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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  March 29, 2019 10:30pm-10:59pm EDT

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join me every thursday on the alex island show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. this is going to say i'm tired of watching you that was already well under attack tonight this is a comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents. still as we all now know them only report is done and he's not
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recommending any more indictments and it shows no collusion with the raj and it has made our mainstream media and how far politicians look like idiot conspiracy theorists worse than when they all did the w m d cha cha you know. like they had a anthrax in their pants or something honestly it's like they've been doing the new thing for the past two years with their flies down and their nipples out just talking out of their belly buttons like they say they look ridiculous as an example this video has been making the rounds online someone caught this together and it's rachel maddow from one episode this is one episode to overthrow russian russian partial russian tradition russian the russians russia russia russia russians russians russians russians russian russian russian rush rush rush rush rush rush rush in moscow russian russian russia russian russian pressure rush rush rush against us russians russians russian against us the russians rush rush rush rush rush in russian government ski the russians saddam are. question ok ok are you
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going to place. that must be what it feels like to be inside her skull. those of us with even a half an iota of integrity have been screaming for two years now that this was a stupid conspiracy theory the democrats lost the twenty sixth and for anything unless they're currently right they were right there currently running for president the democrats do not stand up against wall street don't stand over just on climate change do not stand up to help your average worker all of us out here struggling to make ends meet they don't do it which makes them republicans . because they reduce their own primaries to stop the actual popular candidate from becoming the nominee they did not lose because a boogie man posting that picture. right. there is going to do you see these
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veins in my neck a real workout over the last two years. so this week our mainstream media reacted to the report and looked like they had just. their pants and it was trickling down their legs all right let's see the first few seconds of the rachel maddow show on monday of this week after she learned what was in the mall or report. you know is going to be this kind of night and you know. yeah i tried to go on vacation these last few days did not work so i have got questions i have lots of questions yeah. ok so you have a lot of such as number one how did i ingest the brain parasite that has taken hold . number two is it possible to teach said parasite that we already did the mccarthyism hysteria thing. the nineteen fifties and it was not good all right and
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number five eleven said parasite middlebury russia hang gliding bob. and i ask you why. now before we continue to look at the reactions of pathetic snake oil salesmen and women i want to make clear how horrific this insanity has been donald trump is corrupt he's been corrupt since way back when he was selling trump boardgames that included a special get out of grabbing free card. for the whole family he was involved in thousands of lawsuits and before he was president for things like cheating contractors out of money and lying in business dealings so i'm not saying trump isn't corrupt but by creating this laughable and baseless fantasy about russian collusion that that has now been completely and utterly refuted the democrats and the photo resistance in an our media have caused
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a deep harm and here's how number one they have made it look like trump has the moral high ground and has been the victim of a witch hunt for two years this gives him a great platform to run for reelection number two they put the two most heavily armed countries in the world at the brink of nuclear war two minutes to midnight according to scientists number three they took all air time away from the actual ways in which trump the g.o.p. and the corporate democrats are destroying this country extracting the resources and ensuring our environmental collapse number four they have made trumped endless lies seem legitimate because his claims that he's been targeted by a lying media have been proven completely correct but most importantly they've made it super awkward for me to show off my on a cornucopia tattoo i have on my inner thigh right about here the cashier at the grocery store. the other day i was like does that mean you're
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a russian agent breaking our election no no means i like tennis and i'm a creepy old man get your head in. a pool so rachel and her mad cow disease have. this country in a phenomenally dangerous place but it's not just her the reactions of the other talking heads to the mahler report were equally on hey interest what do we know we know russia intervened in our election to help troubled no we don't know well whole point of the expression let's look at what we know is to follow that with factual reality. still what he just said let's look at what we know and then followed it with nonsense that's like saying let's look at what we know we know that pigeons drive around on ski dues to help their organ harvesting operation. that we know. look at the evidence of russian interference we've got so far it boils down to two
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points one was that russia hacked into the deed leak from the inside the d.n.c. not a hat and the f.b.i. stuff never actually examined the hacked servers former d.n.c. chair donna brazil said they destroyed the servers the d.n.c. destroyed the servers before the f.b.i. could examine them. why would one destroy servers that are under think is just because they enjoy destroying servers. but i like scaring. and melting down computers servers while they're under investigation. for a good time and the second piece of evidence that a russian what was that a russian click bait farm posted images like that i'm not kidding that's the actual image and they created pro trump rallies such as this one. this way to our election. i think those people could get me to vote for.
