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it was one of the richest companies certainly and now it's one of the poorest countries of the world. company not a country did a slip of the tongue expose president trump's real thoughts on venezuela to weigh up the evidence of. a ship allegedly hijacked by migrants who were pulled from the mediterranean arrives in malta more than one hundred rescue teams are on board including children. and. they are not castaways they are pirates and an online campaign demands a u.s. drugmaker return to billions of dollars it allegedly overcharged for hiv medication .
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with live headline news twenty four seven from moscow this is r.t. international i'm calling break with the news this hour first up for you where the venezuela continuing to grapple with a dire economic crisis and intermittent power outages adding to its woes the country's opposition leader is calling for a fresh wave of protests it comes after the u.s. president on wednesday again stressed his opposition to the door of government and even accidentally rebranded venezuela explains. you can take a man out of business but you can't take business out of the man apparently u.s. president donald trump is living proof of that he's been tailoring this image of corporate sharks for decades and is now taking the approach to politics the potential of venezuela. done properly and with with democracy it would be incredible it was one of the richest companies certainly and now it's one of the poorest gulf countries of the world a slip of the tongue for sure but could it be
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a fraud and one well he seems to have appointed venezuela's new c.e.o. a long time ago i mean what else could one why do be in this i mean as an owner trump would want a man he can trust running this venture it has been an expensive one and the u.s. plans to invest more into it the budget also would continue democracy assistance for venezuela and includes new flexibility to provide additional funds to support a democratic transition or respond to the crisis there including up to five hundred million dollars in transfer authority to support programs managed by the state department and usaid venezuela has proven to be an important asset for trump for sure but after all it's not the only one tells in golf courses are going to manage themselves so venezuela has to share trump attention it's only natural if the little things escape his gaze like the fact that some of the investment was
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literally set ablaze by those for whom it was intended they don't take the girl or take a leave sent hundreds of millions of dollars worth of aid to the border who will take the aid they'd rather have his people starve than take the american school even from a political standpoint even from a dictator standpoint of the scale it was why dose support is not more duros who said those trucks with aid on fire. but perhaps just an honest mistake by an employee right as former duro he did lead a then except not from the us but from russia and that is one of the obvious differences between trump's companies and sovereign states the latter can do business with whoever they please but in donald trump certain rights all the same competitors must not take over the years to get out. also see all options are
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out all just so you understand all options are off another thing our business is different you can bankrupt it and its workers can at least hope to get paid leave and find employment elsewhere a country that's a slightly different scale trump is a business representing the capitalist class. and what they want to lay hold in see an enormous resource well trump has absolutely no interest in the lives of the average person as well or interested in. money. of course trump or pence or any group of nato generals has absolutely no right to speak on any matter regarding venezuela sovereignty and every one of the actions they have taken are a complete violation of international law and of the un charter. of russia in
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turn has lashed out at drum following his calls for its troops to leave caracas saying the russian military advisors will remain there for as long as the venezuelan government needs them. a ship allegedly seized by migrants in the mediterranean sea have now arrived in forces earlier boarded the small tanker and guided it will pour into the capital letter more than one hundred migrants are on board including twelve children and the refugees were picked up on wednesday by the merchant vessel at sea but when they learned they were being returned to libya they hijacked the ship and course for europe four people have reportedly been arrested italian interior minister and the soviet he called the incident piracy. it is the first case the first act of piracy of delinquency on the high seas with immigrants asking for help who were rescued by this merchant ship flying a foreign flag six miles from tripoli they hijacked the freighter saying no do not
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go south go north they're not castaways they are pirates it leads coalition government to set a goal of curbing migration into the country while the european union has announced that it will suspend maritime patrols of rescue thousands of refugees and asylum seekers instead it plans air patrols and close coordination with libya which is the main starting point for refugees migrants trying to cross the sea from north africa to europe we spoke to senior research fellow at london metropolitan university who says europe's hand may be forced to let refugees in. well i think it's the the problem that europeans are going to have is that you have this very powerful forces. within europe that welcoming the migrants i'm sure that the initial response of the multi-source origins will be we are not letting anybody in. but now with all the. human rights the
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amnesty international the george soros crowd will say by god this is inhumane european civilization is coming to an end these are people fleeing from most horrific tortures and. and rape you have to let them in and i think in those circumstances it's going to be very hard for. these and the talents to say no. an online campaign launched against a us drug maker accused of inflating prices with the drug by thousands of dollars and it turns out the company doesn't even own the patent for the treatment and i'm open as the story. all across the american political spectrum almost everyone seems to agree that prescription drug costs are too high we will never stop fighting for our children our seniors and those in need of prescription drugs and working families who cannot afford the escalation of cost the drug lobby is making an absolute fortune at the expense of american consumers but the big companies
