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tv   Keiser Report  RT  March 31, 2019 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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britain's that brags that nightmare prime minister teresa mayes the e.u. divorce deal is defeated for a third time leading to fears of a disorderly exit from the block in just two weeks. really troops reportedly shoot four palestinians dead and tens of thousands rally along the perimeter fence between gaza and israel to mark one year since the beginning of the great march a return protests. heating protests hit venezuela as hundreds of supporters of both president nicolas maduro and opposition leader take to the streets meanwhile the u.s. threatens russia with further sanctions if moscow refuses to pull its troops out of
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venezuela. coming up next hour kevin owen is in the studio with a look at the week's top stories but first it is max and stays with the guys report . kaiser this is the kaiser report oh wow what a gorgeous setting this is we are in malibu california by me you can see the malibu pier stacey why are we here well because the yield curve has inverted that's a good reason to come out here right because things could be on fire this by the way our friend lives here this is his house and her house there this is their backyard that's the pacific ocean and these hills were on fire in two thousand and seven and i'm going to show a photo here from what it looked like so when the world is on fire max this is
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proving to be a safe place because i will break out the marshmallows. well i do want to look at this chart here treasury ten year yield curve inverse for first time since two thousand and seven and of course we all know what happened right after two thousand and seven the gap between the three month and ten year yields goosen version the seen by many as a reliable harbinger of recession in the u.s. vanished on friday as a surge of buying pushed along and rates sharply lower so that's a three month yield and that's a ten year yield well it also demonstrates trust between banks started to break apart and you know this was the beginning of a major credit freeze and the beginning of the global financial crisis the g f c and the beginning of the massive multi-trillion dollar bailout was needed to keep the banks from having to declare insolvency and remember a time that we were all told the guiding principle is that the stance of the banks
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are insolvent there is a liquid don't think of them as being insolvent they're illiquid dust why we need to print seventeen eighteen nineteen trillion dollars to keep them liquid stop that they're out of business it's not that there is solvent it's not that lehman brothers is bad. the new lehman brothers is bankrupt no no it's just a short term funding gap we need to print this time off to fifty sixty trillion dollars it has been noted online that when the yield curve did invert in two thousand and seven things were quite normal for oh about four to five month and everything seemed fine nobody over reacted and then lehman brothers collapsed and then credits burst like two thousand three hundred basis points so that was the credit crunch where they said there was an absence of the quickly but of course to keep any of this global. ponzi scheme going you of course do need some wealth creation wealth production and we've relied on china and germany to do that
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so here's a headline out of germany which looks a little bit ominous how much manufacturing activity has not bottomed out yet in the euro zone as new export orders continue to fall manufacturing activity in germany is falling to levels unseen says twenty twelve this is bad news for g.d.p. and business investment firms are also less capacity constrained h.s.b.c. says that's this last year as you see it's looking pretty down as you said that of course it is some economic growth somewhere to support this model this picture. but do you do you actually need some growth somewhere what we've been seeing in the last couple of days is this idea where you profit less prosperity you don't need profits you don't need corporations operating profitably to create prosperity corporations can continue to operate at a loss and definitely banks can continue to make bad loans and definitely countries
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can continue indefinitely as long as you have central banks there ready to print money to help them roll over their debts and the central banks themselves are insolvent the federal reserve bank the european. it's a bank the bank of england the bank of japan they are fifty sixty seventy percent leveraged much more leverage than long term capital management ever was much more leverage than lehman brothers or birth stearns ever was that is the most leverage hedge funds that we've ever seen in the history of skullduggery but it doesn't matter because they can print and buy back their own in an infinite cycle profitless prosperity and then one day like wild. over the cliff chasing the road runner there's a moment of recognition and all. there you go it's all over now who's going to come to the rescue this time obviously not the central banks because they say they're going to do negative interest rates so we'll see that negative interest
