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third time on lucky for truce i'm a british lawmakers roundly reject the prime minister's last ditch attempt to force . through parliament. u.s. secretary of state claims russia has interfered in every u.s. election since two thousand and four. and the german ramstein faces a huge backlash for the group's controversial depiction of the holocaust in their new singles video we discussed the reaction from the public and israel. are broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is our chief international.
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with. britain was due to be marking its exit from the european union on friday instead there's a division and derision in westminster and beyond to the prime minister suffered a humiliating third defeat in parliament for her bragg's a deal and they warned that britain has edged closer to leaving the e.u. in two weeks' time without a plan in place. the implication of the house's decision. the legal default is that united kingdom is due to leave the european union on the twelfth of april in just fourteen days time mr speaker i feel we are reaching the limits of this process in this house this house has rejected no deal it has rejected no brics it on wednesday rejected. of the deal on the table and today it has rejected approving the withdrawal agreement britain edges closer and closer to the cliff it seems without any kind of backup plan indeed we saw the house of commons voted down
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to rescind may's withdrawal agreement her deal for a third time around as a majority of fifty eight of voices in the parliament despite her hoping that she would just be able to break through with this agreement allowing for the deadline for bracks it to be extended to may twenty second as was agreed with the european union that indeed has not happened despite the british prime minister cleaning yet again for m.p.'s to support her she promised again to step down as her deal was supported in this particular vote possibly hoping third time would be the lucky one she said that. this deal would avoid european elections it would avoid a cliff edge and avoid a long delay possibly destroying the idea of bragg's it all together still
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this apparently did not scare m.p.'s enough in this make or break time so what happens next is of course the deadline now is april twelfth as agreed with the european union certainly there will be lots of work underway to see if other alternatives are available as soon as next monday those are going to be looked at most certainly again here in west. minister at the same time as all of this political stalemate and chaos and crisis unravels within this government to eat us to vote donal to ask european council president has tweeted that he's calling a european council meeting to take place on april tenth and we know the euro commission they have said this previously that they are prepared for a new deal scenario already but all of them acknowledging that april twelfth is now the new march twenty ninth and if you remember this was meant to be the day for the
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original breck's a deadline to take place. meanwhile to mark the day vege should have been one museum in southwest england to design a display of work by british street artist banksy one which more than ever perhaps captures the mood in the country. so here are some of the thousands who turned down for the so-called march of march to leave the demonstration outside parliament on friday afternoon many had planned to come anyway to celebrate britain leaving the e.u. instead they rallied to vent their anger over the country's faltering departure police arrested five people at the demonstrations and sally met some of the people at the rally in parliament square. there are tens of thousands of people gathered here in this parliament square in central london many of them gathered here to make the point that leave means leave there is of course a big stage there showing videos and speeches on what was supposed to be briggs that day march the twenty ninth the day the u.k. was supposed to leave the e.u.
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but of course that is now looking like it's going to be pushed back to april the twelfth at the earliest but this isn't the only stage here where the only protest it is a rather his protest very different you could say to this one here addressing many grievances that he seems to have with the mainstream media and so on but it just goes to show that even within those who are calling for brags that there are divisions in the best way to approach that however one thing which we've been noticing we've been going round and talking to people is that the idea of a no deal breaks it all leaving one world trade organization rules is something that the people here at this protest are quite comfortable with. do you think the prime minister will be invited down for the time good. moments of why you've done what it would i want to know until. today when i brought a well i mean this madness that's the route to us about this is not no deal is even going to do you two year terms of troop reduction that's what we voted for and we