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eight people with a combined seventy two can't be wrong. but i think not so if you honestly believe that this is why trump won and not because hillary was a corrupt candidate for a corrupt party rigged its own primary if you believe that way. to go if you enjoy your primary vote chasing caterpillar's well let's let's not now let's keep the crazy train a runnin it may be harder for the intelligence committee frankly led by chairman schiff given this decision on the collusion issue it may be tough yes that probably will make it a little tougher. how dare the mauler report get in the way of our conspiracies with all of their reality. that's true. and while we're on the job it was those investigators in iraq to not buy met weapons of mass destruction all right then
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finding west bank made inquiry ok. well i'm sure an actual congresswoman can't be this last and never never. just because there was not enough evidence for a criminal charge because there is see does that mean that this is a very cozy relationship that. were put in who by the way must be really happy that this came about that this kind of close relationship that is not good for a country that is such as fair will continue. her statements are like mad libs putin must be happy that your dip conspiracy theory has been proven to be a dip conspiracy. yeah but shouldn't we all be happy when reality comes into play should that excite us cause. more importantly she
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says trump has this cozy relationship with russia but trump has sucked for russia trump is bombing syria he's trying to create a coup in venezuela he's expelled russian diplomats pulled out of the i.n.f. treaty set weapons to the ukraine and sanctioned russia far more than obama ever did trump. the russia ok and guess wrong. if we're going to survive climate change in the continued environmental collapse we'll need cooperation with other countries i've heard. it and when you work together instead of punching each other in your biggest dicks. krampus sucks for russia he suffered as well he struck for serious shock for yemen sucks for america and the only thing he's been good for are the rich ruling elite which includes most of the mainstream media and most of congress. secretly i was
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requested to. be maybe just maybe that's why m.s.n. b.c. aired twenty three times as much coverage of trump during the twenty sixteen campaign than they did of bernie sanders because secretly they love the guy come on m.s.n. b c can't you have someone on with someone hell agents some some real clout you know someone who the people trust and joining us now john podesta for care of hillary clinton's presidential campaign. for the center for american progress that's the other side of this although. i like a guy like you like to have a good talk to him i thought he was in the witness protection program. now we finally know how to rest and just wait outside imus n.b.c. and then gather. this is the guy who proved a lie. his emails literally prove to the corruption of hillary's campaign they also showed the election rigging by the d.n.c. he should be relegated to the dustbin of history reserved for boneheads like the
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guy who tried to fly by jumping off a cliff with cardboard wig. milli vanilli you know you. i would sooner want to learn what. ok. before i wrap this up let's give the mad hatter one more chance while we're on the subject of ideal vs real while we're on the subject of pie in the sky. or real world circumstances oh my god . she's going to do it she's she's going to say i'm sorry i've lost touch with the real world i'm sorry i brought you a lunatic fringe theory for two straight years i'm sorry that while i was doing that and this n.b.c. went an entire year without mentioning the genocide in yemen barely talking about climate change barely ever talked about the exploitation of the average american worker by wall street the extraction of wealth to the top i am. sorry
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three. was very sorry. to hear the resign and promise. them promise to never speak publicly again like get a new job standing on a sidewalk promoting a local car wash oh my mitt. let's see if you finally apologize when it comes to the the bottom line for this moment in american history when it comes to the bottom line that we have just been through a remarkable thing. we have been through a circumstance in which a hostile foreign adversary launched a complex and sophisticated attack to interfere with our presidential election so they could help get their favorite candidate into the white house and he in fact got into the white house no no no no no no no thanks provably not
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what happened that's the lesson you're taking for this rachel i took. from one talking head to another you must realize you you somehow morphed yourself into glenn back after all of bottoming all right. you're alex jones without the blood spurting out your ears you want to rush limbaugh but less coherent. and without the bag full of tickets to a sex dungeon but. you are a clown of the highest order you have taken what appear to be progressive beliefs and funneled them through the realm of big foot and mystical swamp creatures of thirty second ads fairy tales from hucksters all right don't take it for me here's from an op ed this week in your beloved new york times over the past three years a good many members of the opposition to donald trump a mix of serious journalists cable television activists and politicians have been
