drug that only costs six dollars now there was similar outrage when gilead started charging over one thousand dollars a pill for its hepatitis c. drug cartel for her. own blood. now there's another famous case of the chief executive of turning pharmaceuticals martin squarely jacking up the price of darrent pram an anti parasite medication five thousand percent from its initial cost of thirteen fifteen and when pressed in congress to justify his reasoning mr lee seemed to laugh in their faces i want to plead with you to use any remaining influence you have over your former company to press them to lower the price of these drugs you can
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look away if you like but i wish you could see the faces of people no matter what ms ritz says who can get the drugs now justice was served but in another fashion the c.e.o. mr scrawly was convicted on two counts of securities fraud and sent to seven years in prison the price of daraa primero ever has never lowered all of this seems to point to the fact that big pharma has got the u.s. public in a position of weakness for someone infected with hiv trivago it could be life or death needless to say people in such circumstances are pretty ripe for being get out but this raises a bigger question how much freedom should influential corporations have especially when they are receiving so much government assistance in order to do their work caleb oppen r.t. new york latest on brit's books a conundrum now the small in the u.k. problem is still failing to find a clear path to leave the e.u. and peace of five to eight options to choose from on the table in
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a vote wednesday but none of those ideas gave the clear majority they holding a second referendum maybe revoking article fifty altogether or staying in the e.u. for two more years. as you try to remind ourselves what we've decided to do nothing. at all i think the public will look at on these proceedings in. amazement this. guy will be completely bemused by what has gone on this is a very serious moment for all of us and we have to reflect the first house of commons has tried to find a way through the cracks that crisis over the last few bugs and we have failed. the test of course a very great disappointment that the house has not chosen to find a majority for any proposition it does simplify what's now on offer which really is exit in the european union as we've just heard with
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a deal or with no deal at all that is now what's on offer and we pressurize a lot of the m.p.'s if theresa may can bring her deal back to the house which will be seen now as hugely important to do because actually that's going to be the only option and arthur and leave in the european union with harper but meantime treason may says she's prepared to resign if it means her brakes a deal getting through according to downing street the concession came at a closed door meeting with conservative m.p.'s. i'm prepared to leave this job earlier than i intended in order to do what is right for our country and our party i ask everyone in this room to back the deal so we can complete our historic duty to deliver on the decision of the british people and leave the european union with a smooth and orderly brax it. the u.k.'s opposition leader jeremy corbyn reacted to
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saying may's proposal was about party management and not the interests of british citizens adding that a switch of government he said should be the people's decision but economist jones and elsa mccausland a former social development minister in northern ireland both think the trees a maze proposal will not solve the problems with bricks it many bricks appears will be encouraged by her annoyance when she is going what the position i think for the day you pay and for the vast majority of unionists northern a simply this the. she house currently on the table. with you is only acceptable whether she stays or whether she goes the problem for them remains that the backstop is deeply deeply problematic the british approach to bring suit has been entirely governed by party politics this isn't a has to keep the conservative party together by proposing a kind of compromise arrangement that to some extent at least satisfy the hard line
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breaks it has and also the remain as unsolved abraxas within her own party with all this the just the latest in what's been a turbulent understatement few weeks for westminster if you want to alternative you may be a bit tired of it all check out polly boy because latest episode of in case you missed it. yeah yeah loud and clear yeah well hugh we've been counting down here for ever same for news in the imminent arrival of little baby brags that now little baby brags its huge eight was meant to be that twenty ninth of march but doctors insist on. the top baby to do just that he said there's been a bit of excitement because we saw somebody very gay related to little baby brags that go inside this building which is also vaguely related to little baby brags that now we know the mother's been experiencing substantial difficulties high blood
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pressure severe morning sickness she hasn't been able to keep anything down for months whatever she tries to get through it just keeps getting regurgitated now as you can imagine this is an extremely difficult situation for the mother she never wanted this to begin with then according to all reports the father is trying to disown baby brags that according to one source he was last seen in me with this stroked. that we don't know if it's going to be a hard or a soft delivery whew there's the chances of a normal elective emergency c. election which is a dangerous procedure and it carries a lot of risk for the was out the baby could just pull out now some have called for the baby to stay where it is rather than risk that such as a look at the crowds out here hugh so much anticipation people want to know when
