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tv   Sophie Co  RT  March 29, 2019 4:30am-4:59am EDT

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bennetts well as beleaguered president. is whether in this well united states and its allies are pushing for his removal as washington's able to achieve political goals and that economic council. states exclusive with washington imposing three. of the region's countries with the continuing pressure on. the protesters in venezuela.
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and will the u.s. decision bring about any peaceful resolution to america's problems. of a complex troubled region. john kerry president of u.s. trade and economic council welcome to my show it's great to have you with us so let's talk about but. because it's such a hot topic right now in the news. from one side we have the u.s. government that is supporting the opposition legitimate leader putting in sanctions on the other hand the government is still somehow holding on or what do you think will happen at this point because america is so involved in this crisis in the crisis is no. result will actually have to intervene directly. at some point venezuela has become a contagion in the americas just like syria has become a contained in the middle east it's quite likely that will eventually lead. the
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challenge will be how do you go about doing that i think that the chinese government in the russian government have privately come to terms that the relationship that's important with venezuela is a commercial one so this is where does he go because the likely place would be cuba and of course cuba is relationship with venezuela is well known but the problem is that if cuba were to say to mr durant come here and if mr murder were to leave then for a moment cuba would be looked upon as great you've helped solve a problem now we can move forward but the problem with that is immediately the united states and other countries would call upon cuba to send mr moore to the world court so then we have another problem in terms of mr quiet oh he's played a useful role but i think that the mistake he's made thus far is not announcing
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that he would not stand for president. so to say to the venezuelan people and the international community i've done my role which i believe is a constitutional one is the interim president but don't look for me to run i think if he were to do that this situation in venezuela would be perceived as less one of the united states control and countries like russia and countries like venezuela and countries like china may then look at it as something that's a little more easily resolvable i don't think they'll be military confrontation because there are too many players in the venezuelan military of the cubans the russian federation united states brazil colombia there's a lot going on there that would be combustible and i don't think would bring a resolution so i don't see a military confrontation but i do see mr murderer eventually leaving the likely places cuba but cuba is going to need some assurances that in the morning it won't be seen as
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a hero to resolve something in the afternoon. be penalized for not sending them so you've mentioned yourself that. job and the american involvement in them wouldn't be so. so to say spoken loudly about because if you go outside america for this part of the world for instance. intervention. inside politics. very clear america is taking sides and is making a point to be on one side why do you think the united states administration is so deliberately taking sides because they're saying other countries like russia and china are also having a separate. thing and far as we can move from there on then that's fine but america is very vocal about supporting one side why do you think venezuela you know it's somewhat metastasize it was initially
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a venezuelan issue you had the president of venezuela that was causing economic and political pain within the country the united states looked at that i think in terms of members of congress potentially is good politically and also we can make a change the problem is the connectivity with cuba and when cuba's interest is to maintain its commercial economic relationship with that as well and that means mr moore will place you know have this triangle as a shield and in u.s. politics whenever you can add cuba to something you're going to maximize its value and with venezuela. you know i hate to say it but it is true. the state of florida is incredibly important politically no and during the last presidential elections the last three of them the state of florida has been won by approximately
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less than one percent of the vote so when you have. what is now estimated one hundred fifty thousand people who have been as well in descent living in south florida when you have two million people of cuban descent living in florida and south florida remains very very important terms of how the state goes from many administration that's going to be tantalizing and so you have two u.s. senators senator rick scott from florida senator marco rubio from florida who have taken the lead in terms of helping the president so there is a political message the political dynamic to this the optics as you said are that the u.s. has already created it now we are trying to manage it and we're trying to. had some kind of resolution i certainly understand the domestic optic and the logic we had because elections are coming i understand that but there's also the international optics. so when america is at socialistic
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terror who treats people really badly. that argument would stand ground if american list ration all throughout twentieth century it didn't change regimes in central and south america and didn't put up dictators that would actually also treat their people just as badly and in some cases even worse so i'm thinking maybe it's not that much about treating the people badly but really you re saying chavis is legacy. the child as a legacy is. it's going to take much more than just erasing mr meridor to erase child as his legacy but there is a reality and the reality is that ben is a whale is an economic mess and because venezuela is an economic mess because it can't pump oil you then have the oil issue coming into this and this is where it gets byzantine but in order for russia and china to get repaid oil
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prices need to be high because that way as well if we can pump more oil you can get more for repay what it owes the problem is that for russia high oil prices are good it's a producer it's an exporter china is a net importer so in order for trying to get money that venezuela owes it well needs to be high but it's not in china's interest for oil prices to be high cuba which has a role most of what they pay for but in order from a door to have enough money venezuela tough enough money to provide them with subsidized oil world needs to be high. but that doesn't help cuba because then the subsidies go where the subsidies go up but still the price goes up and then you have opec opec once high oil prices but that's not necessarily good for the united states the united states needs relatively high oil prices to help the domestic producers of the fractures so you've got all this you know my point of all there is
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there isn't anyone that can win in any one they can lose it's not zero it's do you think the u.s. has a strategy. what has been done time and time again is that the u.s. were involved. this is r t breaking into software code here watching around the world there because there's a live news event we want to take you to the foreign ministers of russia and turkey holding a joint news conference after a meeting focused on regional international of the see what's coming up. going isms. in the russia turkey joint planning group is part of the russian turkish high level corporation council. which. the goal of which. is to corporates to organize high level meetings between the heads of states of russia.
