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tv   News  RT  March 30, 2019 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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britain's breaks it nightmare problem trees amaze deals defeated for a third time leaving the u.k. exposed to a no deal divorce maybe in just two weeks time. threats from the u.s. administration as it talks further sanctions on russia a. moscow keeps ignoring president trump's demands for russian troops to leave the south american country. seven palestinians are wounded in a fresh violence on the israel gaza border crowds gathering there again we hear right now beyond close marking a year since the start of the israeli occupation protest known as the great march
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of rich. you're watching out international the weekend has turned mid day now this saturday afternoon in moscow when it was kevin zero in first and this should have been the first day for britain the european union in half a century but instead of the country's hurdling towards brics it many of the remaining twenty seven nation bloc say no deal scenario is now the most likely outcome the u.k. is less than two weeks to decide which path to take to avoid crushing out an april twelfth brussels says it to need to definitive plan from westminster before it can grant a further extension to the divorce process if necessary on friday britain's prime minister faced a third defeat to her withdrawal agreement in the house of commons and the latest is she's now looking for a fourth stab at getting through. the implications of the house's decision are grateful in just fourteen days' time mr speaker i fear we are reaching the limits
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of this process in this house this house has rejected no deal it has rejected no brick sit on wednesday it rejected all the variations of the deal on the table and today it has rejected approving the withdrawal agreement alone calls continued to grow for trees and made to quit the sledgehammers leader for a general election to be called surely a promise to resign if a deal did pass through parliament a most not the first u.k. prime minister to follow a sword over the e.u. or takes a look back. for the question of in or out of them or us it's become a common denominator for conservative prime ministers being hurt by this thought. at first ion lady was a poor did for standing up to brussels we have not successfully rolled back to
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front years of the state in britain only to see them reimposed at the european level. but in the end her own party felt she went too far of course the chairman of the president of the commission mr don law said of this conference the other day that you want to see your appearing in parliament to the democratic body of the community you want to the commission to be the executive on you want to the council of ministers to be the senate no no. this very moment opposition to european integration forced sanchez closest ministers to resign in protest the iron lady was ousted from office just days later crushed by the european question. john major replaced but europe came back with
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a vengeance the last trick treaty on closer european integration was dogged by a string of revolts part of this point the stereo very over you're. not prepared to poison the political atmosphere. major pushed it through but his all for it never recovered. europe three had a fresh new face as protagonist victim and just like that bit of the movie where you scream you do it because you can see the threat lurking george osborne was said to have told david cameron the same but dave said listen. we will give the british people a referendum with a very simple. choice to stay in the european union or to come out all together it will be. a referendum we all know what happened
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next the british people have made a very clear decision to take a different plan. and as such i think the country requires leadership to take it in this direction the negotiations with the european union need to begin under a new prime minister. and with that cameron was found. to write his earlier than expected memoirs from a luxury garden shed. we all know the star of europe for this horror story is still being played out the latest twist the tragic heroine has offered up herself as sacrifice she's resigned to the fact that it will be her political death but perhaps cushioned by the notion
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that she could cut the head off the european question once and for. all her like with a good mold team the franchise is with the terms of britain's departure from the e.u. still left to hammer out and parliamentary maneuvers to stop brags it's still a big possibility you're left feeling that a sequel could see your claim even more than for the marge to leave protest over the ucas position. to. wayne got a voice anymore our voice is gone. we should have the media of lost the trust of the public. you can always trust johnny because he's the man in the papal.
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poll. we voted to leave we need to swear out here protesting i'm a can of course is that and that's what democracy is how many votes until democracy . contre know each and all muslims all see just my position we are all playing with poetry a. point you the slate is still working class they can't take the lavers or even argue it amongst each other madness i think the e.u. is cops and i think we can be the savants anymore there's no peace says my good jesus of i would leave. the bible old times nation i'm telling my kids go where you told them us in struggle son you fullbacks a leftist. this god that is too small can't get it done a lot of people got to give these you kind of i don't get it.