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knew exactly what we were voting for in two thousand and sixteen so i think our chances are better spent elsewhere beyond the european union you know where we can engage in free trade arrangements for having speak and find what cost to soon the european commission today say that on twelve april the twelfth there will be a no deal is not something that you would say european commission one hundred thirty nine billion pounds they would do everything to keep percent this is not a deal worth it it's a very bad. start by the e.u. so bad to do we should leave without a deal on w t o terms the parliament square is. filled with car you bought of your flock but today it's a ton of those on the leaf side of the argument so make that proud to follow this military style march taking place but you just showed up the flag of all the united kingdom has many of these because those vote for
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a think wish to make the point that today is the day that should have been the day the u.k. government european union but now they won't stop protesting until they read about the objective. european law professor francesco result zero described e.u. leaders claims to be prepared for a no deal brags that as a facade. when navigating unfold here nobody would have predicted who what and goodness gracious named as happened over the last two or three three months and certainly last couple of weeks delist been voted down three times so whatever the reasons it's been voted down by most heartbreaks it is remain as in someone i think that in a democracy we have to accept that parliament has a right to vote and there's no should the deal done of course in our democracy we also have to accept the referendum happened in two thousand and sixteen and voted to leave the european union the government clearly has not made a great deal of negotiating itself out of the minas managed to alienate everybody i
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don't know why the european commission said well it looks like it's going to be no deal the reality is the brussels doesn't want to know a deal nobody wants a new deal aliment doesn't want to no deal. the conclusion of the report by special counsel robert muller that there was no conspiracy between donald trump and the kremlin doesn't seem to be the end of russia while answering a question from u.s. democrat secretary of state insisted russian interference was still a very real threat and surprisingly goes all the way back to the george w. bush era. for two years they dug and dug investigated and questioned as sad as it may be trump is not a russian agent who so they think but the fishery russia gave collusion was
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a hook for the style if you only knew just how much conclusion there was in the past do you believe russia interfered with the twenty six thousand u.s. general election yes they did in the two thousand and twelve and the two thousand and eight thank you and the tea literally or that's a bold claim especially given the evidence he mentioned he didn't mention any evidence begs the question of course why washington waited for more than a decade to say so but there could be a simple explanation the presidents before trump were get this compromised agents russian agents and contrary to miss the pompei oh i have evidence it's so obvious if you think about it let's go back russia meddled and one year election for barack obama how else could you explain the bombers little microphone slip
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where he was caught red handed reporting to putin. before that it was george bush who russia put into the white house twice in two thousand and two thousand and four look at them together putin and bush all that touching and feeling hugs and shakes romantic almost and don't get me started about the eyes and look the man in the eye. was able to. do. sense of his soul and you want to tell me that bush wasn't a russian stooge come on get real as red as a cherry and that's just the last few presidents this meddling goes back decades
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reagan who presided over the collapse of the u.s.s.r. was also compromised this is all just part of the plan i mean what kind of sick man a traitor makes a whole be of collecting and translating russian jew and then posting about it the story was an american in russian arguing about their two countries in the americas said look in my country i can walk into the oval office i can pound the president's desk and say mr president i don't like the way you're running our country and a russian said i can do this i can go into the criminal of the general secretary's office pound is disconcerting mr general secretary i don't like the way president reagan is running used by the. russian meddling is obvious it has gone on for more than one hundred years abraham lincoln surprise was a russian agent why do you think russia sent two fleets of warships to new york and
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san francisco in a show of support for him and the unionists during the american civil war the coming of the russian fleets was decisive in helping lincoln get through the last and most serious threat of anglo-french intervention you don't hear much about that and for good reason you need to leave evidence lying about say that comrade lincoln rest in peace lennon's blessings be upon him there you have it concrete proof of president after president being russian agents you got it right mr pompei oh about the whole russia meddling. all joking aside for the past two years american mainstream media has good. near nonstop coverage to the trump russia collusion saga but although the t.v. ratings that might have spiked after the two thousand and sixteen election and they're now experiencing a significant drop after the long awaited report was released c.n.n.