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and the new meeting will be held soon which will host discussions on culture tourism. and issues related to other areas. during this summit a lot of important issues will be discussed. just as today we've had a very productive meeting. and you look at him it's. going to make him. want to go and our minister. of trade with and has been appointed called chairman of the joint economic commission. i'm sure worl go to moscow and hold meetings with russian counterparts. and there will be economic issues discussed on the
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ministerial level. russian turkish relations are developing have a better with each passing year. and we have steadily growing steady growth in economic relations. are you going i'm very happy to see so many russian tourists in russia in turkey and. specifically. it's all the shows you know the numbers show that this was a. who's who of the new unit. and we have. started working on a number of issues such as. being special moment as. to russia citizens but our. final goal is to allow russian citizens to.
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travel to turkey using their also signed up plan for enter ministerial consultations for the year two thousand for the years twenty nineteen and twenty twenty we have also been strengthening our regional cooperation. or. we're also cooperating with other countries in this regard like countries from central asia and the balkan states in the. all these joint consultations well. you didn't allow us to achieve stability. in the region we share. that as for bilateral issues and the consulate issues we still have consultations and communications as part of the mechanisms we've created but there's still a lot of work to be done but there's
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a long road ahead of us right now we're goal in the long term is to reach a trade of one hundred billion dollars. over the past year our trade turnover grew by fourteen percent which is a good. solution and in twenty nineteen we will be marking a. a year of tourism and across cultural russia turkish year. i hope that. all the events that are planned to be held as part of the. will be successful once again i say pains to you mr lavrov i'm very happy to see you here in antalya thank you so much. for your productive work. thank you ladies and gentlemen first of all i'd like to thank our turkish hosts
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for their well come for their warm welcome. here. in their homeland in the hometown of my counterpart mr chavez shah gloom and we've had another session of the russia turkey joint search egypt planning group so. this was a preparation for a new high level meeting that will be hosted by chaired by mr president mr putin and president of came as a nation with the preparation for these important here is summit has been successful. so far as soon as there will be a meeting between the so-called chairman of the. she's beautiful and schuster economics of the trade. commission's of our countries as mr blue has said we have
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a stable growth of trade and with the support of our economic and social circles so we will continue to work in order to achieve the stated goal of so. one hundred billion dollars trade turnover of the project the joint projects we have are of course the turkish stream gas pipeline and the nuclear power plant both of these projects are being implemented according to plan political solution we have also assessed and achieved and. positive conclusions one assessing the look you will see. that the provision of. four hundred systems. defense systems. we're happy with the number of russian tourists coming. out. of roads by sure
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over a quarter since the past year and. a motion and it's now over six million people a year and we are grateful to our turkish counterparts colleagues for providing security for russian citizens in turkey we have over for the liberalization of the. regime. between our two countries we are discussing the possibility of providing professional specialized visas for drivers and other people. arriving to turkey and we are preparing also for a cross cultural year of russian turkish cross cultural here which will be launched in april. of the russian high level meeting between our presidents which you can see excuse me we sincerely grateful to our turkish counterparts for its
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help. to the nation. in the last moments in all the events held by russian. orthodox church which is. you know we have also discussed issues regarding syria. both determined that the un resolution twenty two fifty four. choose not to go on last minute school should be implemented in full. russia turkey and iran have been participating in the. dialogues using the past on our format because currently the only effective mechanisms mechanism. that is. she's able to. productively a result of issues regarding syria and the region. and war and we have
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been discussing the option to expedite the launching of the. constitutional committee in syria. because the we are sure that the creation of this committee world. finally launched the geneva process so often mentioned by our western counterparts and we've also discussed the issue of restoring the humanitarian. and interest structural integrity which of syria. you and the possibility for the refugees to return to their homes and we have discussed the implementation of the memorandum agreed upon by our president by the heads of our states on the seventeenth of september twenty eighth. and we have discussed the deescalation zones and the complete limitation of terrorism in syria and in other countries of the region will continue to work together to achieve
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these goals which we've also exchanged opinions on the situation in the caucasus so in central asia in the balkans in the black sea region. for us all of these relevant issues are being discussed by russia and turkey as part of our consultations just moments ago we are for if it's signed a plan to intensify the consultations in the year of twenty nineteen and twenty twenty and we also have communicates on the platform of other international structures such as the always see the council of europe and the un of course russia and turkey like many other u.n. member states are interested. in. the good it will study of joining efforts with other countries. to uphold the u.n. charter once again thank you so much for this warm welcome for organizing all
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this work i hope that will soon meet in moscow on the sidelines of the high level meeting. thank you. do you go down the street in this verse started chanting is sure again my question is about the golan heights the american president decided to. state that the golan hired belonged to israel and some say that this is a present to netanyahu prior to the elections in israel do you agree with this how could these facts of the situation in the middle east because you could each of the ministers comment on this question. thank you. thank you.