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the baby brags it is going to be delivered and of course many are concerned about the risk of a still. coming up of the dark side of. america's presence in japan and how the wife of a u.s. marine i was trying to give rape victims there a voice. private
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companies that have got a lot of venture capital funding are ready to go public this year i saw the last they're all going out at forty fifty sixty seventy billion dollars valuation so the prediction here is that it will be the end of this cycle you're going to have a like two thousand and one style crash. due to the fact that there's nothing to support the valuations of these companies and very quickly. again this is new in at least thirty two have been killed and nine critically
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injured after a truck smashed into a crowd in western guatemala you may find the next video distressing coming up reports say that children are among the casualties the people are gathered the crowd gathered around the victim of an earlier accident when the truck plowed through the crowd what a turn of events. bodies were strewn across the highway on a notoriously dangerous stretch of road at least one hundred twenty five people being killed on guatemala's roads this year alone. or authorities in japan face a public backlash and the results of a referendum on u.s. military bases in okinawa now two american women helping victims of sexual assault by u.s. servicemen the age of perry told us why she started the group. the reason that i wanted to create survivors united it's because when my in our family was going through we went through our so lost i didn't know where to turn for help i didn't know who to trust i didn't know anyone know what answer what questions to ask i
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didn't know what to search for i feel like the military justice system is it antiquated system and it has not caught up with the times today to be able to comedy the cases that we're seeing in to adjudicate successfully to adjudicate cases that we're seeing this is this is not and negative light that seems shown on our military and that's the positive that we we don't want this behavior happening . the photo military bases located in a densely populated area and host nearly hoff of all american troops stationed in japan locals were outraged by the behavior of u.s. troops in the past though but involved in numerous crimes over the years the u.s. and japan have been locked in debate over whether it's a try the best we locate the base for more than twenty years many wanted all three all in all together.
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it's. just. it's human nature in any institution in any culture and there's going to be bad apples and unfortunately there are bad apples in the united states military just like there are in any other military in the world and. if these crimes are committed against the foreign nationals in whatever country they are our military station and i want them to know that they have a voice that these these survivors of abuse sexual abuse by our service members if it occurs have a voice and if they have somewhere to go and they can pursue justice just because they were sexually abused by the united states military member doesn't mean that
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they have to stay silent if they don't want to you and i do understand that not everyone wants to pursue justice but at least they can know what their options are what their rights are and. if they decide to they can pursue justice and. to not be scared to do so. a new poll suggests the findings of special counsel robert malone alleged trump russia collusion there's a little effect on americans although sunday the two year long investigation concluded that they did there was no sign of a conspiracy between the american president of the kremlin according to the poll almost half of those those surveyed to to some extent believe that trump or his team did collude with russia during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign intel opinion was split see if democrats in congress should continue digging into trump including those alleged ties with russia or ended or also finally an overwhelming majority of seem say the findings of the report doesn't change their minds at all
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we spoke direct to people on the streets of new york city. do you still think that trump colluded with russia. yeah yeah eva trader i don't trust their report i don't trust any of them because ultimately. it's a conspiracy. to make america races again they're all around trial but somehow trump is that involved it just seems strange to me that people are drawn i can because he's a rich guy well what does the media have been saying about it for the past few years it's always been a clue that he's definitely clued into these everything loaded and therefore comes out he has acquitted everyone still believing that it still happened in the mean stream press as completely given up and it standards in reporting this story i mean the new york from the new york times to the washington post to c.n.n. and especially a miss in d.c. one of the other news networks and they have just been all over at each other trying to beat each other with the latest rumor and scandal mongering on. including
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this specially the russian collusion thing so it's on the news every night russian collusion russian collusion and people are watching at four to six hours a day it's mind numbing it's the end of your work day you come home and you watch that with a beer and you know it just sinks into your skull it's propaganda. the decision to recognize israeli sovereignty over the golan heights and see the united states roundly condemned you're going to merge and see un security council meeting it's a disputed area that straddles israel syria jordan and lebanon which israel annexed from syria nine hundred sixty seven in washington's close allies now oppose this latest move. this decision is of critical critical strategic and security importance to the state of israel and the u.s. believes it can contribute to stability the decision by the united states to recognize israeli seventy over the golan heights is in contravention of security council resolution four nine seven thank you should you put side steps not only one
