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which is located in afghanistan but i think it's very different than. that in the rest of. their it from denmark because one of the founders of the couple circus which is barely bigger than the average afghan backyard. in afghanistan things everything is designed made organized. so and also the sites i don't think. i don't know what is the right thing his office is. how we are practicing for. one of the very big shows we do a lot of shows in schools on different places but the big shows takes of course a longer time to practice for a lot of. there was a label. that was. close no.
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we made this and. two years ago after we had to move from a place that was new to the parliament and there was a rocket that was coming directly into our compound. that. circus artist most the book is also one of the coaches his goal is to popularise performing arts in afghanistan so he and his friend often go out onto the streets to practice practice to be out. there for. a while was the command your mother for them to follow. the story as you go to the news in the media them from leaving. good.
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good because all. y'all to. harm our beloved are good lol but you know what if. you look for nobody. i mean the guy the one that and the horse that doesn't have any of the. total bust though why you call this outburst we've been in the circus as a bus were young didn't have the guts one to ignite the gas. yet. they are. there just like the tsunami been a month or so. left that doesn't mean just the pacific the third the supposed to make the number hit doesn't make it. that way to get them
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a little mission but to get on with their own was a bit of the best thirty percent. simular to get a. book a high school student robbia teaches the children all she knows about the circus and she knows more than most she doesn't intend to become a professional circus performer herself she wants to be a doctor now then i gave her one volume mission the thought that as each one of the learned us. mothers who put us this week in a condition welcomed. in mothers as indium edamame on in the hope that he could find more than a sheet of of my family can you. say oh no i think. flu symptoms that is a ploy an issue in the family could. it just. feel sick feeling. there are
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others if you measure them. but. what is important in this place is this high. it has again a simple leaning one is that we need some hard to juggle balls find there are two jumps but it's for me it's also because what is important is that you need the most guys you need the whole world. to develop yourself so if you're in a small room small things can happen if you're in a big space big things can happen and what we do here is making big things happen so that's the goal of this place.
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this is working on a cable to have a balance without attacking the strength you can work with this one. a big show is approaching and robbie is practicing a new act walking the tightrope. walk the good of the group but that if you take it on. google a little too. it's also admitted to the wrong since you couldn't. possibly going through with. travel. to another town where all of it we saw who was. another symbol of the possibility of new company. commander says i'm full of confidence in november because ben was of course interviewed on. the fly as well but what they felt was i wanted to follow them and some of those of us from. my race. this is all bullshit imo my from god was.
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not much from the essential refugee camps around kabul and three times a week most about and robbie i visit the local children with other coaches to teach circus arts they like to say they're looking for flowers between the stones and they invite the most talented that they find to join them with parental permission of course. with the muppets from a family from. which i hold for a while oh what. a bunch of hogwash you know i can buy this book for i was. just going to look at it. but i didn't. get. it let. let let let me. out and.
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give it to you to be able to have yet. to see. the social. class i gave the just. doesn't show. me just a moment. of the morning i am of let me just and. if you just remember that but you need more of course getting over. the whole. day about total done after company but surely i must come play the man joke them enough so that i say so. it's
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a sad yet. there are. a lot of out of the audience they just never get a moment. mo but if you can back up a modeled after evidence that he didn't know you today would be good but don't miss a message of love and not that. several. shy men near you mention be one let me ask you where the cut on the. phone is to see our forces now. and i am as. soon as possible. but often. it's.
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because i'm a father of my stomach and. good angus. this self-taught performer practices in his backyard on the outskirts of kabul with the sound of explosions in the background he searches the internet for ideas but his only audience his father in two brothers she's just don't use them that we do have been a beginner which is a timestamp for the mixing kind of dimension. he said later comissioner i mean nothing it's all me is measured by o.c. therof with an affirmation of. that the world i opted to get. out of the issue of the budget offend the. car you have by the fish fish.
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dreams of joining a real circus and after hearing about the flowers and stones he wanted to show them his act. they commit some of them may only get a good day and she did it was a lot of us that we. got up to and. that's the perfect. almost. on a show about what are you going to put in the. moment and get. us out there. because what i think about stuff that's up with us on and yeah i got a form of. after crossing the border into circus stunt idris finds himself in an afghanistan he's never seen before. because of. the film but. the least for most of us now doesn't know that will ever.
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make this manufactured sentenced to public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round. the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. i mean real news is really.
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what holds it has to do something. to put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something want to be. into going to be pros that's what before three of them or ten people get. interested always in the waters of our. first sit. down or there was a crack seems to do crack when i was a local my day he was like oh just so you know i got like what i needed when i was a baby boy i had a bad childhood. there's always band single mothers and african-american
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communities ever since slavery. i think it's more of a teenagers having kids and you can expect a fourteen or fifteen year old first daughter now order for him to be your father and he's a check out. lost their place and. my car end up breaking down and i was unable to get to work on time sunday let me go with my paycheck that i bring home i have barely enough to pay my car insurance. but gas in my car. from.
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it was for the right ones will be you know and for the. what is it another saluted she would not. let. me get on really good if. the self-taught performers routine calls is quite the stuff. that someone. who wants to be demolished ever done for. the children because i'm for surface street good end of the while. but if it's easier to get a. cop. was.