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rates where they just take money directly out of people's accounts beilin as it's called but you mentioned the profitless profit process profitless prosperity profitless prosperity of course we recently discussed the flow list rally. there the equity rallies don't require any new inflows it's just them eating themselves has to share buybacks but you know the real economy as you saw the manufacturing is the climbing rapidly in the euro zone in particular in germany which is to produce a produces every high end good in the world or. high tech product. but there's also signs of recession here in the u.s. in terms of the meat space and the sort of retail sector anybody that has to interact with a human being but the services sector has actually been doing very well and that's probably why the rest of the economy is doing so badly as our frequent guest steve
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keen as said you know the the fire sector of finance insurance and real estate are you know suck wealth out of the economy they don't add to productivity they don't add to real wealth so finance and insurance hit it out of the ballpark no slow. down in the huge services sector revenues in the major private sector services categories rose six point three percent in q four twenty eighteen compared to the same quarter a year earlier to four point zero one trillion dollars not seasonally adjusted reaching for the first time four trillion dollars according to the commerce department so united states has about a twenty trillion dollar economy that's twenty percent of the g.d.p. . but in particular within that it's finance and insurance that really really did the best banking revenue is up ten percent and this is the biggie among biggies in q four revenue eight percent for both finance and insurance year over year to one point two four trillion for the year twenty eighteen revenues were seven point six percent to four point eight four trillion this amounts to a whopping twenty four percent of g.d.p.
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and thirty one percent of all services so the finance and health insurance sector are doing very well the sire economy would be finance insurance and real estate this is growing and as you point out it's not productive according to steve king or michael hudson he wrote a book called killing the host and he made the model that this economy sector of the economy the fire economy is the parasite of the economy that feeds on everyone it's growing in size and it's killing the host the fire economy the parasitical part of the economy is is killing the host and we are the host anyone with a real job that makes real stuff and tries to make real profits that. that's the host hosting this parasite called jamie diamond. goldman sachs you know the hedge fund industry blackstone the money management sector you know they're
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essentially a cancer in the cancer is growing quite rapidly and eventually the host will be killed and then the cancer will die as well by. before it kills the hosts the michael hutchence killing the host we've talked over and over about the cantillon a fact and our economy is no longer you know our politicians fiscal policy trade policy industrial policy no longer is ever even discussed it's all monetary policy and when you do monetary policy the only way the central bank can operate and try to help the economy is to print money and the only people they can give it to are those bankers and those bankers get it from zero percent by the time it trickles down fifteen to twenty percent on a credit card for example for the ordinary person so they get all the tainted money with tainted with fraud and leverage but again here so the real economy donald trump has all these trade wars going on and the tax cuts and the tax cuts were
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supposed to bring some of the industry back to the united states but it didn't us post largest ever monthly budget deficit and february the us posted its biggest monthly budget deficit on record last month amid a twenty percent drop in corporate tax revenue and a boost in spending so far this fiscal year the budget gap widened to two hundred thirty four billion in february compared with a fiscal gap of two hundred fifteen point two billion a year earlier that gap surpassed the previous monthly record of two hundred thirty one point seven billion seven years ago according to data compiled by bloomberg so we're spending more money then the government is earning are taking in taxes a lot of it is obviously that cutting the corporate tax rate from nearly forty percent down to twenty five percent as are twenty percent twenty one percent has helped a lot of companies but while the spending on government spending is going up the revenues are going down so it's all entitlement programs which would include.