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has critical coverage of trump is often dismissed as fake news by the us president has seen a noticeable decline during primetime hours likewise one of the most popular m s n b c anchors rachel maddow lost a half a million viewers in one week about twenty percent of her audience while the trump friendly fox news channel has seen a jump of more than a million viewers. c.n.n.'s chief correspondent tried to explain the trend saying there just hasn't been much news since the bombshell moller findings were announced and in the u.s. congress it seems that some democrats are still not ready to throw in the towel on rush again. no thank you mr attorney general we do not need your interpretation shell lest clicks may think it's ok that the russians offered dirt. on the democratic candidate for president as part of what was described as the russian government's effort to help the trump campaign you might think that's ok what would be the proper adjective shameful sad. irresponsible of
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the president of the united states and their public and on the intelligence community to take the actions that they have i think it's an ethical i think it's unpatriotic and yes i think it's corrupt. and evidence of collusion. they're losing their minds nancy pelosi is comments are are particularly hysterical i've been watching m.s.m. be seen night and day for two years and it's all there what do we need in a vest a geisha a team for what do we need a special prosecutor for what do we need grand juries for we have rachel maddow now she told us that indictment by m.s.m. b.c. is what schiff is advocating here information in the public domain the report was political from the beginning it was never about rule of law it was about political advantage and came in as a thief stake i was surrounded by sixteen lawyers all of them hillary supporters
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most of them donors to her campaign this group of highly partisan investigators would come back with something anything and when they came back with nothing because there was just nothing to find. or you heard the comments from intel committee chairman adam shift a little bit earlier his republican committee colleagues and president trump have called on him to resign one republican member of the house intel committee mike turner even accused shift of mccarthyism for his continued support of the russian collusion theory. chairman i'm asking for your resignation day because i believe you are advancing putins work when this body understood that mccarthyism was something to be rejected it for years watched it but you are using that playbook chairmanship has prejudged the issue that he wishes to investigate he's come to a conclusion before his investigation is accomplished isn't that being the case he sacrificed any impartiality he could have says and so they want him to step down
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not because he thinks trump has done bad things but because he stated as equivocally that trump is guilty and he's now going to find the evidence to support that that's not an impartial investigation and mr shift should either give up the investigation or step down from chairmanship of the committee and let someone who is less partisan and less partial to manage this investigation in the official statement of whether or not there was an obstruction of justice is a matter of law for the attorney general to say the attorney general has said so therefore whatever characteristic the democrats wish to apply to this set of destruction it's not because the attorney general says it's not and that's an end to it the latest on the fallout from the trump russia collusion saga was discussed on our program going underground you can watch the full episode right here on monday but here's a quick preview. what what adam schiff doesn't want you to doesn't doesn't want you
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to realize is that he would rather have donald trump be president than have a guy like bernie sanders be president right so what he's doing actually props up donald trump this is a huge gift to donald trump donald trump has been running around for two years calling the corporate media in the united states fake news and it turns out they were and so now when he actually is doing something that's corrupt and the news media calls him out for it they're going to be the boy who cried wolf and nobody's going to believe them so now donald trump has given this huge gift in his twenty twenty campaign he's now bulletproof from criticism from the mainstream media and they're still not stopping they're completely discredited there will be no reckoning and guys like we are shooting to stardom in the united states because people can't go anywhere else to get the truth. all right a german rock band ramstein has come into the firing line of the jewish community
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over the video for the group's new single looks at germany's past present and future but it is the part depicting the holocaust that has drawn a major backlash is being described by some as frivolous and irresponsible. the title of the deutschland of the nine minute video shows defining historical moments like the formation of the weimar republic and formation of the nazi party the lyrics are said to show the band's struggle with their german identity saying we quote want to love and damn you and some within the jewish community say it is outrageous while the israeli foreign ministry is insisting the quip should be deleted. this from stan cliff using the whole coast for advertisement purposes is shameful and uncalled for we joined the many voices calling for his immediate
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removal. of the band and its a record label have yet to respond to criticism earlier daniel hawkins discussed the reaction to rush times new video with independent journalist luke of a and historian efraim zuroff. practive the matter is that they did what they did it's out the it's available to anyone who wants and this is really in that the way to deal with the subject as sensitive as the holocaust they are if i may say on the good side of course and they bring the message of the horror of the camps to young people working class people who probably don't have a clue really even in germany of what happened sixty years ago it's true that somehow it is not bad here it is it's not clear what the messages and it's basically no no this is not education seminar this is just rammstein is way of tracking people from is not something you'd agree with that there shouldn't be any sort of boundaries in artistic expression or is the holocaust you know something of
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trivializing the sort of way as many people would say something that really does cross the line here. this in favor of freedom of expression refried of expression is not the right to yell fire in a crowded theater another is there has to be some limits and by the way the people who. follows have bands like this among them are many of the people in the neo nazi movement in germany people who have a tendency to potentially might be inspired to commit violent that it's so this is not really a good idea and to some a test must be fought hard but in this instance in germany this is the bed taste of the rock'n'roll scene and i think there is nothing much to do because if you intervene if you take them to court they will make something porous after there was a. clip done by