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couldn't care less about the government's opinion gilead sciences takes the prize among hated pharma giants its new medication for people who've been infected with hiv is selling for roughly sixteen hundred to two thousand dollars a month needless to say there has been outrage we're here today us to protest the gillie ads pricing their new combination therapies strike there's no valid reason for it to be priced it's purely greed and profit driven by their new h.i.v. drug provide abroad in a whopping three billion dollars last year but they deserve to be compensated for their creativity and innovation making a new product right well here's the thing it turns out that it was actually us taxpayer money that paid for developing the new drug the scientific research and the testing necessary it was all paid for by the us government however it's guilty of stockholders that get the profits no royalties of any kind are being paid into the u.s. treasury essentially right in the five bears
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a huge problem with access to expose her profile access in the united states to prevent a champion action basically there's a lot of low income communities people of color trans women who are not being able to access this drug and a huge part of that is because the company that makes it good science is charge is sixteen hundred dollars for a drug that only costs six dollars now there is similar outrage when gilead started charging over one thousand dollars a pill for its hepatitis c. drug cartel for her. or her own body. now there's another famous case of the chief executive of turning pharmaceuticals martin squarely jacking up the price of a jar of pram an anti parasite medication five thousand percent from its initial cost of thirteen fifteen and when pressed in congress to justify his reasoning mr scraggly seemed to laugh in their faces i want to plead with you to use any
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remaining influence you have over your former company to press them to lower the price of these drugs you can look away if you like but i wish you could see the faces of people no matter what misreads let's see. who can get the drugs now justice was served but in another fashion the c.e.o. mr lee was convicted on two counts of securities fraud and sent to seven years in prison the price of darrent for him however has never lowered all of this seems to point to the fact that big pharma has got the u.s. public in a position of weakness for someone infected with hiv truvada could be life or death needless to say people in such circumstances are pretty ripe for being out but this raises a bigger question how much freedom should influential corporations have especially when they're receiving so much government assistance in order to do their work caleb oppen r.t. new york. within the past few minutes it's been confirmed the british m.p.'s will
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get a full vote on the prime minister's beleaguered bricks and peel it comes after indecision clouded another vote on wednesday on a tell patients to try to get the process on the straight and narrow no ten it included a second referendum revoking article fifty and staying in the e.u. for two more years. president try to remind ourselves of what we've decided to do nothing. at all i think the public will look at on these proceedings in. amazement it's. my will be completely bemused by what has gone on this is a very serious moment for all of us and we have to reflect that this house of commons has tried to find a way through the threats that crisis over the last few months and we have feel. it is of course a very great disappointment that the house is not chosen to find a majority for any proposition it does simplify what is now one offer which really
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is a big city in the european union as we've just heard with a deal all with no do it at all that is now what's on offer and we pressurize a lot of the m.p.'s course if point theresa may can bring her deal back to the house which will be seen now as huge really important to do because actually that's going to be the only option isn't. there and leave in european union with the hopper but this came as tourism a announced her intention to step down as prime minister but only after she has delivered bracks it according to downing street the p.m.'s concession came during a closed door meeting with conservative m.p.'s. i'm prepared to leave this job earlier than i intended in order to do what is right for our country and our party i ask everyone in this room to back the deal so we can complete our historic duty to deliver on the decision of the british people and leave the european union with
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a smooth and orderly bracks set. the u.k.'s opposition leader jeremy corbyn was quick to react to the news saying made proposals about party management and not in the best interests of british citizens he also added that a switch of government should be left to the public to decide. where. people in london what they think about the prospect of to resume a stepping down. don't think it matters which monkey see george struggling don't think. the search yourself whoever is actually sitting in the p.m.'s chair is going to be dealing with. it because we really. don't want to see. this. going to resign if you get a meaningful vote through i don't mean it will that's going to go through so what she did is she going to resign or was she not no one knows. but economist karen
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jones and nelson mccausland who's a former social development minister in northern ireland think the teresa mayes proposed resignation will not solve the brics a crisis many bricks of tears will be encouraged by her announcement but she is going what the position of i think for the day you pay and for the vast majority of unionists northern a simply this the deal that she house currently on the table. with you is only acceptable whether she stares or whether she goes the problem for them remains that the backstop is deeply deeply problematic the british approach to british food has been entirely governed by party politics and mrs nay has sought to keep the conservative party together by proposing a kind of compromise arrangement that can to some extent at least satisfy the hard line breaks it has and also the remain as in soft drinks and says that in her own party. max the dark side of america's presence in japan and how the wife of a u.s.
