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good christian family. and joined the national guard and eventually college and along force. i did thirteen a half years work in the street here everybody who was in my piece knew that they could trust including the street people. you know a lot of people don't realize but i was a single parent reason to chance farai places retraces guy. and we're returning next my kids are of a different race today we are going to go through the autopsy report exaggerated and why couldn't you just talk to the fact matter is next only to training and the attack was so quick and so violent you know i kept pushing off and he just kept texting me what was going through your mind at that point. just to use my fuel. we've got a fourteen guard shot. and fifteen gursharan. there's no stiffening. for
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a bird or bird gunpowder particles on the skin surrounding any of the entrances so . that fire was not what that struck and this as a quest for many when he shot the say this every seven. trial that hour. and he had a friend on the right side of the. scout this may have been told to kind of face that present or may have. been one of the top two point poured out of fire are. meeting with the district attorney we were provided with photographs of christopher manny the day of the incident. there were no visible injuries to his head his neck his face shoulders his back there was a very small abrasion or a laceration to his thumb. it was a. were you saying you don't know if you think it was i don't even know what i was
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. told. right i mean they're all in there no never you go here or. you know if you've been struck. instantly and i remember touching my head and i really felt like my brain's coming out. i remember an officer touched me on the shoulder and i said how bad is it and i kind of left my brains pouring out and he said no you've got some marks you got sprucing you've got some issues but your brains are intact. police department is conducted a comprehensive internal investigation into the officer involved shooting a gun tray hamilton and red arrow park on april thirtieth two thousand and fourteen based on the comprehensive internal investigation i signed an order terminating
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christopher manny from his employment with the milwaukee police department earlier today. in this case moaners or manny to produce this individual as though he were a criminal suspect even though the officer sofa reported that he thought he had mental problems upon his approach the training to deal with the mentally ill people tells you. again absent the behaving in so many sitting fashion objective the putting your hands on them is almost the worst thing you can do and find says officer christopher manning or in jazz by not following proper police training and protocol it's important to keep in mind that i ruled that the officer violated our core value of competence and i fired. the d.a.'s jobs to assess criminality going up there or not and not to. have to have to travel to happen i was very surprised that the decision to terminate christopher manny didn't
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relate to the shooting at all. related to the fact that he felt that the half down search was improper and. that the chief made the decision based on this officer not following procedures in autumn of the ending trey's life and i think that was a good decision. but we still want his office to face criminal charges. good evening ladies and gentlemen and our police commissioner i'm here today on behalf of my police to present the eligibility of the appointment to police officer we stand here before you as a diverse not proud of the chiefs actions i think the chief was a coward nowhere in this entire nation and certainly not in the city at any officer ever been fired for something called coach considerations. i have been pleading that our officers need to work in jail should we any have band
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with another officer maybe it would have never happened because individuals saw that there's two of them is only one of me i'm not going to fight this situation. probably any other officer would have had the individual not you know of bulky coat maybe the hands are in and out of pockets and the actions of that individual caused the situation become what it became. chief when terminated our brother officer. the firing was cowardice and unsupported by facts about anything in the story. called in sick. the membership as voted their voice shall be heard the vote. ninety nine point three percent and eighty nine point three percent voted no confidence to achieve cannot stand before the membership and lead them privately give them the
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confidence to. that they do protect the community then maybe it's time that he packed his bags. out there looking for patrick certainly over the next creatinine couple situation for example. my goal keeper said the we sure are you good if you would like to give a simple hope that would have been for the mayor as you know we invited him to join us but i'm sure i was you know the mayor has full confidence in the chief. difference between us so i think the. and thanks for comment thank you sir for something if you guys have a good week you're going to do it. on many not only wants his job back he also wants his money back that says derek williams explained. the letter was handling word friday to the fire and police commission christopher mannie writes i hereby appeal from personnel order twenty fourteen one zero to discharging me from service to days before being fired many applied for duty
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disability retirement many claims this incident has left him with debilitating mental health issues readiness the november sixth twenty fourteen day frankly for mission so we will have a period of public comment everyone will be limited to two minutes. downstream how long you are in. and i didn't want to say that. i. can say to you that. i feel like the police union in the i hope he himself. says that he's a fine thing to do the job. might be oh terminations oh for me. i'd be all for
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a doctor. same exact investigation by multiple times in the works you know you've never seen the people who do not in this situation we don't believe that every officer you know ron when one off is used as the sacrificial lamb. or on the. stand was the was. any reasonable officer would have had to conduct themselves as officer many did. you have a statement of no confidence. ninety nine point nine percent voter who i knew our city was able to. come clean we
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are you ok. do you really. think oh. i'm sorry funny things that might be happened to the far right party. oh. good afternoon today i am announcing that the mark you police department will commit to having all elise officers receive forty hours of crisis intervention team training by two thousand and seventeen. this is breaking news coming out of the st louis area greater it's been released they have reached a decision whether to indict severe wilson in the shooting death of an arson.