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yes but i go back out. and he stops all that fix his stuff so flooded the economy went down the pan two years ago when she announced it to me and wife wanted their money up for what you first of all your. kids they know i'm torn coming but the thing is that from. the democracy the police . critique a case may be changed we've been betrayed by politicians passing kids that we saw. as we. thank you for the last couple of hours and now because we are our town we should. to feeling and to me in the togetherness of this beautiful day. five weeks . later you would still be on the table is democracy. it is dead as a doornail do you think people lost trust in the media is democracy dead. democracy
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is finished. also tensions flare venezuela and spread well be honest borders u.s. special representative for the country eliot eber i'm saying now moscow will pay a price for its military presence there and sanctions are a real possibility russia's refused to pull its forces out from venezuela following to mom's from president trump there are things we can do. it turns in terms of thanks we have options and that i think it would be in. for the russians through think they have the free hand here they don't and the threats don't end there u.s. national security adviser john bolton has warned other nations against deploying military assets to venezuela such actions would be viewed as a direct threat to peace and security in the region he said into going to strong response but washington's all in in bringing what it says is democracy to venezuela it seems not that many other countries are eager to follow the lead. you're still
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with fifty or. so the numbers that you haven't had any success in convincing the anyone else that you know in your. terms the russian planes touched down in venezuela in the past week carrying around one hundred troops according to moscow their presence there is allowed under an agreement struck eighteen years ago with caracas but that's not satisfied washington president trump says russia you should leave the country or face the consequences i spoke to constantine kasich off chairman of the foreign affairs committee in the russian senate who told me it's not for washington to decide who should be in venezuela. everything is legal everything is transparent and everything goes according to our bilateral agreements we're no other third state like the united states of america has any right to express their opinion about how it will go on thoughts to gregory will put
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co-founder of venezuela analysis dot com he thinks u.s. policy is driven by the idea that venezuela is his backyard. that ministration is known to make threats that are most certainly are can follow up on i mean that's what it really could do of course is impose more sanctions are but it's unlikely to initiate a military confrontation with russia are going to swing up the coast a lot of military advisors have advised the current administration it gets through and so the both states continues to see grimace ruler and all of latin america as a backyard definitely true don't you know that state is trying to argue there are some kind of a growing already the claim to the south america is part of the you were three or three or influence and so that's come to our continue to be something that the united states sees that as its right we are whether anybody else recognize such or not. some palestinian protesters were injured on friday in clashes at the gaza or
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israel border is still going on demonstrators held rocks at israeli security forces to respond with tear gas the violence comes as the enclave marks the first anniversary of the start of the israeli occupation protests at the border known as the great march of return in fact something again the pictures you're seeing live from their protest as already gained started gathering at the border what's expected to be a massive turnout later to counter that israel's already had deployed additional forces including tanks. as you say quite a turnout already and this is more to be expected we'll keep an eye on it throughout the afternoon is that back in the twelve months since the campaign began .
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that. israel for its parts always maintained its use of military force is necessary to protect its border and there's also a parallel to this an ongoing effort involving egyptian mediators into brokering a cease fire between israel and hamas the ruling authority among the steps israel
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could diligently agree to more imports and exports for gaza and increased electricity supply is also said to be ready to ease the movement of people through gaza's border crossings as well as expanding the fishing zone for palestinians in the mediterranean saeb erekat is the palestinian liberation organization chief negotiator who believes the current us administration is to a large extent responsible for the escalation in violence he was speaking to are going underground show which is on air various times throughout the day in fact you can see it again in about ten minutes. every time a palestinian or israeli skilled from now on the president should look in the mirror and he will know who is responsible so when they hear the superpower the united states president saying that acquisition of territory by force is the legal thing so israeli settlements which is war crimes in accord with the four geneva conventions are illegal when he decides from one side to have
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jerusalem as israel's capital when he wants to have refuse of the table when he. accepts the israeli nationalist racist law saying that the right to some determination between wherever the jordan to the material is only to jews why we as a palestinian christian and muslims today today saturday. thirtieth of march we are fifty point nine percent of the relation between the river jordan and the material and then it in the hours are forty nine point one and then at the result will be the widening of the cycle of violence counter-violence bloodshed and extremism. break after the german rock as well the global jewish community with a video. join
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me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to signal from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising. or not if you think. i'm going to talk about football not the or else you can think i was going to go. by the way ways of that slide here.