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marine is giving rape victims their voice. private companies that have got a lot of v.c. venture capital funding are ready to go public this year i saw the list they're all going out at forty fifty sixty seventy billion dollars valuation so the prediction here is that it will be the end of this cycle you're going to have a like two thousand and one style crash. due to the fact that there's nothing to support the valuations of these companies and very quickly crash. the ukrainian presidential elections are just days away because of course the eligible voters still don't know who to support with thirty nine candidates in the
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race is the choice to broach. the subject to. back to american women have launched an initiative to help people in need japanese island of okinawa who've been sexually assaulted by u.s. military personnel washington has over twenty five thousand troops in the prefecture hundreds of army members have been convicted of serious crimes there in recent decades including right we spoke to one of the women working with victims. the reason that i wanted to create survivors united is because when my i know our feeling is going through we went through i was so lost i didn't know where to turn
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for help i didn't know who to trust i didn't know and you know what answer what questions to ask i didn't know what to search for i feel like the military justice system is it antiquated system and it has not caught up with the times today to be able to accommodate the cases that we're seeing in to adjudicate successful age adjudicate cases that we're seeing but this is this is not and negative light that's being shown on our military and that's the positive that we we don't want this behavior happening americans for ten min military bases located in a densely populated area and i was to many high off of all american troops stationed in japan out resentment toward u.s. troops and steadily growing in recent days in part due to a series of widely publicized rights and kidnappings and although the u.s. and japan are in the process of relocating the base to a quite a part of the island many of its inhabitants want to go altogether.
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it's human nature in any institution in any culture and there's going to be bad apples and unfortunately there are bad apples in the united states military just like there are in any other military in the world and. if these crimes are committed against foreign nationals in whatever country they are our military station and i want them to know to be able boyce that these these survivors of abuse sexual abuse by our service members it occurs have
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a voice and if they have somewhere to go and they can pursue justice just because they were sexually abused by the united states military member doesn't mean that they have to stay silent if they don't want to and i do understand that not everyone wants to pursue justice but at least they can know what their options are what their rights are and then they can decide to they can pursue justice and. to not be scared to do so. a court in luxembourg has denied to us requests to seize iranian assets held in the european nation as a way of compensating the victims of the nine eleven attacks tehran's assets have been frozen in luxembourg for seven years as part of international sanctions after a new york judge found evidence that pointed to iran helping to conduct the terror attacks in new york and washington in two thousand and one iran still firmly denied any involvement however the court said there were no grounds to uphold the u.s. decision as international law the iranian foreign ministry has praised the decision
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. the era of totalitarian and bullying behavior of america towards other countries is over and it can no longer a such groundless accusations a political communications professor at the university of tehran told us america's official reports tell a different story concerning iran's involvement. you may remember a couple of years after nine eleven the united states and nine eleven commission are published for more than five hundred pages reports you have any indication there. is any response the second problem is. that it. is a sovereign country you don't have assets. about one point six billion dollars in. funds of frozen as part of. difficult is that existed nuclear program had nothing to do with nine eleven issues and since we had the agreement in two
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thousand and sixteen the funds were supposed to be released basically in two thousand and fifteen actually took people's money in luxembourg as well disappears . donald trump's decision to recognize israeli sovereignty over the golan heights triggered a wave of condemnation at the un security council on wednesday the territory which sits between israel syria jordan and lebanon was seized by israel in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and then formally annexed in one thousand nine hundred one even washington's close allies voiced staunch opposition to the us president's move saying it sets a dangerous precedent. this decision is of critical critical strategic and security importance to the state of israel and the u.s. believes it can contribute to stability the decision by the united states to recognize israeli sovereignty over the golan heights is in contravention of security council resolution forty nine seven. sidesteps not only the norms of international law but also the security council resolutions we are concerned that
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this unilateral decision not only complicates the prospect of finding a comprehensive settlement in the middle east by police to instability in the region and trumpeted in this direction apparently wants to show some generosity towards israel we would suggest the americans not to lay their hands on what is not theirs the us itself is in dowd with a vast expanse of land so the americans could get the israelis north and south carolina for example why not south carolina is a great piece of land why not give israel a state or two if this administration really wants to have israel support the golan heights either. it would always be either sovereign territory we thank the united states for the jazz then you studied population this is their plate many others it has taken before shoulder their willingness of the united states to honor reality