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michael brown we said good announcement. not that. manager would go you just keep. like he was set up by somebody who's also will believe or not or through. diplomatic. suck up. that. i feel like with. nothing wrong with his approach you know for myself out here because i want some back it was just as a family member. we were trying to just do things a little soft. laugh. laugh. and just transpired for the rest of stay.
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the last. laugh. was i don't like our stuff but. boy the time. of all over the old. car. was. luckier than the last.
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the birds are there. the bird is out the door. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy
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confrontation let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. like there was a crack seized to do crack when i was a look at my dad he was like a bust at the so you know i got like what i needed when i was a baby boy i had a bad childhood. there's always been saying oh my there's an african american community service and slavery. i think it's more of a teenagers having kids and you can expect a fourteen or fifteen year old first daughter now order for and they be a far there any said check out.
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last place in. my car and breaking down i was unable to get to work on time sunday let me get my pay check that i bring home. early enough to pay my car insurance. and. right now the street right outside courthouse is blocked off by milwaukee police and i thought if they can hear the best we've got good morning and thank you for coming the death of duntroon hamilton is a tragedy for everyone involved but i cannot be swayed by passion when making these decisions and after carefully analyzing the investigation the forensic evidence in
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the case wall i've come to the conclusion that criminal charges are not appropriate in this case what's significant to know is that they stated that he was shot while he was on the ground by morning sixty four but he use rubber bands to describe it down were subject to roles with essentially if this is mr hamilton it would be in a downward trajectory to fall over mr hamilton was on the growth in those shots were fired you can see that you with your black berry generally be ascending at that point everything the da did was very other mantri and for him to use some rubber bands was like is this it no use for a months and this is all you have again my obligation is to review the case in light of wisconsin law and i've done a detailed analysis of the law of self defense is a little unique evaluation you do with police officers that is whether they had a legitimate subjectively. basis to use force of obvious concern to everybody as
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when the number of shots fired and the way the the baton was being employed at that time whether he connected or didn't connect that's a deadly weapon and therefore wouldn't be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he'd committed a crime when he used force. understand as well you can discharge fifteen rounds in under three seconds warning. we were there at work when a police officers were equipped with revolvers they had six shots so they were trained differently fired twice and then reassess. the standard is that they are not allowed to employ floors to kill they are not allowed allowed to use force to they're allowed to employ force to stop the threat. that they never.
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ran out of. the right or wrong. rather than. killed somebody. and there are he has been made so far. the whole system has been sort of rather. good afternoon to the department of justice. has indicated that they are going to go ahead and do the federal investigation. the author was shot and killed on trying hamilton and red arrow heart we'll soon find out he's getting his job back former officer christopher manny is appealing his firing to the police and fire commissioner manning has been. for
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a duty and if you believe retirement killed even to be given a job that would be a back alley three. remain standing to raise your right hand for the testimony you're about to give in this hearing will be the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god i do. can you summarize for us what this all ages thought. my main focus was on the right option. it's. about an inch and a half and it seemed like the entire pocket was filled did you think there was a weapon in there it suggested that there could be a weapon such as a knife. blade of grass i've seen him take glass and shove in between their papers with duct tape that that is the area we're to suggest that there could be a weapon. thank you so at. the time since so you're ready and able to rip
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turned to do the right no sir i want to return to duty the doctors say i can't. but that doesn't hide the fact that i was wrongfully terminated and that i want to be a cop. you said the bulge in his right pocket led you to be concerned that it was a fear your like he's probably got a weapon in that ball just probably a knife i don't have x. ray vision but it sure looks like a knife and you've got the behavioral those are all things that come into play very rapidly into your assessment. what you told the interrogators and mr tristram i know you will. is there a mention in this report of any concern about a bulge in a right pocket no is there any mention and this report of a knife or shards of glass. i don't know sir and you that's all i've got to say.
