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but. i. know. here moscow time it was supposed to be the story day for britain today and the divorce from the e.u. countries left frustrated with more votes. u.s. secretary of state ledges rushes in to feed every single election in america since two thousand and four the george w. bush era. and race were now the french university slammed for its students production of a greek tragedy. good morning live from art international's main studio moscow with this thirty minute
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live update kevin are we with you here this morning and well twenty ninth of march that was supposed to go down in history wasn't it as the day that britain finally divorced from the european union but it said instead there's expected to be another crucial vote on tourism a droll agreement later and this is the first this morning takes a look at what's in store. finally the date is your march twenty ninth one thousand nine hundred. forty for britain marking its departure from the european union. or wait a second. a day like any other except with less clarity about what happens next then the very day the twenty sixteen referendum shocked the world the u.k. has voted to leave the european union. of the article fifteen was triggered on march twenty ninth two years ago the article fifty process is now
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underway and in accordance with the wishes of the british people the united kingdom is leaving the european union so many promises made and shattered since then it's within our grasp to leave with a deal on the twenty ninth of march on the twenty ninth of march on the twenty ninth of march with a deal with a deal on the twenty ninth of march we will be leaving the e.u. on the twenty ninth of march two thousand nine hundred eleven pm a declaration made no once not twice but makes prime minister in this house has said on one hundred eight times that we will be leaving the european union on the twenty ninth of march pile on to votes of no confidence against the british prime minister who deal struck down in parliament twice already and the house of commons voting against alternative after alternative after alternative showing no majority support for any of the bracks it options what do you think the days going to be remembered by now how we didn't leave the. day we were supposed to be leaving the
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european union but we're not. personally i suppose the french and most well you know if there's a small it is a day i don't think we should blame twenty ninth for the mess that we've made of bricks march twenty ninth well it's a perfectly good day i would personally like to come up with a new day. that's got the whole idea behind it. yeah entry voted to leave the european union whether you agree with it or not most of them across a choice march twenty ninth was meant to be the grand departure of the u.k. from the e.u. with hopes of a brand new future ahead instead breck's it is now a saga so lengthy and convoluted it's hard to keep track of chaos how this all plays out is only yet to be figured out reporting from london and if they see a church with artsy well meantime a museum in southwest england is sort of the mark what would have bricks if they were something a little special is displaying a controversial work by celebrated british street art his bag see for a few years ago for comment or far from it see if you're so sure you've got your
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own thoughts with protesters from both sides of the bricks at the plate expected to rally across the u.k. later the director of the political risk analysis group thinks the british public really i'm sure where to go from here. what happens after tomorrow is what really counts are we going to have a second appear a second chance to vote on this is article fifty going to be revoked at least temporarily until people can sort of i think that's the key question that's what hopefully will be answered in the next weeks to come people have a lot of different mixed emotions about what our conscience turned into what we do see i think is confusion in what people want to see for example the petition that was online that called for article fifty to be revoked but at the same time we had as it was reported almost a million man march for a second the brakes or a referendum so i think the people themselves if they come if they do if they do not want britain to happen they need to come with one aligned message instead of two separate things we truly want the same thing is. the conclusion of the report
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by special counsel robert muller that there was no conspiracy between donald trump or the kremlin was supposed to put the whole issue to bed but while i'm sure the question for us democrat secretary of state might pompei as a present expanded his list of elections russia supposedly interfered in all of the george w. bush era and our senior correspondent more gusty of reports this morning. for two years they dug and dug investigated and questioned as sad as it may be trump is not a russian agent who so they think but the fishery russia gave collusion was a hook for the style if you only knew just how much could lose and that was in the past do you believe russia interfered with the twenty six thousand u.s. general election yes they did in the two thousand and twelve and the two thousand and eight thank you and the tea literally or that's
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a bold claim especially given the evidence he mentioned he didn't mention any evidence begs the question of course why washington waited for more than a decade to say so but there could be a simple explanation the presidents before trump would get this compromised agents russian agent and country to miss the pompei oh i have evidence it's so obvious if you think about it let's go back russia meddled and won me an election for barack obama how else could you explain the bomber's little microphone slip where he was caught red handed reporting to putin. before that it was george bush who russia put into the white house twice in
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two thousand and two thousand and four look at them together putin and bush all that touching and feeling hugs and shakes romantic almost and don't get me started about the eyes and look the man in the eye. was able to. get a sense of his soul and you want to tell me that bush wasn't a russian stooge come on get real as red as a cherry and that's just the last few presidents this meddling goes back decades reagan who presided over the collapse of the u.s.s.r. was also compromised this is all just part of the plan i mean what kind of sick man a traitor makes a whole beat of collecting and translating russian jew and then posting