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on the ground instead of recruiting regional stability it's undermining responsibility it seems to be. pretty much universally being criticized as really undermining our. international law and even the u.n. charter the statements of traditional allies like the u.k. it being very critical of the u.s. position on here is that significant. is a trend in the increasing isolation of the united states which it's getting cozy with israel but it. seems to be little by little door thing itself from its traditional european allies. kurds in syria are appealing for an international tribunal to prosecutors law mixtape members now after the syrian democratic forces which is largely made up of kurdish fighters declared that the terror group's final enclave of fallen on saturday more than five thousand militants are reportedly being held in kurdish detention centers while their relatives have been sent to
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a separate refugee camp many of the suspected fighters and their families are of foreign origin we spoke to a journalist who's visited syria a number of times during the conflict about the crossroads facing the kurdish minority. and all the syrian government has regained all its territories except in a little is a matter of months before the government takes back control of the province now the kurdish issue in northeast syria is also on the table the kurds want the creation of kurdistan but it hasn't been a good start if you lead a series of offensives which weaken the kurds and gave him control of the region in syria there is a kurdish controlled area. ruled by the syrian democratic forces but this is just a label in reality it is under the y.p. g. branch of the p.k. k. to give themselves a better image they associate with christian and arabic militias who fought against
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islamic states and created the syrian democratic forces but in reality everything is controlled by the y.p. gee why p.g. has no support it is alone and incapable of resisting the syrian army so will there be a conflict between them i don't think so the north the syria would like to have control over some economic areas so i believe there will be a negotiated solution the question is how much of an ontology the syrian government will be ready to give to the northern part of syria. ok that's the news from moscow for now your next update from ina team is in just over half an hour after watching the hawks. join me every thursday on the alex salmond short and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sport that's less i'm show business i'll see of that.
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but the thing the numbers mean something they matter to us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime happy day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the old rich eight point six percent world market rose thirty percent some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and that one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overall. the only number you need to remember one one business you know bored to miss one and only boom box. office or. toyota to get up off the ground yasir begin to pay him down. and then place on the sounds of kind of fighting him soon i mean grown man like
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mislead essentially the officer. through his are trying. to push their way from the office or the joy out of his crib. they obviously did a kind of lunge for the web in one's midst and then when it happened on tree swung at the observations didn't hit him i never saw any contact between the two any kind went back to where they were so the officers back here there try again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and even turned three. greetings and salutation is as a famous french journalist and critic once wrote the more things change the more things remain the same well iraq watchers here in the united states and
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surprisingly the republican press is having their usual privileged castro fee over a homosexual black man i'm not going to jail while the other side of the political fence the democrats press corps they're playing their favorite sunday afternoon pastime of moving the goalposts now that russia date has blown up in their faces and once again lost in all of this right and left lunacy are issues important issues like the war in yemen now entering its fifth year the atrocities in this tragic conflict between the who the rebels and saudi arabian led coalition continue to mount this week the new york times reporting that the a hospital in yemen supported by save the children was hit tuesday by a deadly airstrike the charity officials blamed on the saudi led coalition an attack carried out on the war's or anniversary located about sixty miles from the city of saddam reports say that the coalition missiles struck a gas station just yards away from the hospital entrance and at least seven people were killed including four children children this latest attack ads even more
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tragedy and loss to a war that the united nations has called the world's worst manmade humanitarian disaster. but what my friends what is led us to this point we're in a war entering into its fifth the year that has killed thousands displaced millions in and put an entire country on the brink of collapse still goes on without any real change in policy by the countries directly beating it. let's find out by watching the hawks. but the. real thing would be. to do. what they like you know that i got. with. this.
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because i. love them and on the watching the hawks i am tired old winter and on top of that wallace five years i'm training in yemen war has been going on about as long as we mean to have that right you and i together. and i really give you one of those issues that got us both riled up and got us into this it was one of those things that made us both go why is it we're talking about this and to question it and here we are five years later and it still is if what who cares it's just another one of those never ending wars saudi arabia led there for military campaign which was called operation decisive store of these military campaign names and when they enter be it in the you know in the conflict going on inside of yemen back on march twenty sixth two thousand for their attitude which many people say about the start you know they just passed four years entering into fifth we just passed her fourth their anniversary of the i didn't put that together until you just by her they said.


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