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commissioners. mr hamel to make a movement towards right back you know. thank you misstep down. if we have other officers to act like you know the name need to be removed and of course what they first started it he does not need to be a police officer for the city of milwaukee ever. want to direct your attention to exhibit one thirty six did you drafted for officer many i drafted it for a number of officers on the shifts and you wanted him to be recognized for meritorious service right yes i did during the period that you supervised him did you come to any opinions about officer may's work ethic yes what were those opinions he was a hard worker would you say officer man he was one of the best officers you ever supervised he was one of the best. and if officer me was reinstated today would you have any problem with him working under your command i don't please but you welcome him back i want to thank you. sir manny. if you feel i
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violated a rule i understand that but i ask that you do not terminate me i want to be a copy of health people my whole life is who i am. you have your evaluation you have a resume to go to another job because the hamilton family all they have is the memories of mr hamilton right that would be correct no more questions. and i am advised that the commissioner panel has reached a decision after proper consideration of all testimony and evidence presented i do here by find that christopher many shall be permanently discharged. and be half of everyone involved in this proceeding i want to think i mean. people
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think. in. here. there was. a little the wrong. word like bird degree murder yeah yeah they had a problem in this first degree murder hiding. behind a running back the insurgency you know that was hard to jail they cannot tell me a lot about how much they don't know how to cut our budgets to. make it look. like a zero. s.
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. i guess. i. play. i think america has a power that allows us to take a look at the us they support. know what they're getting all day. but. the one with the snake three year old man was shot by police officers. suspects like monsters that the officer fired at the suspect as he has an arm and died in the now surrounding the cigar out just cry out. and us last i've been building up for
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course mirrors here in milwaukee the direction of scott's it's such a welfare. state. right now you've got the city right you know because nothing in the valleys was built to protect us i say he was going to do it is which he got the wire going right we lose loved ones every day to be this really it's a project that. this is what i'm just not. going to get out of these six fires that are set to get.
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us out it's. one of my little brothers they can't throw down and never got to werman now hurry livin life in the heavens looking down down because shall we say a few many pennies since fallin face we've lived life on the verge of everything all the really want is for this family to have every day based on natural one of a kind of a good for the family and up all this time i do believe jack he was thinking about the stammer out of this is a shame we have to face this reality death going in the dark we're bringing clarity and a username to start a cheer if i still am about to change it just came streaming so crazy days it. seems you won't you feel really really tough sometimes you dream of us again today just a free to go into a series that makes you come on
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a few future treatment is up zero point two zero one love is the price that we. carcassi christ challenge search teams represented for breakfast much impressed by my passion to show passion to money and leave this leave us feel candid b.r.l. my word spreads love to this song i clean the world to know more value on the me as i looked at the clock in the first go it will cure you could it be my worst yet my brother is the sap for knowing him don't live in the. sea don't you know that's the case it's. not saying so to show to hope to get a time to take the nestle down straight never forget we never will play one family split still three times in the day. can stream it go crazy. if you won't you scream it plays out.
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you know world a big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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going on the phone line smoke fight will make an incredible image in the muslim for appointments november seventh that sets it up. locked up like. that again as. she releases or as you make a. noise the industry in. general but from the sun on my book you go to the biggest bush that's enough of them. i mean the guy. gets. to take.
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what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to go right to be close this is what will befall three of them all can't be good. i'm interested always in the water. there should. be no not. on.
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in the way that was britain should be out of the european union instead it is left in limbo while problem is to resolve my struggles lying on the power get a break sit deal through parliament. russia collusion in the twenty sixteen us presidential elections the long awaited miller report finally came in the week plus . of the government rallies across france is those yellow bus protesters rally for the twentieth consecutive weekend. at the weekend for good morning from a life.


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