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invested in what appears to be exactly the kind of conspiracy laced alternative reality that they believe themselves to be resisting with the apparent no collusion conclusion to the moller investigation there will be now be a retreat from this alternative reality to more defensible to raymond to all of you in the mainstream media get off the thin ice head on back to solid ground here here in fact i bought you some hinges ok receives broken loose from yours how do you watch it if you. think yes there are you either. breaks it killed joan. the great tragic comedy known as russia gate is slowly becoming part of history the
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resistance continues to resist trump but clearly the president has the wind at its back now is it time for a great awakening what are the lessons to be learned and can the liberal media recover from this fiasco. as an officer. told them to get up off the ground begin to pay down. democrats on the sounds of. grown man like wrestling essentially. early. in the twisted away from the office or. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then when it happened on tree swung and i didn't hit him i never saw any contact with. any kind of went back to where they were so the officers back here there again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and he did it on three.
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thank you. but why the states have expanded background checks for purchasing guns however these so-called red flag laws face resistance from about one hundred local sheriffs who say they won't enforce the law but i hear if you just carry the gun in a paper bag go look the other way so that's. your newscasters aren't walking. away . everyone needs a safe space minorities children says are their birth certificate the fake one and the real one with their illicit drugs space so say you forget where it is i'm sober today and your smith and wesson needs a safe space too that's why these defiant sheriffs are declaring that their counties are second amendment sanctuary a great idea because guns are people too. they just rip off the idea of sanctuary
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cities it's really no ridge anality is overrated it's the artist's voice that matters and you better listen to those voices because they're packing heat. because sanctuaries were indeed inspired by officials in liberal communities who refused to cooperate with federal immigration authorities but the illegal immigrant is safe in a sanctuary city then second amendment or to semiautomatic refugees from kosovo and our. firearms are being pushed so far into the shadows that like immigrants we should marry them to keep them legal. people should start adding little anchor b.b. guns. you know there were so many hurdles to tie the knot with my rifle that i just got engaged to a machete. they gradually as it sounds like a more perfect match it really is now that the gun show loophole is. where will the
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twenty two percent of firearm consumers meaning millions get their military grade weapons without background checks that ask you invasive questions about your mental health like what is your first and last name. and new mexico sheriff tony mace calls this feel good legislation. yeah feels good to not get shot. but the current situation is not about feeling good it's about your right to a shorter life expectancy. it's just. stiction his first wife was a can of mace. his current wife is this glock well that's really progressive of him to take his ex-wife's name let's look at how in the me is now this is the coolest freaking gun point pointed to that one right there i think we actually have
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another fancy one the last pair that's all dressed up in a group center because that when my barbecue gun but no i like you that's. tough. that is so beautiful and so touching you know what lead these red flags bills are banning ownership of guns for people who needed to do their jobs convicted don't mistake abusers and stop her. job her without a weapon that would make you weightless effective as far as tactical gear goes those juniper bush's you're hiding in are not offensive weapons unless you set them on fire and there you have another charge to deal with. ok can enforcement really just disobey the laws that with the zone enforcement has something called discretion that's how they've been getting away with murder all these years but there's also legal challenges a missouri lawmaker introduced a bill requiring a ar fifteen ownership required. right. people i wouldn't trust with
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a toaster. know it's a very thought out program word for guns and. nearly all of the mass shootings we've been through this year have been carried out with the help of an a r fifteen you know what i always dreamt that every man woman and disgruntled teen in the country could have their very own semiautomatic rifle. now way in the future there will be fewer people. and you know that i had people to naomi. thank you to ground zero for that fight in florida to learn more about this let's go to redacted tonight correspondent natalie mcgill. apparently the hot trend this month is googling the words florida man and your
