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tv   News  RT  March 30, 2019 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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britain's brags that nightmare prime minister tree said amazing divorce deal is defeated for a third time leading to fears of a disorderly exit from the block in just two weeks time. israeli troops reportedly shoot four palestinians dead as tens of thousands rally along the perimeter fence between gaza and israel to mark one year since the beginning of the great march of return protests. and competing protests hit venezuela as hundreds of supporters of both president nicolas maduro and the opposition leader. take to the streets meanwhile the u.s.
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threatens russia with further sanctions if moscow refuses to pull its troops out of the venezuela. broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our international thomas certainly glad to have you with us. all right saturday should have been britain's first day outside the european union half a century instead the u.k. has seen a week of chaos and confusion over the divorce deal and with no consensus among m.p.'s fears are mounting over a so-called hard drugs that on april twelfth many of the remaining twenty seven even nations are warning that is now the most likely outcome the u.k. has less than two weeks to decide which path to take with brussels also saying it needs a definitive plan from westminster before it can grant any further extension on
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friday theresa may suffered a third defeat to her withdrawal agreement in the house of commons and peace will vote again on monday on a number of alternative drugs and plans with suggestions may might even try at a fourth attempt at getting her unpopular plan through. the implication of the house's decision. the legal force now is the united kingdom is due to leave the european union on the twelfth of april in just fourteen days time mr speaker i fear we are reaching the limits of this process in this house this house has rejected no deal it has rejected no bricks it on wednesday rejected the fairy ations of the deal on the table and today it has rejected approving the withdrawal agreement the. pressure is also mounting on theresa may over growing calls for a general election amid the uncertainty may earlier promised to resign if her deal passed through parliament and i was probably boyko explains may is it just the
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latest british conservative prime minister to crumble over the europe question. call the question of in or out them for us it's become a common denominator for conservative prime ministers being put to the sword. that for us the iron lady was applauded for standing up to brussels we have not successfully rolled back to front of the streets in britain only to see them reimposed to the european level. but in the end her own party felt she went too far horsey chairman of the president of the commission mr don law said a press conference the other day that you want to see your appearing in parliament to the democratic body of the community you want to the commission to be the
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executive on you want you the council of ministers to be the senate no no. this very moment opposition to european integration forced sanchez closest ministers to resign in protest the iron lady was ousted from office just days later crushed by the european question. john major replaced but europe came back with a vengeance the last trick treaty on closer european integration was dogged by a string of revolts parliament this point the stalemate over europe behind i am not prepared to go to poison the political atmosphere. major push through but his all for it never recovered from.
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europe three had a fresh new face as protagonist victim and just like that bit of the movie where you scream you do it because you can see the threat lurking george osborne was said to have told david cameron the same but dave said listen. we will give the british people a referendum with a very simple. choice to stay in the european union or to come out all together it will be. a referendum we all know what happened next the british people have made a very clear decision to take a different path. and as such i think the country requires leadership to take it in this direction the negotiations with the european union will need to begin under a new prime minister. and with that cameron was found in to write his earlier than expected memoirs from
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a luxury garden shed. we all know the star of europe for this horror story is still being played out the latest twist the tragic heroine has offered up herself as sacrifice she's resigned to the fact that it will be her political death but perhaps cushioned by the notion that she could cut the head off the european question once and for all. the owner or like with own good multimedia the franchises with the terms of britain's departure from the e.u. still left to hammer out and paul the mentee maneuvers to stop bragg's it's still a big possibility we're left feeling that
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a sequel could see europe claim even more victims. health officials in gaza say that four palestinians have been killed by israeli troops and hundreds of others injured while rallying along the perimeter fence tens of thousands have been marking the first anniversary of the great march of return protest campaign which calls for refugees from what is now israel to be allowed back to their homes and also an end to the blockade of gaza here's how local journalist. al-sayed described the anniversary protest. answer to piers masses of palestinian protesters have approached very close to the fence steady support system three thousand i'm from the border with israel as you can see despite the older members and the thirty members that are supposed to be deployed along the border into gaza strip to prevent the protesters from approaching the
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fence we can see that the protesters are very close to the fence on the other side the israeli army is throwing massive amounts of gas bombs on the protesters using also drones that are throwing the gas comes to on the talents of the protesters very far away from the from the borders. more and more gas bombs are being fired on the protesters as you can hear the paramedics the ambulance stands have approached very close also to defense because of the protesters who had to in a very short distance from the tense as you can see one woman was shot
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a woman was she's been taken by the paramedics in the protesters to the ambulance my guess bombs are being fired now. in these just few hours couple hours we have lots of injuries that have fallen throughout the border because of the using of bullets now by the israeli military why didn't the gas canisters that are continuing the bomb that are being continually shot to and fired on the palestinian protesters. during the twelve months since the great of march of return began of the year world health organization says more than two hundred sixty people have been killed and more than twenty nine thousand injured and also recently said there are reasonable grounds to
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believe that in the overwhelming majority of cases in two thousand and eighteen israel's use of lethal force was on lawful here is a look back at the gazans protest campaign.