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for your question because after mr trump signed the document five minutes after that we've made our own statement and we expressed our own reaction to this was we completely disagree with this decision it goes against international law really goes against the un resolutions that we do that these territories belong to syria. or no other state can unilaterally claim. that these territories belong to some other state. of the country we don't believe that this is going to be a legitimate decision are you accepted by the international community and we agree with your assessment that this is a present to netanyahu on the evolve the israeli elections who said pushing this is a fait accompli. that. will determine you through the us your policies but your of solutions this does not. lead to
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stability in the region it only began scales when the the so we do not accept a document like that we are against the decision. well. apart from the fact that this is being analyzed as part of the upcoming elections in israel it also has a different dimension. i believe that this is a. willing attempt to demonstrate. by the us that they can do anything. everything is allowed to. this is all the us can do right now but this is. serious. because one of the worrying shares to suit your english book i don't see the your solution here which are the ones you say un or the us also withdrew from the joint
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comprehensive plan of actions regarding iran in violation of the un resolution the us also is not the us foreign policy against venezuela shoes is also currently violates all the norms are supposed to be upheld by the un. and just look and see what finally happening with the golan heights and this is also a demonstration of the us foreign policy and its drawbacks. because they were not there mounting there. wasn't a question as to both ministers. it was initially regarding the syrian issue it's been. that you wanted to expedite the launching of the constitutional committee. on it did you have any problems regarding the names.
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on the sort of the polls to participate in the constitutional committee and could you talk about the list of the names i support. and the next question is. is expecting. the amount of cause that you can see into visa free regime in the u.k. and russia to them how soon could we achieve this. how long this do we need to wait for this good news. especially well the you there is a transcript. of my speech it was. during the press conference . with your thoughts of your superiors as for the constitutional committee it was you. who needs to be acknowledged both have presented.
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them as us their mission to their opinions with associates of police i'd used the work of the constitutional committee will be are launched with corporation by the un and we currently have a number of names on the list that are still to be. decided. with the participation of the un officials. one of the them so. and these are going to burn this was the question of them to answer your question about the results. at the start of my speech i said that this is going to take some time they're going to be working in stages. first there will be in the special passports on the moon and then what. if you missed new zealand common law suit you know you could go into the news
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documents well besides and and then there will be practical realisation that will do all the other stages but our final goal of course is to achieve visa free travel . for the institution constitutional committee and. as. this is important for a political settlement of the conflict to age and size. we'll continue to be generous to conversations which. you geneva process is impossible without. the notice on is of course so. much of us and again this is the astronaut talks created in there because you see him comes from the childish when those who do your . going to continue to do so in the childish years and soon we will have. an opportunity to finally present the commission. on some bush policy as it's just going to function teenage cancer trust i'm getting my social media out
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of my be out on the media democrat five major major general talk news to send you a senator is from the effort especially to instructors on the model this time to him on the same unit. same class or mike's attitude can also mean the oldest reject just because he asked for four hundred systems for that it was sad to think there will be no way back it was said by the american high school and economy to make intersect but some say that. these as four hundred systems were sold to other parties. we have signed an agreement a deal with russia. that he wants to receive the venom to use them at the very anti or systems and at the nuts. countries that did not want to deliver. these systems to provide us the systems
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that's why it was signed an agreement there with russia the agreement reason for force against them it will not accomplish your article unless maybe you have won the now what do we expect december cover on the treaty we expected. to look like the other countries. doing it in an article voicing their disagreement with the policies of other countries this. goes up the. international politics and their normal smith looked like you might share your between these signed an agreement with russia you know why and what other countries think about it such as that and because nothing to do with us it is a month's worth of it on has nothing to do with these deals going to change russia can sell us four hundred systems or as long and as it wants its march other to as many of them with you as it wants the negative images chopped off to be the british
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or the yes some parts of the systems and four hundred systems are produced into care. already and we cannot just walk on wiki diversion and go back on this deal. we also want to hear a very controversial statements from the us. those who think congress the us congress to manage president trump through the un we're going to have. some you have made some very strange statements. but they can say whatever they wanted the republic of turkey has signed a deal with russia is going through this when the children are here and this deal will be implemented and the systems will be delivered to terra.
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