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again german rock band rum stones feeling the anger of the jewish community across the globe over a video promoting the group's new single it looks at germany's past present and future but it's the part depicting the holocaust as join a major backlash it's been described by some as frivolous and irresponsible. titles during the nine minute video shows defining a store of moments like the formation of the weimar republic the formation of the nazi party the lyrics are said to show the band's struggle with
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a german identity saying we quote want to love and damn you well some within the jewish community anyway say the whole thing's outrageous while the israeli foreign ministry is insisting the clip should be deleted. this ramstein coolly abusing the whole cost for the purpose is shameful and called for we joined the many voices calling for immediate removal no response yet from the band on the record label daniel hawkins discussed the reaction to ramstein as new video with independent journalist and historian efraim zuroff. fact of the matter is that they did what they did it's out there it's available to anyone who wants and this is really that the way to deal with the subject as sensitive as the holocaust they are if i may say on the good side of course and they bring the message of the horror of the camps to young people working class people who probably don't have a clue really even in germany of what happened sixty years ago it's true that somehow it is not bad here it is it's not clear what the messages and it's
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basically no no this is not education seminar this is just ramstein is way of tracking people from is that something you'd agree with that there shouldn't be any sort of boundaries in artistic expression or is the holocaust you know something of trivializing the sort of way as many people would say something that really does cross the line here. this isn't more in favor of freedom of expression refried expression is not the right to yell fire in a crowded theater another is there has to be some limits and by the way the people who. followers of bands like this among them are many of the people in the neo nazi movement in germany in people who have a tendency to potentially might be inspired to commit violent that it's so this is not really a good idea and to some a test must be fought hard but in this instance in germany this is tibet taste of
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the rock'n'roll scene and i think there is nothing much to do because if you intervene if you take them to court they will make something porous after there was a. and clip done by a polish artist in which he had naked act is filmed playing tag in a gas chamber. this this clip was banned in germany ok but for some odd reason totally income prehensile to me this was shown in the cracker museum of modern art i simply want to try to defend stein in this case because it is that. of course it's not as brilliant i don't think it's your fault i'm not a fan but tom ok that's the waiters in our permissive society. despite
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us special counsel robert muller finding no evidence of russian collusion in american elections in twenty sixteen there's still a list of like his asians hanging over moscow double quarter this weekend breaks down a few more for us. those all knowing russians have been busy scheming for the last few years manipulating the world as they see fit the western media politicians and the elites say they're responsible for rex tillerson getting hired and rex tillerson getting fired weaponize ing information and weaponize ing misinformation even humor is a weapon. using jokes and anger of black americans to forward their sinister agenda sowing discord by promoting sex toys on social media. trying to microwave the brains out of us diplomats in cuba oh wait scientists have
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found that that was just crickets actually. scratch that one but also having ron paul fulfill vladimir putin's desires and ambitions making americans angry at bad things their government does using russian cartoons to brainwash innocent children. and much much more. the riskiest have sure been busy. this comes to nation after what journalists were barred from attending a black community meeting in the us state of georgia this is new in cycle candidate for the mayor of the city of savannah white reporters were denied entry apparently while at least two black journalists and the publisher of the local african-american newspaper were allowed inside television cameras and recording
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devices were also prohibited one of the three black candidates who attended the meeting defended the entry policy. i think this is america i think people have the right to be able to continue to assemble and to determine the rules of their simple found johnson who we had from there then later apologized for attending the meeting but not before people on social media platform slam the event another black candidate said it was polarizing divisive and present savannah's current mayor who's being the first of the first white person to head the city in twenty years also condemned it. this has become a national embarrassment this is not who we are in savannah. we would turn you to be the open to everyone we have been and we will continue to be known as the host the city of the south thank you very much the community should pay whoever they want to take the race shouldn't have to be a qualifying factor i mean if they want