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stamps welfare medicare medicaid plus the welfare of quantitative easing that goes to wall street results and people buying houses in the hamptons or the. there's a hamptons rental the season for two months is one point five million dollars that's just for renting the hamptons plus for the summer so that's entitle them programs are gapping open the spending program because why not spend money if you're being given it as zero percent interest rate as you point out for most people the interest rate apartheid. concept that i've coined is that once the cantillon of reaches the majority of folks their cost of borrowing is ten fifteen sixteen eighteen twenty percent payday loans as annual was six thousand percent but they're still out there buying buying buying into such time as the cancer wins the buying stops and then you have the end game february shortfall helped push the
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deficit for the first five months of the government's fiscal year to five hundred forty four point two billion which is up almost forty percent in the same period the previous years this is government these are in elite acting like this is the party's almost over so if you know if the free food in the free beer and the free stuff is almost done i love having the world's reserve currency you might as well just go spend as fast as you possibly can we see that we've covered this the fact that china in particular is accumulating massive amounts of gold rushes also to other nations are accumulating gold those are their signs within their parameters because they don't have a reserve currency so they've got to do they've got to pop in a different way america we've got eight thousand tons of gold allegedly well we certainly have other people's gold but we could seize that as jim records that suggested but certainly if your debt backed reserve currency is going to go away you might as well rack up as much debt as possible and give everybody
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a massive two year party you know for a trump that's his thinking he's like let's have a massive party he's gone bankrupt so many times so he knows how to do this have a massive party like go crazy spend up loads of money and then go bankrupt and that looks like what the policy. to me at the moment squad member bamma gave people phones you know. tromp and others give banks trillions and it's kind of like you know one of those i game shows where this but how i know i'm right is the money velocity is that zero anyway we're going to take a break when we come back much more don't go away. i've been saying the numbers mean something they've matter the u.s.
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has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime happens each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent in the world market goes thirty percent some with four hundred to five hundred three first second per second and fifth when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one business show you know bored to miss the one and only bloomberg. you know world a big part of the new things a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to
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stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back to the report max times are time now to turn to nomi prins author of. collusion. how central bankers rigged the world this is the result of stone to understand everything about everything now we welcome back take you to be back o'reilly this is a fascinating book it lays out the case for central banks essentially colluding working together in a way that we've been talking about for a while but this gives all intellectual and scholarly background to it couple of
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questions to yield curve inverted for the first time since two thousand and seven is a recession imminent what does this mean speak on it ok well first of all you know curve inverting means that we are going to get less money for the invest in u.s. treasuries in the future than we will in the present technically that's not a good sign it doesn't mean good things for an economy that growth is actually going to slow down in the future that is the definition of a recession negative growth going forward for multiple quarters that is what the curve is saying now in two thousand and seven when this started happening it was the beginning of a credit crunch that's right portend a credit crunch in other words our banks starting to lose trust with each other they're not lending to each other and so rates start going up in the short term and you know we're overdue for a big credit crunch were overdue for a lehman brothers like collapse or do it your bank looks like it's about to go under can infer into much into this what are your thoughts well first i'll do it your bank is looks like it's going to go under and in some point go under for quite
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some time it was it was it was interim go to the first financial crisis or the beginning of it that also was part of the rest of wall street goldman sachs morgan stanley j.p. morgan and so forth so what's happening is this bank c.e.o.'s are not trusting each other as much but it's more than it was before the last financial crisis because then they were just mucking about with subprime mortgages. isn't sort of leveraging and lending to each other money in order so that for example lehman brothers could borrow money from j.p. morgan chase so they could buy more of the toxic assets that were created from subprime mortgages and so forth so all this lending happened on top of all of this lending to consumers on the back of that and that ultimately crashed in sort of the great mass of implosion to which the fed came in and said all right we're just going to make money really cheap so that if you don't trust each other at least we've got this you can get money from us it was zero percent interest rate and by the way we'll continue to buy assets throughout the yield curve to five years to ten years and so forth by mortgages will buy us treasuries so that we keep rates