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right it was not all that hot. in it yet. but i'm. going to have i don't like. idris came hoping to be a student but now he's a teacher a satisfying result. now. which is going to be an issue. in. class is not. going to. fly was among stones put on a twenty five to thirty minute before most for schoolchildren. they're also busy preparing a big show to be staged in the city which will be roughly the same duration. any event longer than half an hour could be dangerous.
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and i was. just close enough to that it does you know listen we're not live in the ghetto yet but the wasted on the good old. good of. crime the good ever closer look at old cars that this. christmas. that's. the good over. by long may come up to the. bush that is so seen them in the last one i can't i can't make. them if accustomed was good but i must you got on well i don't call them god much about oklahoma. because the mission. was
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a mission from god this time that you know made this pledge a mission palladian maybe more these. suddenly got a mess to get in. did you. see the boys making a human pyramid i mean standing on the childless shoulders they need to trust each other you cannot make a human pyramid. unless you trust the pop know who is standing on your shoulder. you know afghanistan is in this country it's very important. to do what we do by having boys and girls practicing and having fun together. is of course a challenge and i think that's one of our biggest successes in all these many years
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. we managed to do that in a completely cultural corrects way facilities from a nearby refugee camp to train is tell us that hose is a very common story here in afghanistan. groups none of them out of the mental none of them bothered to look him up to follow soon was to follow his own little this was a little slow because a bunch of you know that you need lots of others to to to make a new set of us leading the side of the little. son of god i was the other. muscle you would be the other the animated me other mother me that lit up this colossal government of the most hideous to me at the bottom i guess also has a sense of how much i. thought about you as we got out of. the book that it was. good to meet you don't know that it's not me.
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but i. made him. come to visit facilis parents. was an. only child. but a very good of. all that i was never more than their friends that yeah. we were. i actually i actually had been cornered by them on going to. my meet up and so. the only one who could join us on but it's also that he was there was one of those economists are my son must do much of by the man she called me. because she really was you make
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a version of the. mortgages and there you go. well first i mean some of the time. for us fights. but i got to figure i want to be. a good. friend. of stillness i still are so strong i still know. that feminism it i'm going to get that if i don't get them i was only going to find that i'm just going to. make it look like i'm going to need. god rest. his soul never seem to be ready to just busted up the bus because i'm stuck. and.
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no one those are. really just missing. the fun i think i met him i don't need. much but enough with my time if item one. my dad please don't keep please him by saying that what. could he. should have put them on a plan to get them they found out. after hearing what. i had to say facilis father does allow me to go back to the circus meanwhile bradbury's perfecting her new tightrope act and adding a few refinements. that you know they never did. come up last time i was. looking for some was left out but i'm not going to. be. a part of the stuff. i.
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thought i was scared b. didn't go hard on me that i wouldn't cuz it was a good beginning come up on the merge with the much better. project about this and all that but the way that i did i did i did in the back of wrong but nobody. else. was. doing this. looks. at. the cost of young performers is always changing more people want to join circus land than it can possibly cope with new applicants have to auditions for a place this time there are forty hopeful candidates. tell us though. the turn of any. clip yeah i miss you my. little
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funny thing. i. i i. i i think of all of them look at me going in before they give up goodness i was never known among the republicans this is a government. as. you. know not meeting the mark of a feminist. unless you're a sick. of the forty children who are trying out almost half a select those lucky ones are now citizens of so the cell phones off. site. i see your mom a little who does know what. i thought of.
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and saw. a show called local. but had more time to not make an impact as man number those taught them to not put on john make them. the big show in a couple park almost has to be canceled earlier in the morning the taliban shot down a helicopter and for a province and it around midday a suicide bomber blew himself up by the gates of a prison in kabul. but it came a small it was almost more than one almost all but almost normal only for a moment the officer has a much more humble but are now from our future one of those information on a. question for. the how are. you personally couldn't be any better but we get there you know how to get up but. no but i got that.
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way it is important to follow that up and most point but especially those young guys but. in spite of the tension the young artists are determined that the show must go on because each performance is a festive occasion and there are a precious few of those in kabul. i literally had to see this morning before the first year. it was not. everyone is slightly on edge in kabul big crowds often become targets for terrorist attacks. which is why the show called run longer than a finale. visual. this is a bit of all of this of four point five million. dollars and it. will never go in the city where you are going to go without a permit. condition me because the local minimum the public is going to come up to what. people really want to spend money to animal i'm not
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a. legal . because i want to make it out of the stuff but you know. if. i feel. like. hitler go to the market. it. can
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run down. the line and that's a first time that the public. believes that. this is. the lever soon lose such a little touch of the movie. was. often just half an hour the sound of gunfire echoes once again around kabul and yet another huge explosion shakes the city live.
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you know world a big part of the new laws and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. the tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been played only implemented from the inside venezuela things are different we're going to announce sanctions against petroleum to venezuela associated. famously have a supplement goes. down person political battle song the technique the mass
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of the moment the focus of the whose story isn't new nixon told in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated that in latin america. an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make the chilean economy scream so once in the making the economy of venezuela schoolies. i.
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think that the. week's top stories from the u.k. is left in limbo as the original passes and to resume a fails for a third time to force a deeply unpopular. trump claims complete vindication after the highly anticipated report found no evidence of collusion with russia in the twenty sixteen presidential election. and in the weekend's news exit polls in ukraine suggest president is heading for a runoff having come second to a t.v. comedian.


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