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a black mayor white mayor to ask their particular business but it shouldn't be a thing where you're not allowing white media you're only allowing black media to meet is making you since you've gone back to it's segregation where you only have certain kinds of people that were allowed in certain kinds of places i think they politics especially on the left are becoming much more racially divided the left always claims to be to party of inclusion the party of tolerance but they were becoming more and more the party that is against a and a lot of it is allow by the left they don't really care about things that are anti our way and i'm a you anti heterosexual anti christian that is pretty much become a staple of the left i disappoint so they feel like it's ok to have a sign outside of borders is black prius only is becoming normalized on the left at this point. well sawyer some other world news stories are looking so father saw through from moscow it's exactly twenty five minutes past midnight now if you're watching the clock anyway we're if you are of the world thanks for taking the time
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to check out our to internationalise weekend and have a great to next couple days as we call. officer. told to get up off the ground the officer began to pet him down. and then freeze on the sounds of. a grown man in the christening essentially. john. twisted away from the officer. toyotas. they obviously did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then when it happened on tree swung at the observations didn't hit him i never saw any contact between the any kind with back to where they were so the asters back here there try again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his
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gun and he bit on three. so you can on the phone lines smoke i don't like coming for them in the muslim on muslim for appointments november than one so doesn't get a. lot of. dates that they get i think. she goes you mean. john bombard from the sun my blue british course that's enough of them. i mean they got.
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to take. six guys or financial survival guide. customers go buy your supplies. in elf well reduce a flower. that's undercutting but what's good for market it's not good for the global economy. time after time they were going underground for a special edition of the show one year to the day of the beginning of the great march of return peaceful protesters would see british backed sniper fire kill or injure over six thousand palestinians coming out of the show and actually read on
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political prisoners tell me on the british weapons that could be this week as in gaza the largest open air prison camp on earth and the jerusalem post chief political correspondent what it's like covering an illegal occupier in violation of so many u.n. resolutions let alone ahead of an election campaign videos joke about fascism. palestine liberation organization chief negotiator dr saeed barack of whether doldrums unilateral violation of international law over jerusalem and west in syria means the end of peaceful negotiation. all this more coming up in today's going underground but first straight to ramallah and i had to meet the palestinian teenager has become emblematic all around the world of the struggle for justice in the face of u.k. armed occupying israeli forces had welcome to the show one year since the start of the great return march how important is peaceful resistance to the occupation. and of course resistance in all forms is important so that we can express our rejection
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of occupation which is a right to any occupy country to resist and that are in appropriate way great return much as in gaza and meant to express the rejection of occupation as well as to demand the right of palestinian people to return to their lands which were occupied by israel who forcibly removed the original inhabitants out of that town. across britain today there are marches in solidarity with you and the palestinians but let alone today the israelis responded to the margin in gaza with what would you say to drizzle in the british government sanctioning u.k. exports of sniper rifles to israel. but i do know that you have really really. the u.k. government is completely controlled by israel to take a supporter of terrorism. they encourage the killing of palestinian people all participants in the great return much in gaza opposing no threat to the israeli soldiers however they have been directly targeted great numbers of palestinians
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women men and children who participated in the great britain march were martyred u.k. is completely occupied and controlled by israel and it is supporting israel to kill innocent people who are demonstrating for their rights the whole world is defeated we are alone but i am pretty sure that the palestinian people will bring back dignity to the whole world even to the u.k. who are supporting israel the u.k. brought zionism to palestine and the error of the british mandate. we will eventually end this occupation power will not last forever humanity and always prevails over a fake power still in.


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