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birth date the see what jacked up headline you get but no one ever talks about the many smart professional people in the sunshine state all you have to do to learn about the real florida is watch their local news a man accused of destroying a liquor store in okaloosa county told police he was in alice in wonderland matthew horse jones also said a caterpillar smoking is told him to do it a local man who i consider self to the joker arrested on a weapon charge is now out of jail and there's no cool way with around that nobody had a knife i did not have a gun on. someone who altered his face to look like a comic book villain you have to applaud him for his honesty and thankfully in twenty eighteen sixty five percent of florida voters were honest with themselves about the importance of democracy for every floridian when their vote on a ballot initiative called amendment four restored the right to vote for one point four million x. felons like the will of the people thrown. our state has america's laughing stock
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that's why despite the ballot initiative restoring expelling voting rights unless they pay a poll tax you remember the poll tax it's the jim crow era form of oppression that forced newly freed slaves the pay of the before they could vote in a practice so antiquated it makes you wonder if a florida house members idea of a good throwback thursday photo on instagram is just the picture of a plantation mansion of a caption that says the good old days in the case of florida's house of reps a poll tax means felons would first have to pay any outstanding court fines and fees before regaining the right to vote this is obviously a burden on x. presenters who are reentering their already economically depressed communities and who will likely face so many job projections based on their records that the only employer who will accept them is the casting director for floor bama shore and if
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you couldn't tell already they'll take x. felons had to wait five to seven years after finishing their sentence to apply to the state's clemency board in order to restore their voting rights before filing a written application and hopes of appearing before the board in person and the board can ask a bunch of questions that make them feel like they're at a speed dating night from help with less to me have to drink how many children do you have how many how many different. mothers do those children you know go to church you're going to take your parents to dinner christ if those are close and final jeopardy my final answer would be what are questions my mom asked when i bring guys home and i'm sure. all my cash and former governor rick scott's first seventy years of office only three thousand of more than thirty pice has even less incentive to assist expel him when he accepted one hundred thousand dollars
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from geo group a controversial florida based private prison giant and twenty eighteen we all know you should never bite the hand that feeds you. unless that hand belongs the governor to santa san the teeth belong to an impossibly drunk alligator and i know people can handle petting zoo this whole tax isn't written in stone yet but my birthday is in september so by then i hope that when i search florida man in my birthdate i'll see a florida man votes for first time in twenty years and not before the man was electrocuted trying to retrieve one of his pet pigeons from a power line reporting from florida natalie mcneal redacted tonight. your headline from the future you may have heard israel is belgians claims hamas has secretly developed extra large rocks to throw. someone choice of the and in
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three days you'll read. robert muller spotted alone at all of garden just kind of portugal's food i'm. then one week from now. friends begin to worry about rachel maddow after she does entire first type of show facing wrong direction we're working on that story yourself but if you want more of the march my standup comedy special really. really don't like. the reserve bank the european central bank the bank of england the bank of japan they are fifty sixty seventy percent leveraged. much more leverage than long term capital management ever was much more leverage than lehman brothers or bear stearns ever was there the most leverage hedge funds that we've ever seen in the history
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hedge fund skullduggery but it doesn't matter because they can print and buy back their own debt in an instant cycle. profitless prosperity and then one day like wiley coyote over the cliff chasing the road runner there's that moment of recognition and then oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh there you go it's all. desperate for a single purpose. of a super. training very young. eight months of intensive school. raps. and they saved lives.
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so it's. third time lucky for some a british lawmakers rejected the prime minister's last ditch attempt to force her. russia has interfered in. two thousand and four. and. faces a huge backlash controversial. video.
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dot com has more on today's top stories get ready for some insightful commentary on the world of politics and much more the big picture.
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