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low throughout the entire you curve and that means that banks should technically feel like if they can trust today because they've got this money coming in they can trust him or they can trust in five years and ten years and that's kind of how things went for the last decade now what we're seeing is that wasn't enough a lot of credit has been extended because rates were so low to the corporate world to governments to consumer credits at an all time high and so forth so now banks are like ok what happens is that defaults what happens if all the corporate money lent out defaults what happens with all the consumer money that's like out there and all the debt defaults we're going to get stuck holding the bag again so they go back to the fed and they say to jerome powell who raised rates four times last year like this isn't really going to be good for us we need our money to continue to be cheap we need our money through the curve to continue to be cheap so powell says in january ok fine i'm not going to raise rates he also said basically last week i'm not going to raise rates i'm not going to continue to buy assets or not to continue
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to tighten assets sell assets throughout the rest of the year come september everything is going to be cool therefore will ultimately an inverse and that's only because there's going to be more money supply coming into the beginning of it because rates are going to stay low and to the end of it because ultimately there is going to be quantitative easing or the ending of quantitative tightening which is going to bring. down in the long and so the whole thing is basically going to be more and more flat as opposed to inverted radical they radically but their goal but that's alternately how speculation is done right so the there's a credit crunch or the fear of a credit crunch at the level of the banks so they go in and say we want cheap money the fed says ok they will then say we want cheap money going further like you did before the fed will say ok at that point the curve is going to kind of go back from being inverted to being flat or being steeper than it's been simply because there is this artificial buyer which the fed and other central banks have been throughout
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the last ten year you are rewarding bad actors they are importing bad writer the case that long term capital management there was a global financial crisis in the case of the subprime crisis yeah the rewarding of bad actors resulting in the two thousand and eight global financial crisis and now you're describing how they respond to these crises but that doesn't stop the contractions of the global economy and my question therefore would be the introduction of negative interest rates seems to be the go to policy now but that is right confiscation. so that's exactly what's going on they've had no other game right they they rewarded the banks who had effectively screwed up the financial system they said it was in order to fix the economy there's actually no relationship between what happens in the real economy and how money is created and funneled from central banks through the banking system into financial assets and into the markets there's like no relationship and fact and i have this on my
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twitter put out last week from the fed's own data st louis fed data they're pretty good database where i looked at the change in g.d.p. as just one measure of u.s. economic growth it's not perfect there's many things wrong about that we could do a whole show on why that's not a good indicator of what's really happening in people's pockets and generally but as a general indicator it does this kind as. ok i'm down three percent last year but it was down percentages before it looks kind of like a flat line wobble right now if you superimpose upon that the stock market which does this you have flat line and you have upward straight line up for it straight line is what the fed has basically done with their central banks by providing money at zero interest rate cheap money to the financial system that's where it's gone it has not gone into the real economy like right that really is. the indicator of what's happening with the distribution of this money to very small percentage of
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the population and you rightly can tell in effect as we talk about it and the continuation of this forty five degree angle in asset prices is by another definition obviously a ponzi scheme and that if this free money whether drone powell is now becoming bringing the punchbowl back to the party and jim cramer didn't throw a fit like he did last time or the central banks don't threaten to blow up the economy if they don't get more free money the result is a ponzi scheme but my point about negative interest rates is that this is something that's never been seen before up until recently it's not like a feudal lord king going from household to household and demanding tithing or money from the population it's feudalism is this is beyond just bad policy this is confiscation of wealth by an entrenched central bank class that believes that they are doing god's work as lloyd blankfein has said so when people on the street. or
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the arab spring or occupy wall street or they're torching down buildings they're absolutely. justified in doing so just as they were have been justified in other periods throughout history were the monarchs. disenfranchise. the population the social contract the missing of interest rates indicate that the social contract is lost your thoughts there is no social contract between central banks and people for one thing there never was that all of the myth behind the creation of this money the twenty two trillion dollars of asset purchases that the central banks have done around the world to funnel money into the system through the banks all of that even though it was said to be helping the economy in real people never did in fact there's greater wealth inequality there's been before the participants yes the monarchs in the upside of that financial wealth have grown substantially further and what the regular people