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a polish artist in which he had naked act is filmed playing tag in a gas chamber. this this clip was banned in germany ok but for some odd reason totally in comprehensible to me this was shown in the cracker museum of modern art i simply want to try to defend it i'm sure it's not brilliant i don't think it's for i'm not a fan but ok that's the way to us in our permissive society. russia will pay a price for its military presence in venezuela including the possibility of sanctions according to the us special representative for the country elliot abrams that is after donald trump on wednesday demanded russian forces get out of the latin american country. has lost the people who is using the russians to
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support is just brought to term to keep them in a zone people from hearing room president maduro calls for hands off on his way out while he invites security forces from cuba and russia so he and his cronies can keep plundering venezuela it is time for venezuelan institutions to stanford or sovereignty russia and cuba hands off and as well. two russian military planes arrived in venezuela last saturday carrying around one hundred troops according to moscow their presence in venezuela is washington president trump says russia should leave the country or face the consequences we spoke to gregory will pert co-founder of venezuela analysis dot com who thinks the u.s. sees venezuela as its backyard. trump administration is known to make threats mr and the more sanctions but it's unlikely to initiate a military confrontation with russia over them this went up the coast a lot of military advisors everybody's the prime minister in the eye gets doing so
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even states continues to see grimace we learn and all that but america is a backyard definitely true don't united states is trying to argue there are some kind of grow your good buddy them up to the south america is part of the u.s. three or zero influence and so they are whether anybody else recognize such or not . meanwhile another in their cities of the country lost power on friday having barely recovered from the last outage that paralyzed the country for four days since march seventh widespread outages have affected venezuela collapsing the water supply transportation and telephone and internet services during the last blackout the government announced public holidays last thing from tuesday to thursday when according to officials electricity was restored however it was followed by a new wave of darkness on friday evening earlier this week when this wireless communications minister claimed the country's power grid had faced attacks four times in the course of one month. israeli forces opened fire on hamas of
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positions in gaza in response to an attack near the border fence this according to the i.d.f. . palestinians were scenes throwing rocks and gas canisters and at least seven protesters were wounded many thousands of palestinians are expected to gather on saturday at the borders of the gaza strip to mark the first anniversary of the great march overturn a campaign of regular anti israel protests israel says its use of military force is necessary to protect its borders. south africa's human rights commission has ignited debate in the country over where the boundaries of free speech lie that is after it ruled that a string of racially charged remarks by a controversial left wing politician did not amount to hate speech among other things julius malema had said he was not quote calling for the slaughter of white
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people yet. came to the conclusion that while the ex this subject of these complaints may be quite offensive. they do not meet illegal facial qualify as hate speech. all jew is malema is the leader of the economic freedom fighters party which argues that black south africans continue to face discrimination is previously convicted of hate speech in two thousand and ten and two thousand and eleven and subsequently expelled from the ruling african national congress party here are some of the statements that critics have claimed amount to incitement to violence against white people. why you really want to tell. me why not but. it might be why not according to you know the signs seem to work for not called for the killing off way of people at least for now i
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can go to the future i don't want blacks to work for whites i want you to work for yourselves and white people will work for you that will be true freedom you must teach them how to carry babies on their back they must feel what our parents have been feeling we are not calling for white people to be killed before white people to be our domestic workers. you know one of the common taters we spoke to agree that their mother's words are reprehensible they ultimately had mixed feelings about the commission's ruling. well i think you know due to parts there are some parts certainly many of the rhetoric we use and it certainly should not be ever taken is much more than that there's another opinion simply from many legal people and people around issues of human rights to say i mean these type of statements are a board even though the south african human rights commission didn't find that constitutes hate speech but they did find it very offensive i have to ask yourself the question in the south african context so it's not things of turf to try to
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internalize even though mr malema claims not to have called for things like genocide and what have you his comments have still been quite extreme he has specifically said that he is not yet calling for the slaughter of all white people if someone on the right wing were to say something like this about black people he would be sent to jail possibly for the comments that he's made we've seen examples of this i am baffled as to why they came to this conclusion either it is because they politically sympathize with mr malema or they are afraid of him because they know that his. political party continues to grow in popularity and they worry that they will be on the wrong side of mr malema should he ever gain more power. and it does from back in thirty one minutes with a look at your headlines you're watching our two international.
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terms from mr why go home he's played a useful role but i think that the mistake he's made thus far is not announcing that he would not stand for president so to say to the venezuelan people and to the international community i've done my role which i believe is a constitutional one is the interim president but don't look for me to run i think if he were to do that the situation in venezuela be perceived as less one of the united states. join me every thursday on the elec simon chill and i'll be speaking to guests of the world the politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that.
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bad but i don't recall that oh it's a good story i'm tired of watching you those aren't well over a dagger not just a comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents. still as we all now know them own the reporters done it and he's now.
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