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of the norms of international law but also the security council resolutions we are concerned that this unilateral decision not only complicates the prospect to find an egg on for hands of settlement in the middle east by pleats to instability in the region and the trumpet in the straight apparently wants to show some generosity towards israel we would suggest the americans not to lay their hands on what is not theirs the us itself is in doubt with the vast expanses of land so the americans could give the israelis north and south carolina for example why not south carolina is a great piece of land why not give israel a state or two if this administration really wants to have israel support their golan heights either it will always be either heard of sovereign territory we thank the united states for the jazz the new story problem ation this there plague many
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others it has taken before shoulder their willingness of the united states to honor reality on the ground instead of recruiting ridge you know really it's undermining that really seems to be. pretty much universally being criticized. undermining our. international our you know and even that you won't surrender be the statements of traditional allies like the u.k. you're being very critical of the u.s. position on here is a significant. trend in the increasing isolation that. the united states would she is getting cozy with israel but it. seems to be little by little or so yet still is traditional european though is. this late thursday morning from moscow it's eleven twenty six now more for me just about thirty four when it's some
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more great programs in your part of the world after this break here on international. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race. between dramatic development only and going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. ukrainian presidential elections are just days away but a quarter of eligible voters still don't know who to support with thirty nine candidates in the race is the choice too broad hop's to come speak to.
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your office or. to get up off the ground begin to hear. them freeze on the sounds of men and maybe even grown man mislead essentially. to go away from the office or. the obvious we did a kind of lunch for the web in one smith's and then when it happened on she swung and i didn't i never saw any contact with. any kind of went back to where they were back here there again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer has gone into.
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this is a boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance and in fact upon us all i'm in a very dull filling in for our children in washington we're glad you're on board coming up today you do you has overall overhauled their online copyright law what does it mean for producers and consumers on the internet internet hillary for which the c.e.o. of this show mark joins us to surf through the details and trade tensions continue to fill the air but how has it affected national deficit with us or which is going to break it all down and head on new numbers from wall street and later we're on flop chain as our t.v. producer great job or in a interviews o'connor of swift on what could be the voice teacher of watching all
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of that directly ahead but first we had some headlines. a promise to resign these are global report today is u.k. prime minister theresa may reportedly has indicated to her conservative poly party colleagues that she is willing to resign once a broad agreement is approved ten downing street later released the text of her short speech to conservative m.p.'s in which she acknowledged quote desire for a new approach and new leadership in the second phase of drugs and negotiations this may wrote i am prepared to leave this job earlier than i intended in order to do what is right for our country and our party the resident resignation offer seem to be the last card ms may have left to play and tried to try to get her deal passed parliament and initial reports suggest the move may secure the boast of at least some euro skeptics in her party mrs may's game changing concession landed on a marathon day of debate and a defacto opinion polling votes on
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a range of sixteen different drugs at options and par. element speaker of parliament john bercow was expected to call those options to about eight he also insisted that he will not allow a third vote on him on miss may's brecht's that plan unless it substantially differs from the one parliament has rejected twice. and there are new european rules of the road for internet content providers as the european parliament passes a new copyright law that significantly tightens legal standards for what can be shared online video sharing site you tube as well as google and facebook were among the stakeholders opposing the new law content creators including movie studios and music labels on the other hand argue that copyright protections must be updated for the internet age the controversy is centered on two articles of the wall numbers eleven and thirteen that require a search engines to pay for preview displays of found news content and affirmatively assign responsibility for preventing posts of copyright materials to companies.


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