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israel says its use of military force is necessary to protect itself from armed protesters the israel defense forces claim that early on sunday gaza launched five rockets at israel hamas positions where then shelled by the i.d.f. tanks in response there's also tween israel and hamas which is the hard line ruling authority in gaza it has been reported that in exchange for an end to the protests israel may agree to loosening restrictions on the movement of goods and people into and out of gaza israel is also said to be ready to increase the supply of electricity to the area and grant palestinian fishermen greater access to the
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mediterranean sea we've been hearing reaction from both sides. why how mark still cynically use its citizens to. bulldoze in to create violence in the usually both while trying to bury. the real internal problems how mar scores look the horrible things that pam us in our daily show make them wish movements do all along the middle east no no no conviction nothing so we avoid killing those people why should we feel any need to justify their true justifiable anyone israel's use lethal force and this was validated by the human rights council the usa human rights council which ruled that israel has extensively used force against palestinians and this
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lethal force should stop and come to an end that was the latest by the un's a human rights council egyptians have mediated some kind of a calm and the region these mediations are centered on some kind of demands by the ruling a must party and the palestinian factions here and the gaza strip that israel should ease largely the blockade it is imposing on the gaza strip allowing exports and imports allowing more funds international funds and construction of and. the process. jobs for the jobless palestinians and the gaza strip. beyond the gaza solidarity march took place in the french capital on saturday. but i. was. people marched through the streets of paris carrying palestinian flags are shouting pro palestinian slogans and calling for justice. was
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not the only protest in france this saturday crowds also turned out for the twenty fifth consecutive weekend of anti-government rallies the yellow dress movement began last november's sparked by rising fuel prices and a perceived drop in living standards measures to ban protests in specific areas of the french capital like the iconic songs i would say and other major cities are not stopping the demonstrations officials claim that more than thirty thousand yellow vests turned out nationwide while the organizers say more than one hundred thousand took part police clashed with of the protesters and used tear gas to disperse the rallies dozens of people were arrested in paris violence also broke out in the southern french city of.
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supporters of venezuelan president nicolas maduro and opposition leader. rival rallies on saturday venezuela is experiencing the third in a series of nationwide blackouts in only twenty days which have collapsed the water transportation and telecommunications services r t spoke with some of the activists . there were some protests on the streets both position and under streets to support nicolas maduro and protest against intervention of the u.s. and the opposition went out to protest against the power outage in this city also the opposition called for a new set of protests are. calling the operation of slieve ration of the country. testing me because we have no electricity and no services and it effects the quality of life of every person especially children. we pray to live in peace we
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are a free democratic country and who want to give up a home and to any. damage. we are protesting because we have no water and we've had have those will block out food get spoiled and consumer electronics are being broken by the power of yes and dangerous marshner groups which were not prepared and paid for by the us and five i declare that they and will not succeed because citizens are going to continue to control the contras through a local are going to say just. on. the situation in the country has become an acceptable we have reached the point of anarchy and despair when we don't know what to do. get out of yemen every government takes care of its people and the way our government and when as well it does matter. the u.s. special representative for venezuela is now warning moscow it will pay
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a price for its military presence there and sanctions are a real possibility but following demands from president trump russia is refusing to pull its forces out of the country here's how elliott abrams described the possible repercussions. there are things we can do. and i want terms in terms of thank we have options and that i think it would be a mistake. for the russians to think they have a free hand here they don't and the threats don't end of their u.s. national security adviser john bolton has warned other nations against deploying military assets to venezuela he said such actions would be viewed as a direct threat to peace and security in the region hinting on a strong response but while washington is all in in what it says is bringing democracy in venezuela it seems not that many other countries are eager to follow the lead and you're still with fifty or. so the numbers that if you haven't had any
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success and convincing the anyone else to join your. two russian military planes touched down in venezuela in the past week carrying around one hundred troops also says their president is allowed under an agreement struck eighteen years ago with caracas but it hasn't satisfied washington president trump says russia should leave the country or face the consequences the chairman of the russian senate foreign affairs committee says it is not for washington to decide who should be in venezuela everything is legal everything is transparent and everything goes according to a literal you grievance where no state like the in the states of america has a right to express their opinion they both know it will go on. while washington tries to drive russia out of venezuela let's see where the u.s. military has its presence abroad there are the bases in countries right here
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hosting at least a thousand u.s. troops the map does not include nato bases which also host american military personnel and just to compare you can see russia's military presence beyond its borders eight out of the nine in circle russia itself all are countries of the former soviet union except for syria. political scientist calling cavell says the u.s. has no right to impose its will on other sovereign states so obviously double. most of the world will see it has to have this bill so you did step of a little see it as a violation of international law for one country to assert its head your mind they don't it's influence in ability to command and control the rest of the world while denying any other country the ability to support its allies in the course of the world so yes this is a double standard so for critical but as we said earlier international relations