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about it the story was an american in russian arguing about the two countries in the americas said look in my country i can walk into the oval office i can down the president's desk and say mr president i don't like the way you're running our country and the russian said i can do this i can go into the criminal to the general secretary's office pound is disconcerting mr general secretary i don't like the way president reagan is running used by the. russian meddling is obvious it is going on for more than one hundred years abraham lincoln surprise was a russian agent why do you think russia sent two fleets of warships to new york and san francisco in a show of support for him and the unionists during the american civil war the coming of the russian fleets was decisive in helping lincoln get through the last and most serious threat of anglo-french intervention you don't hear much about that and for good reason you need to leave evidence lying about say that comrade lincoln
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rest in peace lennon's blessings be upon him there you have it concrete proof of president after president being russian agents you got it right mr pompei oh about the whole russia meddling it was going to be says the risk a conspiracy theory comes from the shock that trump won the presidential election the first place he was speaking to a show up he's watching the whole. the real beginning of the problem was the beginning of the trump campaign what every single pundit in the universe dismissed as laughable the idea that could win the nomination and so when it did happen we scrambled for an alternative explanation and the conspiratorial one fit better than what they've been told i think journalists were just not tuned into the level of anger in the population that trump was the beneficiary of and so we haven't gone
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back and done the job of explaining to america how was the dollar got elected what with the real reasons that he got elected as a reason as a result we were overly susceptible to this conspiratorial explanation and the third thing quickly is that the money was huge because because of the nature of russia gate this thing sort of like hotcakes or you know ratings for cable stations went up after the election not down by an enormous number so that provided a huge disincentive to steer away from from the narrative. well as the saying goes what goes up must come down or the t.v. ratings mother spiked the twenty sixteen elections we had that and experiencing apparently significant drop after the long awaited report on the russian collusion was revealed networks like c.n.n. and the m.s.m. b.c. was critical coverage of trump's been labeled as fake news by the us president of
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parity said a noticeable decline during prime time hours while trump friendly folks news is seated jump of over a million view is c.n.n.'s chief reporter correspondent trying to explain the trend saying there just has to be much news around since the bombshell findings were notes but some of the media are still not prepared to let it go. i think we've done the media the press has done one of the great reporting jobs in the history of especially of covering a presidency by the most news organizations trust in his prosecutorial judgment but that doesn't mean of course that there isn't compelling and incriminating evidence that should be shared with the american people this president has a way of trying to get into people's heads and indoctrinate them he's been saying no collusion no collusion no collusion he does this all the time this is not the in of anything he. still believes the u.s. mainstream media is destroyed its own credibility this report the went on for two
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years to in the making has proven out that this president won fair and square and the mainstream media c.n.n. m.s.n. b.c. and others took it to such an extreme and have absolutely burned their reputations and they have also commented jeff zucker over at c.n.n. said we don't do investigative journalism or than what kind of journalism is there if you're not actually looking for the information sourcing your information as opposed to just taking bad circular reporting off phony information we have trade deals that are going on ongoing with china very exciting news there that you have is not the reason for their lack of a rating if you look at the exit it's from mainstream media into online media and it's citizen journalism you will see that this shift is going to where people can actually get accurate news. facebook's to clear it is putting a ban on any wood to promoting white separatism and white nationalism on its platform. we're announcing a ban on praise support and representation of white nationalism and white separatism on facebook and instagram is clearly concepts deeply linked to organize
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hate groups and have no place in our services these new rules then come in next week in the rain as facebook says taking a stand against hate this month the social media giant came under intense criticism for its role in the spread of violent content online overheard handle video of the christ church mosque shooting in new zealand the gunman live streamed his deadly rampage and published a white nationalist manifesto online but critics still argue facebook is just it's absolutely right the white supremacist a racist ideology is also confronted and i welcome it but it's far too late for for those of us campaigning against racism who have been calling for this action for many years it's taken a massacre in new zealand of muslims to actually get facebook to face up to their responsibilities this is not erosion of free speech this is a private company platform media platform where you have to sign up to terms of
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conditions and if you breach them then you will be held responsible for that are removed from the platform i get that facebook is a private club but then i get that you have an agreement between yourself and facebook and you don't necessarily have a right to be on facebook but obviously these social media giants are so huge what they get up to and it always seems with facebook they are the last to act the bigger principle is here is that you've got to tackle hate and you've got to be able to have responsible conversations it's when it crosses over to demonizing i hate all community that is the issue on facebook i've always supported for many years but internationally of look at what mines because they are huge multi-billionaire companies we've really tried to stop them spreading islamist propaganda and facebook so before talks. some action but only after a huge amount of pressure and i think one of the other concerns i've got about