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have had to deal with is a crumbling economy is lack of money for for social constructive process what has not gone is infrastructure spending when it's not gone is sort of more real jobs are more real stability like none of that has happened they were looking around the world clinton was president he said he wants to die and come back as the bond market because the bond market has all the real power so that politicians have abdicated the rule of politicians to the financier's that's been going on for twenty thirty years again this is a situation. contract being broken and we're going to explain it in economic terms of financial terms but why are these politicians particularly on the democratic side they're focused on the russia gate hoax the complete nonsense because they're overlords the defense contractors in the war mongers who pay their bills of course we understand why rachel maddow loves war hates peace and pushes
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the illusion that delusion but should they be covering real news like what's happening in collusion like you've got an entrenched monarchy that's broken the social contract and people are justifiably looking for heads to roll and there are no calls for example outside of any of those institutions you don't have people marching in front of the fed or in front of the bank of england you know asking why . happen like how did you create so much money for the sort of class of people that already had it like what happened there because you don't make a decision as a central bank to to give strings attached to that money and so you know this has to go into the real time you have to lend it to real people or real businesses and yes that's an economic terminology for basically dividing money created out of nowhere we're not even dividing at that point tax money or you're literally what the central banks did is created money from nowhere and provide it into a financial system that basically floated to the top of that system to people who are already entrenched politically already entrenched from being like the c.e.o. jamie dimon of j.p. morgan chase and so forth lloyd blankfein who became a billionaire after his company committed goldman sachs multiple crimes and was
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fined for multiple crimes did multiple settlements which meant nothing to them or to his ultimate individual bank account and that continues to go on so going back to what you said about negative interest rates and how that that sort of continues to increase this inequality and in the general frustration everyone feels looking at it and wondering how it all happened because a normal person on the street isn't thinking about your own powell in their day to day life like who is drone well he's the guy who's on top of the central bank that's continuing to push forward artificial creation of money for people that already have it and therefore taking it away from people who don't have it and will never get it right so talk to people about this and nine hundred ninety nine of them when you explain to them the banks are creating free money and causing wealth and income gaps and social unrest they'll say well how do i get free money. they don't they don't care about the social contract they hear about free money they
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don't have m s n b c and c.n.n. pushing the fake russia gave to create people's obsession over an existential threat that doesn't exist because if they were to stop for a second and say wait a minute actually the real enemy. is not russia it's jerome powell is janet yellin it's james cramer it's c m b. it's j.p. morgan it's jamie diamond ok then that would be a problem because then the social contract to be so obviously broke at that point they do not have the number of police cops and military to contain the outrage at that point yeah i think ultimately if you look at all of those people an institution you mentioned that's real that's day to day stuff going on going back to december jeroen powell talking with jamie dimon that not being in the news why wasn't that and why didn't the news the sort of mainstream media talk about how we changed in january changed how all of
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a sudden we're going to take money away from the banking system from the markets and now we're going to give it back we're going to make it more expensive to them now we're going to make it cheaper why didn't that story get covered it's a very good question and if it did get covered you would have much more economic frustration which ultimately is what's behind a lot of sort of the nationalistic movements and everything that's going on voting lines and so forth throughout the world because people want change they would they know there's something economically unfair and they don't know where to point their fingers and it is a problem that publicly we are talking about. as useful it is for defense contractors thank you so much because reporting only friends thank you and that's going to do it for this edition of cars a report with me max kaiser and stacy over like to thank our guest nomi prins the. times a report in til next time. breaks
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midwest game from a good christian family and joined the national guard and then eventually college and into law enforcement. i did thirteen a half years work in the street here everybody who was in my p. knew that they could trust including the street people. you know a lot of people don't realize but i was a single parent raising two kids hayat i says i'm racist i can spring to mexico my kids are of a different race today we are going to go through the autopsy report a guardrail why couldn't you just talk to the fact matter is that's all i could try to do and the attack was so quick and so violent you know i kept pushing them off and he just kept asking what was going through your mind at that point. just a he's gonna kill me. away.


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