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when you assert something you have to back it up so to the extent that you know just get back up its head demonic dominance then the world were bit tense but right now the world is paying attention and there's seeing the u.s. cannot back up its edge of monic don it it is losing out in syria it is losing in south america it is losing influence in many many regions of the world. germany's the left party is demanding the expulsion of the u.s. ambassador as a transatlantic spat threatens to ask the late richard grenell has come under fire for criticizing germany's domestic and foreign policies and the left party is now pushing for his diplomatic credentials to be revoked. richard has repeatedly abandoned the customs of diplomatic service and interfered into in the face of the federal republic of germany the gym and considers the conduct of ambassador to be
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unacceptable and country to the vienna convention on diplomatic relations. richard grenell is a long time confidant of president trump and assumed his duties in berlin back in two thousand and seventeen grinnell has repeatedly warned a german companies against doing business with iran over u.s. sanctions and threatened that cooperation with chinese telecoms giant wall way might come at the risk of worsen the relations with washington the left party also alleges grinnell sent threatening letters to companies involved in the gas pipeline project with russia that's called nord stream too and this all comes on the backdrop of washington and berlin being at loggerheads over defense spending germany has taken a stand against donald trump with the u.s. wanting its european allies to increase spending chancellor angela merkel however plans to reduce payments to the international military alliance over the next few years we spoke about this with a member of germany's left party. who says grinnell's conduct lies outside the
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accepted role of a diplomat. what he is doing is he's happily really trying to influence the government and he's trying to influence the public and that is certainly not the role of off a diplomatic official that is against all conventions diplomatic official cannot meddle in the internal affairs of their host country we as german citizens we don't consider ourselves to be a colony of the united states like predatory go or some other countries where some are a nation and who want to be treated as such washington clearly does not believe germany to be a summer a nation they believe that they can just order us iraq and they can tell us how much we should spend on american weapons that we should be dependent on american troops gassed imports but america things that they can force us to take that and to risk our energy sovereignty something that johnny will never do and all over
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the political spectrum there's quite a unified voice that we should continue with the north to pipeline to ensure energy seventy. a liberal lawyer and a political novice. has won slovakia's presidential election becoming the country's first female head of state caputo his victory is noticeable as she lacks political experience in contrast to her opponent. chef trowbridge who is a high profile diplomat and vice president of the european commission she describes herself as an environmentalist and anti-corruption activist she also cites last year's murder of an investigative journalist who wrote about political corruption and fraud cases as one of the reasons she ran for the presidency killing scandalized the country at leading to large scale protests and the resignation of the prime minister. there is consternation after white journalists were
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barred from attending a black community meeting in the u.s. state of georgia signs reading black press only could be seen at a gathering to encourage people to get behind a candidate for mayor in the city of savannah and why reporters were denied entry while at least two black journalists and the publisher of a local african-american newspaper were allowed inside television cameras and recording devices were also prohibited one of the three black candidates who attended the meeting defended the entry policy i think this is america that people have the right to be able to continue to assemble and to determine the rules of their simple. van johnson who just heard from vero later apologized for attending the meeting but not before people on social media platforms slammed the event another black candidate said it was polarizing divisive and premature so than this current mayor who is the first white head of the city in twenty years also condemn
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it. this is become a national embarrassment this is not who we are and so. we were to new to be the open to everyone we have been and we will continue to be known as the host the city of the south thank you very much the committee should pick whoever they want to take their race she didn't have to be a qualifying factor i mean if they want to black mayor white mayor to ask their particular business but it shouldn't be a thing where you're not allowing white media you're only allowing black media to meet is making you see if you go back to it's segregation where you only had certain kinds of people that were allowed in certain kinds of places i think that politics especially on the left are becoming much more racially divided the left always claims to be to party of inclusion the party of tolerance but they were becoming more and more the party that is against a and a lot of it is allow by the lift they don't really care about things that are anti our way and so i move to and so i had
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a residual antichristian that is pretty much become a staple of the left i disappoint so they feel like it's ok to have a sign outside a door this is black presumably is becoming normalized on the left at this point. just by u.s. special counsel robert muller finding no evidence of russia inclusion in the two thousand and sixteen election there is still a list of accusations hanging over moscow and he's done a quarter has his own commentary. those all knowing russians have been busy scheming for the last few years manipulating the world as they see fit the western media politicians and the elites say they're responsible for rex tillerson getting hired and rex tillerson getting fired weaponize ing information and weaponize ing misinformation even humor is a weapon. of using jokes and anger of black americans to forward their sinister agenda sowing discord by promoting sex toys on social media.
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trying to microwave the brains out of us diplomats in cuba oh wait scientists have found that that was just crickets actually. scratch that one but also having ron paul fulfill vladimir putin's desires and ambitions making americans angry at bad things their government does using russian cartoons to brainwash innocent children trying to. and much much more. the worst piece have sure been. in former u.s. national security agency contractor has pleaded guilty to stealing vast amounts of
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classified documents reports even suggest it is the biggest breach of its kind in history but his lawyers say things are not quite as they appear. all in. all in. all. his actions were to try to mental illness not trees in.
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thirty minutes that's when i'll be back with more news is art international. i. am. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going
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to do next top to bottom from clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in on fields where everything is familiar. on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and i saw one not typical. i'm going to talk about football not the or else if you think i was going to go. by the way ways of that slide here.


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