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these social media platforms is to what extent all the people get dragged along with it and so the concern is you know firstly are they getting the balance right balt also the other thing we've got to say tied it up again is why the heck are we dragging these social media platforms kicking and screaming into doing their duty i mean a massacre in christchurch streamed live on social media is that one level we've got it's your platform and you're responsible for it has been hosted on that and i think the idea that self-regulation of these platforms is something which the british government for example have been pushing for a number of years just doesn't work premisses well it's got to be tackled it's going to be confronted and it's got to be eradicated. this friday morning sixty minutes past eight moscow time the next british ngo the integrity initiative has been trying to create a europe wide network counters so-called russian propaganda new leaks revealed they
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also apparently reveal the u.k. government funded projects been sending spies abroad to test the capabilities of potential agents and then report that data to the british foreign and commonwealth office down the court has got the story. yet another plan of the u.k. funded integrity initiative has surfaced in their fight against misinformation the expose network sets out to identify civil society organisations of the reaching across europe countering disinformation upscale there's an organisation's in research and communications and through the provision of support grants and training and coordinate their activities the documents are the seventh part in a string of leaks that began in late twenty eighteen they outline plans for the expose network a web of european wide companies combating misinformation the documents map illustrates just how wide it is stretching from the u.k. across to eastern europe according to their terms outlined in the documents participants are required to handle sensitive information for the state and they
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also need to sign a strict non-disclosure agreement as for who is spreading the misinformation well most parties seem to have a fixation on russia. they've been targeted by the russian media the russian government has criticized this directly and. that's not going to stop this because this so many of us who can do
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this we're going to keep going while another striking example a ukrainian media watchdog called detector media it's responsible for. monitoring the professional quality could be considered a violation of professional standards have a look at this article about the ukrainian intelligence services performing raids against what they call pro russian media the watchdog was disappointed at how little the government succeeded with their patriotic agenda those organizations may or may not have accepted money from the integrity initiative nevertheless exposes planned budget is around three million pounds annually from twenty eighteen to twenty twenty one and it's not like the british government didn't throw millions of pounds at integrity initiative last year the government funding this initiative with nearly two million pounds this financial year although when government misinformation is the concern it might be hard to be sure your government isn't the
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culprit even if you can tell you if you should do those who do start funding these activities you're going to find that western governments will be their resources to another organization in order to engage in propaganda those people who know what's become aware of the extent to which our glasses go. gauge in manipulation. and acknowledge this is this thing is. huge too and it's been going on for much longer you need to get used to it doesn't seem to me that the mainstream media is doing its job really to the attention of western public this kind of problem we have our issues the. european problems we're aware of this they would be cross outraged being subjected to this kind. of a footnote to this the sort of the integrity initiative says its website is now closed pending an investigation into the theft of data responding to the earlier
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leaks the organization denied any covert activities and said much of the published material was dated anyway we said request the british foreign office regarding the latest batch of leagues so far has been no response but. a performer. the greek tragedy at the renowned suborn university in france has been canceled after it was labeled africa phobic colonialist and racist play which was first performed more than two thousand years ago should have been part of the annual ancient theater festival but students blocked actors from entering the theater because black face makeup was used during last year's performance this year actors were supposed to put on black masks cording to the university's administration a research institute we spoke to says the ban is an act of violence. absolutely this is an absolutely to collect around measure to ban a type of performance an act of violence took place and someone on the biggest french university where they blog this play from going ahead. and performance we choose two thousand five hundred years old and as you mentioned in greek there to
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use of masks with different colors it's traditional like the portray different characters and black masks. that's why all we hear about blackface is not serious at all this is a new ideological framework which is less than a year old or chipping in those two two french ministers published a joint statement opposing the cancellation calling it an attack on freedom of speech but the president of the council of france's black association thinks that actors could indeed have put on african cost you condemned by human rights defenders the un and the european parliament yesterday typical appointed black faces for a white person is a change their appearance like a dark skinned person because of his first appeared during the times of slavery was done to mock and demonize black people. or that if they don't want to see black people on the stage one would just use african costumes instead i can't dictate how these performances should be done of course for there are thousands of different
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ways to get around this there are plenty of ways to produce an ask list tragedy of the. us authorities issued the official explanation request for an affluent chilean businessman over his part in weapons sales to saddam hussein's regime in iraq over three decades ago though back then washington didn't regard the entrepreneur's activities criminal quite the contrary of that desert is caleb maupin explains this morning. the u.s. department of justice wants to extradite a wealthy chill léon wine manufacturer carlos cardo and to stand trial one of the charges well according to one thousand nine hundred ninety three indictment he sold weapons to former iraqi strongman saddam hussein cardo and maintains he did not however commit any crimes. judges. didn't my complete innocence and the. time now the indictment says that cardon made these weapons sales without the permission of the us leaders however we have the
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sworn testimony of a member of the national security agency this official says that his weapons deals were carried out with the complete approval of the united states my files will contain my notes and memoranda from meetings i attended with cia director casey or cia deputy director gates which included discussions of cardew ins manufacture and sale of cluster bombs to iraq the cia authorized approved and assisted conduit and in the manufacture and sale of cluster bombs and other munitions to iraq cargo and started out as a man who manufactured mining explosives however with the help of the world now one of those u.s. allies that cardo and happily did business with was the baathist government of iraq back in the one nine hundred eighty s. iraq was at war against the islamic republic of iran iran ayatollah khomeini was certainly no friend of washington or the pentagon so the united states gave saddam hussein
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a large amount of support in his war against the iranians in one thousand nine hundred eighty four the us ambassador to chill a cold card owens business quote a lucrative market for cluster bombs but a lot has changed in thirty years so adamant started this cruel war against kuwait tonight the battle has been joined american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations. to disarm iraq to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger sort of appears that they now want to extradite cargo and for a crime they gave him the full go ahead to do it shows that just like in the case of saddam hussein himself working with the united states never really comes with a guarantee what they help you to do today they might extradite you for doing tomorrow kaleb happen r.t. new york. the canadian province of british columbia has been widely condemned for supporting an organization allegedly urging people to shun vaccines the health
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action network society is a nonprofit organization sees its mission is promoting natural and alternative medicines and therapies last year and it received forty thousand dollars from the provincial government which made up about a third of its revenue since two thousand and seven it's been granted more than four hundred thousand dollars now after canadian media on earth documents showing the pomes authorities there vowed to review the organization's funding released a statement denying the allegations on march twenty eighth twenty nineteen the c.b.c. published an article calling into question the government funding received by harms in relation to allegations that the organization's advocacy for informed consent and vaccination safety or an alignment with anti-vaccination propaganda the whole for action network society refutes any association with an anti vaccination position and dissuades the irresponsible reporting associated with such allegations but drops keep in mind for all this world health organization listed falling vaccination rates as one of the biggest global threats these days it says vaccines
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prevent up to three million deaths every year and it also says a further one point five million deaths could be avoided if global vaccination coverage was improved cleanser pro-vaccine activists from canada she's created nonaligned petition urging mandatory vaccines in the province of british columbia we heard from her earlier. i think that the man who runs that company is very good at using fancy words and making it seem very professional and pulling the wool over people's eyes pretends that he's not anti vaccine that he's pro science well pro-science said all science says that vaccines are saying they're mean the side effects that are small but nothing compared to what the actual disease because we've spent i don't know how many times how many millions billions on studies to make sure they're safe as possible we need to get more education out there and right now the anti-tax movement is very loud and
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a lot of the crew that seriously don't realize that it's not just about their family they are putting other people at risk stay healthy stay happy all the day that one of the biggest will be stories breaks it should have been but didn't have plenty to talk about over that in the coming hours of course as i was going to vote on it you follow it all plus the rest of the day's news headlines when we're not life here over on our site r.t. dot com but for now here in moscow exactly twenty eight minutes past the cloak in the morning this friday it's kevin i have a great day. after
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the previous stage of my career. it was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i want to the new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to suppressing. or not to give you. i'm going to talk about football not for you or else you can think i was going to go. by the way what is it that fly here. all.
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alone and welcome to worlds apart the ukrainian presidential elections are just days away with a quarter of eligible voters still undecided on them to support with thirty nine candidates in the race is the choice too broad or perhaps too constricted while to discuss that i'm now joined by a prominent ukrainian politician. is a bloodless servant of the true science so good to see you thank you very much for this opportunity to talk to you good afternoon but dunham keeps cohen is not on the line still to sound the chief international sociology insist shoots accomplished its poll which says it's over twenty four percent of ukrainians are still undecided who to vote for what is the reason for the thoughts what do you think about that
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you know and that's really going on with to my mind is akin to me this is something quite natural.


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